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Chapter 3

The emperor’s engagement was made with a magic contract.

Therefore, to revoke the engagement, one party had to die, or both parties had to agree to separate. fr eewebn ovel.com

‘I have to get consent.’

Scarlett couldn’t openly ask for a breakup, so she decided to pretend to be crazy.

‘That’s it!’

No matter what, the tyrant had to continue meeting with his fiance.

‘Because it is written in the contract.’

So there was plenty of opportunities. Chances are, he’ll get tired of Scarlett’s crazy antics.

But before she could use those many opportunities, there was something that must be done!

“First meeting. The first meeting from the villain’s point of view is that ball.”

The tyrant’s birthday ball. It was a scene from the original story.

At first, the villainess was depressed because of the forced engagement, but she was immediately attracted to the emperor when she saw him.

That moment was just around the corner.

“The first impression is critical.”

At this ball, Scarlett had to give him the impression that she was crazy.

Scarlett insidiously laughed as she looked at the crumpled invitation in her hand.

That night, Scarlett slept soundly for the first time in a long time.


According to the original story, the tyrant was more courteous to women than he seemed, which meant that he wouldn’t find it necessary to insult them even if he killed them.

‘That was how Scarlett used to describe his kindness.’

‘Kindness... Are you dumb?’


As Scarlett ground her teeth, her designated maid, Lucy, called out to her, puzzled.

“Nothing,” she replied sullenly and changed the topic. “The banquet is in the evening. Do we have to prepare this early?”

This body was pretty enough even without such preparations.

“Of course. I have a lot more to do besides this. Rather, I’m running out of time now, so don’t move your face.”

“Yes, yes.”

Scarlett had only known Lucy for a few days, but Lucy respected Scarlett because she was her designated maid.

Scarlett hadn’t notified anyone about her plan.

‘I’ll escape from this place as soon as the engagement is broken off anyway.’

She was going to escape even if she was excommunicated at all.

Had she mentioned that this family was a soybean flour family?

(T/N: soybean family meaning their family relationship is not good or evil)

The family had problems that arose later, but the family itself was the root of all problems.

The Lord, Scarlett Armand’s father, Duke Armand...


Once he was angry, he used violence, abusive language and regularly starved people when he was tired of hitting them.

The original Scarlett’s memory was rather intact.

‘I remember how Scarlet lived after being abused.’

Duke Armand didn’t even treat her like a human being.


“Right, I won’t move...”

Scarlett’s behavior had suddenly changed, but Lucy had yet to make any comments about it.

“Right. Miss, stay still.”

Scarlett was scared yet comfortable.

‘Stay still!’

Scarlett thought of what to do today with her eyes closed and her face buried in her palms.

‘It’s a noble banquet, so it’s going to be fun to watch. I want to look around because this event only happens once a year.’

In the Caliord Empire, the imperial birthday banquet was an important event.

Diplomatic envoys from all over visited and offered gifts and tributes.

It was also a place for people to enjoy more freedom than usual.

All kinds of festivals were held here and there.

‘But because of the emperor, the imperial birthday banquet, which used to be held at least five times a year, has been reduced to once a year.’

‘So, it must be even more lively than before.’

In particular, the original story had described this 22nd birthday banquet as more splendid than usual.

However, there was no publicized official reason...

‘I know the real reason.’

In truth, the tyrant had given money to the current temple, which was struggling.

After thinking, Scarlett pointed to the peach-colored dress.

“I’ll wear this instead of that.”

“Are you talking about this, miss?” Lucy raised the dress I pointed to. “Isn’t it a little plain for this banquet?”

Indeed, the peach-colored dress was definitely more modest compared to the other clothes.

To be honest, it was shabby.

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