The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 413: From Today On, I Will be Your Martial Arts Master
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Chapter 413: From Today On, I Will be Your Martial Arts Master

Zhang Yuanyuan froze, “Qiao Qing didn’t sign up though.”

“You don’t need to tell me that for me to know.” Lou Yufei said, “But, as long as we think she signed up, then it becomes a fact that she signed up.”

Zhang Yuanyuan was still confused, “So why would you teach her ancient martial art? She also stole a portion of your fans because of her identity as the God of Racing. If you teach her martial arts too then...”

“What do you know?” Lou Yufei interrupted, “Why would I possibly actually teach her? I just want everyone to know that she tried to ask me to be her master. That will prove I’m always a level higher than her. Plus, once she’s an apprentice of mine, I can crush her!”

Lou Yufei’s eyes flashed with shadiness.

Zhang Yuanyuan was still confused, “What if she doesn’t come with you?”

Lou Yufei answered, “There are only 100 spots. Many people competed their *sses off and still failed to get chosen. If she’s chosen but refuses to come, you think those people will let her go? If she dares to not show up, then she better prepare to drown in people’s spit.”

Zhang Yuanyuan was still hesitant, “What if she denies that she signed up?”

Lou Yufei smiled, “Just like you said, these martial art fans respect me. Do you think they’ll believe her or me?”

“If she wants to prove that she didn’t sign up, then she must rely on surveillance videos. We allowed people to sign up all day yesterday, who’s going to watch surveillance videos of her all day?! So, as long as I say she signed up, she signed up.”

Zhang Yuanyuan no longer worried, “Then I will text her the news.”


Qiao Qing once again had no idea that someone was trying to screw her over.

After school, she walked with Luo Chen.

They were about to go eat at the dining hall when they saw Lou Yufei walk over with almost 100 people behind her.

Luo Chen saw Lou Yufei and rolled his eyes. Qiao Qing ignored her as well.

Who knew that Lou Yufei would extend a hand and block her.

“All the other apprentices got the news and went to the field to meet up. Why didn’t you show? Why must I come to personally invite you?”

Luo Chen was shocked and turned to look at Qiao Qing, “Qingqing, you signed up?”

Qiao Qing ignored him and looked at Lou Yufei, “Get out of my way.”

Lou Yufei frowned, “What kind of attitude is that? You signed up and was chosen, yet you refuse to show up for the first meeting. I’m here personally to invite you and you’re giving me attitude?! If you aren’t genuine with wanting to learn martial arts, why did you sign up?!”

The chosen apprentices behind her began to shout.

“Yeah, why did you sign up then! You wasted a spot!”

“Sister Fei didn’t even mind your previous drama and gave you such a valuable spot, yet you are denying it?!”

“Sister Fei, you should just cancel her spot. So many people want to learn and don’t have the chance to!”

Students who were just passing by also chimed in, “Exactly, I wasn’t chosen and the person who was chosen is refusing to go? She’s hogging a toilet seat but isn’t pooping in it?”

“She must be doing this on purpose! Before, she always stirred up drama with sister Fei then humiliated her at the race. Now, she’s causing trouble with the apprenticeship. Is there no end to this?!”

“Us martial art fans are not like car racing fans. We are determined and steady with what we believe in. You dare to play with our sister Fei, then you have to give us an explanation!”


Lou Yufei was extremely satisfied with what everyone had said.

Luo Chen cursed, “You guys don’t even know the situation yet you’re already taking sides?!”

Lou Yufei raised her hand and gestured for everyone to quiet down. She then walked up to Qiao Qing, “You must have missed Yuanyuan’s text message. That’s okay. Let’s go to the martial arts hall and figure it out. From today on, I will be your martial arts master.”

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