The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 298: Third Bro, You Want to Meet Feng Ci Personally, Right?
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Chapter 298: Third Bro, You Want to Meet Feng Ci Personally, Right?

Qiao Qing shoved the card back into her hand, “You didn’t see it wrong. It’s $80M. The Fu Corporation is compensating you for damages.”

“****! They’re that generous?” Luo Chen said, “A little bullying cost $80M? I’m down!”

Lin Xiyan, “...”

Qiao Qing, “...”

Lin Xiyan said to Qiao Qing, “Qingqing, it doesn’t feel real and doesn’t feel good.”

Qiao Qing replied, “It doesn’t need to feel that way. You’ll get used to it. Once you’re in the entertainment industry, every project will make you millions. You need to get used to it. If you don’t feel good, then you can transfer your mom the money.”

Lin Xiyan gulped and muttered, “Then, I will pay you back what I owe you first.”

Qiao Qing simply said, “Sure.”

“Right.” Lin Xiyan swung Qiao Qing’s arm, “Someone from Sky Entertainment came and signed me. They also gave me a manager.”

Qiao Qing nodded, “Decent efficiency.”

“Also,” Lin Xiyan was like a child who was telling her parent everything that happened at school, “The timeline for ‘Immortal’s filming has been finalized. I heard the original author, Feng Ci, is going to come!”

“Really?!” Luo Chen’s eyes brightened and he turned to look at Lin Xiyan, “Is the first day of filming a public event? I want to meet my idol!”

Lin Xiyan shook her head, “I don’t know about that. I didn’t ask.”

Luo Chen stared at her blankly, “Do you need an assistant? I can be your assistant that day for free. Take me!”

Qiao Qing glared at him, “Feng Ci disappointed you by ruining her own novel and making it a drama. Yet you are still willing to go see her?!”

Luo Chen scratched his head, embarrassed, “I was just too shocked back then and said something I didn’t mean. No matter what, Feng Ci wrote the books I love, that won’t ever change.”

“After seeing that it will be actor Yi playing the lead, and after seeing Xiyan’s audition tape, I no longer worry. Also! Didn’t you say you are not Feng Ci’s fan?? Yet you are protecting him more than I am?! You remembered everything I said about him!”

Qiao Qing, “...”

Inside the CEO’s office in the Jun Corporation building.

Mu Jinghang lied down on the couch as the company nurse iced his forehead. He screamed in pain as he scrolled through his phone, “Third brother, can you go easier on me next time? What if you destroy my face?”

Jun Yexuan didn’t even look up, “I only used one leg. Plus, when you’re as ugly as you are, destroying your face is the same as giving you plastic surgery.”

Mu Jinghang, “...”

He was one of the seven most handsome men in the Capital City!!

As he ranted silently, he received a message.

When he read the content, his eyes widened, “Third brother, good news! Great news!”

Jun Yexuan, “What?”

Mu Jinghang said mysteriously, “To you, it’s astonishingly good news!”

Jun Yexuan narrowed his eyes, “Stop playing games or get the hell out.”

Mu Jinghang didn’t dare to drag this out any longer. He told the nurse to get out then announced, “‘Immortal’ is going to start filming on the third of next month. An insider tells me that Feng Ci will be in attendance.”

Jun Yexuan’s pen abruptly stopped moving. He looked over, “Tell your insider to pay close attention to the location and time. If there is any change, report to me immediately.”

Mu Jinghang nodded, “Third bro, you want to meet Feng Ci personally, right?”

Jun Yexuan, “Of course.”


Outside the Qi Corporation, a row of flashy sports cars parked in front of the building. A beautiful man got off one of the cars.

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