The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 415: She Could No Longer Get Up!
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Chapter 415: She Could No Longer Get Up!


It was the middle of the day with the Sun still up. But the crowd that was just rambling with excitement had fallen into dead silence.

The ancient martial art fans could not believe what they saw. Their mouths hung wide open – big enough to hold eggs. Confusion was all there was in their eyes.

Luo Chen now looked like a wax figure. Blankly, he watched as Qiao Qing retreated her arm. He suddenly forgot how to talk.

The most astonished of all was Lou Yufei, who now laid on the ground. For a moment, her entire brain buzzed.

She originally thought Qiao Qing only knew writing and racing. This was why she wanted to take this chance to teach her a lesson.

Can someone please tell her how come this chick knows ancient martial arts too?!

She didn’t even need to think too hard to guess how others would react to this!

If there was a crack on the ground, she would be crawling into it right now!

The first person to regain calmness was Lou Chen. He rubbed his sore face and laughed out loud, “Oh my god! This is the number one descendant of the martial arts family? Can you still get up? You wanted to be my Qingqing’s master?? But Qingqing knocked you out in one move. Qingqing was right. How are you good enough to teach her?!”

He then looked over to Qiao Qing with a heated gaze, “Qingqing, so you’re this beast!”

The observers were composed of martial art fans, as well as Qiao Qing’s book fans and car fans.

Before, her fans didn’t know what was going on. After what happened, the martial art fans fell into silence while the others all began to laugh.

“Exactly! That person didn’t know her place! She so proudly came out and humiliated herself! Our sister Qing didn’t even acknowledge her but she begged sister Qing to hit her!”

“I discovered another one of sister Qing’s insane skills! So sister Qing is amazing at martial arts as well!”

“That person calls herself the number one martial arts descendant?! She’s so weak compared to sister Qing! How embarrassing! She even claimed to be sister Qing’s teacher?! Where did she get the audacity?”

“I didn’t dare to speak just now, but now I very much question the legitimacy of Qiao Qing signing up for an apprenticeship. I think Lou Yufei made that up herself. Qiao Qing is so good, why would she want to learn from someone who’s not as good as her?!”

“I feel the same. I think everything was made up. There’s no proof that Qiao Qing signed up herself.”

“Lou Yufei’s fans also wouldn’t shut up. I think Lou Yufei was the one who designed all of this. She wanted to hit Qiao Qing! She just didn’t expect Qiao Qing to be so good! Hahahaha.”


As she listened to everyone’s comments and laughter, Lou Yufei almost chewed up her teeth.

She slapped the ground and instantly got up, “So junior Qiao is good at ancient martial arts. I went too easy just now. Let’s go again!”

Just then, she used all her strength and slapped her palm towards Qiao Qing.

Qiao Qing lifted her hand and hit back. Like usual, her movement was gentle, at ease, yet it was exponentially stronger than Lou Yufei and knocked her out at once.

Lou Yufei’s body was attacked again. She slammed onto the ground and glided a few meters back.



“Oh my god, I’m in pain from watching this!”

“I pity her now. Ahahahah!”

As Lou Yufei collapsed a second time, the number of people laughing at her increased.

Lou Yufei was so hateful now, she dug her nails into the ground. Unable to accept this, she got up again.





Again and again, Lou Yufei was knocked out every single time. Until finally, she could no longer get up!

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