The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 11: Qiao Qing is Abusive
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Chapter 11: Qiao Qing is Abusive

Translator: CokeZero Editor: Rainystars

Even he himself could not comprehend how he became the person being dumped when he came here to call off the engagement.

Jiang Huai finally regained himself. Seeing how his son had just been dumped, he felt embarrassed and shouted in fury, “Is my son not good enough for you?! You...”

“Dad!” Jiang Yi interrupted him and stepped forward. Staring right at Qiao Qing, he said, “Alright, you said it. Then from today on, our engagement is called off. I hope you won’t regret this!”

Qiao Qing suppressed herself from laughing out loud. “Butler, send off our guests!”

“You!” Jiang Yi lost control over his expression again.

Qiao Qing’s tone made it sound like in front of her, he was merely a performing clown.

But he stopped himself from doing anything and turned around to leave after a cold hiss.

Jiang Yi didn’t know at the moment that after Qiao Qing’s real identity was later slowly revealed, he would think of himself as a performing clown when he thought back to this day.

The person who would truly regret this would be himself.

After Jiang Huai left, Qiao Nian cursed silently.

She thought the news of Qiao Qing’s engagement being called off would make her the laughing stock of the City of Brisk again. She didn’t expect things to end up like this.

No longer in the mood to watch the show, she made a face at Liu Ping and then left with Qin Yongmei.

He Wanqing was astonished by the chain of events. Looking at the cold Qiao Qing, she reached out and grabbed her shirt.

“Baby, do you not recognize Jiang Yi? That kid – wait, blarg! That son of a b!tch?”

Before Qiao Qing could answer, Liu Ping answered, “How’s that possible, ma’am? The elder miss feels bitter on the inside.”

“You don’t know how she studies Go in the study room just because young master Jiang likes to play Go. Even though young master Jiang treated her so emotionlessly for so long, she never brought up calling off the engagement. She acted the way she did probably because she is heartbroken after hearing what young master Jiang had said.”

Then, she looked over to Qiao Qing and in a caring tone, said, “Elder miss, don’t be sad. Young master Jiang probably misunderstood you and that’s why he wanted to call things off. As long as you apologize and say some sweet things, this engagement can still be salvaged. What if later on, you regret doing things impulsively...”

“Auntie Liu,” Qiao Qing interrupted her and her lips curled up slightly, “How many years have you worked here?”

Liu Ping’s heart strangely skipped a beat, “Three... three years.”

“Three years.” Qiao Qing mumbled then softly nodded. “So three years isn’t long enough for you to grow loyal, you ungrateful animal. I am considerate of your old age so I will be kind. Go fetch your last paycheque from butler Chen and get the hell out of here.”

Liu Ping froze. “Elder miss, you...”

“What ‘elder miss’?” Qiao Qing interrupted her yet again, “My mom and my dad only have one daughter, me. Your only bosses are my mom and I. Where do the titles ‘elder miss’ and ‘young miss’ come from? Hmm?”

“Exactly!” Chen Ming chimed in and began to scold, “Auntie Liu, you must be old now and cannot think clearly. You no longer serve the old lady, why can’t you change your old habits?”

Liu Ping then said, “I am used to it but I can change that. However, you shouldn’t fire me over it! What have I done wrong?”

Qiao Qing’s gaze dropped and was now full of sarcasm, “Do I need to remind you of what you did wrong?”

Liu Ping’s heart thumped heavily. At the moment, she couldn’t figure out if Qiao Qing was talking about the phone call last night or if she understood what she was trying to get at with the advice she had given just now.

She turned to He Wanqing for help and croaked, “Ma’am, please make a judgment call here. Didn’t I say all those things for the benefit of the elder– for the miss?”

He Wanqing was also a little dumbfounded by Qiao Qing’s impulsive decision. She looked over and asked, “Baby, why do you want to get rid of Auntie Liu?”

Qiao Qing helplessly gave her naïve mommy a look.

Before she could speak, an ear-splitting and coldly alluring voice pierced through the air from upstairs –

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