The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 3: Advanced Stage of Liking-the-Handsome Syndrome
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Chapter 3: Advanced Stage of Liking-the-Handsome Syndrome

Translator: CokeZero Editor: Rainystars

“Near the school. Someone tried to assassinate him.”

Qiao Qing responded simply and crisply as she continued to efficiently disinfect, anesthetize, remove the bullet, and bandage the wound. Her series of movements were fluid like running water – everything was done in one fluent motion.

After hearing Qiao Qing’s response, He Wanqing realized why she decided not to take him to the hospital. However, slight worry started to rise within her again, “Would keeping him home get us in trouble?”

Qiao Qing’s hand that was tying up the bandage froze a bit, then, she tied a knot. “Don’t worry. I know where to draw the line.”

Hearing Qiao Qing’s words, He Wanqing felt calmer.

She looked at Jun Yexuan’s blood-stained face and her eyes brightened. “This young man has such a handsome face. How can anyone have a heart cruel enough to do this!”

Qiao Qing sighed again, knowing that He Wanqing was helplessly into good looks. There was no cure. She felt too lazy to argue against her that there was no link between good looks and people showing mercy.

She washed her hands and was about to leave when He Wanqing grabbed onto her, “Baby, you aren’t staying here to take care of him? I don’t know anything about first aid. What if something happens to him?”

Qiao Qing frowned a little and said helplessly, “Mom, he’s not going to die. Plus, it’s not really appropriate for a man and a woman to stay together overnight, no?”

Then, she took back her hand and returned to her room.

He Wanqing thought about it and realized that it was true. After all, her daughter had a fiancé.

After a yawn, He Wanqing prepared to go back to sleep. She turned her head and saw Liu Ping, who had been right by her for god knows how long.

He Wanqing shuddered. “Auntie Liu, why are you here? You scared me!”

Liu Ping took back her investigative gaze and smiled as if to apologize, “I am just here to see if you have anything you need my help with. Ma’am, are you okay?”

He Wanqing patted her own chest and waved around her hand, “I’m fine, I’m fine. There’s nothing to help with here. You can’t help anyway. Go back and sleep.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Liu Ping lowered her head and her gaze flickered.

In the middle of the night.

When everyone inside the mansion had all gone to bed, Liu Ping walked out to the balcony and made a phone call.

After the call connected, she respectfully addressed the other side as “young miss.”

Qiao Nian’s voice arrived from the other side of the line, “What is it?”

Liu Ping replied, “Elder miss brought home a wounded man today.”

Qiao Nian’s voice abruptly went up an octave and was now drowning in excitement, “What kind of man? Did he end up staying?”

Liu Ping answered, “This man doesn’t look familiar. It doesn’t look like he is a rich man’s son from the City of Brisk. He has a delicate looking face – almost like a demon’s. He did end up staying. Currently, he is passed out from his injuries.”

Qiao Nian giggled happily. “Alright, it looks like sis can no longer endure all the loneliness. Keep an eye on them. Even if that man wakes up, don’t let him leave. Got it?”

Liu Ping responded flatteringly, “There is no need to worry, young miss.”

After hanging up, Liu Ping turned around and screamed.

Her cell phone dropped onto the ground with a “bang”. However, she didn’t go pick it up right away. Instead, she stared at Qiao Qing soullessly.

“Elder miss, when did you get here? You didn’t make a single sound and scared me.”

“I just got here. What was Auntie Liu doing to be this scared?”

Qiao Qing bent down to pick up her cellphone as she spoke. After she blew on it to get rid of the dust, she handed it over to Liu Ping. Her eyes had a faint fake smile to them, “Am I that terrifying? Hmm?”

Liu Ping felt her hair stand up from Qiao Qing’ stare. Feeling guilty, she dodged her gaze.

“Elder miss, you are joking with me. I was just calling my kids at home and didn’t expect you to be standing behind me. Plus, haven’t you heard that if someone really wants to, they can scare someone to death?”

As she spoke, she went ahead to take back her phone.

However, as she tried to pull the phone towards her, she failed.

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