The Absolute: Humanity's Second Chance

The Absolute: Humanity's Second Chance

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    Within a world where humanity destroyed everything. Where World War V obliterated the whole planet from its central core, and possibly caused the downfall of the entire Solar System, or even the Galaxy.

    A being watching everything from a high stand point, beyond the constriction of Existence, decides to reshresh the whole Universe due to his deep love for his rebellious children. But this time, he sends them to an even grander world very similar to Earth, with three variables in hope to alter their Fate.

    The Seven Systems

    The Primordial Source.

    ...And a young man called Damien Gray.

    ***** ***** *****

    Damien Gray was a very talented young man who went through a lot after the Genesis. He used his talent, potential and wits to survive in a world with seven protagonists and a terrifying omnipotent entity.

    But even then, even without being the main character, he finds an opportunity to make a wish from The Primordial Source.

    And his wish... was to be sent back in time, during the beginning of the Genesis, in hopes to give his race, Humanity, a second chance.

    Join Damien as this time, he sets a path of Absolute, Transcendence and Cosmic proportions for his entire race.

    Watch as he makes even the Seven protagonists seem like nothing but trash compared to him!!!

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