The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 33: He was Jealous like Crazy
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Chapter 33: He was Jealous like Crazy

Translator: CokeZero Editor: Rainystars

Jun Yexuan smiled at this, “It looks like young master Feng is scared of me. Or else you wouldn’t feel so threatened by that boy downstairs and come knocking on my door.”

Jun Yexuan continued before Feng Heng could respond, “But, I was born with the bones that like to contradict others. The more someone tries to stop me from doing something, the more determined I become.”

“Currently, I find Qingqing very interesting. After so many years, only she attracts me.”

“As to how I should behave towards someone I like, young master Feng is in no place to lecture me.”

“If young master Feng has the ability, then don’t let her escape your palm and fall in love with me.”

“Heaven and Earth are uncertain. It’s not for sure just whose arms she will end up in, in the end.”

After speaking, Jun Yexuan turned around and walked down the stairs without giving Feng Heng’s dark expression another look.

Down the stairs, Jun Yexuan slammed his fist against the wall. His handsome face looked shaded and hidden.

Though he seemed to have won this spit-fight, he felt no exhilaration or excitement from the win.

Originally, he thought they were just strangers who met by chance.

When the right time came, he would return to the capital city and she would stay in the City of Brisk. They shouldn’t have to see each other ever again.

But when he heard about just how much Feng Heng knew of her and how close they sounded to be based on the way he talked about her, he strangely felt a wave of emotion called jealousy.

Yes, he was crazily jealous.

Growing up, Jun Yexuan had gotten his hands on everything he has ever wanted. This emotion, jealousy, was too unfamiliar for him.

But these days, he had felt this emotion towards the same girl more than once.

He was jealous that other people didn’t need to bargain to get her help.

Jealous that the young man across the street could make her smile so genuinely.

Jealous of how much Feng Heng knew about her and the proud three years he has been here with her.

After all these emotions turmoiled inside of him, he noticed the ache in his chest.

It seemed like the punch he just threw had once again affected his gunshot wound.

Jun Yexuan looked down and saw that the shade of his black dress shirt was darker in the area before his chest. It had been dyed by blood.

Nobody knew his thoughts as a devious smile reached his lips.


On the other side, Qiao Qing finished her meal and stood up.

Luo Chen couldn’t eat anymore after he saw this. Without another bite of the new dish he ordered, he threw down his chopsticks and chased after her.

“Qiao Qing, let’s go to school together.”

Qiao Qing walked on with her hands in her pockets and did not answer him.

Luo Chen seemed to have been trained by Qiao Qing to have a warrior’s spirit – someone who got braver when they were faced with more obstacles.

“Qiao Qing, when are you going to teach me ancient martial arts?”

Luo Chen, who has bothered Qiao Qing at least 500 times, activated his “repeat the same sentence” mode.

After he spoke, he felt something around his wrist. Qiao Qing’s hands went from his wrists to his shoulders. Then from his chest, her hands moved downwards.

Lou Chen’s face was now explosively red. If it weren’t for the lack of desire in Qiao Qing’s eyes, he would’ve thought she had assaulted him.

After she very properly touched every single one of his bones, Luo Chen asked with much anticipation, “Qiao Qing, ah no, Sister Qing, how is it?”

Qiao Qing answered gently and made a very neutral comment, “Your bone structure is extremely awful. Not suitable for training.”

Luo Chen, “...”

After that, Luo Chen, who followed behind Qiao Qing, had a pale face and looked like he had nothing to live for in this world.

Qiao Qing was affected by his extreme moodiness and said with good intention, “Physical problems can be improved by bathing in medicine.”

Luo Chen was immediately revived by this, “Really?”

Qiao Qing started ignoring him again.

Luo Chen realized then that Qiao Qing didn’t like it when others questioned her so he confidently believed in her and jumped up and down.

“Sister Qing, you are such a great person!”

Qiao Qing said nothing.

After some excitement, Luo Chen remembered what he was here for, “What kind of bath do I need? How do I take it?”

Qiao Qing answered, “I will give you a prescription. You can get it from me later. I’m in grade 12, class 22.”

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