The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 10: A Slap in the Face. Who are you?
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Chapter 10: A Slap in the Face. Who are you?

Translator: CokeZero Editor: Rainystars

Jiang Yi stared at Qiao Qing’s cold and beautiful face; he was a little zoned out.

He had to admit that Qiao Qing was a girl with a visage beautiful enough to make others’ fingertips quiver; even when she has no makeup on.

Though her entire being was the laughing stock of the City of Brisk and she had accumulated an unlimited number of infamous incidents, nobody had ever made a bad comment about her appearance.

But so what? He wasn’t going to marry an empty shelled woman and just put her in his home. Someone who’s more on pace with his strides – someone like Qiao Nian, was more suited for him.

Qiao Nian watched over the way Jiang Yi looked at Qiao Qing. Her nails dug deep into her palms as the jealousy inside her nearly imploded!

It wasn’t that she liked Jiang Yi. It was just that she just couldn’t understand why a good for nothing old bumpkin would have such a God-blessed face?!

But, no matter how beautiful she looked, her engagement was going to be broken off! She would once again become the laughing stock of the City of Brisk!

Just imagining the brokenhearted and sad way Qiao Qing would soon look, Qiao Nian felt much better.

He Wanqing was so infuriated it took her a while to realize what was happening. Scared that her daughter would be hurt, she walked up and blocked Qiao Qing’s way.

“Baby, it’s okay. Go back upstairs. Mom will deal with all of this.”

Qiao Qing saw that the corners of He Wanqing’s eyes had turned red from the anger she endured, So her own cold eyes squinted and a snowstorm turmoiled inside.

She patted He Wanqing’s shoulder and pulled her around until she was behind her. Glancing over everyone below her, she said coldly, “What are you doing in my home?”

Jiang Yi took a step forward and thought of the words he had practiced in his head numerous times. Then, he gently said, “Qiao Qing, this whole thing is entirely my fault. I know you are great and you are a nice girl. But, I...”

“Stop.” Qiao Qing raised a hand and interrupted him. There was much impatience in her eyes, “Who are you?”


Qiao Qing’s words sent the entire living room into dead silence.

Qiao Nian’s proud expression hung frozen on her face.

Jiang Yi was just a high school student after all. No matter how much he wanted to fake his maturity, Qiao Qing’s three simple words still penetrated his façade and made him lose his rationality.

“Are you joking? I enter and exit the Qiao courtyard every single day. Though not all my trips were to see you and we don’t always say hi, there is no way you don’t know who I am?!”

“What are you spewing on about!” Qiao Qing continued, “Do I know you?”

Jiang Yi stared deadly into Qiao Qing’s eyes and attempted to find a single trace of love or hate or even a sign that this was all an act due to anger.

There were no such signs.

Qiao Qing was looking at him like he was a complete stranger, like he was someone who had never shown up before her!

She truly didn’t recognize him!

Or rather, she truly never bothered to remember who he was!

This realization cause an unnamed flame to erupt inside Jiang Yi.

He visited the Qiao family home every single day. Though most of the time, he was here looking for Qiao Nian, all three generations of the Qiao family lived on the same piece of land. He essentially saw Qiao Qing every single day.

On top of that, many times, he came here to see her!

Just how much did she disregard him for her to still not recognize him today!?

The fury inside his heart was about to spillover. Jiang Yi had now completely forgotten his original intention of coming here.

As if he had something to prove, he formally announced and emphasized before Qiao Qing, “I am Jiang Yi, your fiancé!”

“Oh.” Qiao Qing’s tone didn’t change much and she finally remembered. Her mom had once mentioned that she had some kind of a fiancé.

So it’s this person before her.

Recalling so, she spoke up again. Her tone was so light and careless it was like she was throwing away trash, “Then, let’s call the engagement off.”

“What?” Jiang Yi suspected that he heard her wrong.

“Your ears are not in good health, are they.” Qiao Qing’s voice disallowed any discussion, “I said, let’s call off the engagement.”

Jiang Yi had heard it clearly this time. His mouth hung half open and he wasn’t sure what to do next. All he could feel was this unknown emotion suppressing onto him, disallowing him to breathe....

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