The 5000-year-old Herbivorous Dragon

Chapter 159 – Division strategy…?
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Chapter 159 - Division strategy…?

“Translator: Anargya”

“Editor: GhostApe”

「Thanks Spirit-san. For helping me again…」

『Mountain is floating.』

Ria, who is possessed by Spirit-san, is now straddling my back. I did once fly in the sky with the help of Spirit-san’s magical power, but this time I was betting on whether or not she could do the same in this possessing state.

It gives me chills imagining that I would have fallen off this spire if I failed. freewebnovel. com

However, such chills are immediately blown away thanks to the feeling of intimidation in front of me.

「Umm, Yoro-san…can we talk about this?」

Yoro-san is looking at me from the half destroyed building. I don’t know his exact line of sight because his helmet covers his eyes, but the pressure I’m feeling right now is definitely not mild.

「I see… You are quite courageous, Dragon. So you are going to duel me in behalf of Enka, right?」

「Nonono. I’m not buying that, Yoro-san. Do you think I could so such a big thing?」

「Muu, so I’m wrong?」

「That’s right, that’s right. I’m not trying to say something that dangerous, but something important.」

Even while saying so, I can’t think of any excuses.

However, the important thing is to buy time even for a second. Even if she is blown all the way to the end of the world, Rēko should be able to come back here in less than a few tens of seconds with high speed movement or space transition.

If Rēko is here, it would be somewhat manageable. I don’t know if she is able to defeat Yoro-san, but it won’t be too difficult to run away.

I’ll just have to believe in her and wait.

「Well, Yoro-san. Kami-sama…or should I say Enka? That person also has his own mood and convenience to think about. You also don’t need to hurry it that much, right?」

「But how long am I going to wait for the fight?」

Yoro-san pointed out.

「I heard everything. Enka is a god that is one with the volcano, so if he fights to his best, he could destroy this country. And thus, he is avoiding this fight.」

「Who did you heard it from?」

「The masked demon.」

My eyes felt like it’s going to come off. Didn’t Yoro-san hate that Fake kin?

「Y-you can’t Yoro-san! I don’t know what that Fake kin is planning…, but maybe he is telling such things to force you to fight Kami-sama! Don’t play into his hands!」

「Ahh, that’s a good reason. I am reluctant to force him to duel with me like this, However—I told you already. I can’t be lenient about this.」

Yoro-san pointed at the city below from the edge of the tower.

What spread there—is not the normal peaceful city.

「That is…?」

Around the city, black puddles like ink emerged. No, not just inside the city. Outside the walls—even here and there on the plains, black puddles sprouted in a mottled pattern.

And from those black holes, something climbs out of the ground as if crawling out.

—it’s a group of monsters.

To be correct, it is a whirlpool of magical power that is about to become a monster. Amorphous black shadows are sprouting from the holes one after another, weaving a line like Hyakki Yagyō.

[1. Note: “Hyakki Yagyō{Night Parade of One Hundred Demons} is a concept in japanese folklore”.]

「I don’t know what the exact situation is, but that mask is prepared. A lot of monsters will spring up all over the country. At this rate, the source of a god’s power—the people—will all be swallowed. If that happens, I will not be able to fight him. If I want it to be a good match, I have to do it now.」

「What are you talking about, jumping to conclusions like that! It would be fine if Yoro-san cooperated with us to deal with this situation! Please bring Rēko back…If you and Rēko work together, you should be able to defeat that fake kin, right?」

Looking down on the city, the guardian beasts of the country that Rēko brought are running around subduing the monsters.

Thanks to them, the capital is still safe for now. However, if this monster outbreak is occurring all over the land, the holy beasts will not be enough.

「Nee, Yoro-san. I know that you are a demon, but I don’t think you are a bad person, you know. The only thing I’m confident about is my eyes, after all.」

It might sound strange that a demon is not a bad person, but I have met such existences several times.

For example, a water demon that tries to sink people by making mud with plenty of nutrients, or a living doll that polished her cooking skills as much as she wanted a friend.

I’m sure Yoro-san is someone like that too.

「Is that so, Dragon. Your eyes, huh. Looks like you placed a lot of hope on me. I’m pleased by that.」

「Un. Then, let’s go together and—」

「But, I am the Demon King.」

The atmosphere that Yoro-san gave instantly carries a huge amount of fighting spirit.

The ground starts shaking, thunderclouds with flashes of lightning covered the skies.

「I don’t want to be known as such a sweet existence. If I try to save the country here, Enka will never respond to the duel. The proud duel I wanted will never come true.」

Yoro-san took off from the edge of the tower and slowly headed toward us. The pressure he emits makes my skin burn just by him approaching.

「Choose, Enka. Do you want to fight me here and destroy this country yourself, or will you hide and watch this country destroyed by monsters as it is?」

Ria, who is being possessed by Spirit-san, did not react as a matter of course.

In front of the approaching Yoro-san, I held my breath and focused on the black claws on my back—the “Pseudo?Shadow Twin Wings”. I already learned the maximum speed I can fly without me fainting through practical experience with Rēko.

I don’t think I can run away.

However, it is possible that I can earn a few seconds by escaping.

「Spirit-san! Hold onto me tightly!」


I fluttered my wings and flew in the opposite direction from Yoro-san at full speed. This speed is fast enough to leave any normal demon behind.

「To think that you would show such useless resistance this late in the game.」

However, the opponent is the Demon King. For him, catching up is as easy as walking normally. In a blink of an eye, we already flew side by side.

「Don’t uselessly stand up to me, Dragon. If you are still going to get in my way, I’ll consider you as an enemy.」

『Ah, is that so. I already consider you as an enemy though. What are you doing to my friend Rēvendia…?』

A voice uttered from my wings. A communication from the black claws—it’s Sousou.

At the next moment, threads shoot out from the black claws like a casting net and entwine Yoro-san’s body.

『Haha! Isn’t that nice!? It’s okay to split him into eight pieces as it is, right, Rēvendia? Because he is trying to get his hands on you, right…? That is the natural treatment, right…?』

「I am afraid that your tone got darker in the second half, so please stop. How should I put it.」

Making a buchi buchi noise, Yoro-san tore off the magic thread like nothing happened.

『Eh…what is up with that? I intended to attack quite strongly that time.』

「Um. To say the least, he is about as strong as Rēko.」


After a while, Sousou gently talked.

『Nee. If you die, I’ll follow you. So let’s meet again in the next world, okay…?』

『I’ll pray for your happiness in the next world.』

「What is with your giving up mood! To Hunt God-sama!」

While screaming in protest, I look sideways at Yoro-san.

During the conversation, Yoro-san floated in a lawful manner and waited. It might be against his style to cut in when I am in the middle of something.

It’s a chance. If I prolong the conversation like thi—

「Dragon. If you are buying time to wait for that girl, stop it.」

I look back at Yoro-san as if a star struck me.

At the same time, Yoro-san snapped his fingers. A myriad of thunder struck with that sign, besieging the capital and blocking all escape.

The thunder that is constantly falling is like the fence of a prison extending from heaven.

「No matter how long you wait, that girl won’t come back here.」


At around the same time.

Rēko is holding her dagger full of magical power in a plain that is covered with black spots.

「As I thought, you bastards are accomplices.」

A plain far from the capital, after being transferred by the hands of the former Demon King. What was waiting for Rēko there was a demon wearing a black robe and a mask marked with an x.

「Oh dear. What a false accusation you are saying.」

A hated enemy that is doing Evil Dragon-sama ill. It is the Fake Kin.

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