The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Chapter 1: Paying with My Own Body
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Chapter 1: Paying with My Own Body

Translator: CokeZero Editor: Rainystars

The City of Brisk.

There was not even the sound of the wind during this silent night.

By the time Qiao Qing finished her night study session and her duties for the day, it was already 10 o’clock at night.

Casually carrying her backpack on one shoulder and with her other hand inside her pocket, she slowly walked out of the school entrance.

After passing by the row of delicious smelling BBQ stands, there was a quiet and empty wooded-pathway.

The streetlight hadn’t been maintained for years and merely faint and pale white light shot down.

Everything around here was silent, making the sound of footstep distinct and noticeable in comparison.

Qiao Qing was marching on when she suddenly stopped her footsteps.

Her nose wrinkled and the heavy smell of blood rushed over.

As she worked to figure out what was happening, her ankles suddenly tightened. Something had grasped onto them.

Qiao Qing borrowed the faint light and lowered her head to take a look. A pale hand that was dyed with blood had tightly grabbed onto her ankle.

No wonder she felt a touch of stickiness. Qiao Qing thought to herself.

Her gaze shifted upwards a little and followed the arm of the man. What met her gaze was a face so ferocious, it would startle an entire crowd.

As Qiao Qing checked out Jun Yexuan, Jun Yexun, who was lying on the ground, raised his head to look at her.

His lips were thin and light, and his tone was laced with pain, “Save me.”

Qiao Qing was expressionless. The words she spoke out were emotionless and cold, “I don’t make unprofitable deals. Give me a reason to save you.”

Jun Yexuan’s inhale sharply stopped. He didn’t think a girl could be as cruel as this. On the other hand, he admired someone who belonged to the same category as him.

So he tossed out a golden temptation, “One hundred million.”

Even after his words, Qiao Qing remained quiet and had no indication of making a move.

Jun Yexuan thought to himself, “Could it be that she finds it too little?”

That would make sense. How could his life only be worth one hundred million?

Just as he was about to top up his offer, Qiao Qing’s cool voice arose from above, “I don’t need money.”

Jun Yexuan was astonished and was in awe that there was someone like this in the City of Brisk. Instantly, he became intrigued.

The blood from the wound on his chest continued to flow. Though he was at risk of losing his life any second now, he had an expression of collectedness.

His lips curled into a demonic smile, “How about I pay you with my own body?”

Upon hearing this, Qiao Qing’s expression not only did not seem to waver, it also seemed like her patience had run dry.

“Not great.”

After throwing down this statement, Qiao Qing struggled out of his grasp and left without lingering.

Jun Yexuan, “...”

He thought he was already ruthless enough and cold enough. He couldn’t believe there would exist someone who was worst than him in those areas.

Could it be that he was going to die here today? Jun Yexuan thought mockingly to himself.

At the same time, an idea appeared out of nowhere – if he survives this, he would go find this cold-blooded girl again.

As his consciousness drifted in and out, the sound of footsteps approached. Then, a gentle and as if boneless hand helped him up.

Looking at Qiao Qing, who had returned after deciding to leave, Jun Yexuan’s lips curled into a happy shape before passing out peacefully in her embrace.

Warm breaths landed on her neck, making Qiao Qing frown. She knocked his head out of the way and walked forward while holding onto him with one arm.

Before long, Qiao Qing stopped again.

During the several times her eardrums pulsed, four to five men in black had blocked her way. All of them carried killer’s intent with them.

Qiao Qing felt her head hurt, thinking that she had saved someone troublesome.

The leader in black, Peng Yue, watched over Qiao Qing, “Young friend, leave behind the man and I can spare you your life.”

Qiao Qing sighed at those words, then purposefully eyed Jun Yexuan. “Your target is him this time?”

Peng Yue responded, “That’s not your business.”

Qiao Qing shook her head, “This person is under my possession so it’s not really up to you.”

Peng Yue chuckcled in disdain as if he had heard some kind of joke, “There isn’t anyone in this world who we want to kill but cannot kill!”

Qiao Qing blew at the bangs before her forehead, “What a coincidence. There isn’t anyone in this world who I want to save but cannot save!”

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