The AFK Farming Software: I Became Invincible Without Knowing It

Chapter 20
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Chapter 20: Buddha’s Reincarnation

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios


The old monk pressed his palms together and bowed slightly to Qi Ming, “This monk is Miao Zai.”

“You… why are you here?” Ye Dun was shocked. “This is the Green Cloud Peak.”

“I’ve traveled the world. Apart from the Nine Heavens and Nine Nether, where can I not go?”


In the sky, a figure flew over. Qi Ming looked over. It was Elder Feng, whom he had met once. Elder Feng had his hands behind his back and there was a boy and a girl standing beside him.

“What arrogance. Monk Miao Zai, instead of cultivating your Ascetic Buddhist Way properly, you came to kidnap a disciple of my Green Cloud Peak. Do you really think there’s no one on my Green Cloud Peak?” Elder Feng threatened solemnly.

“Elder Feng.” Qi Ming bowed.

Elder Feng glanced at Qi Ming and nodded, “You can leave.”

Qi Ming nodded and stood at the side.

“You’re wrong.” Miao Zai smiled and said, “A servant disciple is only a servant that’s changed every three years in your Heaven Enlightenment Sect. It’s useless to keep them, and it’s a pity to abandon them.”


“Ye Dun and my Buddha are fated. Benefactor Feng, why do you have to stop others from pursuing their path?”

“I want to take him away from the Green Cloud Peak.”

Elder Feng said, “I’m afraid it won’t be that easy.”



Miao Zai pressed his palms together.

In an instant, with him as the center, endless Buddhist light blossomed. It was dazzling and resplendent. In midair, it condensed into an incomparably huge Golden Buddha Avatar.

It was as if there were countless chanting scriptures.

Countless Buddhist symbols surrounded him.


Miao Zai raised his head and looked straight at Elder Feng. He said in a deep voice, “This Monk will bring Ye Dun away and sever the karma between him and the Heaven Enlightenment Sect. Entering the Ten Thousand Buddha Temple is his destiny.”

“Ridiculous.” Elder Feng said indifferently, “You? Can you determine his destiny?”

As soon as they finished speaking.

“Green Lotus Dao.”


Elder Feng waved his hands, causing countless green lights to appear behind him. In the air, a Thirty-sixth Grade Green Lotus that was comparable to a mountain appeared.


Every petal of the Thirty-sixth Grade Green Lotus could transform into various offensive methods.

It was extremely powerful.

Both sides were ready to fight.

Qi Ming also felt his scalp go numb.

Experts of this level had already reached the level of Immortal Gods.


At this moment, Ye Dun knelt down.

“Senior, please accept my kowtow.”

Ye Dun knelt down and kowtowed nine times to Elder Feng. Every time he kowtowed, he used a lot of strength. One could hear a thud as blood flowed out of his forehead.

“Three years ago, I was sponsored by my father and was fortunate enough to enter the Heaven Enlightenment Sect. However, because of my insufficient aptitude, I could only be a servant for three years on the Green Cloud Peak.”

Ye Dun slowly said, “Now that the three years of labor have been completed, my aptitude is slow and I still haven’t reached the third level of Qi Refinement. I can’t even enter the outer sect.”

“This junior is vexed, uncomfortable, and in pain because of this…”


“Now, there’s another path placed in front of me. I don’t want to give up, nor am I willing to give up. Even if I die a horrible death and my soul dissipates, I will not hesitate.”

“Senior, please grant my wish!” Ye Dun shouted.

“Amitabha.” Miao Zai pressed his palms together and chanted again. He closed his eyes slightly and suddenly took out a purple jade box, “Benefactor Feng, you should have heard it.”

Qi Ming looked at Ye Dun, who was kneeling on the ground and trembling because he could not withstand the pressure from Elder Feng. There was some worry in his eyes. He then looked up at Elder Feng and said, “Elder Feng, your identity is indeed not simple.”

Elder Feng retracted his gaze from Ye Dun and glanced at the purple jade box in his hand. He said coldly, “Forget it. I’m not an unreasonable person. Cripple your current cultivation and you are not allowed to cultivate any method related to the Green Cloud Peak anymore.”

“Thank you, Senior!”


Ye Dun gritted his teeth, raised his right hand, and slapped his dantian. He spat out blood and his face was pale. The cultivation level of the second level of Qi Refinement that he had painstakingly cultivated for three years had completely dissipated at this moment.

Three years of hard work ended in vain.

“Scram.” Elder Feng was extremely cold.

“Green Cloud Peak, Heavenly Enlightenment Sect.”

Miao Zai took a deep breath and had a gloomy expression, “He’s only a servant disciple. To all of you, he bears no importance, yet you insist on forcing him to this extent.”

“Miao Zai, if you still don’t leave, then stay behind. At most, I’ll go to the Ten Thousand Buddha Temple’s Ascetic Cliff and have a chat with your Head Elder of the Ascetic Buddhist Way.”


Suddenly, a voice sounded as if it came from all directions and entered Miao Zai’s ears, causing his expression to change drastically as he exclaimed, “Peak Master of the Green Cloud Peak!”


He reached out and grabbed Ye Dun’s shoulder. Without daring to stay any longer, he turned into a golden stream of light and directly fled, disappearing into the distance.

Before leaving, Ye Dun glanced at Qi Ming, his eyes filled with reluctance.

“Elder Feng.” Qi Ming bowed and asked, “Why did Miao Zai take a fancy to Ye Dun? What’s so special about him? Can you enlighten me?”

“What else could it be?”

Elder Feng’s tone seemed to be a little disdainful as he said, “He’s the reincarnation of a Buddha. Ye Dun has the ‘Reincarnation Seal’ of the Ten Thousand Buddha Temple’s Buddha in his body.”

“Of course they have to bring him back.”

“Only the Ten Thousand Buddha Temple can detect the ‘Reincarnation Seal’ with a special method. No one else knows about it. If Ye Dun stays in the ‘Green Cloud Peak’, there really won’t be a day when he can stand out.”

“But what will happen to Ye Dun now will depend on his own luck.”

“The reincarnation of Buddha.” Qi Ming was a little surprised.

“Don’t think too much.” Elder Feng said, “Prepare well for the competition in a few days. Don’t disappoint me.”

Qi Ming nodded.


Elder Feng left.

In the surroundings, that was because the commotion just now was too huge, and it practically alarmed more than half of the Green Cloud Peak. However, only Elder Feng and the Green Cloud Peak’s Peak Master appeared.

“The reincarnation of Buddha.” Qi Ming sighed in his heart. “This origin is indeed a little fierce. He can even be a main character in a novel.”

Most importantly, according to the current situation, Ye Dun left the Green Cloud Peak and entered the Ten Thousand Buddha Temple. Elder Feng even forced Ye Dun to cripple his cultivation. In this way, would the Green Cloud Peak become the villain?

In the future, when Ye Dun became stronger, he would seek revenge on Green Cloud Peak?

Forget it.


What was the use of thinking so much?

After Qi Ming lay on the bed, he directly slept. Even if the sky collapsed, there would be someone taller to hold it up. He, Qi Ming, was only an ordinary sect disciple.

“Boss… Boss…”

Zhu Xiaoxian and the others no longer dared to speak. They looked at Qi Ming nervously.

What had happened just now had indeed frightened them greatly.

“Don’t ask too much.” Qi Ming said, “It’s not good for you to know too much.”


Zhu Xiaoxian and the others immediately shut their mouths.

Late at night, on the top of the Green Cloud Peak, there was a floating building surrounded by clouds and fog. It was like a paradise. When his gaze gradually narrowed, he could see a golden and dazzling three-story building.

On the signboard in front of the door was written: Phoenix Cry Pavilion.

Clearly, this was Fairy Feng Xi’s residence.

In the pavilion.


The Blood Lotus Demoness knelt on one knee and bowed to Fairy Feng Xi, “Why do you want to give up on the Green Cloud Peak’s servant quarters? Although there hasn’t been much progress in the past ten years, it’s a pity to give up like this.”

On a closer look, the Blood Lotus Demoness only had her spiritual body left. Her physical body was already destroyed, and her cultivation was almost completely gone.

Clearly, for the sake of putting on that show, the Blood Lotus Demoness had paid a heavy price.

“Blood Lotus.” Fairy Feng Xi spoke to the Blood Lotus Demoness through a screen, “Miao Hongjian has already sensed it. Even if you don’t show yourself, you will probably die under his sword.”

“At that time, you will truly die.”

“Even I might be discovered.”


At this moment, Fairy Feng Xi waved her hand, and a crimson ball of light appeared, floating above her palm, “This is a Ninth Grade Heaven and Earth Red Lotus.”

In the crimson light was a red lotus with nine petals.

“Use this Ninth Grade Heaven and Earth Red Lotus to reconstruct your body.”

Fairy Feng Xi continued, “At that time, you can join the Heaven Enlightenment Sect through the Heaven Enlightenment Assembly. I will personally take you as my disciple, and no one will suspect you.”

“Thank you, Master!” The Blood Lotus Demoness bowed and answered.

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