The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 29: Self Directed and Self Performed Drama!
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Chapter 29: Self Directed and Self Performed Drama!

Translator: CokeZero Editor: Rainystars

Only then did Luo Chen snap back to reality from Qiao Qing’s fascinating combat moves.

Instantly excited, he grabbed onto her hand. With a heated gaze similar to how one looks at their idol, he stared at her.

“You know ancient martial arts?”

He could tell distinctly that her first few moves were considered to be a well-trained combater. However, that last move could not be done by people who don’t know martial arts.

Qiao Qing aggressively pulled back her hand. She didn’t answer his question. Instead, she suppressed her anger and asked, “What’s the reason for this provocation?”

Luo Chen suddenly remembered his intention in coming here. His face turned pale white, “Qiao Qing, listen to me explain. I...”

He scratched the back of his head and found it difficult to retell the tale, “Qiao Nian said you accused her of circulating the story of you getting dumped. She also said you tattled to your grandpa to get your grandpa to hate her. So...”

“So you came out to help her?” Qiao Qing snickered, “Go train for another decade before acting as someone’s protector, fella.”

Then, both of her hands went back into her pockets. She walked past him to leave.

Just then, a boy crawled off the ground and said, “Bro Luo, are you for real? You got all of us here to beat up a girl for that?”

Luo Chen’s face puffed red from embarrassment. “Shut up!”

Another boy chimed in, “This morning, I did see something like this. A girl gave another girl a couple of red bills and asked her to spread around the news of Qiao Qing’s engagement being called off. At the time, I thought the girl was pretty so I snuck a picture. Is this what you guys are talking about?”

He took out his cellphone.

Someone from beside him mocked, “Lao Hu, you still have the habit of collecting pretty girls’ photos? Is it useful? You can only look but you cannot touch!”

“Go away! I do what I want! It’s none of your business.”

Luo Chen was in no mood to pay attention to their teasing. He walked over in a hurry and after taking a look at the cell phone, his expression turned cold.

What a great self-directed and self-performed drama. How could he, Luo Chen, be played by a girl like this!

All this time he thought of her as innocent and pure!

He then recalled the way Qiao Qing was fighting everyone off just then.

From that moment, he already had his suspicions. Such a cool and sassy girl could take care of someone within minutes!

Why would she use such a low method?

Just then, another person spoke out, “One of my relatives works for the Qiao family. I heard he said Qiao Qing was the one who called off the engagement... plus...”

Luo Chen looked over to him, “Plus what?”

“Plus, Qiao Qing doesn’t normally leave the house. It’s Qiao Nian who likes to run to her grandpa and grandma. The pair of grandparents spoil Qiao Nian a lot and actually quite dislike Qiao Qing.”

Luo Chen’s chin quivered slightly. He thought of slapping himself.

Remembering something, he looked over to the guy who pulled out a knife. “Who told you to use a knife?”

This man was now quivering and dared not to speak.

Luo Chen squatted down and pulled at his collar, “If you don’t spit it out I am going to bring you to the police!”

This person immediately became flustered, “I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you! It’s... it’s Liao Shanshan from class 11... it’s her!”

Everyone raised their heads to see where his finger was pointed and saw Qiao Nian and Liao Shanshan show up by the alley together.

The two who originally came to “inspect the result” caught sight of such a scene. Their expressions immediately solidified on their faces.

Qiao Nian was the first to react to what had happened. Quickly, she threw on a look of worry, “Luo Chen, why are you here? Where’s my older cousin? Did you do anything to her? Didn’t tell you not to cause her any trouble?”

Luo Chen watched Qiao Nian’s fake face and mouth, he increasingly realized he was both dumb and blind.

He snickered and faced his group of buddies. “Look here and look well. Those two are the reason why you all got beat up. As for how you want to avenge yourself, that will be up to you.”

Then, he no longer paid attention to these people. Turning around, he chased after Qiao Qing.

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