The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 32: Then I will Marry her
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Chapter 32: Then I will Marry her

Translator: CokeZero Editor: Rainystars

Jun Yexuan subtly laughed upon hearing this, “Since young master Feng is so genuine, then others would laugh at me if I keep on being picky. I only ask young master Feng to watch your own dogs well in the future. After all, not everyone’s as forgiving as me.”

Feng Heng didn’t confirm nor deny, “Your fourth uncle is making major moves. It appears that he is doing a lot to try and take your spot. Do you still have no plan to go back to the capital?”

Jun Yexuan leaned against the wall, “I have my own plans. However, it’s not time yet.”

Feng Heng didn’t ask anymore and changed the subject, “Since third young master Jun is planning on staying in the City of Brisk for a while longer, then as the Sect Leader from the east, the Jing Sect doesn’t mind providing you with a place to stay. We can also guarantee your safety.”

Jun Yexuan raised his eyebrow and laughed, “It seems like you are worrying a little too much about me. Could it be that you have your eyes on me now and are looking to share a bed with me?”

Feng Heng was a little startled at how shameless Jun Yexuan was. His handsome face twitched a little, “Third young master Jun, you are overthinking. I don’t have that fetish.”

“Good.” Jun Yexuan erased the teasing expression on his face, “I currently have a place to stay. So I won’t bother young master Feng.”

Feng Heng couldn’t stop himself, “But if you stay at the Qiao manor, you will tarnish Qiao Qing’s name.”

Jun Yexuan’s gaze was meaningful, “So you do know each other.”

Feng Heng had no plans to deny this, “She already has a poor reputation in the City of Brisk. I don’t intrude because that’s her camouflage. However, I don’t want her to once again bear the title of hiding a man. She’s not even 18 years old yet and in the future, she will have to get married.

Jun Yexuan answered, “Then I will marry her.”

Feng Heng’s face darkened, “Third young master Jun, have you always been so irresponsible? Marry her? Do you even like her? Do you even know her? What makes you think she is willing to marry you?”

“We’re all foxes here, why are you talking to me like we are in a fiction novel?” the way Jun Yexuan looked at him lacked no sarcasm, “You dare to say you have no wild thoughts about her? After speaking so much, aren’t you just trying to get me to leave her alone?”

“I am different from you.” Feng Heng showed no sign of feeling awkward from being called out.

“I have known her since three years ago. I know her better than anyone else. She is the reason why I decided to come to the City of Brisk. All I wanted was to be able to watch over her and ensure she is safe and sound.”

“I personally believe Qiao Qing’s charm is not to be underestimated. But young master Jun has only known her for two days and your heart is already fluttering?”

“If it’s that easy for young master Jun to fall for someone, then for the past 20 years, you would’ve been stolen empty by enemies. You never would’ve gotten where you are today – to be able to call for wind and howl for rain.”

“You only find Qiao Qing mysterious and that is why you are interested in her.”

“I like her. But at the same time, I can give her enough respect and space. I would never interfere with her life while I am uncertain about my own feelings towards her.”

“What is young master Jun thinking of doing? Are you going to damage the way she interacts with her other classmates?”

“What kind of position are you going to take when you stop her from making new friends?”

“Do you really think Qiao Qing is the type of girl to be tied down because of feelings from a man?”

“Even I am not worried about her falling for boys who haven’t even grown out all his hair yet. Young master Jun is talented and good looking. If you truly like her and know her, would you be so unconfident about yourself?”

Jun Yexuan’s tone was impossible to read, “It seems like you think you are destined to win her.”

“She will be in my arms sooner or later.” Feng Heng’s words were a little possessive, “Since young master Jun is in no rush to leave, then all entertainment centers in the City of Brisk will get ready to serve you.”

“You have your territory, she has her life. I just hope that when it is time for you to leave, you are not thinking about my girl too much.”

Jun Yexuan smiled at this, “It looks like young master Feng is scared of me...”

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