Tales Of The World Devouring Serpent

Chapter 599: Incoming Danger (Part 1)
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Chapter 599: Incoming Danger (Part 1)

Translator: Yamir Moon


“My lord!”

After flying over, Luo Feng took the lead and bowed to Fang Yun. He had a look of joy on his face.

“My lord, I didn’t expect that you would come over personally. It seems that we can rest assured this time”

The people who followed Luo Feng also had joyful expressions.

They naturally knew Fang Yun’s power, so in their opinion, as long as Fang Yun takes action, the crisis will naturally be lifted.

Of course, from the beginning, they never thought that Fang Yun would personally go to the battlefield to help them wipe out this batch of enemies, even if they knew that he had such an ability.

They already know about Fang Yun’s plan to constantly temper them in the fire of war, cultivation giants, and true powerhouses.

Although following such an approach does put their lives in danger, they already have the determination to sacrifice themselves.

They all know that Fang Yun’s choice is the most meaningful and appropriate approach for the survival and growth of the metaverse, so they don’t have any complaints.

“Okay, arrange these younglings first.”

Fang Yun pointed at the people behind him. Luo Feng quickly nodded, then flew towards them.

Among the group of people that Fang Yun brought over, there were not many top powerhouses. Most of them are students from the two training camps and the rest are higher officers from the military.

All of these people have a single distinguishing characteristic, they are all young.

Although they are young, all of the young men that Fang Yun brought with him are top elite. They will definitely have a great impact on the battle situation.

After leaving the younglings in the hands of Luo Feng and the others, Fang Yun flew away. Under the leadership of dedicated personnel, he flew to his resting place.

About an hour later, Luo Feng came to Fang Yun’s resting place and reported to him,

“Greetings, my lord, now everyone has been settled.”

They had already prepared the residence area for the incoming forces, so they only had to lead them there and briefly state the rules to them. The rest will be done by the lower officers.


Fang Yun nodded, then calmly asked, “Luo Feng, How’s the current situation?”

Luo Feng’s expression immediately became serious upon hearing this.

“The threat mainly comes from the enemy’s reinforcements.”

“The previous fleet of the Izumo Empire gradually fell into a disadvantage while facing us. It wouldn’t have taken us long before defeating it.”

“Unexpectedly, their reinforcement arrived at such a juncture. Although they hadn’t attacked yet, we can already tell that we’re not their opponents, so our only option was to request reinforcements.”

“However, with your help, my lord, there shouldn’t be any problem.”

Hearing this, Fang Yun nodded and said,

“If this is the case, act according to your plan. This time, it’s still the same as before. I will watch the war here. I won’t take action under normal circumstances. I will only act if you fall into fatal danger.”

“If there is no world master-level powerhouse, I don’t dare to ask you to take action, my lord.”

Luo Feng said with a straight expression, causing Fang Yun to be quite surprised. What is Luo Feng exactly implying? Is he implying that he is confident to face anyone under the world master level?

He carefully looked at Luo Feng, then was quite surprised by the advancement in his cultivation. He has reached the mid domain master-level. Moreover, his cultivation base is quite solid. Considering his superb combat power, he does indeed have the qualification to fight against anyone in the domain master level.

“Well, with your cultivation level and combat power, you’re indeed capable of fighting against anyone in the domain master level.”

After exchanging a few words with Fang Yun, Luo Feng returned to his command post. The military forces that Fang Yun brought with him had greatly increased the combat power of their fleet.

He also knows that Fang Yun will indeed just watch if there are no special circumstances. He is their guarantee and last trump card.

As Fang Yun rested in his residence, the group of people he brought over quickly integrated into Luo Feng’s fleet.

Because many of the officers and soldiers in Luo Feng’s fleet had graduated from the two training camps, everyone gets along very well as juniors and predecessors.

Even if the company they belong to is different, people that graduated from the camp often visit these recruits and ask them about the current situation of the training camp, and at the same time, teach them their experience in the military and war.

During these days, Fang Yun has been paying attention to the enemy fleet. According to their investigation, the new fleet is about several times bigger than the previous fleet that guarded this area.

“I wonder, what’s the highest powerhouse level in that fleet?”

Fang Yun was a bit interested. Due to the immense size of the fleet and its advancement, its commander must be a great figure, one of their top cultivators.

Even if it’s not their country leader, it’s those that have reached the apex of the domain master level. Only they can command such a large and powerful fleet.

“It seems that even if there are no world master-level beings in this fleet, a peak domain master-level master will definitely appear.”

Fang Yun muttered to himself as he looked at the image of the fleet.

Previously, Luo Feng patted his chest and confidently said that apart from the appearance of a world master level powerhouse, Fang Yun doesn’t need to take action, but it seems that the situation is more tricky than he previously imagined.

In his view, there’s at least a peak domain master in this fleet, possibly two or more.

If there are two of them, one could entangle the strongest in the fleet, that is Luo Feng, and the other could sweep across the fleet.

Without an opponent of a similar or higher level, it’s almost impossible to stop a powerhouse of that level.

When the time comes, countless people and ships in their fleet will be killed and destroyed. Fang Yun naturally can’t accept such a thing.

Matching these younglings with a powerhouse that is way beyond their level isn’t tempering them anymore. It’s just killing them.

Fang Yun ordered his subordinates to closely watch the Izumo Empire’s fleet, guarding against any possible move.

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