The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 23: Strong Murderous Aura!
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Chapter 23: Strong Murderous Aura!

Translator: CokeZero Editor: Rainystars

Recently, the news of his passing had spread around, resulting in a handful of infatuated men and women to live stream their suicides.

He, Mu Jinghang, was a considerably handsome man. However, whenever he stands by this man, he doesn’t feel like he exists.

However, as if he feared no death, he reminded, “Third brother, I heard those who have face blindness are not picky with how others look.”

“In other words, whether she remembers you or not, is unrelated to how good looking you are.”

For some reason, Mu Jinghang had a premonition that Jun Yexuan would have his butt handed to him in the future, similar to today.

Jun Yexuan glanced at him seemingly smiling. However, this glare made Mu Jinghang’s heart feel cold.

There was a strong murderous aura!

“Third... third... third brother... I... we... let’s go. There are people... people looking at you.”

Honestly, there weren’t many people who have seen the face of Jun Yexuan.

But for a face like this to be strolling on the streets, it attracted a lot of attention.

Many people were passing and witnessed the bullying just now. Many had grabbed their phone to take photos.

Jun Yexuan’s handsome brows crouched down heavily. He then turned to leave.


Qiao Qing was used to coming and going alone. But this time, she acquired a little tail.

She was 170cm tall with long legs. The way she walked was cool and sassy.

Poor Lin Xiyan had to jog to keep up.

“Qiao Qing, I always thought you were someone cold and unreachable so I never had the guts to talk to you. Is that why you didn’t recognize me?”

“I didn’t know you had such a great character.”

“Don’t listen to them talk trash. I didn’t try to seduce Qi Rui. I don’t really know him. Who knew he would suddenly confess to me? I rejected him though.”

“Qiao Qing, can I call you Qingqing?”

“Thank you for stepping up for me. However, what if those girls try to cause you trouble? What do we do then?”

“You gave me your jacket. Are you cold?”


Qiao Qing was getting impatient and annoyed by all this, “Stop talking!”

Lin Xiyin abruptly zipped up her lips. So her desk-mate was still that cold and unreachable desk-mate.

But, she was so cool!

When the duo walked into the classroom, they garnered a large wave of attention.

More accurately, all the stares were on Qiao Qing.

Qiao Qing has always appeared immune to this.

Holding up her cold, hateful, but beautiful face, she headed for her desk.

She didn’t pay attention to any of these people.

Qiao Qing, Qiao Nian, and Jiang Yi were all in the same class.

Qiao Ning watched everyone’s reaction and lowered her head. A meaningful smile appeared on her lips.

From the moment Qiao Qing entered to when she sat down, Jiang Yi’s gaze was on her. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

Lin Xiyan naturally noticed that something was wrong. After sitting down, she poked the girl who sat before her, “Zhu Anan, did something happen in class?”

Zhu Anan turned her head and gave Qiao Qing, who was sitting by the wall, a glare. Half covering her mouth, she said, “I heard your desk-mate was dumped by Jiang Yi.”

Though she spoke while covering her mouth, everyone within several rows could hear her distinctly.

From the side, several people began to quietly chitchat. Without a doubt, all of them were conversing about Jiang Yi dumping his incapable fiancé.

Qiao Qing’s expression didn’t change much. She took out a medical book and flipped it to the bookmarked page – acting as if she couldn’t hear anything.

Lin Xiyan’s eyes, on the other hand, widened. She looked over to Qiao Qing, then turned around to look at Jiang Yi.

Pursing her lips, she ripped off the corner of a sheet of paper. After writing on it for a bit, she placed it on top of Qiao Qing’s book.

Qiao Qing’s gaze landed on the paper and saw a square of well-written characters.

“Don’t listen to everyone’s chatter! I think you are too good for Jiang Yi! If I’m lying, I’m a dog!”

Qiao Qing’s lips curled up into a rare smile. Putting out her hand, she patted Lin Xiyan’s little head.

At once, Lin Xiyan felt like Qiao Qing was patting a puppy.

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