The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 412: Okay, Then Let’s Break Up
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Chapter 412: Okay, Then Let’s Break Up

Qiao Qing was silent for a while and then she said, “The reason why you didn’t want Xiaoqi around isn’t just because of those three reasons, right?”

Jun Yexuan’s hands tightened around her, “Your smartness really makes me...”

He paused, “I’m terrified of seeing his face. I’m also terrified of seeing my own reflection. Did you know that? I inherited basically all of my mother’s features. Xiaoqi also inherited most of it. Grandma was right. I don’t dare to face him in this lifetime.”

Qiao Qing was silent for a while, “You asked me not to search you up so I don’t know what happened. However, I trust Mu Jinghang’s words and I trust that you’re nice because Xiaoqi relies on you. Don’t make everything about yourself and don’t conceal everything.”

Jun Yexuan was taken back. He inhaled deeply, “I now agree with your brother.”

Qiao Qing, “What?”

Jun Yexuan, “I don’t think I’m good enough for you.”

Qiao Qing thought about it and then said, “Okay, then let’s break up.”

Seeing that she was already getting up and leaving, Jun Yexuan aggressively pulled her in. He said atrociously, “Say that again?!”

Qiao Qing blinked, “Then, let’s break- ahh...”

?(??? )?

As the clock ticked, Qiao Qing realized that she said the wrong thing.

The next day.

At breakfast, Qi Yuyang curiously asked, “Sister, why are your lips chapped?”

Qiao Qing’s hand shook and her chopstick stabbed where the skin broke. She shrieked a little.

Jun Yexuan quickly lifted her chin and checked it out, “Why are you so uncareful?”

Qiao Qing saw the taunting in his eyes and stared him down.

The interaction between the two made Mu Jinghang shake his head. Qi Yusen’s face turned black and Qi Yunyan squinted his eyes. Qi Yuyang on the other hand, instantly threw away his spoon, “I’m done eating!”

On the side, Ning Ye rubbed his nose. Another day for the young masters to get jealous over the young lady.

After breakfast, Qiao Qing went to school as per usual.

After her last class, there was a female voice that circulated throughout campus on the broadcasting system.

“The 100 apprentices have been chosen. The good news will be delivered soon. All the chosen ones, please meet at the field! Everyone will then go with Lou Yufei to her family’s martial arts hall!”

Her words erupted the entire room.

“Oh my goodness, I hope I’m one of the chosen ones!”

“Me me me! I have applied for years and I’ve never been chosen! This year, I must get in!”

“Lou Yufei is going to teach us herself! I’m so excited!”

“That’s right! I heard her grandfather stopped taking in new apprentices. And Lou Yufei is the strongest ancient martial artist other than her grandfather.”

Someone else chimed in, “Is that true? How come I heard that there’s someone else even more beast than her grandpa? I heard that that person learned 100% of the Lou family inherited martial art but Lou Yufei’s grandfather didn’t even learn all of it.”

Some other student then said, “Other than Lou Yufei’s grandpa, Lou Yufei is the best one out there. Plus, other than that family, who else knows ancient martial arts? Even if there is a legendary martial artist, he’s probably ancient.”

A lot of people felt the same and nodded.

The students in the room continued to discuss this matter, only Qiao Qing remained calm.

At the same time, inside the student council room, Zhang Yuanyuan was texting.

Lou Yufei looked over the apprentice list and tapped her finger on the table. Then, she slowly pushed the piece of paper towards Zhang Yuanyuan.

“Reprint the list and add Qiao Qing onto it. Then, go to the student center to find her phone number.”

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