The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 35: The Ill Intended Qiao Qing
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Chapter 35: The Ill Intended Qiao Qing

Translator: CokeZero Editor: Rainystars

Lin Xiyan laughed out loud. Everyone else from the class was shocked by the turn of events.

Only Jiang Yi watched Luo Chen and Qiao Qing with an obscure expression on his face. He sensed the class atmosphere was a little suppressive.

He then decided to stand up and go to the hallway to get some fresh air but ran into Qiao Nian by the door.

“Qiao Nian, what happened to you?”

Following Jiang Yi’s startled voice, everyone looked over to the door.

The girl who normally cared a lot about her appearance currently has a white bandage over her forehead. The corner of her lips was also a little swollen as if she had been hit by someone.

Qiao Nian was embarrassed and covered her face a little. Then she spotted Qiao Qing who sat across the room from her and angrily glared at her.

Jiang Yi followed her gaze and immediately began to give Qiao Qing a hard time, “Qiao Qing, you bullied Qiao Nian again?”

“The f!ck! What’s your problem?” Luo Chen immediately gave Jiang Yi what he deserved.

“God knows where that woman hit herself. Qiao Qing was with me the entire lunch break. Which eye of yours saw Qiao Qing hurting her?!”

Qiao Nian aggressively looked over to Luo Chen. “Did you hear something from my cousin that made you misunderstand me?”

She really couldn’t understand why the person she entrusted to deal with Qiao Qing was now mean to her.

Plus, the one Luo Chen has always admired has been her. Why did he suddenly start to speak on Qiao Qing’s behalf!

Everyone else from the class heard what Qiao Nian had said and immediately “understood”.

Chitchats began to spread around.

“I was wondering why Luo Chen suddenly started talking to Qiao Qing and is giving Qiao Nian attitude. It looks like Qiao Qing has some good tactics.”

“Jiang Yi dumped her so she found her way to Luo Chen. This girl sure is a handful to deal with.”

“Luo Chen is the apple of my eye. How can he be enticed by someone so incapable!”


“What are you all being loud about! If you want to keep talking, then get the hell out of here!”

One statement from Luo Chen silenced the entire classroom.

The pen in his hand continued to spin. The way he looked over to Qiao Nian was full of disdain and contempt.

“You are still acting? I am only giving you face because we are classmates. Must I reveal your true color?”

Qiao Nian’s face turned as white as paper.

Her nails dug into her palm but her face remained high above others.

“Though I’m not too sure what you have misunderstood, I cannot forgive the way you are hurting others. Please do not find me again in the future.”

Then, she acted as if she had been severely disappointed and went to her seat.

Luo Chen, “...”

Luckily he didn’t finish his lunch, or else he would have puked just now.

After Qiao Nian left, Jiang Yi stood there awkwardly by himself. It would be wrong for him to step away but it would also be wrong to stay.

Just then, Qiao Qing, who had been zoning out all the noises, finished writing. She then passed the note to Luo Chen.

Luo Chen accepted it and looked it over as if it was a valuable treasure, “Qingqing, you are such a great person!”

Jiang Yi curiously tried to see what the content of the note was as he wondered what would make Luo Chen so excited.

He only saw a few words that seemed similar to medicinal terms before Luo Chen covered everything up. “Go away! Qingqing wrote it for me!”

Jiang Yi was embarrassed and inhaled sharply.

Qiao Qing looked to him then, “You want it too?”

Jiang Yi’s lips were pursed and he was too proud to speak.

But because of his own curiosity, he stood his ground.

“Okay.” Qiao Qing treated it as if he agreed so she took her pen and wrote everything down on a different piece of paper, “This one’s yours.”

Jiang Yi took the paper and saw the content. It truly was a list of different herbs and medicine. However, the list appeared different from Luo Chen’s.

He asked, confused, “What’s it for?”

Qiao Qing’s tone was emotionless, “To cure your illness.”

Luo Chen was just about to ask her why she gave Jiang Yi one too. But when he heard this, he shut his mouth.

Jiang Yi was in awe. “What kind of illness do I have?”

Qiao Qing ignored him.

Jiang Yi returned to his seat with much suspicion. He then began to enter these items into his cellphone to find out more.

The result was that most of these were to treat the symptoms of MR – mental retardation.

She was... going out of her way to insult him as being mentally challenged!

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