The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 28: Who’s Teaching whom how to be a person?
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Chapter 28: Who’s Teaching whom how to be a person?

Translator: CokeZero Editor: Rainystars

Then, he turned around and went down the stairs, skipping his class.

Qiao Nian watched Luo Chen disappear from the staircase. All the emotions on her face vanished at once.

Smiling, she turned around and walked back to class.

After exiting the math building, Luo Chen ran into Zhao Kun from the neighboring class.

Zhao Kun was crouched down and checking out his surroundings. When he saw Luo Chen, he immediately walked up to him, “Bro Luo, you are skipping too?”

Luo Chen lit up a cigarette and placed it in his mouth. Then he mumbled, “Go find Monkey and them. This afternoon, after classes are done, we are going to corner someone.”


After class, Qiao Qing exited out of the east door, which is usually quite empty. She had planned on going to eat at a restaurant she frequently visited.

After walking by an abandoned alley, a group of boys suddenly walked out from the other side.

All of these boys looked like hoodlums. They all had tattoos and dyed hair.

Only the young man leading the group looked somewhat tasteful. It was Luo Chen.

Qiao Qing stopped her footsteps. Obviously these people were here for her.

Because he had fallen for Qiao Nian’s words, the way Luo Chen looked at Qiao Qing was heavy with contempt.

Against a girl with no morals, he had no reason to treat her delicately.

After making his mental judgments, he waved his hand, “First, go teach her how to be a person!”

As those words left his lips, the group of boys behind him rushed forward.

Qiao Qing’s cold looking eyes squinted at once. As she watched the group dash over towards her, she lifted her leg and stomped.

Simultaneous to kicking this man, she extended her hands and blocked the fists that were aimed at her. What seemed like gentle twists resulted in the sound of bones dislocating and human screams.

After finishing up this one person, she didn’t even turn around her head and only listened to the wind. Then, her elbow stabbed backward, making the man behind her who was trying to sneak attack her, kneel down while covering his own chest.

At the same time, she swept across her foot, knocking down the two people who were pouncing her way.

From beginning to end, the hand that was in her pocket never came out. She was fighting her attackers using one hand the entire time.

Her emotionless expression never changed. There was no trace of fear or request for forgiveness.

The flowy and gentle way her hands swam around made it seem like she was restraining herself. It was like she was merely trying to teach a bunch of clueless boys who didn’t know how high the sky or how deep the earth was a lesson.

It was obvious she didn’t think anything of them.

Luo Chen was stunned by the turn of events before him. His grey eyes dilated bit by bit as he watched Qiao Qing in awe. The broken light rays in his eyes never stopped converging.

By the time everyone was on the floor, one of the boys suddenly pulled out a short knife and headed towards Qiao Qing’s arm.

Luo Chen’s pupils restricted, “Sh!t! I just wanted you all to scare her off! Who allowed you to use a knife?!”

But that person reacted as if he didn’t hear him. Without thinking about anything else, he aimed at Qiao Qing.

Qiao Qing’s lips curled up and instead, pinched this person’s wrist.

This man’s face turned twisted from the pain. The dagger in his hand dropped to the ground. Then, Qiao Qing dragged him so he was in front of her and threw him over her shoulder.

The only person who has yet to hit the ground watched Qiao Qing in astonishment. As she inched closer to him, he screamed and began to run away.

Qiao Qing’s toes stepped onto the dagger and then she kicked. The dagger bounced off the ground and landed in her hand.

Her two fingers held onto the knife and she flicked her wrist. After a “whoosh”, the dagger stabbed three inches into the brick wall. The shiny blade reflected this person’s scared expression.

The boy looked over to the blade that was merely an inch from him and shouted “ah” from fear. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he passed out.

Qiao Qing giggled and turned towards Luo Chen.

Every step she took felt like a jab to his heart.

When she arrived before him, she grabbed onto his collar and patted his cheek, “Who’s teaching whom how to be a person? Hmm?”

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