The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 930 - You Really Know How To Bullsh*t!
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Chapter 930: You Really Know How To Bullsh*t!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“F*ck! He really guessed it!”

Salvatore looked incredulous. He couldn’t believe that this fortune-teller managed to guess correctly.

Victoria was also very surprised. She didn’t know how her father had guessed it.

Did her father really learn how to read fortunes over the past 10 years?

Actually, Jordan already knew the answer.

All he needed to do was to find a proper way to reveal the answer to Salvatore, so as to trick him. Even if Salvatore’s lackey wasn’t called Dale but Sammy or something.

Jordan would use some other way to link to the word “Dalton”.

Speaking of Dale, Jordan found it a little strange because he had never seen him before.

As Salvatore had been with Jordan for two years, he had done many things for him. While Jordan had seen all of Salvatore’s closest subordinates, he had never seen Dale before.

Salvatore clapped in shock. “Not bad, old man. You guessed right. If you have the ability, guess his first and middle name!”

“Oh f*ck, I shouldn’t have told you that my benefactor has a middle name too.”

Jordan smiled. “I already knew before you said so. It’s written on the divination. Your benefactor has a first, middle and last name.”

Salvatore asked in a puzzled voice,

“Where is it written? Aren’t there two circles and four crosses? It’s either two names or four names. How does he have three names?”

Jordan didn’t know how to answer the question. He couldn’t think of any good excuse so he just said in an annoyed tone,

“Will you understand even if I tell you? Are you a divination master? Don’t interrupt me!”

This time, Salvatore backed off. “Alright, you’re awesome. You know your stuff. Guessing the surname isn’t that impressive. If you have the ability to guess his first and middle names, I’ll acknowledge you as my master!”

Jordan stroked his beard and pretended to look like an expert.

“You flipped the coin six times just now. It was a cross four times. In other words, it was heads four times. Therefore, the second word of your benefactor’s name is…”

Jordan was about to say that the middle name was “Headly”, which was indeed Pablo’s middle name.

Dale suddenly said, “That’s not right. Salvatore, when you referred to heads, did you mean the side with Roosevelt’s face? Or the side with the torch?”

Salvatore was confused. “The side with the torch, is there a problem? Isn’t that right?”

Dale said, “Of course not! The side with Roosevelt’s face is heads! If you don’t believe me, I’ll use my phone to check for you.”

Dale took out his phone and did an internet search. He showed Salvatore the results.

Salvatore smacked his forehead. “Oh my god, I’ve always thought the reverse was true.”

Jordan was also stunned. Strangely, he had the same misconception as Salvatore! This was partly because Jordan spent most of his growing-up years overseas, so he was not familiar with US coins.

Nevertheless, Jordan was not stumped by this little misunderstanding.

Jordan said calmly, “Fortunately, Dale reminded me. I almost forgot that this is 2020. 2020 is the year of the reverse. All the results have to be reversed. You threw out four tails but we have to reverse it. So your benefactor’s middle name is Headly, right?”

Salvatore was dumbfounded. He was equally amazed by Jordan’s accuracy and his ability to twist things around.

Circles, crosses, wind runes, lotus flowers, and now “year of the reverse”?

Why had he never heard of such a thing before?

Salvatore was a little speechless. “I say, Grandpa, the way you deduced the name Headly is a little too far-fetched, isn’t it?”

If Dale hadn’t said anything about the heads and tails of the coin, the old man probably wouldn’t have talked about the bullsh*t year of the reverse!

Jordan said, “Who cares if it’s far-fetched or not? Just tell me if my divination is correct!”

Salvatore was an honest person. He lowered his head and said indignantly, “Yes, you guessed it right. If you have the guts, guess the first name now!”

Jordan glanced around the room and suddenly heard the sound of a mosquito.

“Is that a mosquito?”

Jordan suddenly asked.


Salvatore slapped the mosquito to death and said, “It’s normal to have mosquitoes in this area.”

Jordan smiled faintly and was about to speak.

Unexpectedly, Victoria seemed to have figured out Jordan’s plan and interrupted.

“Sir! I know! A mosquito appeared beside Mr. Salvatore. Is his first name Moses? Mr. Salvatore’s benefactor is called Moses Headly Dalton, right?!”

“Haha, you’re wrong!”

Salvatore was thrilled.

Jordan scolded Victoria. “Why did you make that guess? The art of divination is unfathomable. How can it be as simple as that?”

Victoria pouted like a spoiled daughter in front of her father. “I’m sorry, Sir. Then his first name is…”

Jordan said, “His first name is indeed related to this mosquito, but it’s not that simple. Let me ask you, is a mosquito considered big or small?”

Victoria was stunned for a moment before answering, “Small.”

Jordan nodded. “That’s right. Salvatore’s benefactor’s first name is Pablo, which means ‘little’ in Spanish.”

“Salvatore, your benefactor’s name is Pablo Headly Dalton! Am I right?!”

‘Oh my god!’

Salvatore was completely stunned!

‘This was too f*cking ridiculous!’

Jordan was clearly forcing the circumstances to fit the answer. He had even lectured Victoria that the art of divination was not that simple.

Everyone thought that Jordan would use some complicated reasoning to deduce the first name.

But it turned out to be just a random mosquito!

In fact, deducing the name to be Moses would be more reasonable than the name Pablo!

Salvatore gasped. “Impossible, it’s impossible for you to have guessed. Did you already know about our relationship?”

From Salvatore’s words, Victoria knew that Jordan had guessed correctly. She was overjoyed.

Victoria spoke up for Jordan. “Mr. Salvatore, this old man is a fortune-teller. How would he know about your world? Mr. Salvatore, a big man like you won’t be a sore loser, right?”

Salvatore felt very helpless. He thought for a moment and said, “Old man, you’re quite capable. But if you really did know about my relationship with Pablo, I’ll be a fool to let you off today! How about this? I’ll let you divine another one. If you can divine what kind of woman I like, I’ll admit that you’re really capable! I’ll bow to you and acknowledge you as my master!”

What kind of woman did Salvatore like?

This was too simple.

Salvatore was infatuated with Emily.

In his eyes, even Lauren, Victoria, Hailey, Lota, Park Anya and all the other peerless beauties could not compare to the “ordinary” Emily Clarke!

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