Tales of Harem: A Foursome! Fivesome! Sixsome! With Fantasy Girls!

Volume 1, Chapter 5 - Clear the Monster Forest! Sixsome Orgy!
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Volume 1, Chapter 5 - Clear the Monster Forest! Sixsome Orgy!

A robed figure with the hood pulled down over their eyes appeared through the fog.

Their feet were not visible thanks to the haze, but they were very short. The twisted wooden staff they held was taller.


They certainly looked the part, but they responded by holding the staff out in front of Naoki’s nose.


They pulled back the hood and silky ash gray hair spilled out.

The hair was cut at shoulder length and the bangs were braided down on just one side. She had small facial features with eyes widened in a challenging way. She had a pretty face and a close look showed the chest of the robe was pushed out a little bit. Her eyes were the same gray as her hair and she stared at him with a somehow intellectual look.

“Wait, a kid!?”

Despite a composed atmosphere that gave her an adult look, she was clearly a girl still going through puberty.

She had the atmosphere of a precocious class rep. The mage-like robe and staff looked like a school arts festival costume.

But this was not Naoki’s world. If she was not a mage, she had to be something similar.

While he stared wide-eyed, the girl poked at his forehead with her staff and gave a snort.

“I am Ina, the witch of this forest. Do not mistake me for a mere mage.”

Why? He was not sure what the difference was. But he had bigger issues at the moment.

“What did you do with Filia and the others!?”

Only now did his brain start to kick in and he managed to ask the crucial question.

The witch – Ina – scoffed.

“Wrong again. I didn’t do anything to them. I simply brought you to me.”


“Welcome, Hero, to my hideout.” She hit her staff against the ground and the “tap!” cleared away all the white haze obscuring their surroundings.

“This fog is a secret spell of the forest. It can carry away anyone it envelops.”

Surprisingly, he was not in the tent he had been in not long before. He was inside a home.

But not a normal home. A table, chairs, desk, and other furniture were crammed inside the hollow of a giant tree and vines crawled all along the inner walls. It did look a lot like a forest witch’s hideout.

Also, Naoki and Ina were the only two there.

“Wh-what is going on!?”

“You want to know? Hee hee. Here’s your answer.”

With another “tap!” of the staff, vines extended from all around to bind him.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey!”

He struggled the best he could, but the vines that tangled around his arms and legs would not break or loosen. Ina showed no sign of concern as she calmly poured herself a cup of tea from the teapot on the table.

“Getting to you was not easy. First the ogres in the cave were defeated with ease and then the landslide barely slowed you down at all.”


Had she sent those monsters in to attack!? And had she caused the landslide too!?

“But you saved me a lot more trouble by blindfolding everyone in that tent. I managed to fill the tent with two days’ worth of magic fog without anyone noticing.”

“Hey, let go of me!”

She ignored him while enjoying her teatime.

“Ahh, wonderful. A cup of herb tea after achieving your goal really is special.”

“Your goal? Wh-what are you going to do with me!?”

“Isn’t that obvious? Take the Hero’s power.” She set the emptied teacup back on the table and smiled sweetly. “I will be taking your semen.”

That word did not seem to match her intellectual and earnest atmosphere.

(My semen? Oh, I get it now. But that might give me a chance!)

He had thought he was screwed, but his experience told him his semen had an arousing effect on women. If he could get her to have sex with him, he could probably free himself from these bonds.

(And maybe it’s beside the point, but she’s pretty cute!)

Was it time for a fantastical night with a little witch!?

He looked back down at the slight bulging at her chest. Or did it only look “slight” because her robe was so loose and they would be a lot more impressive when she removed it?

He had calmed himself enough to give her a confident smile.

“Well, if that’s all you want, I’d be glad to help out. So what will it be first? A handjob? Or maybe a blowjob? Or do you want to skip straight to the main event?”

“You seem to have the wrong idea about this.”

“Eh? Whoa!?”

Something felt wrong, so he looked down to find he was gradually petrifying, starting from the feet!

“Ohhhhhhhh! W-w-w-wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, why!?”

“I’m not the one that needs your semen. They are.”

She pulled a planter off a shelf. It contained an orderly row of small pots, each with a beautiful white Fus flower growing inside.

“Monsters have recently been making a mess of this beautiful forest and I wasn’t sure what to do about it, but this will solve all of that. The Hero’s semen should boost the flowers’ monster-repelling power, don’t you think?”


Was that really possible? Well, this was not the world he knew, so if someone here said it was possible, it probably was.

“W-wait! If my dick turns to stone too, I can’t ejaculate!”

“Not to worry,” bluntly stated Ina. “I will leave just the necessary internal parts unpetrified.”

The petrification had already worked up to his knees.

The vine wrapped around his wrist moved, sending its tip toward his butt.


It slipped into his butt and started stimulating his prostate.

“This way you can ejaculate even with the exterior turned to stone, right? Hee hee.”

“What!? W-wait! Help me!”

This was not how he wanted his harem life to end.

“O-oh, I know. You don’t have to do this! If we defeat the Demon Lord, all the monsters will go away too!”

“The Demon Lord? I don’t care about that. I just want my peaceful forest back.”


He did his best to escape his bonds.

(Damn, I need to do something or- hm!?)

The petrification was already up to his navel, but he realized it had not affected his dick.

(I get it! She wants to petrify it when it’s erect, so she has to wait!)

This was his only chance. Resist! If he could keep from getting hard, he might be spared this less pleasant form of “getting hard”.



Pathetically enough, the prostate massage from the tentacle was too much for him and his penis was (figuratively) rock-hard in no time. For once, he cursed his endless ability to get hard.

“You’re all ready now.”

She smiled in satisfaction and the petrification of his dick finally began.

First, the balls solidified.

(No, no, no! D-dammit…I-I only have one chance left!)

The vine reaching for his ass had fortunately loosened its grip on the one wrist.

He forcibly pulled and managed to get that hand to his crotch.


The petrification was spreading to his upper body as well, so it was only a matter of time before it moved from his shoulders to his arms and even his head. He had one task to complete before that happened.


“If I’m gonna die here…then I’m getting in one last fap!”

He had to masturbate!

“Ohhhhhh!” he roared. “Ohohhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“You are as horny as the legends said, Hero. Of course, I already knew that. The birds, insects, fish, and other forest creatures are my eyes and ears, so I have been watching you.”

She gave him a cold look as he desperately stroked his cock.

“I really do not understand how you can get so worked up over something as silly as mating! I’m sure you’re trying to ejaculate to make yourself flaccid again, but it is no use. No use at all. You won’t make it in time.”

She turned her back and began searching through the shelves.

“Now, I need to get ready. I’ll need a container to store what I extract from you. I had a jar over here, didn’t I?”

“M-my masturbation will never lose to your petrification!”

But he could barely feel the friction on his dick now. At this rate, it really would petrify before he could ejaculate. And then he would be no more than a milk boy providing her semen on demand.

Then again, endless ejaculation may have been the ultimate form of a masturbator.

(No! That isn’t the goal I set for myself! My ejaculation needs to be more-)

He could no longer move his hand, so the stroking had to end.

But he did not give up.

He thought back to all the sex he had experienced since being summoned to this world.

Ina had called it “mating”, but his sex with those girls had been more than that. It had been so much filthier and hotter. It had made his heart dance with joy.

(That’s the true form of my…of the Hero’s ejaculation! Everyone, lend me your strength! Filia, Tianne, Llusse, Mila!)

He imagined that beautiful crimson ponytail falling down a naked back and those arms that held him so tight.

He imagined those giant tits sticking out of a half-removed nun’s habit and those eyelashes trembling in embarrassment.

He imagined that smug face flushed with arousal as that elf body straddled him and sank down onto his crotch.

He imagined the ticklish fur of that tail that wagged side to side in unhidden pleasure.

(And Natalia too!)

He imagined that blonde hair and those kind eyes that welcomed him to partake in that body.

I won’t forget any of you! Even if I’m turned to stone, I’ll always remember you in my heart!


His final semen erupted out while he pictured all of their sexy bodies in his mind. However…

“Now, then.”

After pulling a jar from the back of the shelf, Ina turned around to find the Hero was now a statue.

His crotch was frozen in its fully erect state.

He had not finished in time. In fact, he had left himself in the perfect state for her goal.

There was some sperm dripping stickily down from his shaft. That substance was sure to bring eternal peace to her forest.

“Finally…I finally have it.”

She had cut off all connections to a worldly life and lived alone in the forest, so the trees and animals were her family. The monsters threatened that precious family and they defied the rules of nature.

She had seen the scars where tree bark had been stripped away by their ruthless claws. She had seen the mutilated corpses of birds and other small animals.

There were too many of them for her to deal with on her own. It had pained her so much that she had worked up this plan to capture the Hero as a last resort.

A long time had passed, but the Hero had finally appeared. But to her chagrin, he had slipped from her grasp at the last second. To her humiliation, he had easily bypassed her attempt to prevent his journey. But she had suppressed her impatience and waited for an opportunity to strike.

All of her efforts had now paid off.

“Now I can bring peace and quiet back to my forest.”

She poured another cup of tea and took a sip from the teacup.

“Hee hee. A cup of herb tea after achieving your goal really is special.”

But as soon as she swallowed that sip, her heart pounded hard in her chest.


Her pulse raced faster and faster.

Heat rose from the bottom of her stomach and a tingle ran up her spine.


Her eyes were drawn toward petrified Naoki’s crotch. Toward the penis held in his stony hand.

Once her eyes landed on it, she could not look away. The teacup fell to the floor and spilled its contents.

“Why? Ugh, uhhh.”

She found herself kneeling in front of him.

She wanted it. Wanted what? What did she want to do with that thing in front of her?

“Ah…kh, this is…n-no more than a reproductive organ.”

Why did she feel so drawn to it? She wanted to rub her cheek against it and feel it on her skin.

The vine inside his butt was still stimulating his prostate and that caused the milky fluid to shoot from the petrified shaft, splattering all over her face. The longing inside her only grew as a result.


The parts of her face with semen on them felt blazing hot.

Then there was the smell. One sniff was enough to send a tremor through her body.

She wiped the fluid from her face with a finger…and stuck that finger in her mouth without meaning to.

The finger pushed through her lips and rubbed the stickiness onto her tongue.

“Why am I-? No way…ah…hhh…i-it tastes…good?”

She felt an inexplicable sense of fulfilment as a sweet flavor melted through her mouth.

But it was joined by a great hunger and thirst.

(More! I want more! I want as much as I can get!)

She sucked directly at the stone cock. The time until the next ejaculation felt like torture.


When the next eruption surged out into her mouth, she swallowed it all.

Semen filled her small mouth to the limit and ecstasy dulled her mind. Her hips threatened to give out and she tried to prop herself up on her staff, but it slipped away and clattered to the floor…leaving her clinging to his petrified lower body.


She was filled with an emotion she had never before experienced. She wanted the warmth of flesh. She wanted a throbbing, living cock in her mouth that she could make ejaculate herself. But why did she feel that way?

“N-no, all my effort…will be wasted. Ahh, I’ll be throwing out…the peace of the forest.”

She fought it, but she could not resist the temptation. Her mind continued fighting, but her body moved on its own.

Like a puppet controlled by its strings, she picked up her staff and struck the floor. That removed the petrification.

Naoki returned to normal starting from the head, taking the opposite course of the petrification.

“You underestimated my masturbation, didn’t you?”

He had not been jerking off to make himself flaccid.

His tireless days of training had brought him closer and closer to a 1.5m semen flight distance. (The world record was 1.62m.)

And with the help of the girls he had slept with since being summoned to this world, he had broken his own record to send the Hero’s power to Ina’s teacup sitting on the table.

(Th-thank goodness! But man, is this a scary power. Am I invincible against girls!?)

Ina took his dick into her mouth again even though it was still stone at this point. It turned back to flesh inside that warmth and it grew bigger again once life returned to it.

“Ngh…ahh…wh-why do I…want this in my mouth? Nh, nhh.”

Even as she asked that, her small lips ran along the shaft. She could not stop herself.

She experienced the heat, hardness, and manliness of male flesh for the first time. She hesitantly kissed it, pulled away, and then moved back in to see how it felt between her lips.

A loving element eventually entered her oral technique.

Her lips were not enough for her, so she stuck out her tongue and lovingly licked up along its length.

Licking it made the tingling in her body all the more powerful. Her entire body felt intoxicated while her fixation on the penis grew.

“Kh…this act…is entirely meaningless!”

Her awkward and hesitant sucking and licking were not enough to make him ejaculate, but there was still something unbearably great about it. It teased him in the most wonderful way.

“Hey, Ina. Don’t call this meaningless. Don’t just call it mating.” He stroked her gray hair while she sucked his dick. “Don’t say you only care about bringing peace to this forest. Even if I’m not one to talk about seeking world peace.”

He thought back on how he had spent all his time masturbating without focusing on anything else back in his world.

Back then, he really had thought it did not matter what anyone else thought about him.

But the people he had met in this world had brought a sense of fulfilment to his heart. He had only spent a few days here, but he felt like he had grown as a person each time he had sex.

“I’m not talking about doing things for the greater good.”

How was he supposed to express this feeling?

“I’m saying…sex is super cool!”


(M-my vocabulary sucks!)

He had hoped to say something profound, but this was just another reason he was not cut out to be a hero.

“S-super cool? What’s so great about licking this thing…ugh, or having it licked?” bitterly asked Ina even as she continued the blowjob.

“Um, well…oh, I know! I don’t think I could possibly dislike you when you’re licking me like this. Sex has the power to change people’s feelings like that!”

“Th-that’s not true! It can’t make me like anyone! I’ll always be alone.”

(Gh…is that so?)

They had both lived lonely lives, but their values were so very different. She loved her forest while he had loved masturbation. Of course they could not see eye to eye.

“Fine! It doesn’t matter how you feel about me! But I like you. That much is true! And if we have more sex together, I’ll like you even more!”

“Wh-what does that…”

She trailed off because she was unsure how to respond to this.

He could not find anything else to say to convince her. Nothing he had said before was all that logical anyway.

He tried to figure out something he could say to convince her and then it hit him.

(I wasn’t taught this with words either!)

“Come here! You can do it how you want to!”

“H-how I…want to?”

“Yeah, I said I couldn’t possibly dislike you now, remember?”

He put on the manliest look he could manage.

She still looked skeptical, but she waved her staff to loosen the vines holding him up. He was still bound, but this let him lie down on the floor.

Then she straddled him while he lay there unable to move.

But she did not seem to know what to do next. Or maybe she was unsure if she really wanted to put his giant erection inside her.


But her desire ultimately won out and she began rubbing her crotch against the hard thing standing up from his crotch.

She lifted the hem of her robe to rub her panties along it. The crotch was already soaked with love juices, so it felt little different from being rubbed with soaked labia.

“Pant…ahhh…pant, pant?”

She breathed heavily while letting her hips move back and forth.

She let them move, but she did not do anything more. She could not. He could tell she actually wanted more from how she wrinkled her brow with her eyebrows rising and falling.

He also wanted to move but could not. He wanted to stick his raging erection where it belonged and thrust like crazy.

“I-Ina…at least kiss me too.”

“Kiss you?”

“Yes, let’s kiss!”

“Why? Contact between the reproductive organs is sufficient for mating.”

“It isn’t! Think of it as proving me wrong if you must, but just try it! I swear you’ll see what I mean!”

“I-is that part of letting me do what I want?”

“It is.”

Hearing that, she hesitated for a bit and then slowly leaned forward while straddling him.

She shut her eyes and gathered her courage.

(She’s so cute. And she really does have a decent chest!)

She was still growing compared to Filia and the others, but he could feel a decent firmness in her breasts through the robe. They were not large enough to create a cleavage, but he could feel two distinct mounds there.

(I want to touch them directly. But not yet. I need to resist a while longer so she learns she wants to do this.)

He waited for her lips to move closer before offering his lips to her.

Their saliva mixed together, popped, and flew through the air. She was initially fearful of how their mouths seemed to melt together, but she finally used her tongue to search for what came next.


He let her tongue part his lips so she could lick at his mouth all she wanted. She licked at his teeth, the inside of his lips, and both sides of his tongue.

Her small tongue, hot saliva, and sweet breaths tickled him or crawled around in his mouth. The forest witch’s hips resumed their greedy movement.

“Ahh…ahn…hh, hhhh…my body feels…even hotter now.”

Her small body stretched out and shrank down again atop him to create friction between labia and penis. He could feel her smaller breasts through her robe and even the small indentation of her navel as her stomach rubbed against him.

The more she rubbed her crotch and body against him, the sweeter and more melted her voice grew, but the look on her face made it clear she was keeping herself from writhing in pleasure.

“Can I use my hands? I want to touch you too.”

He waited until she had finished her sticky kissing and removed her mouth before asking that.

She nonverbally answered by removing the vines binding him.

He first reached for her breasts through her clothing.


The surprising strength and unexpected pleasure of his groping hands caused her to pull her chin back, but she did not have him stop. Her face flushed red as she accepted the movement of his fingers.

“Wh-what a strange…feeling…nh, nhhh?”

“You like it when I do this, don’t you?”

She looked back at him with damp eyes and silently nodded.

“I like it too. Just feeling your boobs makes me so happy.”

He tugged on her robe so the shape of her erect nipples showed through. Then he cupped the full mounds in his hands and enjoyed them even more.

“Ah…ahh…wh-when you do that…th-the throbbing spreads through my entire body…ahhh!”

She finally started to writhe in pleasure atop him and he finally slipped his hands in toward her bare skin. Her breasts still had a lot of growing to do, but that made it easier to reach them all at once while massaging them.

He applied pressure as if squashing the soft flesh down against the chest behind them.

That forced a sweet cry from deep within her narrow throat.

“Ahh…ahhhhhh! Th-that’s…ahn?”

This time he sealed her lips, stuck his tongue inside, and moved it boldly through her mouth.

“You suck at me like this too, Ina.”


She just let him do whatever he wanted now. She sucked at his tongue like he asked, let him tease her nipples, clung to him, and moved her hips to receive an endless supply of pleasure.

Having lost herself to the pleasure, she pulled up her robe as if stripping away the last shreds of her rational mind. That revealed her lower body before his eyes.

He ran his tongue along her bright thighs and then removed her simple panties.

Her hairless mons pubis was finally exposed. A vertical line ran down her smooth lower stomach. The labia were pressed so tightly together he could guess no one had ever spread them wide for her.

That childish slit was sliding along his shaft.

“Is rubbing all you want to do? Don’t you want to put it in?”

“I-I am not…interested in m-mating.”

She still opposed the idea, but it was not very convincing when she did not stop her hips.

“Fine, then let’s do it like this.”

He took one of the vines from the floor, tied her hands behind her back with it, and then lifted her up.

“Wh-what are you doing!?”

From behind, he lifted one of her legs up high, which spread her young pussy wide, revealing the fresh pink within. Sticky love juices created strings at her lewd vaginal entrance.

“Then don’t think of it as mating. I’m just supplying you with semen, that’s all. I’ll give you a lot, so you can make your new flowers with it!”

He searched out the right angle to stick his dick into her slit.

First, he rubbed the tip of the head against her hot and wet secret entrance.

When he parted her small and thin flesh to poke at the shallow part of her vagina, the inside accepted him with a sticky cry of pleasure.

But as he had expected from the small size of her body, the entrance was tight.

With the exception of Natalia, he had taken the virginities of everyone he had had sex with in this world, but their bodies had been fully developed. Not so for Ina.

If she were not so thoroughly wet, he doubted he could have gotten it inside her.

The tip of his dick pushed its way through the barrier – past the entrance of her vagina.

Her eyes bulged at this first sensation of penetration.


“Man, you really are tight. I’m not trying to hurt you, so bear with it for a bit.”

He clearly felt the thin barrier physically keeping him from going further.

He slowly, slowly gathered strength to knock on that door of her virginity.

That was easier than it might have been since the vine binding her arms was attached to the ceiling. Her body shook back and forth like a pendulum.

“Ahh? Nhh?”

Her hymen gradually bent and then broke.

“Almost there. I’ll take your first time!”

He lowered his hips to gather strength for his own upward thrust.

“Ahh…ahhh! So…so deep!”

She cried out when it felt like the thing inside her was pounding on the inside of her navel.

The impact brought more than just pain – she also felt intense pleasure.

“Oh…ohh…nh…it’s…so big…”

Red blood dripped from her wide-spread crotch.

The cock inside her felt as hot as the summer sunshine and several times larger than when it had been in her mouth.

After pulling back again, the giant flesh spear thrust up toward the center of her body.


She arched her back and green vines rushed in from every direction to wrap around her.

“Whoa…what!? Are they reacting to your pleasure?”

“M-my spell for controlling them is running wild…ahhh, no…”

One wriggling vine entered her mouth like a gag, preventing her from speaking. But her body trembled with pleasure even as they bound her tight. No, she trembled with even more pleasure as they did that.

“Oh, I get it. You get off on bondage, don’t you!?”

He thought back to the blindfolded sex they had tried out at the campsite.

A perceived loss of control could actually be arousing and that seemed to be the case with her.

The vines must have reacted to that subconscious desire inside her.

“Ina! You’re enjoying this, aren’t you? It’s turning you on, isn’t it? Accept it and enjoy it!”

The penetrating penis caused her bound body to sway while her arousal continued to grow.

“Because I’m enjoying this too.”

His erection was even harder and thicker than before as it pumped in and out of her tight vagina.

He used a grinding motion from below to thrust deeper and deeper.

“Ahhh…hh, nhhh! Wait, ahh, wait…ahhhn! Wh-why does it feel so good…wh-when this is…such a meaningless act!?”

“It isn’t meaningless!”

Bringing two bodies together physically would also bring their hearts together spiritually.

While joined with her like this, he felt like he could understand her loneliness. She lived all alone in this forest, never relying on anyone else and treating it like her own holy ground.

That was just like how he had spent all his time masturbating no matter what anyone else thought about him.

This girl who had said she did not care about world peace or the Demon Lord was just like him. He was sure of it.

If he had not been summoned to this world, he would have remained like that without ever learning anything new.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! I’ll teach you the truth, Ina!” he roared. “I’ll cum inside you! I’ll fill your womb with the Hero’s semen! Then you’ll realize the truth! You won’t be able to say the world doesn’t matter! And you won’t be alone anymore!”

“Ahh…ahhhh? I-incredible…your penis is going wild inside me?”

He stirred her up inside, making her small body hop around. Her magic continued going berserk, so the vines still squeezed all over her body.

“Ahh, I-I feel…hh…ahh…a-a weird feeling…rise…rising inside me…ah, ah, ah, ah…here it comes…ahhhhn? It’s…it’s so…!”

“Are you about to cum? Okay, then let’s cum together!”

He thrust harder to bring her to climax. He held her one leg in one hand and used his other hand to rub the pearl of her virgin clitoris to pour his love inside her.

“Ahh! M-my mind…hyah, hyahhh…is going blank…I-I love it…ahh, I love it so much…I can barely think…nh! Ah, ah, ahhh, ahn! Hh.”

“I love this too! So cum! Climax while the Hero’s semen fills you up, Ina!”

“Ahh…ahhhhhhhhhh…I-I can feel it! You were right! I love this…I love this…and I love you! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?”

When he ejaculated directly on her cervix while he skewered deep inside her, she was swallowed up by the first great wave of pleasure in her life and was swept away to the depths of pleasure only reached by someone who had experienced love.

“Over there!”

Mila pointed to an enormous tree while leading the party.

The tree had enough of a presence to feel divine.

The trunk was thick enough that it would take several children holding hands to reach all the way around and the roots bulging up from the ground were as tall as an adult.

A door was built between two of those roots, so someone must have used it as a home.

“Let’s go! We don’t have a moment to lose!”

Llusse nocked another arrow to her bow and Filia swung her sword to get the monster blood off of it.

“We must rescue the Hero as soon as possible.”

“Please be careful,” warned Tianne while holding aloft her staff to sweep away the darkness with a phosphorescent glow.

“His scent is coming from in there…and I hear noises. Wait, this is…?”

Mila’s ears and nose twitched as she focused on them.

It was lucky Naoki had been taken away immediately after filling her with plenty of semen.

Her sense of smell was greatly improved and she had detected his scent far away from their camp and deep within the forest.

They had the Hero’s power to thank for making this trek so quickly when it normally would have taken them half a day. They had easily repelled the monsters that attacked along the way.

But the rest would not be so easy.

They had no idea who this was, but Tianne could not blow them away with her magic if they had taken the Hero hostage.


The swordswoman cautiously approached the door and silently signaled her party members with her eyes.

Mila moved behind her to protect her, Tianne crouched low to provide healing and support, and Llusse stepped back to keep an eye on the forest behind them. Once they were all in place, Filia got started.

She kicked open the door.

“Hero! Are you okay!?”

The four of them poured into the tree home to find…

“Ahhhn! Nh, I l-love your penis…I want more?”

“There’s still so much I can teach you about sex! How do you like this and this and this!”

A naked girl was tangled in vines and suspended from the ceiling with her legs spread wide. Naoki was lifting up her adorably small body and thrusting up into her while on his feet.


Filia blinked in confusion and Tianne gasped.

“Hero…a-are you okay?”

“Ugh…I knew it.”

Mila alone had sensed this in advance with her boosted senses, but she had not known how to tell the others. She looked incredibly awkward.

It was Llusse who broke the frozen silence.

“Wh-what the hell are you doing!?”

“Oh, you’re all okay!? Thank goodness!”

“What is wrong with you!? Do you have any idea how worried we were!?”

“H-hey, this was a real ordeal for me.”

“An ordeal!? For you!?”

The elf was having none of this and she stomped over toward him like she was going to grab at him.

But then the tentacle vines wrapped around her body.

“Kyahhhh! What is this!?”

Ina’s powers had been boosted by Naoki’s semen.

Thanks to that, the vines moved too fast for even Llusse’s speed and reflexes to evade. The four-girl rescue team was captured in no time.

“N-no good. I can’t break free. Th-they’re so powerful.”


Not even Mila could break the sturdy vines and Filia could not wield her sword. Tianne tried to recite a spell, but…

“Hyah! W-wait!”

A wriggling tentacle crawled inside her habit and rubbed at a sensitive location to stop the incantation.

“These guard vines will automatically capture any uninvited guests. How dare you interrupt my fun.”

The forest witch undid her own bondage, set foot on the floor once more, and burned with anger toward the four girls.

“W-wait, Ina!” Naoki quickly moved to stop her. “You said you were watching us, so you should know these are my party members. They’re here to save me, that’s all. Since you’re not our enemy anymore, how about we all get along!?”

“If you say so, Hero?”

She turned back toward him with a smile. That was a hell of a change from her previous behavior.

“She…isn’t our enemy?” asked Filia while still bound by the vines.

“It’s kind of a long story.”

“Is that so?”

“That’s good to hear.”

Mila and Tianne both looked relieved.

Llusse, on the other hand, was furious.

“Then remove these vines already! How long are you going to keep us bound like this!?”

“Yeah, th-that’s a good point! Ina, let them- wait, hold on.”

Naoki changed his mind midsentence and whispered something in Ina’s ear.

“I said hurry it- ahhhn!”

The vines wrapped around Llusse’s torso wriggled around to squeeze at her breasts.

“Ahn…wh-what do you think you’re doing…khh?”

The tentacles slipped below her clothing and teased her nipples until she started moaning.

She struggled and twisted in the vines’ grasp and Naoki moved in front of her to leer.

“Why the rush? We’re all safe and sound. We never got to finish in the tent, so why not get Ina’s help there?”

“I feel so bad for the trouble I caused all of you. I’ll make it up to you by teaching you the wonderful kind of sex the Hero taught me.”

“Huh!? What are you- ah, ahhhhhn?”

The vines squeezed even tighter at Llusse’s nipples below her clothing.

Then the tentacles binding the other three also began their own indecent movements.

“Ahhhh? Th-they’re stripping off my clothes!”

“Ahhn? H-how do they know how to move like this?”

“Nh…ah, ahh…that’s my-?”

The vines captured Tianne’s legs, slipped into her underwear, parted her labia, crawled on back toward her butt, and rubbed at her clitoris while she screamed with pleasure.

Mila and Filia were bound back to back and the vines moving along the top and bottom of their tits caused those enormous melons to squish and distort in lewd ways.

“Isn’t it so much more arousing when you’re bound and can’t move?”


Ina answered for the other four.

“D-don’t be stupid! Th-this isn’t remotely- ah, ahh?”

Llusse tried to claim otherwise, but she was cut off by the vine stimulation.

Naoki got to work on stripping off their clothes.

“Wait…s-stop that! Ahhn?”

He realized Llusse had always taken off her own clothes. Her pride probably refused to let her have a man strip her, so he wanted to see what happened when he did it anyway.

“God, you look so hot right now.”

He confidently slid his hands below her clothes and enjoyed the smoothness of her skin and firmness of her flesh.

Little by little, he slid up her tunic, baring her breasts from the bottom.

“Kh…don’t think I’ll forget about this.”

Her face was red with anger and embarrassment, but there was nothing she could do about it.

The tentacles skillfully lifted the elf’s sexy thighs with her panties pulled down, so all the embarrassing parts on her crotch were visible. He kissed her there.

“Ah? Ahhhn?”

“Look, you’re already wet. You like being stripped better, don’t you?”

“No…th-that can’t be…true.”

She looked the other way so he would not notice the longing look she was giving his cock, but he had already noticed.

“You don’t need to lie about what you want.”

He shoved his dick inside her.

Her elf pussy was wetter than ever before and squeezed him tight.


A vine wrapped around the one leg that’s toes still just barely reached the floor. She was now fully suspended by the vines with her legs spread wide while he thrust up into her.

He used the springiness of the harness supporting her to pound her even harder.

Each thrust created such a sweetly powerful blow that she thought her womb was going to turn inside out, so her powerful pride quickly fell apart.

“Th-that’s not fair! Ahn? Ahhn? Ahhhhn? Ahhh?”

She came again with each thrust, splattering climax juices all over the floor.

While experiencing a series of mini-climaxes, her body swayed back and forth like a pendulum until he held her tight and kissed her.

He sucked at her tongue while she held him tight too. Then he made one final thrust!

“Ahhhhn! Ahhh? I’m…I’m cumming! Ahhn, ahhhhhhn! Your rock-hard cock is hitting me…s-so deep inside!”

Once his flesh cannon reached the deepest part of her inner flesh, it fired several milky blasts.

“Ahhh! I’ll get back at you for this…ahhhn! So I hope you’re ready?”

She screamed, passed out, and went limp, so he left her in the vines and turned around to find the tentacles had already pulled the other three’s clothing away from the important bits.

The result was hottest for Tianne.

The blouse of her pure habit had been opened and the tits sticking out were wrapped tightly in vines, distorting their shape. Her garter belts were torn and her panties pulled down enough for her enormous ass to stick out. And the lewdly-dressed and tentacle-bound nun was kneeling in front of him with her hands folded as if in prayer.

“Will you clean me up?”

When he stuck his dick out in front of her, she did not hesitate to lean forward and take its full length into her mouth.

He enjoyed the horny blowjob while removing her clothing one piece at a time.

Filia and Mila were carried to his sides while suspended by the vines with their legs spread wide.

“H-Hero…being forced into this pose is…e-embarrassing.”

“I-I can’t move. I really can’t move.”

“You’re both so damn hot. I love it.”

He removed the swordswoman’s bikini top and pulled down the dog girl’s skirt.

When he stuck fingers in their mouths while Tianne continued to suck his dick, Filia and Mila began to lovingly fellate his fingers.

Their mouths were the only thing they could move freely, so their oral love naturally grew passionate.


“I-it feels like …you’re fucking my mouth?”

“Slurp…slurrrp…are you enjoying this too, Hero?”

(Khh…this is so good!)

“H-Hero, let me join in too,” said Ina while watching him enjoy his time with his party members.

“Good point. We can all have fun together.” He circled behind the forest witch and picked up her small body. “Ina, can you move their vines to match what I’m doing to you?”

“I can…ahh…ahhn?”

“Good, then let’s do this!”

He rubbed at her small breasts and the vine tentacles crawled along Llusse, Mila, Tianne, and Filia’s naked bodies in the same way.

“Ah…ahhh…they’re so lewd…just like the H-Hero does it.”

“Ahh…there too??”

When he teased Ina’s nipples, the vines teased the others’ nipples. When he rubbed her clitoris, the vines did the same. Every sexual movement he made on Ina was transferred to the others as well.

“I’m putting it in, Ina!”


Sweet moans filled the hideout while his penis once more entered that young pussy.

“Ahh, ahh, Hero…ahhhn, y-you’re being so rough…ahhh, and it feels so much better than before…ahh? Ahhhn?”

Since she was having the tentacles repeat his movements for the other four girls, Ina herself felt like she was having those things done to her multiple times over.

“What do you think, Ina? This is sex! It makes you like your partner more and more, doesn’t it? It makes you want it more and more, doesn’t it? It makes you want to be one with them, doesn’t it!?”

“Y-yes! It does…it really does…ah, ahhh? Hero…please release more of your hot stuff inside me!”

“You got it! I’ll cum so much your pussy overflows!”

He penetrated that young flesh and worked his way toward climax along with his beloved party members.

After enjoying that bondage sex for a while, Naoki explained Ina’s situation to the others.

“So can you help us make those new flowers for her tonight?”

His semen was the only thing they really needed for that, so he was asking them to make him ejaculate in various ways.

Really, he was only asking them to have a ton of sex like they always did.

“It would be useful to keep monsters away from this forest.”

“And I can’t say no to you, Hero.”

Filia and Tianne agreed and Mila made no complaint.

Llusse, however, pouted her lips.

“How are you in any position to ask anything of us…after what you did to us?”

She was upset because she had come running to save him and been greeted with bondage.

(She can’t deny she enjoyed it, though.)

Then again, her current behavior may have been to hide her embarrassment over that enjoyment.

“Okay, I’m sorry! I’ll admit I got carried away.”

“Hm, well, since you apologized. But I get to choose the method.”

Llusse whispered something to Ina.

A vine wrapped around his head several times as a blindfold.


“Heh heh. You said you wanted to continue what we were doing in the tent, didn’t you? Well, it’s your turn.”

“Llusse is right. We need to repay you for all the pleasure you gave us!”


Vines wrapped around his hands to handcuff them behind his back.

“All five of us are going to fuck you, so I hope you’re ready.”

“You really hold a grudge, don’t you?”

“Shut up! But I look forward to seeing how long that confidence lasts.”

Several tongues began to attack him at once.

A tongue crawled along his lips, a tongue licked at his nape, a pair of lips kissed his cock, a tongue left a trail of saliva up his thigh and toward his crotch, a tongue teased his nipples, and a sweet breath reached his earlobe before a pair of lips captured it.

Arms held him, breasts pressed against him, and his legs were spread further and further while he was unable to move.


“Hee hee? You’re trembling, Hero?”

That was Filia’s voice. It came from his lower body. Was she the one licking his cock, or was she the one spreading his legs?

“Pant, pant…if only you could see yourself right now, Hero. You might just die of shame.”

“We can have our way with you, can’t we?”

“You did it to us, so now it’s our turn…nh…nhh? Nhhh?”

All the lewd touching was mixed with moans and heavy breathing. They were clearly aroused.

He had to imagine the scene in his head since he could not see it himself.

If he could see, he may have only been able to enjoy what his limited field of vision showed him, but with his vision blocked off, he managed to picture all five of them at once.

He also found he could not predict when or where their attacks would come. That made the stimulation so much more powerful.


He had been feeling someone sucking his penis head, but now it felt like something was grabbing it.

(Wh-what is this? This is different from when a hand holds it.)

The fingers were placed on the top like someone holding the top of a lever …except those were too short to be fingers.

“How do you like this, Hero?” asked Ina.

“Oh? Skillful little thing, aren’t you?” said Llusse.

(What is she doing to me!?)


It was a foot! Ina’s small foot was pressed against the bottom of his penis and stepping down on top of it!

(Ah…this is pretty great!)

He had never received a footjob before, but it was more humiliating than he had expected. The blindfold and bondage may have had something to do with that, but he had never felt such a wonderful mixture of humiliation and pleasure.

“My, my. Look at that cock throb below her foot. You really are a pervert?”

Llusse teased him to get back at him for the previous bondage sex.

“Oh, Hero. You’re so wonderfully cute?” said Tianne.

“Then…how about this?” asked Filia.

He felt warm tits squish against his upper body from the sides. Their sweaty skin pressed against him and rubbed up and down. It was like they were giving his entire body a titjob. More boobs began sliding along his back. Four more.

(Whoa, that’s all of them!)

Everyone except for Ina (who was still giving him a footjob) surrounded him to give him a full-body titjob.

It was bliss. Paradise!

“Ahh, I’m surrounded by soft boobs. It feels amazing.”

“Your penis is getting hotter and hotter?”

Ina held his dick between her first two toes and began stroking up and down.

It was covered in enough saliva for the movement to be nice and smooth. His penis throbbed with pleasure thanks to the unique stimulation different again from a handjob or blowjob.


“You sound pathetic.”

Llusse gave an exasperated insult, but he ignored that to enjoy the footjob.

Then the girls’ tongues began to gather around his throbbing cock, one after another.

They licked up and down its length and rained kisses down on it.

(Four of them kissing my dick in the middle of a footjob!? I-I’m the luckiest guy in the world!)

“Hero…it’s so big and manly.”

“I don’t think it’s ever been bigger.”

Was that Mila and Tianne? Then came Llusse’s triumphant comment.

“This really is turning you on, isn’t it? That’s the legendary Hero for you.”

(It feels so good I honestly don’t care what you say!)

“C-can I cum?”

The (blindfolded) legendary Hero barely got the question out. Letting all his semen out now would definitely be amazing.

But they would not let him.

“No, not yet. You wouldn’t want to let this end already, would you?”


“Let’s play a little game. Ina, help me out. This time, I was thinking we could…”

On Llusse’s instructions, his vine handcuffs were removed, but the vine blindfold remained.

He was laid out on the floor and he could hear them whispering about something.


All of a sudden, a vine wrapped tight around the base of his penis.

Then his dick was swallowed up by a hot pussy.

“W-wait, what are you doing?”

“Hee hee.”

“If you can guess who you’re inside right now, I will free your penis and let you cum!” announced Ina.

“Nhh! So whose is this…?”

He had no idea whose this was, but they were definitely trying to make him cum.

However, the semen had nowhere to go with the base of his shaft bound, so he the urge to ejaculate grew and grew with no release.

How was he supposed to figure out whose pussy this was while going through that!?

(This is…not easy.)

The wriggling of the sweet vaginal flesh was not the only thing tormenting him.

Another crotch sat down on his face and moved in a way that insisted he lick at the wet slit. He also felt tongues licking at his nipples, toes, and elsewhere.

The forest witch’s hideout was quickly filled with sexual noises.

“Nh, hh…hh…Hero?”

“You know who that is, don’t you?”

“You’ve been inside that pussy often enough you really should know.”


(Shit, when I focus on what my dick is feeling, the pleasure is so great I nearly cum.)

He had to calm himself first.

Then it hit him: he just had to use his head!

He would distract himself by reasoning through it. It was two birds with one stone.

(Based on the weight I feel on top of me…and the size of the butt, this isn’t Ina! And it isn’t Llusse either since she’s talking like normal. Ah, ahh…think, think! It’s Tianne, Mila…or Filia! I-if my odds are 1 in 3…)

The pussy cut off his happy odds calculation by squeezing even tighter.


Whoever it was suppressed their moans, preventing him from using her voice to figure it out.

“Is this…Filia!?”

He made a random guess and thrust up into her, but…


When the butt rose up, something hanging down from that butt tickled his stomach. It was Mila’s tail.

“Hero,” she said in disappointment.

“Nope, wrong. Do better next time. Speaking of which, it’s time?”


This time, someone lifted up his upper body, pressed against him, and lowered her honeypot onto his cock.

The pussy that accepted his full penis with ease was flooded with love juices.

(Wow, this is a horny pussy. A-and her body is soaked with sweat.)

That heated and sticky skin rubbed against him.

The penetration must not have been enough because the hot breaths moved closer in search of his lips.

Their saliva-covered tongues pressed together and those two loving pieces of flesh seemed to melt together. Meanwhile, he thrust up inside her again and again.

“Agh…h-how am I supposed to…think through it like this?”

He was swallowed up by the torrent of pleasure and it was only a matter of time before he drowned in it. But he managed to hold on for now and worked to figure out who this was.

(Sh-she’s kissing me. That’s a big hint. These bold tongue movements have to be…)

Her tongue was trying to lick at every last part of his mouth.

It was such a greedy movement, but she would also provoke him and seemingly mock him by poking at his tongue and then moving her tongue out of the way. If he resisted chasing after her tongue, she would lightly bite at his lower lip to demand he do it.

“That’s Llusse, isn’t it!?”

“Oh, Hero…”

Another disappointed voice.

(Ehh, Tianne!? Really!? I was so certain this time!)

“Ha, you fell for it? You get partial credit for guessing who was kissing you, though?”

Llusse’s delighted voice reached him from the side. That explained it! She had been kissing him while he was inside Tianne’s pussy.

“That’s cheating!”

But his protests died in the face of even more disappointed voices.

“You just got two wrong in a row.”

“Is it really that hard, Hero?”

The two he had failed to guess sounded frustrated and Ina asked a question of her own.

“Hero, what happened to everything you were bragging to me about?”

(O-oh, no. I’m losing their affection!)

He entered a third pussy.

This time it was in the missionary position. The others guided him in between the girl’s spread legs.

The boobs of whoever was pushing him forward from behind felt large against his back. That plus the kindness and care with which they assisted him told him that was either Mila or Tianne.

(They already did it anyway, so this is a 1/3 chance again.)

Only then did he realize the mistake he had made.

(No, wait! I can’t think this through rationally! I have to feel it with my body – with my dick!)

Wasn’t that what Ina had said?

He could not give up just because he felt like he would cum if he focused on it too much.

Quite the opposite. If he focused his entire mind on his dick, it would sharpen his senses!

(Isn’t that what I always did while jerking off!?)

He began madly thrusting into the vagina while on the verge of exploding.

He adjusted his angle to search out her weak point and felt the nectary flesh tremble and squeeze at him.

“This way it squeezes at the entrance and at my tip…is this Filia?”

“Nhh, ah, ah, ahhh? Y-yes, well done, Hero?”

“Yes! Bring on the next one!”

The pussy given to him in place of Filia was tighter and the rough inner flesh seemed to fight back against the penis penetrating it and making it melt.

“This bumpy stimulation across the full length…this one’s Llusse!”

“Oh, so you can do it. Nhh? Get it wrong next time and you’ll never hear the end of it?”

She responded with satisfaction.

He thrust his hips out to push the head against her deepest point.

When he pressed deep inside her for a long time, like two lovers kissing, several tremors ran through her legs and hips.

“Ohhhh, oh, oh, ahhn? W-wow? Ahh…ahhh!”

Right now, he felt like he could tell who it was based on the stickiness of their love juices alone.

After making Llusse cum, he pulled his penis out of her and attempted for a third right answer.

He lay on his back and had her get on top of him.

Based on the angle at which they lowered their hips, she must have been facing away from him.

This pussy was tight, but it accepted him deep inside.

And after accepting it, her hips were driven to move by unstoppable desire.

This pussy contained a mixture of innocence and great desire, so would it be…

(Tianne? Or Mila?)

No, don’t think! Feel!

He thrusted again and again and again!

“It gets tighter when she’s about to cum.”

Almost like she was afraid to climax. But when she did, she surrounded the cock with her entire pussy like she was submitting to it.

“This is Mila!”

“Ahh, ahhhn…well done, Hero. And we haven’t even done it that often.”

Correct! But even he was close to blowing his load at this point.

His erection was throbbing madly inside Mila.



If not for the vine, he would have gone off.

After being denied ejaculation, he began thrusting into Mila again.

“I’ve gotta learn exactly how this feels so I’ll never forget it.”

Mila also squeezed at his dick so her own reproductive organ could memorize its shape.


The movement of her pussy flesh expressed the pleasure she was feeling. She was reacting fare more than when they had sex at the camp.

(Oh, I get it. Sex feels even better when I face each of them individually!)

“Okay, there’s still two left. I can wait to cum until I’m done with that.”

“Hee hee. That’s more like it. You’re sounding just a bit heroic now. Now, there’s a pussy on top and one on bottom, but which one is Tianne and which one is Ina?”

Llusse had those two pussies stacked on top of each other in front of him.

“Keep your voices down, you two.”

He was not even thinking of trying to use their voices.

He thrusted into each pussy in turn: top, bottom, top, bottom.

Little by little, he thrust harder and deeper!

“Ahh…khh? Gh, ghhhhh…ohh, ohhh?”

“Ah, nhh, nhhh? Ahh, ahn, ahn, ahn?”

They could not help but moan out loud when he went at it that roughly.

But with the speed he was switching between them, he could not keep track of which was connected to which pussy.

Ina and Tianne’s moans blended together, so he could not use that to determine who he was currently inside. And he was surprised to find how difficult it was to tell them apart.

He had known Tianne’s pussy looked like a little girl’s, but he had not expected the inside to feel so similar to the pussy of a real little girl like Ina!

(Kh…b-but I won’t get it wrong again!)

“Ahhh? Ahh? Ahn? He…ro.”

“Oh…ohhh? Hh, nhhhh…wow, this is so good?”

“Tianne is on top…and Ina is on the bottom!”

He figured it out while they both were driven to climax.

The giveaway was their embarrassment. Tianne’s pussy moved hesitantly when she was feeling the pleasure. As a nun with a love of masturbation, she had learned to associate sexual pleasure with guilt and then learned to use that guilt to enjoy it all the more.

On the other hand, Ina had always seen sex as no more than mating and she had only been taught the wonders of pleasure tonight. She felt no guilt about being led to orgasm. She only had the greedy desire found in someone who had only just learned of such things.

Their vaginas felt so much alike, but he could tell the slight difference in their reactions.

“Correct…Hero…ahh? Ahn?”

“I’m glad. You were right about sex being…something special.”

He thrust a little slower for Tianne so she had time to really savor the arousing guilt, but he went all out in Ina so she could experience the pleasure of his cock to its fullest.

That difference allowed him to appreciate the differences in how their vaginas squeezed at him and they both dripped with love juices like their pussies were crying with joy.

(I knew it. By learning what they each like and how their bodies work, I can match my movements to that and make sure we all enjoy it even more!)

Eureka! And the vine reacted to this realization by releasing his penis.

“Okay, here goes! I hope you’re ready!”


“Ahh…ahhn…I-I’m cummiiiiiiing????”

With his final thrust, he sent Tianne to heaven and immediately shoved it inside Ina where he released all that semen he had been building up during this game.

(Ahh…that felt so good.)

He had literally become an adult since arriving in this world, but he felt like this game had helped him grow mentally.

The next day, the wagon traveled down a narrow path through the dark forest with countless intertwining leaves and branches overhead until they finally saw some light up ahead.

“We’re almost at the exit,” said Mila from the driver’s seat.

“Looks like we made it through without serious issue,” said Tianne.

“I can’t believe it was that easy,” said Llusse.

“We have the Hero’s power to thank for that!” said Filia.

When morning arrived, they had parted with Ina and spent half a day reaching this point. They had been attacked by monsters on the way, but they had easily slain them all.

They left the corpses of those poor monsters in their wake.

And another poor corpse lay at one end of the wagon…no, that was Naoki looking as haggard as a corpse.

“His power might be useful, but he’s a different story.”

Llusse gave him a poisonous look.

They had kept at it like that until morning, so his dick had run dry.

“Ugh…your libidos are way too strong.”

“W-we should probably plan it out better in the future,” suggested Filia.

“Personally, I still can’t believe how horny that kid was.”

Yes, he had been the one that taught Ina to enjoy sex, but the results had been unbelievable.

He had lost count of how many loads of semen he had pumped into that cute child pussy.

All of the cum he had released inside her hideout had been gathered so she could use it for her Fus flowers. He hoped she could bring peace back to that forest.

“You call her a kid, but you do realize she’s probably about the same age as me, don’t you?”


He tilted his head at Llusse’s comment. That was clearly nonsense.

“Druid witches gain many mystical powers after abandoning all worldly things and going to live with nature. They gain power over plants, animals, stones, fog, and other natural things, but they also stop aging.”

“So she’s older than she looks!?”

“Yes. I don’t know her story, but I bet she became a druid witch when she was still very young. And decades must have passed since then.”

“W-wait! Decades? But…then how old are you, Llusse!?”

“Hm? 110. Why?”


He sat bolt upright at that one.

“You got a problem with that?”

“I-I guess elves being long-lived is a common part of fantasy worldbuilding, b-but…”

“Worldbuilding? Are you making up words again? How stupid are you?”

She still had her sharp tongue, but he had other issues to focus on.

“Wait! Then what about Nata- I, uh, mean the innkeeper!?”

“The one back in Fus? She would be, hmm…probably older than me.” Llusse thought about it. “I guess she looked maybe 30 in human terms.”

Tianne and Filia nodded in agreement with that assessment.

“Besides, we elves don’t change in appearance much after that point.”

“Eh? Then what about you, Mila!?”

“Animal people have a similar lifespan and age appearance to humans, so I am currently 20.”

“And Filia?”

“I’m 21.”


“I turned 19 recently.”

“C-calm down, me.”

“Stop being so rude! Why do you even need to ask the other humans their ages anyway!? You’re not supposed to ask girls their age!”

Llusse angrily approached him.


Just then, their surroundings grew brighter and Mila informed them of their arrival.

“I can see it now.”


Naoki’s eyes widened.

He now had a clear view of the blue sky and the white clouds.

The thick forest was gone and they were atop a hill that gave an excellent view of the farmlands stretching out endlessly below.

Green, yellow, brown. The different crops separated out by farmland roads made for beautiful scenery.

And then there was a giant castle city towering above those fields.

Colorful roofs could be seen past a tall stone wall. When he strained his eyes, he could even see the many people moving through the streets. And a series of tall towers jutted up toward heaven.

That was the castle.

Past an arched gate, a royal palace in the medieval European style stood tall with countless flags fluttering atop it.

“Ohhhh, now this is a fantasy world!”

His previous exhaustion was nowhere to be found and his heart leaped for joy. It was really, really, really, really happening!

He looked back and forth between that scenery and his party members’ faces.

Mila looked back his way while holding the reins, Llusse crossed her arms and smiled, Tianne narrowed her eyes at the bright sunshine, and…

“This is the capital of our queen’s Lesdea Kingdom. Welcome, Hero, to Rechebourg!”

Filia looked happily his way and spread her arms wide.

“Wow…this is the best.”

He was so excited, but then Llusse called out to the driver’s seat.

“Mila, stop the wagon.”


“Why stop?”

“Let’s take a quick break here, Hero?” said Tianne as she scooted toward him.

“Much further than this and people might see us,” said Filia with a bewitching look in her eyes.

“H-hey, wait! Didn’t you say the queen was waiting for us!?”

“Just relax for once! You need to be refreshed in body and mind before your audience with her!”

“And we’re more than happy to help out with that.”

His party members stripped off their clothes and reached their hands and lips toward his crotch.


This really was the best.

His adventures with these four would continue.

And he could only wonder just what he might find waiting for him in the royal capital.

Naoki’s harem tale had only just begun.

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