The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 30: You can do Whatever you want to me, just don’t Ignore me
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Chapter 30: You can do Whatever you want to me, just don’t Ignore me

Translator: CokeZero Editor: Rainystars

Luo Chen dashed out of the alley and walked along the sidewalk, peering around.

When he caught a peek of Qiao Qing, who was eating inside a restaurant, his eyes brightened.

Qiao Qing was eating quietly when a shadow suddenly showed up before her.

The young man who was going through puberty, had a low voice that sounded rich and magnetic, “Boss, bring me what she has!”

The owner of the shop from inside the store peered outside, smiled, and nodded, “Alrighty, bud.”

Qiao Qing didn’t seem to realize Luo Chen’s arrival. She also was far too lazy to even look at the boy standing across from her, as she minded her own business and ate her own food.

Luo Chen thought she was mad since he was being ignored. He extended his hand and grabbed onto her right wrist. “Qiao Qing, I’m sorry.”

Qiao Qing’s tone was cold, “Let go!”

“Qiao Qing...”

Qiao Qing then said, “What is it? You are anxious over the fact that you didn’t get beat up?”

“How about you beat me up then! As long as it helps get rid of your anger.” Luo Chen had a genuine look on his face, “I never got to interact with you much so I never got to know you. I shouldn’t have tried to cause you trouble just because of what Qiao Nian said.”

“You don’t yet have the right to infuriate me.” Qiao Qing fought off his hand and continued eating.

Under a normal circumstance, if anyone else talked to Luo Chen in such a manner, he would be beating that person until they no longer recognized their mother.

But since these words came out of Qiao Qing’s mouth, he wasn’t at all mad. Instead, he thought this girl was so f!cking cool.

He glanced around and inched in closer. In a low voice, he asked, “Qiao Qing, you know ancient martial arts, don’t you?”

Qiao Qing ignored him.

Luo Chen thought she had silently admitted it and continued pressing, “Can you take me in as your apprentice and teach me Kung Fu?”

Qiao Qing ignored him still.

Luo Chen added on, “I have been a fan of Kung Fu since I was a kid. I am especially obsessed with ancient martial arts. Though I have read many books and asked many people to teach me, I haven’t even learned the basics.”

“I wanted to go to the capital city and get myself a master so I can study Kung Fu, but my family refused. If you agree to teach me, I am willing to work as your horse or your cow!”

Qiao Qing pretended he didn’t exist.

Luo Chen was now flustered, thinking that she still minded what happened earlier.

“You said you aren’t angry but you are still unwilling to forgive me? I already avenged you back there. I also promise to not interact with Qiao Nian anymore in the future.”

“I don’t like her. I helped her because her aura is very similar to the main female character of my favorite Wuxia novel, Lan Xi.”

“I apologize for what happened today. You can do whatever you want to me, just don’t ignore me.”

Qiao Qing finally put down her chopsticks. Her voice turned colder by a few degrees, “What did you say?”

Luo Chen didn’t understand why Qiao Qing suddenly turned angrier, “I don’t like Qiao Nian. I won’t ever...”

“She’s like Lan Xi?” Qiao Qing interrupted, “Lan Xi from which Wuxia novel?”

Luo Chen answered, “Oh, from ‘Immortal’, Feng Ci is the author.”

Qiao Qing slapped the table. Though her voice was quiet, it was dense with coldness.

“If you dare to humiliate the character Lan Xi ever again, I am going to chop off your tongue!”

Luo Chen immediately felt his tongue tighten. Coldness arose from underneath his feet.

After realizing what was happening, he finally reacted happily as he finally found something in common with Qiao Qing, “You like this novel too?”

Qiao Qing, “...”

Luo Chen wasn’t certain why Qiao Qing was looking blank, so he decided to explain himself first, “I was blinded before. Lan Xi is a true immortal fairy, Qiao Nian is just a white lotus”

Qiao Qing’s expression softened a little and her voice warmed up, “You are a fan of Feng Ci?”

“Yes!” Luo Chen agreed bluntly, “I don’t think there are many book lovers who dislike Feng Ci! That author only published three books and that was enough to get her popularized across the literature community.”

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