The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 371: Looks like Someone’s About to Turn Into an Ex!
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Chapter 371: Looks like Someone’s About to Turn Into an Ex!

He stared out the window. Though he didn’t speak, the entire car soon filled with sourness.

Qiao Qing felt awkward. Just as she wondered whether or not she should prepare a gift for him too, she heard Qi Yusen say, “Han Zhi, on which day are we celebrating grandma and grandpa’s 80th birthday?”

Han Zhi couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “Young master, it’s happening on Chinese New Year, which also happens to be your birthday.”

Qiao Qing, “...”

Luo Chen, “...”

This wasn’t just a hint, it was a request!

After these people returned home, Jun Yexuan asked Qiao Qing, “Where have you been?”

Qi Yusen hissed at him and went upstairs.

Jun Yexuan had no idea what was going, “What’s wrong with brother?”

Qiao Qing didn’t answer him and asked instead, “You know Lou Yufei?”

“Lou Yufei?” Before Jun Yexuan could answer, Qi Yuyang chimed in, “Isn’t she on our race team? How come you are asking about her? Did you meet her?”

Mu Jinghang bit into his apple, “I remember now. She’s someone who really liked third brother. Before she left the country, she tried to get with him for more than three years.”

Jun Yexuan glared at him and said to Qiao Qing, “Qingqing, listen to me, there is nothing between her and me. She kept on showing up before me and that’s how I met her.”

Qiao Qing nodded and went upstairs.

Qi Yuyang played with his car keys and looked surprised, “Looks like someone’s about to turn into an ex! One less person to fight with over my sister!”

Qi Yunyan and he exchanged glances and grinned.

“Don’t get too happy too early.” Jun Yexuan’s lips twirled up and shouted back. Then, he ran upstairs.

Qiao Qing was about to enter her room when Jun Yexuan hugged her from behind.

“Girl, you jealous?”

Qiao Qing, “No.”

Jun Yexuan turned her around, “You’re lying. Unhappiness is written all over your face.”

Qiao Qing didn’t speak.

Jun Yexuan hugged her, “I’m very happy that you’re jealous because of me. But don’t even think about giving me the silent treatment. Or else I will go crazy and I’ll do more than just kiss you to death!”

Qiao Qing, “...”

Jun Yexuan’s fingers played with her hair, “You need to be logical. Compared to your baseball team, my one person is unforgivable? How can I control who likes me and who doesn’t?”

His throat choked up for a second, “Now you know how I feel all the time. If it weren’t for my determination, I would’ve died from the sourness I felt.”

Qiao Qing pushed away his hand, “I’m going to sleep.”

Jun Yexuan held onto her hands and kissed her, “Don’t be mad.”

Qiao Qing, “I’m not mad.”

“Then, one more.”

Before she could answer, Jun Yexuan stole another deep kiss.

Qiao Qing, “...”

Because of this whole thing, Jun Yexuan forgot to ask where Qiao Qing went after school.

The next day, after Qiao Qing and Luo Chen arrived at school, they saw a red sports car skeet across the street and park closeby.

The moment Lou Yufei got out of the car, a crowd of students all began to excitedly shout her name. There were boys and girls there, all were holding her poster. It was like they had just met a superstar.

After Luo Chen saw who got off the car, Luo Chen rolled his eyes, “A bunch of morons. What’s there to cheer for over a person with no morals?”

Qiao Qing, “If it weren’t for what happened yesterday, you would be one of them right now.”

Luo Chen, “...”

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