Tales of Harem: A Foursome! Fivesome! Sixsome! With Fantasy Girls!

Volume 1, Chapter 4 - Training a Dog Girl in a Fivesome!
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Volume 1, Chapter 4 - Training a Dog Girl in a Fivesome!

The next morning arrived.

White clouds blew through the otherwise clear blue sky. The pleasant breeze blowing up from the base of the mountain rustled the trees and brushed against Naoki’s cheeks.

“It’s finally time to leave!”

He was all excited while wearing a backpack full of food and other travel supplies.

“I feel so bad having you carry luggage for us, Hero.”

Filia sounded apologetic as she exited the inn and leaned her sword against a column.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. I want to help out!”

He smiled and waved a hand dismissively while lowering the bag next to her sword.

Her sword had a cloth cover wrapped around the scabbard, so that was apparently how she normally stored it.

(I thought she always carried it at her hip, but I guess not.)

It was a minor discovery, but anime and games tended to omit those details, so it helped make this world feel a lot more real.

And that was what excited him so much.

Having sex all day long was great, but this world offered more than just that.

“This is feeling like a real adventure now! It’s so exciting!”

“I’m glad to hear it, Hero.”

“Hmph, we all know you’re really terrified!”

Llusse teased him while crouching down to retie her boots.

But he did not care at all.

This was the same feeling he got when he was starting a new game he had just bought.

Then Natalia came out to see him off.

“Come by to visit once things have settled down, okay?”

“Y-yes! I promise I will!”

She did not speak a word about their passionate time together and simply narrowed her eyes in a smile. She really was an adult. He, however, could not keep the excitement out of his voice as he responded, which earned him a puzzled look from Tianne.

“Ah ha ha! I-it’s nothing!”

He laughed it off like always. And while he prepared to depart with a cheerful mood instead of a gloomy one…

“Oh, here she comes.”

Filia pointed toward a wagon approaching along the dirt road with its wheels rattling.

It was a small and simple wagon pulled by a single horse.

But Naoki did not see wagons often, so that was exciting enough for him.

(If they made an anime of this, I bet they’d use all of us shaking back and forth in the wagon as the ending.)

He was super excited, but he had yet to notice the most exciting part of all.

“I apologize for my delayed arrival.”

A girl with a calm atmosphere stepped down from the driver’s seat.

She wore a white blouse with a ribbon around the neck, a corset tight around her waist, and a long black skirt.

(Ohh! It’s kind of plain, but she’s dressed like a maid, isn’t she!?)

It had no extreme frills, but that was because it had been designed with elegance and practicality in mind. Her long and tidy black hair matched the rest of her appearance perfectly.

The one part that did not fit his image of a maid was her height. She stood a head taller than him, but he was into that as well.

(Tall girls are pretty great. And she’s got a decent chest too.)

His eyes were glued to the protruding chest of her blouse. Her skirt made it impossible to tell, but he was willing to bet her butt was big too.

He was just about to rejoice at the arrival of another hot and cute girl, but then he noticed something else.

She had two triangles sticking up from her head.

“Wha-!? A-animal ears!? Are those real!?”

The fluffy-looking ears were covered in glossy black fur and they were even cutely moving a little bit! And was that a fluffy tail sticking out the back of her skirt!?

“Shit, that’s one of my favorite genres!”

“Excuse me?”

She gave him a puzzled look, but Llusse guessed what this meant and explained.

“Oh, this is the Hero. He didn’t have animal people in his world, so I don’t think he’s ever seen one before.”

“I see.”

The animal ears girl accepted it without further discussion and bowed toward him.

“Good day to you, Hero. I am your servant, Mila Micola.”

“My servant?”

That explained the maid-like outfit.

“It is my job to attend to your daily needs from now on, so it is a pleasure to meet you.”


He had expected all their party members on this adventure to be fighters – warriors, mages, thieves, monks, and the like – but apparently that was not the case.

And someone to attend to the Hero’s daily needs certainly sounded necessary to him!

He nodded several times in an odd sense of understanding.

After they left Fus, passed through the valley, and traveled a while after that, the tall mountains shrank into the distance behind them and the beautiful scenery of a hilly region spread out all around them.

The road was narrow but well made and the horse’s hooves clip-clopped rhythmically along it. Eventually they arrived at a larger road.

“Um, you said we’re going to the royal capital first, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” replied Filia while she shook with the wagon’s movement. “You will have an audience with the queen there.”

Tianne nodded next to her.

“She ordered us to bring you to her as soon as you had been summoned. She must be eagerly awaiting our return.”

“An audience with the queen!?”

The larger road stretched out endlessly alongside some short woods.

He stared out into the distance beyond that.

“Now I’m really feeling like a Hero!”

“You don’t have a care in the world, do you?” Llusse shrugged next to him. “But you might if you knew what we have to do before we get there.”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

The answer came from the driver’s seat – from Mila.

“We will be taking a shortcut along the way.”


“The road is safe, but it is not the most direct route to the royal capital.”

“I see. So you want to take a more direct route.”

“We can reach the capital in two days that way, but it requires passing through the forest.”

“And the forest is a dangerous place full of monsters,” cut in Llusse as if trying to scare him.

“Um…b-but since it’s a shortcut, we’ll get through there nice and quick, right?”

“We will be camping in front of the forest tonight so we can pass through the forest during the day…but we still must be careful.”

The elf only grinned teasingly at him, so Mila had to complete the explanation.

However, her answer still left him anxious.

“Not to worry, Hero! You have us with you!”

“That’s right. We’ll reach the capital tomorrow!”

“Y-yeah…that’s right!”


Filia and Tianne cheered him up, but Llusse was immensely amused by his obvious bluff.

(God, that elf!)

In order to change the subject, Naoki addressed Mila.

“By the way, do animal people have any kind of special abilities?”

“We have greater general physical abilities than humans, but…yes, dog people like me have an excellent sense of smell and hearing.”

“Oh, so when you turned back two days ago, could you actually hear Filia speaking from that distance!?”

“That is correct, Hero.”

Mila did not seem to be enjoying the conversation, but she fulfilled her duty as a servant by answering his question. He would have preferred if she opened up more, though.

“Dog people are known for their diligence and loyalty, so a lot of them have been appointed to service within the royal palace,” explained Llusse.

“Hmm. I’m guessing not many rude elves get appointed to those positions.”

“What’s that supposed to mean!? And it isn’t true anyway!”

He smiles to calm Llusse’s anger.

“Elves, dog girls, and magic – this really is a fantasy world, isn’t it? I loved stories like this, so I’m excited!”

“What are you even talking about? This isn’t for fun, you know?”

“You sure were having a lot of fun with all that sex.”

“Sh-shut up! We were stuck there, so what else was there to do!?”

While they argued, the wagon came to a sudden stop.


“Hey, where do you think you’re sticking your face!?”

The unexpected stop had caused him to fall face-first into Llusse’s chest and she got after him for it.

“What’s going on!?”

“A pack of monsters,” warned Mila. “Be careful, Hero.”

A large wolf sauntered out from the woods. First one, then two…and finally three.

Drool dripped from their bared fangs and they all had their heads lowered in preparation to fight.

“Hellhounds. I can’t believe they’re here on the road. This must be due to the Demon Lord’s return.”

Filia’s face clouded over and Tianne frowned and nodded.

“The monsters have grown more violent recently.”

“Th-those are monsters too?”

The monsters growled with their fur bristled and exuded a bizarre miasma. They looked fearsome even in the light of day, so Naoki felt like his stomach had been packed with ice.

He leaned back in fear, his previous excitement nowhere to be found.

Llusse grinned when she saw it.

Hellhounds were not as strong as their name suggested. A large pack would be one thing, but just three were no match for someone as quick as her.

“Shall I drive them away?”

Mila volunteered for the job, but Llusse stopped her and hopped down from the wagon.

This was the perfect opportunity to teach Naoki a lesson.

“Well, if you absolutely insist, I guess I could deal with this for our pathetic little Hero.”

“If you say so.”

Mila backed down easily and remained in the driver’s seat while Naoki felt more and more nervous about this.

“Wait, can she really do this on her own?”

“Ah ha ha. These monsters aren’t much to worry about.”

Filia laughed bitterly and made no attempt to join the fight.

As Llusse walked out, the Hellhounds surrounded her and began to close in. They leaped at her with one in front of her, one to her right, and one to her left.

But she confidently let them approach with her bow at the ready.

And just before their sharp fangs tore into her windpipe, Naoki heard the fwoosh of wind and the twang of a bowstring.

Two Hellhound corpses hit the dirt with an arrow skewering them.

The surviving one let out a yelp of pain and retreated into the woods with blood dripping from its arrow wound.

“Good work, Llusse.”

“Thank you.”

“Well done.”

Filia and the others thanked her.

“Wow! You shot three arrows that fast!?”

Naoki was flabbergasted and his eyes widened in astonishment. Just as Llusse had hoped.

But her face clouded over and she stared into the distance.

“Y-yes, I did…”

Her look of displeasure was directed at the arrow sticking into the ground after only grazing the final monster.

That night, they set up camp in front of the thick forest just off of the road.

They were eating dinner around the campfire they had built in front of the tent when Llusse explained what she had sensed in her battle during the day.

“Your power is weakening?”

“Yes.” She gave a heavy nod. “Something didn’t feel right when I shot those arrows. In my strengthened state, all three should have hit.”

“Does that mean the effect wears off with time?” asked Tianne.

But Llusse could only speculate what had caused it.

“It could be an issue of quantity. We, uh, didn’t do it as much yesterday.”


Naoki was not entirely sure that was true.

(I’m pretty sure I had sex all day long yesterday. …Oh, right.)

He recalled that most of that had been with Natalia.

He had also done it with those three after they returned from their (unsuccessful) monster hunt, but they had ended that early since they had to leave today.

“Does that mean the effect only lasts half a day?”

That did add up.

“Then you would need to plan out when you do it to avoid any unexpected gaps,” calmly stated Mila from her position at Naoki’s side. “This forest is home to many powerful monsters, so you should probably prepare extra carefully tonight.”

Those extra careful preparations would be sex, of course.

(She makes it sound so businesslike. Her expression doesn’t change at all.)

This day had been enough for him to learn she was passionate about her work, but he also wished she could talk about things a little differently.

“Okay, let’s go at it like rabbits tonight!”

“I will stand guard outside.”

Once they had finished eating, Naoki excitedly moved into the tent and Mila stated her intentions like they were all working in an office.

“Oh, sure.”

He wanted to ask her to join them, but the mood was not at all right for it and he gave up.

She was only a servant, not one of the warriors meant to fight the Demon Lord, so there was no need to power her up.

(What kind of adventuring party isn’t all fighters!?)

This had seemed so much simpler that morning.

“Feel free to take your time.”

He still felt some regret as Mila closed the entrance of the tent from the outside, but his mood changed entirely when he turned around.

“How could I regret anything after seeing this?”

“We’ve got to work hard tonight, Hero?”

Filia lay on the sheet while sexily wiggling her hips to seduce him.

“Thank you for doing this again tonight?”

Tianne was pushing her breasts together to show them off and giving him a damp look of anticipation.

Llusse said nothing, but her cheeks were flushed and she was giving him an upturned look.

Their hearts were racing as they awaited their “extra careful preparations”.

It was also nice how the cramped tent forced them in close together. This was different from having sex outside or in a room.

(Tent sex is pretty great too!)

He had already stripped off his clothes, but they were still clothed. How he would strip them was half the fun.

“Let’s see…I think I’ll start with the boobs.”

He threw himself into their sweet breaths and began lifting up their breasts one at a time to appraise them while also peeling clothes away from those mounds.

After seeing Naoki into the tent, Mila dumped dirt over the campfire to extinguish it, allowing the darkness of the night to surround her.

Only the light of a lantern hanging from a nearby tree branch provided a flickering light.

But a dog person relied on their ears and nose for detecting threats, so no bright light was necessary. The lantern was mostly for the others, but she did have a personal reason for it.

She sat below the lantern and pulled a book out of her bag.

It was a popular novel based on the Hero’s legends.

She had not chosen it because of her current mission; the Lesdea Royal Library she had borrowed it from simply had a lot of books related to the Hero.

That had not always been the case, but the current princess was a fanatic believer in the Hero’s legends and she had gathered as many books related to him as could be found in the land.

(Rumor has it the princess’s private archive has some more complicated research documents.)

Mila preferred simple novels even if their contents could be absurd.

She had always been an avid reader and she had stood out from the typically mischievous young animal people by spending all her time at home reading.

But she had never felt lonely because the many characters in those books had been her friends.

It could be hard to tell since she would calmly flip through the pages with no change of expression, but the events of the stories would excite her and she would internally laugh and cry with the characters like they really were her friends.

But there had been one thing she never did understand.

(Not again.)

She suddenly looked up from her book.

The heroines in this novel always said they “adored” the Hero.

And some even wept when he had to leave.

(What does that feel like?)

She understood the word, but she could not imagine what it actually felt like to experience the emotion.

The closest she could imagine was her love for her parents, but she knew this kind of love was supposed to be different.

(Will I ever understand what it is like?)

She cut off that line of thinking and resumed pursuing the text illuminated on the page by the faint lantern light.

She also kept her ears moving in every direction to fulfill her duty by keeping guard.

Meanwhile, inside the tent, Naoki was enjoying all the nipples he could find with his tongue.

He sucked at the entire areola at the tip of Filia’s plump and smooth mound and rolled the nipple around with his tongue.

“God, you’ve got a hot body!”

“Hyah! Nh…ahh.”

She pushed her chest out for him while her breathing grew heavy.

After he had sucked it to his heart’s content, he dug his fingers into the breast and pulled over Tianne’s enormous meat melon to loudly suck at it as if comparing the two flavors.

“Ohh…this is the best.”

Nothing filled his heart quite like teasing two different girls’ tits at the same time.

“Nh…khh…ahh, Hero…you really do like boobs, don’t you?”

Tianne smiled at the intense caress. That was exactly the look he wanted to see more of!

Irritated at being ignored, Llusse pulled her own top up to her neck and pressed her bared breasts against his back.

He was surrounded by soft mounds of flesh and they were all being offered to him.

“Yours are all so big! How can I not love them!”

His excitement was rapidly reaching its peak.

“Hee hee. You can suck on mine as much as you want?”

“Hey, aren’t you going to do that to mine?”

“Ahh, how exciting.”

He was surrounded by boobs, boobs, and more boobs. Every way he turned, he saw boobs pushed out for him to love.

He could stick his tongue out at random and find a nipple.

Those nipples were all cutely stiff and erect.

“Hero, come here and I will pleasure you.”

Tianne got on her knees with her hands pushing her boobs together – a titjob pose.

When he pushed his dick between them, she began massaging her breasts to pleasure it in a devoted way.

“H-how is this?”

How was it? Having those voluminous tits surrounding his cock was pure ecstasy.

(She doesn’t have the technique Natalia did, but this is nice in its own way.)

Filia sent her hot tongue to his ear from behind.

She tickled at it on both sides to draw his attention.

“Oh, ohhhhh! This is the best! A titjob and ear licking at the same time!? I don’t deserve this!”

His upper and lower body were surrounded by soft breasts as they pressed their bodies against him.

That provided plenty of carnal pleasure, but knowing they were doing it as a service to him made it mentally arousing too.

“Nh? Nh? Your ear is pretty sensitive, Hero?”

“Can I massage your penis harder than this?”

“Khhhh…ahh, that’s so good!”

While he moaned in pleasure, Llusse let her hand crawl gently along his chest to tease his nipples before moving her lips toward his.

“You have a really dirty look on your face, you know?”

Hers was not much better.

“Uhh, Llusse…ahh…mhh…hh.”

They exchanged saliva and tangled tongues.

An indecently sticky sound came from their mouths and, when she pulled her lips away, her amber eyes stared into his.


They began another sweet kiss, tangling of sticky tongues, and exchange of lustful breaths.

Below, Tianne had added a blowjob to her titjob.

“Bwah? Your penis smells kind of sweaty…and tastes so good?”

Only the head poked out from her cleavage and she licked all over that with a focus on the hole at the tip.

He could sense her earnest desire to pleasure him coming from her small tongue and her boobs squeezing at the shaft.

“Ahh, that’s so good.”

This must have ignited Filia’s competitive spirit because she moved her lips from his ear to his neck and down his back to his butt before sticking her tongue deep inside him.

“Ohhh! F-Filia.”

The swordswoman demonstrated her skilled tongue technique to stir him up inside.

“Nhh? Hero, your butt is full of my saliva.”

With the melting kiss, the excellent service to his penis, and the spreading of his ass, he hit his limit already even though the night had only just begun.

But that was not a problem. They needed lots of semen for tomorrow, so he could let it out whenever he was ready.

“O-okay, I’m cumming! Don’t spill a drop!”

He released the milky goo in Tianne’s mouth.


It slid across her offered tongue and splattered onto her face.

But his ejaculation was not over, so his cock continued to erupt from between her tits. He could not expect her to not to spill any like this.

But she pushed her breasts together to catch it all in her cleavage and her tongue chased after the semen dripping down along them.

“Ahh…nh…I’m so glad you came so much.”

“I can’t believe how much of that stuff you have inside you. Ahh, but I do like this smell.”

“I will clean that up for you, Hero?”

With that jealous comment, Llusse joined cum-soaked Tianne in running their tongues along his dick.

They were so thorough he could tell they did not plan to leave a single drop.

“Ahh…yes…look up at me while you do that! Yes, like that!”

They did as he asked and their competing tongues tangled while they let out sweet breaths.

It was so hot he was never going to remain flaccid.

Once his erection was fully hard again, their tongues and lips danced across it in delight.

“Ah…I’m cumming again! Nhh!”

“Ugh, now you got it all over my clothes.”

“Keep it cumming, Hero?”

Llusse complained even as she licked it off of herself and Tianne took his penis head into her small mouth to get him hard again.

“Ahh…the entire tent smells like cum now. I need some of that too?”

Filia wanted some semen, so she reached below his legs for his balls.

She lovingly rolled them around, but that was not enough for her and she circled to his front to take the sack into her mouth. Then she licked up and up along the shaft.

“H-hey, I was sucking him off!”

“You already had your turn, Tianne.”

“Will a finger up his ass get him hard again? Let’s see?”

(Three tongues…f-fighting for my dick…ah, ahhhh! It’s too much!)

This blowjob competition was absolute ecstasy every time he experienced it.

He erupted once more and the white rain poured down on their faces.

(What…is this!?)

The sensation had worked its way all throughout Mila’s body by the time she noticed it.

She could not sit still. The base of her tail was tingling.

(M-my body feels so…hot!)

She was breathing heavily…even though she had only been sitting and reading.

She could no longer focus on the story.

The book fell to the ground.

(Oh, no!)

She was more worried about getting that piece of the royal collection dirty than she was about the abnormal state of her body.

But the endlessly growing throbbing prevented her from picking it up.


She collapsed onto her side atop the log she had been seated on.

She held the base of her legs with all her might.

That was the spot.

The center of the throbbing was there…deep in her lower stomach!

She shut her eyes and clenched her teeth. The sweet sensation spreading within her was simply that powerful.

(H-how did this happen?)

Had the indecent words escaping from the tent gotten to her?

No, that could not be.

It was true dog people had excellent hearing, but that was why she knew methods of tuning out the unnecessary sounds entering her ears. She should never have been distracted by what was happening in the tent.

That was why she had so readily volunteered to stand watch.

So what was it?

(Could it be…the smell?)

That was it.

This had started with the faint scent of sperm wafting from the tent.

As soon as she sensed that in her nose, her heart had pounded and raced.

And the smell was growing stronger in time with her heartrate.

(N-no. It isn’t growing stronger…My sense of smell is growing sharper. I-is this the Hero’s power!?)

That legendary semen was said to amplify a woman’s latent abilities when it entered her body.

Could it really have an affect just by smelling it? That was hard to believe, but she could find no other explanation for what was happening.

And the smell reaching her made her picture the events in the tent in her mind’s eye.

Her party members were lewdly tangled together.

She detected Llusse, Tianne, and Filia’s scents from the saliva coating the sweaty cock. And she could tell that was mixing with the semen before being swallowed into their mouths.

It slid along their tongues, down their thoats, and…ahh! ahh! The indecent moans rang in her ears like it was happening right next to her.

Squish…lick lick lick, slurp, smack! Suck, suck! Suck!

Suck, slup…slurrrp! Gulp gulp gulp?

Hh…ahh?Suck…slurp! Squish? Squirt, squirt! Gulp, gulp…

Gulp, gulp…slurp. pop, slurp! Suck…pop!

Ah, ah…ahh…ahh? Suck, suck, suck! Squish…

Sl-slurrrp…ah, ahhh? Slurrrp! Slurp, suck? Nh, hhh?

Suck…slup, slup…slurrrrp…slup, slup…pop!

Ahh…nh, nh! Ahh? Lick…slurrrrrrrrrrp!

“Th-the sounds too. My ears are growing sharper.”

Shutting it out of her mind was no longer possible.

In fact, her hearing was only growing sharper and focusing on the sexual noises.

It created the illusion that she was the one doing those things to him.

(I-I can’t…help it.)

Her trembling fingers began to move…

“Pant, pant.”

Tianne’s sweet breaths tickled at his earlobe.

He was sprawled out with his back resting on her soft breasts. Filia’s sweaty skin felt on fire as she lay next to him.

His dick was standing tall and ready for action.

“Okay, you first, Llusse.”

He pulled in the elf who had been staring longingly at it while trying not to let it show.

She placed her bare breasts on his chest and rubbed her hips against his dick while coming teasingly close to letting it go in.

“You were really cool today, Llusse.”

“Stop making fun of me,” she said while finally letting her wet slit swallow his erection.

The love juices continued dripping without end, creating a wet sound of pleasure as she invited him inside her vagina. Every sticky internal fold he passed by would tremble and squeeze at him, causing him to grow even more erect.

“Hey, I meant that as a compliment. Or do you prefer your compliments in cock form?”

“Ah…nhh? Nhhh?”

She writhed for a bit after he thrust up into her, but then she stubbornly pushed down against him. She pulled his head in with her arms and tried to suffocate him with her large breasts.

The tightness of her pussy was also incredible.

It squeezed his dick as tightly as her arms did his head, pushing him toward ejaculation. She also moved her hips back and forth as if to say that was not enough.

“Ahh…ahh? This is what you get…nh!”

Yes, her movements were clearly meant to make her partner cum more than make herself cum.

She undoubtedly loved the pleasure, but she loved dominating her partner even more.

Making him cum made her feel superior to him and needing semen to get through the forest was only an excuse for her. She used every part of her sexual flesh to accomplish that goal.

Her carnal furnace brought him to climax in no time.

“Ugh…I’m cumming!”

He felt a great throbbing as an incredible quantity of hot stuff erupted out.

“You’re pathetic?”

Satisfied by all the semen pumping into her womb, she began working her pussy flesh again.

“C’mon, do it again?”

(I-I can’t…stand it.)

Mila’s fingers wanted to soothe the hot desire throbbing inside her. She grabbed that hand with her other to forcibly restrain it and somehow managed to stand up while her knees trembled.

(I-I need to get away from here!)

She tried to stagger away to put some distance between herself and the tent, but her legs refused to obey her.

She could not move a single step while her party members’ indecent voices, lewd noises, and obscene smells assaulted her from behind.

“Ahh? Ahh? I-isn’t this even better…than before??”

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Squish, squish, squish!

“Ahh, your pussy squeezes in the best way, Llusse.”

“O-of course it does. You should thank me for letting you anywhere near this masterpiece of a pussy.”

“Here, I’ll fill it with cum!”

Squirt, squirrrrt! Squirrrrrt!

“Ah, nhhh! Ahhhhhn?”

“And next up…is this!”

Squish squish…schlorp! Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap! Schlorp, schlorp!

“Ahh…ahh…wow…ah, ahh? Ah, I can barely think???”

“Hey, wait. You’re gonna bring the tent down!”

“S-sorry? But you’re being so rough, Hero…ahhhn!”

(Th-the sounds…the rubbing sounds…it’s like it’s happening to me.)

That cock kept moving from one partner to another.

But to Mila, it felt like it was always penetrating her. She was being violated by the sounds and smells!

The smell of the erupting semen, the sound of the penetrated pussies, and the heated moans all entered her body through her ears or nose.

(Pant, pant…I-I can’t help it…I’m going to do it again!)

She lifted her long skirt and her fingers finally moved below her panties.

(I need to…stand guard…H-Hero…ah, ah, ah…ahhh!)

She could not stop herself this time.

Her wet pussy swallowed up her fingers like it had been waiting there for her.


Sweet and sharp pleasure raced through her slit and then down her limbs.

(I can’t stop…ah, ahh…I can’t stop fingering myself!)

She squished her clitoris in pursuit of an even strong stimulation, rubbing up and down the protrusion. She felt a tightness in her chest and she grew too weak to stand.

She fell onto her butt, leaned against the log she had been sitting on before, spread her legs wide, and stuck both hands down toward the center of the fire raging in her body.

(I-it feels so good!!)

She held her skirt in her mouth to expose her lower body to the chilly hair in the hopes that would cool the fire somewhat, but the maddening sexual heat continued to burn.


She did everything she could to suppress her moans as she writhed in pleasure.

But another ejaculation occurred inside the tent as if in response to her suppressed moan.

The synchronization of sound and smell made her feel like he had erupted inside of her. She felt like the semen was flowing into her womb.

But none of that was actually happening. The sound and smell were there, but not the actual sensation.

Her pussy throbbed in protest because nothing was filling it and nothing was penetrating it.

It only felt an unfulfilled longing.

She moved her fingers even more to make up for that.

“Hey, do me too?”

“Nh? No, he’s doing me?”

Tianne and Filia fought over him and Mila wanted it just as bad.

She wanted him to cum more and more, but inside her! Deep inside her! Her longing had to be even more powerful than theirs

“Okay, this time I’ll cum all over your bodies!”

He had them lie down next to each other while he penetrated them each in turn.

(I want it.)

“Yes? Please cum all over me?”

(I want it!)


“So hot?”

“Cum even more???”

(I want it!!)

Her longing and resentment formed a scarlet vortex inside her womb.

“I’m cumming?”


“I’m cumming too? Hero, ahh, I’m already cumming!”

(So am I…so am I…ahh, I want it too!)

“Kh,” he groaned and pulled his erection from the vagina it was currently inside.

Squirt, squirt, squirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!

(The Hero just came on Filia!)

His forceful ejaculation flew like a comet’s tail to splatter all over the swordswoman’s body. Mila could picture it in her mind just from the sound.

“Ahh! Your hot stuff is all over my stomach, my boobs…ahhh, and my face! Ah, ahhhh, I’m so happy! G-give it all to me…I-I-I’m cummiiiiing!”

(Ah, ahhh…I-I…ah, ahhhhh…s-something’s happening! What…what is this feeling!? It’s taking my mind away…ahhh, I can’t stop it!)

Filia climaxed and Mila arched her back as well.

“Nh…nhhhh! Nhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

She just barely managed to clench her mouth shut to avoid screaming, but embarrassing juices squirted forcefully from her lower mouth.

Not only did they soak her panties, but they also formed a large puddle on the ground.

She had just experienced her very first orgasm.

Calm fell over her like the stormy waves had washed across the beach, leaving nothing behind.

The chill of the night cooled her heated body.


She lay on the ground, enjoying how comfortable it felt.

The hot throbbing still remained here and there in her body, but she figured that would go away eventually.

The tent had gone quiet, so they must have been done for now.

(Good. If they had kept going…)

She had no idea what would have happened to her. The thought scared her.

Once she recovered, she planned to resume standing guard at a greater distance from the tent.

She heard the tent flap opening behind her.

“Phew. All three of them passed out, but that’s fine. I could use a break.”


It was Naoki. He had come out to cool down.

“Wait…Mila!? What are you doing!? Are you okay!?”

He ran over after seeing her collapsed on her side.

“I-I am fine!”

She tried to get up, but her arms were too weak. She could only lift her head a little.

“Did a monster attack you!? Are you hurt!?”

His penis was still curving up from his crotch.

(Wow…it’s so big and manly.)

The scent of semen came from his erection.

She could not keep her eyes off of what she had only been able to smell before.

(That’s what would go inside me.)

A renewed sweet throbbing spiraled through her lower stomach and she writhed on the ground.



He reached out a hand to help her up, but she could not let him touch her.

She was not confident she could restrain herself if he did. And then what would she do?

“I-it’s nothing! It’s nothing at all…so don’t touch-!”

She tried to pull away, but he was too worried to notice and grabbed her wrist.

“D-don’t touch- ah, ah…”


At first, her mind simply went blank.

The warmth of his hand spread from her wrist and awoke the desire within her.

It was already too late to stop it.

The next thing she knew, she was already sucking his cock.

She produced all sorts of indecent sounds as she took its full length into her mouth.


She sent it deep into her throat over and over.

His eyes widened and he rubbed her head as it moved back and forth.

“Now this is a surprise. You seemed like the responsible type, but now this.”

(Th-this is so embarrassing! What is he going to think of me?)

But she could not stop. The more she sucked it, the more the male flavor spread through her mouth.

That made her tongue and lips as ravenous as a starving beast.

“Ahh…ahm…ahm! Hhhh!”

“So is it as tasty as you hoped, Mila?”

“Hh…hh, hhh.”

She was too busy sucking the cock in her mouth to respond.

She was mostly just afraid of what she would say if she did speak, but she could not have let go of the thing filling her mouth regardless.

He had asked if it was tasty, but she felt something even greater: love.

She loved the large, round, and squishy head. She loved the hard shaft that filled her mouth so fully. She loved the sexual scent that had been driving her mad for a while now.

She loved it all so much.

“Ugh…you’re pretty good at this.”

She was surprised by how much his groaned compliment delighted her.

But it also increased the passion of her blowjob.

However, the next thing he said shattered that small delight and caused her to freeze up.

“Do you do this a lot, or is it your first time? Well, I’ll figure it out once we get to it.”


She could not let that happen.

Sucking the Hero’s cock was inappropriate enough for a mere servant, but if they went further than that, she could never contain the strange throbbing heat filling her.

And how much would she humiliate herself then?

“Hh, hh, hh…nhhh.”

She desperately clung to the dick trying to pull out of her mouth and she swallowed its full length to fight it. Seeing that put a happy but troubled look on his face.

“Hey, now. We can’t get to the main event if you won’t let go.”

He also turned out to be better at this than she had accounted for. He gently rubbed the back of her dog ears.

“If you want this, then beg me for it.”


The sweet ring of that word seemed to melt her mind.

She had lived her life faithfully following her instructions and obeying her master, so she was not used to begging anyone for anything.

But she also knew what it was she wanted right now.

(I-I want him to…)

Yes, she wanted him to leave her alone. She wanted him to leave her here and return to the tent. Then she could return to her duties.

(That is…that is what I…)

A servant must not give in to her lowly desires.

She finally managed to remove the cock from her mouth.

And she slowly slid down her panties soaked with love juices.

She only bothered removing them from one leg before laying back on the log.

(Wh-what am I doing?)

She realized she was doing the exact opposite of what she had told herself she would do.

She lifted up her skirt and spread her legs so he had a good view of her trembling pussy.

(Is this what I really want!?)

She had no hair down there to hide her labia. Because she shaved it.

The unguarded slit was pressed tightly shut and only a hint of the inner labia was sticking out from the thick outer labia. They stuck out evenly from top to bottom, making for a beautiful pussy that delighted Naoki’s eyes.

But she had never thought of it in that way. It had never even occurred to her.

She could scarcely believe she was letting someone else see her down there at all.

(I swore my allegiance to Her Majesty…and I worked for the benefit of the kingdom…until I was finally appointed as the Hero’s servant on his quest to exterminate the Demon Lord…y-yet here I am.)

She was horny. She wanted him to fill her with his seed. She wanted it so bad!

A fountain of pleasure was flowing from her slit as a boy she had only met that day watched.

This was who she truly was.

(No…if he puts it in me…there’s no going back.)

Her rational mind gave her this final chance. She could refuse him. She could say no. She could preserve her pride.

Her lips trembled as she made her request. But instead of refusing him…

“I-I want it. Please put your…c-cock inside me, Hero.”

Her restrain vanished. She had never stood a chance in that fight. She had a smile on her lips as she begged just like he had told her to.

“Yeah, I can tell. And I’ll give you what you want.”

He stroked his dick and pressed it against her entrance.

He opened the fleshy path that had never before been opened.

She felt pressure on her wide pelvis and her groin grew tense. Her thick labia were pushed out of the way and the salmon pink hole full of lustful juices came into view. Then his hot flesh pushed inside there.


Her seal of pure flesh was torn open as she accepted someone inside there for the first time in her life.


The pain of becoming a woman raced through her vagina and she squeezed her eyes shut. A few drops of blood flowed down toward her butt.

“Looks like it was your first time. Ugh…damn, you’re tight.”

Upon realizing she was a virgin, he held back on the thrusting and focused on movements that spread her vagina. Little by little, he would stop and pull back, pull back and push in, and otherwise help her get used to having a penis inside her.

“How’s my dick, Mila?”


She was in no state to answer his question.

It felt like having a heated steel rod moving back and forth in her stomach, expanding her on the inside as it went. It felt amazing. It made her feel like this was not even her body anymore. Her hips on down melted together into a single wonderful sensation. Even his thrusting steel flesh felt like it was a part of her body.

Her eyes opened wide as she drowned in the sensation, but he did not let up.

“Don’t tense up so much. Relax and it will feel a lot better,” he said while gradually increasing his strokes.


Instead of groans, the breaths escaping her mouth were suppressed moans.

She swallowed him deeper and deeper. The pain from the initial penetration was gone now.

Ripples of pleasure spread through her entire body whenever he thrust inside. Her vagina throbbed and female pleasure raced out.

“Come to think of it, your job is to attend to my daily needs, isn’t it?” he asked out of the blue.

“…!? I didn’t mean it…like that.”

Her eyes widened in surprise and then his face moved in toward her.

He intended to kiss her. The way he stared at her made her feel like his eyes would absorb her.

“Either way, I’m your master starting today, right?”

He placed his lips on hers before she could respond.

“Nh! Nhhh…”

This was a first for her as well. She had never felt someone else’s tongue. The saliva dripping from its tip reached her own tongue. That sweet and ticklish sensation was weirdly pleasant and it helped her body relax. That was exactly when he placed his lips around her tongue. He licked and sucked at both sides of her tongue.

His hot breaths reached her and the more he licked her, the more her mind melted.

“Ah…hh, hh.”

“Maybe I should have you take care of me when I can’t do it with those three.”


That was not the kind of service she was supposed to provide, yet she could not help but imagine herself doing it. And that sent even more love juices flowing from her.

“I’ll mark you with my sperm so you can’t forget.”

“No! I’ll get pregnant!”

But her resistance was only verbal.

With him still inside her, he flipped her around onto all fours.

He grabbed tightly at her well-developed butt and began thrusting again.

“Ahh…ahhhn…ahhh, y-you mustn’t…Hero!”

“Okay, it’s your call. But are you sure you want me to pull it out before we’re done here?”


She realized she could not fight it any longer.

When he suggested pulling out, her mind cried out in protest.

Her pussy had learned the shape of his cock very well as it stirred her up inside. It opened up for him when he thrust in and it reluctantly sucked back closed when he pulled back. Then it would welcome him in again.

The waves of pleasure spiraled up towards even greater heights and she wanted to reach the climax of that spiral.


She clenched her teeth to keep him from noticing she had already succumbed, but her attempt was in vain.

“With your tail wagging like that, it’s pretty obvious how much you’re enjoying this.”


Her black tail was wagging vigorously side to side as if to mock its owner’s efforts.

(He knew from the beginning. And I…I…ahh, ahh?)

It was so, so, so embarrassing! But it also brought her great pleasure.

“Since we’re doing it, why not enjoy it together?”

He gathered strength in his hips and pushed deep inside her.

“Okay…I’m about to cum!”

“Ah…w-wait…wait? Ahh?”

But there was no stopping it now. Her womb gave a growl and her vagina squeezed. She could feel his thick, hard erection inside her. The army of pleasure surrounded the final soldier of her rational mind and finished it off.

“Ahhhn? I’m cumming? I’m cummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing?”

The hot eruption was unleashed deep inside her.

Her arms and legs tensed and she stuck her butt out while soaring up toward climax.

Sounds of sex filled the tent once more.

“I was careless. I never imagined you would go after Mila while we slept.”

“What can I say? One thing led to another.”

Naoki looked up from licking Llusse’s clitoris before answering.

Mila was naked and embracing him to lovingly press her breasts against his back.

“And what possessed you to do this the second you came back in here?”

Llusse had a blindfold wrapped around her head.

She was standing on her feet like that while he crouched down and ate her out.

Filia and Tianne were much the same.

They were blindfolded while he fingered them.

“H-Hero…ahh? Ahh?”

“Nh? Nhhh?”

“Heh heh. I had the idea after realizing Mila got turned on from just the sounds and smells.” He sounded proud of himself. “It actually turns you on more when you can’t see, doesn’t it?”

“No, you’re just a pervert.”

“You say that, but you’re already soaked.”

Llusse tried to hide the pleasure she was feeling, but the trembling of her body gave it away.

That motivated him to stick his tongue even deeper inside her.

“You’re just dying to have my dick inside you, aren’t you? Why not try it out like this, right?”

He pulled his fingers out of Filia and Tianne’s pussies with a wet popping sound and then had the three of them get down on all fours. Then he began slapping their butts with his dick while trying to decide which one to penetrate.

“Hmm, who should I put it in?”

“I’m not forgetting this!” spat back Llusse while blushing bright red.

The humiliating situation may have been worse for her than any of the others.

“Mila, you put it in one of them.”

“Eh!? O-okay.”

Mila moved to his side and hesitantly grabbed his cock.

“Excuse me.”

And she chose…


The one whose butt jumped and who let out a moan at the sudden penetration was Llusse.

“You’re in luck, Llusse. Mila was kind enough to choose you first.”

“Don’t get…carried away, you stupid Hero! Nhh…ahh…ahhhh?”

“You sure are moaning a lot. It feels like you’re helplessly being dominated, doesn’t it?”

“I-it does no- ahhhh?”

He surprised her with a harder thrust that elicited a pathetic cry and made her upper body collapse.

She could not see and he did his best to avoid touching her, so she could only feel his movement through her vagina. She had no way of predicting how he would thrust the next time.

“Well, how’s it feel to be fucked by the ‘stupid Hero’!?”

From the right, from the left, shallow, deep! He went at it in every way he could think of and she gave up fighting it before long.

Her cries was enough to send a tingle down the spines of the two girls on either side of her.

He stuck his fingers inside those two to stir them up again.

“Ahhh, not so rough! A little…gentler?”

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming?”

“Ahh…ahh? Nh…ahhn!”

“I’m cumming so hard I can’t think?”

Their senses of smell and hearing were not as sharp as Mila’s, so without their vision, their senses focused more closely on what was going on inside their pussies. His fingering and thrusting were all they could feel. As he had expected, they began writhing madly with pleasure.

After enjoying that for a bit, he pulled out of Llusse and chose a different sheath.

“Okay, next up…I’ll make Filia cum too!!”

He intentionally waited a breath for the swordswoman’s anticipation and anxiety to blend together before penetrating her.

Accepting his cock with a wet sound was enough to send a great tremor through her pussy.

“Ahhhhhhn? Hero…be gentler? Ah, ahh, ah!”

Once Filia came, he moved to Tianne.

He grabbed her ass and thrust deep inside.

With each thrust, the love juices made wet noises and sprayed from her.

“Your pussies are all squeezing in the best way! You love this, don’t you!?”

“Ahh? And you’re…even harder than usual?”

Tianne twisted her body from the sensation of the penis stirring her up inside.

She was right. He was really enjoying this. Not only did they seem more sensitive than usual, he was turned on by the guilty feeling of doing something he should not be doing.

“Pant, pant…I’m about ready to cum now. Who should I give it to first?”

He looked down at the three girls and noticed the elf’s ears twitching in response to his words. She was hoping it would be her.

“Ahh? Ahhh?”

But after calling him a pervert for this, she could not come out and say she wanted it. But oh how she wanted it.

She was holding her breath to keep him from noticing, but it could not have been more obvious.

(Okay, I’ll start with her!)

He pressed her down against the sheet and reentered her from a steep angle without warning.


She reached a light climax from that alone.

His meat pushed further and further inside her until it roughly hit her womb.

“I’ll give you lots of cum!”

“Yes…cum? Fill me with your cum…ahh? Nhh?”

Her previous denial had entirely vanished and the willful elf began to beg for it while trembling and breathing heavily.

(Ohhh, she’s so damn cute!)

He pulled back on her butt and pressed his hips against it.

His dick exploded while fully buried inside her.

“Ah…so hot…nhhh!”

Her entire body trembled and she orgasmed as the hot fluid filled her.

Her upper body bent up with her tits bouncing, but then she collapsed limply down again.

“Ahh…I came so much.”

A prodigious amount of milky fluid dripped out of her vagina after he pulled out of her.

Dominating her had been exhilarating, so he was still horny as could be and ready to go again.

“You’re up next, Filia.”

“Hero…please kiss me.”

Turned on by what had just gone on next to her, Filia twisted around and searched for his lips.

He captured her offered tongue and began a passionate kiss while pushing his penis inside her. The more he sucked at her mouth, the more her pussy squeezed.

That was due to the blindfold too. His kiss and his dick were her entire world right now.

“Hh? Hhh? Ah…H-Hero, I can feel you…at both ends of my body?”

He had her get up on her knees and then lifted her hips from the base of her thighs.

He thrust up from below to hit the rear part of the cervix with his penis head.

That stimulation had her lower stomach going wild and the bell-shaped breasts dangling below her shook side to side.

“Ahh…ahhhhn? Ahn? Ahh?”

“Here, don’t spill any!”

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, Hero, ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhh! I’m cummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!”

She tended to squirt, so she was going to spill something.

His semen mixed with her climax fluid and was scattered around.

“Ahh, that was so good. I might really be pregnant now.”

“I can’t believe you can do all three of them like this,” Mila whispered in his ear after watching her party members climaxing.

“Only because I trained myself by masturbating every day.”

At the time, he had never imagined that training would come in handy like this, but his abnormal ability to produce a seemingly limitless supply of semen was definitely due to his past training.

Around a dozen times a day had been his limit back then, but now he could do more. He never felt satisfied no matter how many times he did it.

He knew that was thanks to his experience with these girls since he arrived in this world.

(I still have room to grow! I can feel it happening already!)

He felt infinite possibilities inside himself. He felt invincible. It was exhilarating.

“I’ll do you too afterwards, Mila,” he said while doing Tianne in the spoons position.

“But…you shouldn’t waste your precious semen on me.”

“I’ve got plenty, so don’t worry about it.”

She wanted to stand back since she was only a servant, but he did not care about that. He wanted to do it with all of them.

He massaged Tianne’s tits while thrusting inside her. They were both lying on their side and he held the nun from behind while licking at her nape and filling her with pleasure while she could not see what was happening.

The blindfold forced her to use her imagination, which she was more than equipped to do thanks to her love of masturbation.

“W-wow! Ah…ahhhh? Ahhhhhhhhh? I’m cumming…I’m cumming?”

“You really like this, don’t you? I’m excited to see what kind of cocktail this makes.”

He lifted her leg up high as he pumped her full of semen.

He pressed his penis head against her cervix and did not stop until he was done ejaculating.

“Ah…hh…every last drop…pant, pant.”

Once her womb was full of cum, he pulled out of her. After cumming thrice in quick succession, his erection had finally lost some of its stiffness.

Mila knelt in front of it while it dripped with leftover semen.

“I will clean that off for you.”

She began to lick it all off starting from the tip.

“Ahh…now, that’s nice.”

“When did you manage to tame her this much?”

Llusse slipped down her blindfold and spoke up in exasperation about what she saw.

“Hey, don’t take that off. This time, I want you to pleasure me without being able to see.”

He put her blindfold back in place and then pulled her head in close.

“Ahn? W-wait, what are you doing!?”

She complained, but she still started licking at his nipple.

“Nh…th-this is what you want, isn’t it?”

“H-Hero, I’ll do it too?”

Filia used the sounds to find him and started sending her tongue all over him. Tianne did the same after she recovered.

He was lying on his back with beautiful girls’ tongues crawling all across his body. He did not answer Llusse’s question, but it was definitely what he wanted.

Unlike when she suddenly began sucking him off outside the tent, Mila’s blowjob was clearly meant to pleasure him.

(But that super horny blowjob was pretty nice too.)

She spent her time lovingly licking up all the semen from the base to the tip. She was a responsible servant, so this may have been more in accordance with her usual personality.

As her tongue moved longingly up and down its length, his erection grew to full size once more.

“Okay, Mila, that’s enough oral. I’ll put it in you now.”

“Are you sure?”

She sounded hesitant.

“I said not to worry about it, remember? And I want to have sex with you again.”

“Is that so?”

“Don’t blame us if you regret adding another girl to the- nhh?”

He silenced Llusse’s unnecessary comment with a kiss and gestured for Mila to climb onto his crotch.

“Then, um, I will take you up on your offer.”

“Go for it. But could you shut your eyes so it’s the same for you as for them?”


“Use your pussy to search out my dick and then put it in yourself. I just know it’ll turn you on.”

“I-if you say so.”

After a moment of embarrassed hesitation, she made up her mind and shut her eyes.

She got up on her knees without using her hands and moved her hips around in search of his cock.


(Ohh, this is great!)

She was tall, so seeing her from head on like this was powerful.

Especially when she had her legs spread and was moving her butt back and forth so she could take his cock into her pussy.

Her bent upper body suddenly straightened up and her breasts jiggled, making for another nice sight.

“You’re such a naughty girl, Mila.”

“D-don’t say that. I-it’s embarrassing.”

Her entire body flushed red, but she did not stop lowering her hips.

Finally, he saw his erection vanishing inside her.

“Ahh, you’re squeezing so tight.”

She was even more indecently hot inside than when he had taken her first time earlier.

That would be thanks to watching while he did it with the other three.

She placed her hands on his chest and began moving her hips as if to reveal the feelings hidden inside her.

Before long, she was vigorously hopping up and down on his cock.


“Ah…you’re going at it pretty hard.”

An impressive amount of love juices sprayed from their union.

Maybe it was a pheromone unique to animal people, but a fruity aroma filled the tent.

“Mila really sounds like she’s enjoying this.”

“She seems so different from normal.

“I wish I could see the look on her face right now.”

The sounds and smells had stimulated the other three’s imaginations, so they began moving their tongues even more passionately.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t get enough of you now, Hero?” Mila looked feverish as she dropped her crotch down over and over. “Can you tell, Hero? You’re in me so much deeper than before.”

She still had her eyes shut as instructed and she did her best to convey how she felt. She did it as lovingly as with the blowjob and she used her hot vaginal flesh to repay him for the pleasure.

Eventually, she reached the limit of what she could do on her own and begged him to thrust up into her as well.

“Please…ahh, please move? Please use your penis too.”

Unlike the first time they had done it, she was fully his now.

She openly begged for it.

“Mila…it’s like you’re a perfect match for him.”

“I want it too, Hero?”

“That’s right. You need to do all of us?”

The other three propped him up and pressed their boobs against his face.

In exchange, Mila lay down on her back so he was doing her in the missionary position.

(Ohhh, th-this is pretty great too.)

He was surrounded by tits. This camp had come full circle.

But since they could not see this time, their breasts were pressed even harder against him.

His face worked its way between them, so he could feel boobs in front of, to the side of, and behind his head! Not to mention his dick was inside Mila’s pussy!”



“How is this, Hero??”

They moved their tits up and down his skin like three elevators.

And as their faces passed by, they would lick at his earlobes and blow sweet breaths into his ears. It was overwhelming.


He could not escape the smooth and soft titty flesh no matter where he turned and Mila’s vagina was squeezing even more.

“I think we have the upper hand now?”

“Does Mila really feel that good?”

“Or is it our boobs?”

The titty girls all had their say.

Tianne brought her nipples together and pushed them into his mouth while Filia and Llusse continued squishing theirs against him and brought their fingers to his ass.

“That’s too much…I’m gonna cum.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. Mila hasn’t cummed yet.”

“That isn’t like you at all, Hero?”

He could feel fingers pushing into his ass, nipples in his mouth, and a wet pussy squeezing at his dick.

Pleasure ran through every last part of his body.

He could not believe how hot this sex party was. It felt so good he could die happy!

“Ohhhh…i-if all three of you are attacking me at once…I-I can’t help it!”

“I told you not to blame us if you regret it? It’s too late now and we’re only getting started?”


Llusse’s retort set his heart on fire.

4 against 1? Bring it on!

(I’ll show you the power of the Hero!)

He spread his arms to hold Llusse, Tianne, and Filia at once.

And he began an indiscriminate attack on the tits gathered before his eyes once more!

“Ah! So rough?”

“Ahh…that’s so good…ahh, ahhhn!”

“Wait, not so sudden…ahhn!”

Seeing an opening, he randomly licked and sucked at their nipples.

They could not predict the sweet sensation while blindfolded, so it easily had them moaning.

Their bodies were sensitive after orgasming several times already, so the surprise attack had them defeated in no time.

He thrust hard into Mila while sucking at three pairs of breasts.

“Ahh? Hero? More, more?”

The animal girl arched her beautiful back and shook her head while her long black hair spread beautifully out on the sheet.

“I’ll make all four of you cum at once!”

But their counterattack was incredible. They held him close and pressed their soft flesh against him and Mila’s vagina squeezed tight. His flesh cannon was going to go off if he let his guard down for a second.

He squeezed his eyes shut and focused his mind.

And he released it once their rhythms had become one.

“Ah…ah…I’m…going to cum! While I make all of you cum!”

“Ahh…l-let’s all cum together!”

“Ahh, I’m cumming…I’m cumming!”

“I’m cumming…ahh, I’m cumming!”

“Y-yes? With you, Hero…Herooooo?”

Filia, Llusse, Tianne, and Mila all climaxed.

The three surrounding him shook and his cock exploded with the same rhythm inside Mila.

“Ahh? Ahh? Your hot stuff…is inside me…ah, ahhh, it’s incredible? Ah, ahhhh? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhn???”

Mila climaxed with a scream while the Hero’s hot pathos was pumped inside her as a great torrent.

“Pant…pant…how was that!?”

Naoki felt superbly fulfilled. He gasped for breath and opened his eyes.


They were gone.

Filia, Llusse, and Tianne were gone. So was Mila when he had just been inside her!

“Eh? How is this possible?”

He had felt the body heat of all four of them just a second ago, but that was entirely gone.

In fact, he was surrounded by a white haze. He found himself in a world of fog and could not see anything at all.

“Wh-what is going on?”

The white fog slowly moved.

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