The 5000-year-old Herbivorous Dragon

Chapter 90 - Sudden Change in Situation
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Chapter 90 - Sudden Change in Situation

Our current goal was the nearest border entrance but the direction Sousou flew in gave Sheina and I an uncomfortable feeling.

Watching the doll flying to the horizon, we dropped our voices and started a little conference.

「……What do we do Lord Evil Dragon? Although it’s a bit far, should we change our destination to the capital? It’s also where my home is, just in case of that one in a thousand chance that something happens.」

「Well… It’s also my fault for letting it go but the capitol is pretty far right? With my legs, walking will take quite a long time.」

「Ah, It’s fine it’s fine, don’t worry about that.」

Saying that, Sheina then ran up along my body from my tail, then set the spirit on top of my head.

「Hey Rēko, I’m a bit worried about that demon just now so can we change our destination to the capitol?」

「I don’t mind - in fact, rather than the border entrance, the capitol is much more fitting for the messenger of the Lord Evil Dragon.」

「Okay, then it’s decided. Miss spirit, “Full speed ahead”!」

「Eh, wai-wait a minute, you’re just going to use tha— Ugyaaaahhh!」

Using the magic power of the spirit, my body was forced to sprint full speed.

Furthermore, I don’t know when but the Ikumen puppet was taken captive and, tied to my tail, was being dragged along the ground behind me as I ran.

No matter who might look at this it’s torture, but the person in question was trembling in delight at having saved his master. He was shedding tears of joy while his body was scraped off bit by bit.

We cut through the wind, running at full speed… no, rather being forced to run while Rēko ran alongside me leisurely.

「As expected of the Lord Evil Dragon’s illusion. Using just the feeling of your presence, you can carry our bodies…」

「That’s right~ As expected of the Lord Evil Dragon~」

「I’m done for, do whatever you want.」

My tears sparkled through the air and scattered away into the plains.

I don’t care anymore, this is still better than flying.

If we run at this speed, then we should be able to arrive at the capitol by tomorrow or the day after.

「News of Revendia has stopped? The girl kin also?」

「Yes, from two weeks prior. Also the daughter of an officer from the neighboring country, Granarda, who was with them also went missing. She disappeared while bringing the spirit to the capitol. According to rumors, the Evil Dragon killed her and ran off with the spirit…」

「No, that’s not possible.」

At the front of the Dojo which was also her home, Ariante, who received the messenger, replied instantly.

Perudona is a completely free city run by the merchants and adventurers.

Including the city of agriculture, Seiren, the neighboring cities were publicly recognized as the territory of a certain small nation but that is in name only. The king has no influence here.

Thus, the town is governed by the council. In front of the representative of the adventurers, Ariante, a messenger from the council came to deliver intelligence.

「However, Ariante, if it’s that Evil Dragon, then it could easily do something like that.」

「Although the Evil Dragon is evil, his pride is also very high. The people from the base were said to have “No hostility” right? He’s not one who would easily say something and go back on his word. Not to mention killing a little girl and acting as a bandit.」


Of course, this was based on theory.

Ariante knew that the sky and earth would turn over before that Evil Dragon would kill humans and run. In the off chance that kin girl went out of control and killed someone, at that time, the Evil Dragon would cry tears while turning himself and the girl in.

「What did you say?! That bastard Evil Dragon did something again?!」

Word travels fast.

Even though we were discussing this in front of the dojo Risotto dashed out from within, his arms and legs weighed down by large metal shackles used for training.

「What’s with you. It seems like even with that weight, you can still move. Alright, i’ll double it after this.」

「I’m already at my limits, please don’t increase it any further. No wait! What did the Evil Dragon do? Is he making a mess somewhere?」

「Ah, so it’s Raiotto. Well you see, the Evil Dragon suddenly went missing in the neighbouring country… There’s no news of the Evil Dragon making a mess anywhere but the friend that turned into his kin also went missing.」

The messenger encouraged Raiotto by patting him on his shoulders.

It’s been about a month since Raiotto came to Perudona. His existence has become rather famous in this town since his training resembled child abuse and his motives for training were known to everyone. To save a girl who became the kin of the Evil Dragon.

In reality though, the Revendia in question had the strength of a trash mob but the only one who knew this was Ariante.

「Rēko also… Hey master! Do you have any ideas?!」

「I don’t have any clues but don’t be so agitated. The Evil Dragon is… strong. Even if the Demon King himself went to finish him off, he isn’t someone who would die so easily. Furthermore, if they battled fiercely, the movement of magic power would alert anyone nearby.」

In terms of strength, it would not be Revendia but Rēko, so this couldn’t be considered a lie. It’s hard to imagine that they would be killed without leaving any traces.

「-So the Evil Dragon hid itself, that’s very intriguing.」

At that moment, from above came a gust of wind and rattled the dojo doors.

The shadow that dropped from the sky had silver wings that glittered in the sunlight, it was the dragon who called himself Doradora.

「It came down from the sky! It’s the perfect chance! Kill it!」

「It’s always running away like a rat! This will be the day you die!」

An uncountable number of adventurers with bloodshot eyes chased after Doradora but with a single breath, they were blown to the other side of the town.

「Hoh, you can now handle their pursuits now huh. It seems you’re the one who grows faster.」

「Who do you think I am? I am the mighty and proud tyrant dragon of tempests- I can’t always fall behind the likes of humans.」

「That’s the spirit. I’ll go scold those that got blown away after this. After tomorrow, it’s going to get a lot tougher, prepare yourself.」

「Heh, it’s hard on you Dragon, having to be almost hunted down everyday. Although it’s said to be practise, knowing the people here, they’re probably really aiming to kill you, so be careful and try not to die.」

「It’s not Dragon, call me Doradora.」

“Oh so that’s the name” laughed the messenger leisurely by the side.

This one has also become a famous person, no, a famous dragon.

Raiotto walked closer to Doradora while dragging along his weights.

「Hey Doradora, what do you mean by very intriguing? Do you know something?」

「It’s not like I don’t, that’s right, this goes back to the time I was beaten up by Revendias kin-」

「You don’t have to recall that far back, just get to the point.」

Both being the victims of the girl in question, these two seem to get along very well.

Before when Doradora took Raiotto and flew away and then flew back together, they seemed to have formed some kind of fellowship together.

Being told to just speak of the important points, Doradora made a long face but still closed his eyes to recall his memories.

「…This is indeed information, The Evil Dragon has the ability to freely control space.」

「Oi wait, where did you get this intelligence from?」

Before Raiotto could respond, Ariante butted into the conversation.

「After I had suffered defeat, the girl kin then told me.」

「Is that so. Continue.」

Next time I meet Revendia, I’ll tell him to caution the words of that little girl- secretly thought Ariante.

It’s going to be unbearable if his abilities increased just like this.

Meanwhile, Doradora continued fervently as if he didn’t know of Ariante’s troubles.

「Presumably, he created another dimension of darkness, where he lurks and plots… What he’s planning, I could never imagine.」

「At any rate, it’s that Evil Dragon. He’s definitely plotting something cruel and terrible… Dammit, Rēko, please be safe.」

「Well, it’s probably okay if it’s only about that girl…」

「If it’s only about her? What do you mean Master? Is there any other kin of the Evil Dragon apart from Rēko?」

「No, I don’t mean it like that…」

Ariante became a bit agitated with the slip of her tongue but some unexpected words flew out at that moment.

「If it’s about that, then I’ve also heard of it.」

The one who said that was Doradora.

「This is what I heard from when I was still in the Demon King Army. From among the highest commanders, there was one who is of the same kind as the Evil Dragon Revendia. That girl only recently became a kin so it’s different. Although I haven’t seen that kin even since that incident, I do wonder what the other one’s doing now.」

Ariante doubted her ears as she heard this news.

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