Tales of Harem: A Foursome! Fivesome! Sixsome! With Fantasy Girls!

Volume 1, Chapter 3 - Natalia’s Seduction
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Volume 1, Chapter 3 - Natalia’s Seduction

“The Hero’s power is even greater than I thought.”

Deep in a cave, someone stood before the remains of three monsters.

Her plan had been to creating an opening to steal the Hero for herself, but she had never imagined those ogres were would be defeated so easily. She had come running once she sensed the petrification had been released, but it had been too late by the time she arrived.

She crouched down and touched the burned corpses.

The flesh, skin, and even bone had been carbonized.

The traces of magic suggested unbelievably powerful fire magic had been used here.

“I thought only the nun girl could use magic in that party.”

But she had never heard of that nun wielding attack magic like this.

So the Hero must have helped her with his ability to power up women.

“That means the legends were true.”

Once her examination was complete, she followed the stalactite-filled path to the exit.

Outside the cave, the white petals of the many Fus flowers were glittering in the sunlight.

A mountain swallow skimmed the ground at the foot of the mountain. The fields and homes of the village Fus were visible past there. She lowered her gaze to the inn at the center of the small but prosperous village.

“Heh heh.” She laughed boldly even though her plot had failed. “Good. If his power is this great, he is of even more use to me. I will have him.”

Those three girls were disguised as a party of adventurers, but they were actually a search team sent out by the Lesdea Kingdom.

She had spied on their conversation with the Hero the day before.

But how to steal him back from them?

“First, I need to buy some time. I must keep the Hero in this village…no matter what it takes.”

A sweet aroma. Warmth.

Naoki awoke to find himself buried in soft boobs.

Filia and Tianne were clinging to him in the nude.

He left the bed while making sure not to wake them and found Llusse sleeping nearby with her bare butt in the air.

“What a strange way to sleep. God, and she’s even got her pussy out where I can see it.”

He smiled bitterly at this unexpected side of that sharp-tongued girl and placed a blanket over her.

Their wonderful foursome had continued until morning.

He had been on top and bottom, he had sucked and been sucked, and he had cummed inside them countless times.

He had at least filled them with five loads each.

“And I finished it off with a triple facial, didn’t I?”

Coating a beautiful woman’s face with semen would be a dream come true for any guy. He had never imagined something like that would happen to him…and it had been even better than that.

(I got to bukkake on three girls’ faces at once! It felt so damn good!)

He started to add that to his mental fap-material list, but then he stopped himself.

(How stupid am I!? I have actual girls to fuck now!)

Plus, these girls were unbelievably hot and they begged for his cum.

He could do it whenever he wanted to, so…

But then something occurred him.

(Hm? Wait. If they only wanted my cum to boost their power…)

Did that mean his job was done and they were going to chuck him into the trash!?

After their explanation, he had been imagining himself journeying with them to defeat the Demon Lord, but then it had turned out the “help” they wanted was what they did last night.

“Does that mean it’s all over!?”

The wonderfully embarrassing and erotic journey he had been imagining shattered in his mind.

“Oh, no. I should have done it more last night…no, that’s not the point! What am I going to do now?”

Would he be dumped out into this world he knew nothing about? He doubted they would be that heartless, so would they return him to his original world with magic?

(No, I can’t let that happen! I don’t want to go back!)

After his experience last night, going back would be a living hell. He could never do that!


He ran over to their bed to shake them awake, but he stopped when he saw how peacefully they were sleeping.

(W-well, it’s not like I have to ask them right away.)

He was also afraid to find out what their answer was, so this delay was a mixture of relief and anxiety.

At the same time, his stomach growled.

The recovery magic cast on him over and over last night must not have done anything about his hunger.

“This is an inn, so maybe they’ll fix me something if I ask.”

He got dressed quietly so as not to wake those three and then walked downstairs.

(I want to enjoy being in another world for as long as I can.)

“Weird. There’s no one around.”

The first floor of the inn felt entirely deserted.

He wandered around a bit, but did not see anyone there.

“Where did the innkeeper go?”

“My name is Natalia.”


Hearing a voice from directly behind him, he turned around to find the innkeeper smiling from the restaurant entrance.

“I would prefer if you used my name. Would you be willing to do that?”

She tapped the toes of her boots against the floor to knock the mud off of them.

“O-of course, N-Natalia.”

Calling an older woman by her first name was embarrassing. Especially when she was so beautiful.

She laughed as if she could see right through him.

“Hee hee. You’re blushing.”

“Eh!? Um, uh…a-a-a-a-anyway, what were you doing out?”

He was blatantly changing the subject, but instead of teasing him further, Natalia showed him the white flowers she held.

“I was picking some flowers near the cave. I thought it was about time for some new ones in the vases.”

“I-I see.”

“By the way, are you hungry by any chance? I can heat up some soup for you, so come on in.”

A nice aroma wafted from her long blonde hair as she passed him by on the way to the kitchen.

(Those three are great, but there’s something special about an adult charm too.)

She prepared the soup while he stared at her sex appeal.

While the soup was heating in the pot, she skillfully replaced the flowers in the vases around the inn. Once she was done with that, the delicious-looking soup was nice and hot.

She was a quick worker, but she also carried a warm, gentle, and calming atmosphere. She was tidy, she was skilled at housework, and (most of all) she was sexy.

(She would make the perfect wife.)

Once she was done with her work, she carried the soup out to the table, sat down next to him, and smiled as she watched him eat it. That part felt especially like a newlywed wife.

“How does it taste…honey?”


He just about spat out the soup in his mouth when she addressed him like he was her husband.


“What else can I call you when I don’t know your name?”

“I-it’s Naoki!”

“Naoki… I’ve never heard that name before, but it has a nice ring to it.”

“D-does it?”

He felt like she was leaning towards him, but he could not bring himself to turn toward her. He kept his eyes on the soup bowl to keep her from noticing how hard his heart was pounding while moving the spoon up to his mouth and back down.

“A fitting name for the Hero.”


He really did spit out the soup in his mouth when she hit him with that surprise attack.

“H-how do you know that!?”

Filia had not mentioned that in front of Natalia the day before.

When they had arrived at the inn, she had claimed they had happened across Naoki while he was stranded up in the mountains.

They had never said to keep it a secret, but that had led him to believe it must be one.

“This village is the Hero’s legendary starting place. When an unfamiliar boy appears from the mountain with the cave, anyone would make that connection. Also…”

She wiped the soup from the table with no sign of anger, offered him some water, and then gave a suggestive look up toward the ceiling before shutting her eyes in an embarrassed way.

“You were very – ahem – busy last night.”


(She noticed that!?)

This was painfully embarrassing.

Had she only heard the moans, or had she also heard the things he said?

Because he could remember some pretty cringey stuff he had said while getting carried away!

“Oh, um, about that…I’m so sorry for all the noise…and, um…”

He stammered, but then he remembered that his job as the Hero might already be over.

(Sigh. Will I never get to do anything like that again?)

“Oh? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, really. It’s just that being the Hero might just be a one-night thing. Ha ha.”

He tried to brush it off with some weak laughter.

Natalia stared silently at his sad face in profile before finally responding.

“Are you sure about that?”


She suddenly grabbed his hand in her gentle grip.

“You teenagers really go at it, don’t you? What I could hear left me too excited to sleep. And even now…look.”

He thought she was guiding his hand to her chest so he could feel the excited pounding of her heart.


But instead, she guided it up her skirt and into her underwear!

He felt the roughness of her bush. After the three smooth girls, that forced him to focus on the fact that she was an adult woman.

She had him part the hair damp with nectar and guided his fingers deeper inside that secret place that was trembling and full of heat. She licked her lips and whispered sweet words of seduction in his ear.

“I could never restrict myself to just one night.”

The innkeeper’s bedroom was at the far end of a hallway leading off from the restaurant.

She took Naoki there and then collapsed into the bed with him.


She was breathing heavily and her eyes were damp.

She did not even ask his permission before shoving her ample chest into his face.


He began to suffocate on the large breasts contained in her black bustier.

(Th-they’re so soft.)

In that soft titty ocean, he was swallowed up by waves of horniness that threatened to drown him.

“Get these clothes off of me. My body is burning up.”

“G-get them off you? But how?”

She was pressed against him in bed and holding his head to her chest, so he could not move much at all.

“Use your mouth.”

“My mouth?”

The open chest of her blouse left her bustier exposed, so she must have been telling him to do something about that.

(God, this is hot.)

The top of the bustier had frills to decorate her cleavage.

He bit at that and pulled the bustier down while feeling the warmth of her chest crawling along his face. Her heavy boobs finally popped out.

Her smooth and fine skin must have been an elf trait because it was just like Llusse’s.

Her breasts were also larger than he had imagined.

Tianne’s had been the largest last night, but these were even larger.

But while Tianne’s had a spherical shape that looked ready to burst, Natalia’s had a lovely bell shape. They were the same sort as Filia’s.

The nipples were a somewhat darker pink and the large areolae faded more gradually into the surrounding skin.

Drawn by the sweet aroma, Naoki began to suck at one of them.

He licked at the tip and rolled it around in his mouth while it grew more and more erect.

He held that meltingly soft flesh in his mouth to pull the mound fully out from her clothing.

“Ah, ahhh? Yes, more…pull them both out like that.”


When she asked him in between moans, he pulled the other breast out of her bustier as well.

“Ahhn…what a naughty way to dress.”

Having just her tits pulled out of her clothes made those large things look even more lewd than they would otherwise.

“I love it. It’s hot as hell.”

“Pant, pant. Then do that down here…as well?”

She turned her body around, straddled him, and stuck her butt out toward his face. Her skirt had ridden up her butt, revealing the black panties starting to wedge between the cheeks.

The many small mountains and valleys running along the crotch were no more than wrinkles in the fabric, but the one line running down the very center was created by the shape of the flesh hidden below.

(Natalia’s grownup pussy is under there!)

He pushed his face toward that line as instructed.

He bit at the already wet crotch and pulled hard to reveal the soaked crevice below the cloth.

She had beautiful reddish labia.

If not for the hair, it might have looked like a young girl’s. The developed inner labia barely stuck out from the slit.

(She told me to remove her panties, but how am I supposed to resist after seeing this?)

After only shifting the panties a little, he began to suck at her tempting vulva. However…

“No, you don’t get to touch that yet.”

Natalia got up and sat her butt down on his face.


She squeezed his face between her plump thighs and refused to let him do anything more. But her unbelievably soft inner thighs felt so nice he could not resist the urges filling him.

“B-but I can’t wait any longer.”

He remembered the facesitting Filia had done to him the night before, so his dick grew even harder.

“My, my. You really are young, aren’t you? Hee hee.”

She kept his head pinned between her butt and thighs as she worked to strip off his clothing.

She pulled up his shirt, pinched and teased his exposed male nipples, and reached for his pants buttons once he was writhing in pleasure.

“Incredible. So this is the Hero’s cock.”

She stared at the towering meatstick and then leaned forward.

(I-is she going to suck it?)

He thought she was going to give him a blowjob, but he was wrong about that.

Well, she was going to suck at a part of his body, but her lips did not reach his penis.


Cold saliva was rubbed onto his anus.

She gently stroked his erection with a hand while kissing his ass.

“Well? That feels good, doesn’t it?”

Her delicate tongue tip worked its way into his ass.

It felt unbearably good and his dick throbbed from the growing urge to ejaculate.

“No, nhh, if you cum now, I won’t let you put it in me.”

(N-no fair!)

She banned him from ejaculating, but showed no sign of letting up on the handjob or tongue attack.

“So how about you finish stripping me with your mouth?”

“Hhh, ghh!”

He literally clenched his teeth to bite at her panties.

Once he somehow got them down near her knees, she lifted one leg at a time to assist him.

“Ahh, I haven’t been this turned on in a while. The great Hero himself is stripping off my panties with his teeth.”

“H-hurry and let me put it in…I want it so bad.”

He was close to exploding, but he somehow managed to avoid it.

Over and over again, her tongue moved lasciviously back and forth between his anus and the base of his dick. She used the saliva from that to slide her fingertips along the shaft and head to skillfully drive his manhood to its limit.

(Ah…this is so good. Those three didn’t have technique like this!)

“Put it in me, put it in me” was all the three girls had said and “I’m cumming, I’m cumming” was all he had said.

Natalia’s action here showed that an adult like her was on an entirely different level from those children.

He sensed a danger of growing addicted to her sexual technique.

“Good. Now repay the favor.”

Once he had removed her panties and undone her skirt to fully bare her lower body, she finally gave him permission. But the repayment she asked for was not to penetrate her or kiss her pussy.

She slowly spread her large butt before his eyes and showed off the pink anus within.

(Th-this is a hell of a view.)

The adult woman showing off her adult hole like this made his erection all the harder.

But that was when he heard a voice from the restaurant.

“Hero? Where did you go?”

It was Filia.

“How strange. Where did he get off to?”

“Oh? He left a note here.”

Llusse and Tianne were there too. They had come down after waking up.

(A note?)

Before he could wonder any more about that, Natalia squashed his face below her butt.


“I wrote the note. It says you are going for a walk, so we can keep going here.”

She began to run her tongue along his ass again.

“Lick mine like I’m doing yours.”


He could not say no to her now. He did not have the mental strength left.

“Are you in here, Hero!?”

He could hear the other three walking around and calling for him from beyond the bedroom door.

But his focused was on the wet and lewd tongue on his ass and the soft butt pressed against his face. And that sexily twitching hole!

He moved his tongue with the same rhythm as Natalia’s.

“Yes, ahh, like that…good…go deeper.”

She pushed her tongue deeper and deeper as if to show him what she wanted done to her, so he responded in kind.

“Nhhh? Ahhhh? Kh…yes, forget all about those girls…and pleasure my ass instead. Ah, ahhhn, I’m…khh!”

She seemed to experience a few light climaxes from the pleasure of his tongue and the sense of superiority from taking him for herself while those girls searched for him. Each time, her butt would twitch and squeeze tight against his tongue. But not even that could stop him from pleasuring her further.

“He really isn’t around. Should we search outside for him?”

“Yes, and Mila should be arriving soon anyway.”

“God, where has he gotten off to!?”

Once they heard those three leaving and silence fell beyond the door, Natalia sat up and brushed back her hair.

“Pant, pant. I can’t wait a moment longer?”

She turned her body around again.

“Time for the main attraction.”


He had been waiting for this moment, so he answered with the enthusiasm of a trained dog.

She lifted her butt up high and then slowly lowered her crotch.

He could feel his dick sinking into her still-young flesh.

(Oh, wow. She’s eating my dick.)

It really did feel that way to him.

Once she had savored the penetration and pressed her hips against his, she sat up and grabbed his hands.

(Um…what is this?)

She intertwined their fingers with their lower bodies connected.

That seemed to bring their hearts closer together and he felt like he was being ruled by her since she was holding his hands from above. Llusse had been on top when she took his virginity, but this was even more powerful.

“Nh? Wow…you’re spreading my pussy so tight? You fucked all three of them last night, but you’re still so hard. That’s honestly impressive.”

She praised his toughness, but that also meant she still had her composure.

She smiled while beginning to move her hips.

“Do I leave something to be desired compared to those girls?”

“N-no, this feels amazing.”

That was not flattery – he truly meant it.

Being inside her felt like having her sticky vaginal walls gently hugging his dick.

“Hee hee. Then maybe I should show you what I can really do?”

Satisfied, she moved her hips up and down all the more. The fluids began to froth at their union.

“Hh, ahhh…what!?”

He thought his cock was going to melt from the intense sticky friction.

He wanted to cum, but he also wanted to experience this forever!

He was trapped by that male dilemma.

“I-I won’t last long like this, so can’t you go a little easier on me?”

“Nooope? You’re young, so you can do it?”


His erection cried out in protest within that sticky heat and he gave voice to that cry.

“Well, if you want it to end, you can always cum. Right??”

(I don’t want to cum…I want to be inside her forever!)

She had teased him for so long and now she was exposing him to such intense pleasure. He felt like she had been manipulating him this entire time.

He did everything he could to avoid ejaculating so he could experience her superb adult technique for as long as possible.

Her hips movements caused her large breasts to jiggle elegantly up and down.

When she lowered her hips, the melting sweetness inside her grew while she freely either squeezed or loosened up her pussy to stimulate every part of the trapped cock as she saw fit.

She held his hands even tighter to increase the sense of oneness, so her pleasure became his pleasure and it all melted together.

“Ah, ahh…Natalia! Natalia! This is so good!”

“Yes, yes! It really is! Ahhhhhhhhn!”

He had been embarrassed to use her first name before, but now he shouted it at the top of his lungs and she responded.

If not for his days of masturbating and his experience the night before, he would have cummed right away, but now he somehow managed to fight the never-ending torrent of pleasure.

But his resistance had its limits.

(I-I can’t stop it! I really am going to cum!)

Natalia realized his limit was approaching too.

“Y-you’re squeezing so tight!”

“Ah, ahh…I’m cumming! Yes, cum inside me!”

She squeezed the base of his cock as tight as she could and then lifted her hips with that pressure still in place before dropping her hips back down and repeating the process.


The pleasure hit him over and over!

But his moans were blocked by the tits pressed against his face.

She lay down on top of him while whispering and blowing her hot breath in his ear.

“Cum. Give me every last drop!”


He ejaculated inside her just as she demanded.

The semen was released with more pleasure than ever before.


He let out a voiceless cry of ecstasy as he pumped all that hot stuff inside her womb, causing her entire body to tremble. The fingers intertwined with his squeezed even tighter at his hands.

“Pant, pant. So this is the Hero’s semen.”

She tried to catch her breath while she lifted her hips and let the white fluid drip down onto his penis head like soft serve ice cream.

After fixing her hair, she lay down alongside him.

“How was it?”

“L-like a dream come true.”

When he answered in a spellbound way, she smiled a little and ran her tongue along his thing to lick up the remaining semen like it was the most delectable treat.

“Hey, how about you live here from now on?”


His was surprised when she addressed the very thing that had been bothering him.

(So I would be living in this village with her and I could do this with her every day?)

That was a very attractive offer and he felt his resolve shaken when he stared into her eyes.

But then a deafening sound reached them from outside the inn and the ground itself shook.

“A-an earthquake!?”

Naoki immediately rolled on top of Natalia to protect her, but the shaking soon stopped.

However, the boom preceding it had been unusually loud.

(Are they okay!?)

He thought of the three girls who had left the inn.

He rolled out of the bed and threw on his clothes.

“I-I’m going to go check on them! It might be dangerous, so you wait in here, Na- innkeeper!”


She tried to stop him, but he ran from the inn.

“That way!?”

He ran in the direction of a cliff just outside the village.

The sky above that was yellow with a cloud of dirt.

Once there, he spotted some red hair atop the cliff on one side of the valley.

(That’s her! Thank goodness she’s safe!)

He spotted a trail up the side and climbed up to meet her.

He was out of breath once he arrived and he found the swordswoman stretching up to look far in the distance.

“Filia! Are you okay? What happened?”

“Oh, Hero! I was so worried!”

Her face lit up as she turned around.

But she soon wiped away that smile of relief and spread her arms and pointed to the view visible from the cliff.

“Look at that.”


He gasped because the road (or what had probably been a road) running through the narrow valley between the two cliffs had been buried under dirt and rock.

“The one road out of the village has been blocked off. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like anyone was caught in the collapse.”

According to Filia, the three girls had arrived at a clearing near here while searching for him and decided to test out their boosted power. That was when the landslide had happened.

“Where are the others?”

“They’re fine. They both had their own- oh, Tianne’s back. Over there.”

She pointed toward the bottom of the cliff.

He looked down to see Tianne leading a few men from the village to the entrance of the blocked valley.

“What is she going to do?”

“Heh heh. Just watch.”

Filia laughed in a suggestive way.

After discussing something with the villagers, Tianne raised her staff, recited an incantation, and produced a bright flash of light.

A powerful shockwave made it all the way to the top of the cliff and the tremor in the air struck Naoki’s cheek.

The cloud of dust was cleared away and the dirt and rocks below were eliminated.

“Th-that’s so powerful.”

The landslide continued to the far end of the valley and she had not cleared it all away, but that had looked much more powerful than a dynamite blast to Naoki.

“And that’s while she holds some of her power in reserve. If she unleashed it all, she could break all the way through the landslide…but that might cause secondary damage.”

The smaller boulders and stones that remained were loaded onto a cart by the villagers. Once they were done with that, Tianne began her incantation again.

With a sound like a bazooka blast, she blew a giant hole in the rocky debris, sending dirt flying into the air.

They slowly but surely cleared the valley road like that.

“The road should be clear in two days’ time like this. It can’t get to us until then, but our wagon is actually already here.”


Filia pointed into the distance again.

A single wagon could be seen turning back at the far end of the blocked road.

“Yes, another party member bought that wagon at a market a short distance from here to pick us up. We were supposed to leave with her today, but…plans change.”

She shrugged and sighed.

Come to think of it, he had heard Filia mention something like that while he was busy having fun with Natalia.

“So I just told her to come back in two days.”

(Told her? How did she tell that distant wagon something?)

It only looked like a speck at this distance.

He was about to ask about that, but then he remembered another problem.

“Oh, right! What am I…going to do after this?”

“Is something wrong?”

“No, um, it’s just…I’ve already powered you up, right? Since you’re done with me, I thought maybe you wouldn’t need me around anymore…I guess…”

His words sounded so lonely and he trailed off at the end, but she gave him an incredulous look.

“What are you talking about?”


“You will be coming with us! Our first job is to take you to the royal capital.”


“History says it was the Hero’s support that allowed our Lesdea Kingdom to defeat the Demon Lord 300 years ago! All the soldiers are awaiting your arrival.”

“W-wait! I don’t know how to command an army!”

His relief proved fleeting because this was sounding much bigger than he had ever imagined.

But she laughed with delight when she saw how flustered he was.

“No, Hero! Thanks to the legends of the Hero’s visit, all the combat positions in Lesdea’s army are staffed by…women.”


It was his turn to give her an incredulous look, but she said nothing more as if he should be able to figure out what this meant.

(All the soldiers are women? And they’re waiting for me? Does that mean…!?)

This was more than just a delightfully erotic adventure. He had a feeling it would be more wonderful than he could even imagine.

“Ohhhhh! Now we’re talking!”

You would never think he had been in such poor spirits just a bit ago and Filia laughed again.

“You are such a strange person. Just when I think you’ve lost all confidence, you’re brimming with excitement.”

“Eh? R-really?”

He tensed when he realized how much of that he had let show.

“Yes, really. Like yesterday. You seemed so nervous at first.”

Was that what this was about?

“O-only because you three were so bold!”

“Bold? I was so nervous I thought my heart was going to burst.”


He tilted his head because it had not looked that way at all.

“Really.” She argued her case. “It took a lot of courage to approach you like that, but Tianne insisted that it would be rude to you if we were too passive after asking you to do it.”

He looked down at the nun working to clear the landslide at the bottom of the cliff.

That made sense.

“Llusse, being Llusse, did not agree on that point.”

That too made sense.

But he was still surprised. Filia was discussing all this so cheerfully and without any hesitation, so had she really been so nervous last night?

“Anything can be transformed into anything,” she said out of the blue.

“Anything can…what?”

“That’s a lesson I learned from my sister. She’s an alchemist.”

“An alchemist!?”

“Yes, and a good one too. Compared to her, I was so shy and couldn’t do anything right.”

His eyes widened.

He was partially curious about the existence of a fantasy occupation like alchemist, but he was mostly having trouble thinking of Filia as shy.

“A long time ago, I was crying because I hated who I was and she used that saying to cheer me up. After that, I worked up the courage to leave my hometown and volunteer as a soldier.”

And that must have led to here.

He felt like he understood now why she took such a positive view of everything.

“I really did manage to change!”

She spread her arms and spun around, her ponytail drawing a fluttering circle around her.

Just as he was noticing how cute that was, she tensed her jaw and drew the sword at her hip.


At first, he had no idea what she had done or what had happened, but after she sheathed her sword, the top half of the giant boulder next to her slid away.


The cut was so sharp it was like she had sliced through butter!

(That’s superhuman!)

His eyes widened.

“That is thanks to you, Hero.”

“The power up, you mean!? Wait, is that what you meant when you said you’ve changed!?”

“No, it isn’t just that.”

She took his hand and sat down on the flat surface created by the cut boulder.


She tugged him off balance and caught his face with her soft breasts.


“Last night, I felt like we could accomplish anything together. I was so happy you had accepted us, so please don’t talk about us being ‘done with’ you.”

Her hands crawled gently along his back.

“We need you. We have adored you since long before you were even born.”

She held him close and whispered in his ear, so he could sense her feminine aroma and warmth.

“Will you please do it here?”

“A-as in right here?”

“This is the perfect spot for it.”

Heat filled her breaths and her hand rubbed at his crotch.


The touch of her feminine fingers through his pants caused it to quickly grow hard.

But Tianne and the villagers were still at the bottom of the cliff. Could they really do it here?

“My sister’s words changed me. I had no courage, I was so shy, and I couldn’t do anything right, but I worked my way up until I was given the mission of welcoming you to our world. And now that I’ve met you…”

She rubbed her breasts against his face and pulled up the cloth covering them.

“I can do things like this? Ahh.”

Her moans of pleasure echoed out into the open air and the midday sun shined down on her large breasts.

“Will you please suck them, Hero?”

He just about sucked at those erect nipples like she asked, but he stopped himself at the last second.

He recalled how Natalia had denied him what he wanted for so long.

He also recalled he had rushed into everything they let him do the night before.

(If a shy girl can turn into the Filia I know…can I change too?)

He suppressed his urge to rush things and instead placed his hands on her shoulders to slowly push her onto her back on the flat boulder.

“While we’re at it, how about you give me a good look?”

Not only was her body fit due to being a swordswoman, but she had the best figure of the three. Her upper body was slender, her waist was skinny, and her legs were long.

The breasts shining bright in the light of the sun were pulled slightly to either side by gravity, but they maintained their beautiful shape.

“Ahh…kh! Th-this is so embarrassing.”

She narrowed her eyes and her body trembled from the tingling pleasure filling her.

“You’re so beautiful…and lewd too.”

“Ahh…m-making me wait like this…is torture, Hero.”

“Yeah, I can’t wait much longer either, but I also want to look a little longer too.”

His eyes crawled along her body like he was viewing a butterfly pinned down in a collection.

“Ahh…h-how is this turning me on so much when you aren’t even touching me!? H-Hero, p-please…ahh?”

“Wait just a little more.”

With that, he lifted up the sarong hanging from her hips.

The bikini bottom she wore below was too wet to soak up any more of her love juices, so the indecent drops were dripping down onto the boulder her butt was resting on.

He placed his palm in between her two legs. Through the fabric, he could feel a vortex of wet sexual heat and flesh twitching in joy at finally being touched.

The sticky nectar felt cold and the soft inner labia were shockingly warm.

He pressed his hand against her without moving to enjoy that temperature difference.

“Ahh…ahhh…your hand is so warm.”

Her hips danced as she rubbed her soaked crotch against his palm.

Then he grabbed the crotch of her underwear and pulled it aside to reveal her pussy.


The chilly air reached that heated area, eliciting a moan from her.

The pink flesh trembled while the hole dripped with sex juices. The juices came out with the same rhythm as her breasts moving up and down with her breathing.

“Wow…you’re already this wet. You’re horny as fuck, Filia.”

A bird resembling a black kite flew by overhead and the villagers could be heard shouting instructions to each other down at the bottom of the cliff.

At the same time, this girl here had her tits and her pussy exposed to the sunlight…which only aroused her further.

“Pant, pant…this is so exciting, Hero? And kind of embarrassing.”

“Let’s make it even more embarrassing.”

He got some of her love juices on his finger and inserted it into her vagina.

She accepted his finger without any resistance, so he pushed it deep inside her.

After last night, he knew the point below a woman’s navel was extremely sensitive, so he attacked her there.

“Ah, ahhh! Th-that’s so good! Ahn! Ahhh! But my voice…my voice! Hh, hh…they’ll hear!”

“Wouldn’t it be pretty hot if they did?”

He teased her while sticking a second finger inside her.

Then he stuck a third one inside to stir up her pussy that was filled with hot nectar.

“Hyagh! Ahhn! Hhh…hhhhn! My pussy…my pussy is melting! Ahh?”

She could not restrain her voice and her moaning echoed out from the cliff top.

But the villagers below did not seem to hear it.

Loading up and transporting the rubble made so much noise they failed to notice the indecent act going on above them.

It looked like they could get a little more adventurous.

“Place your hands here.”

He flipped her over so she was on all fours atop the boulder.

He pulled down his pants, pulled out his erect cock, slid it through the love juices soaking her butt, and then pushed it into her wide-open pussy.

“Ahh…ahhhhn! The Hero’s cock…ah, ahh…is inside me? So deep inside me!”

To enjoy his dick even more, she pushed her butt back like a stretching cat.

But he would not let her lie down. He took her arms and pulled back on her upper body while thrusting into her from behind.

With each thrust, more love juices dripped onto the boulder, creating wet stains.

Her bell-shaped tits jiggled up and down at the same time.

“Ahhh! I-incredible, Hero! I-I’ve never felt anything so good!”

It was a complete coincidence, but lifting her up while doing her from behind had altered the angle of his penis inside her, causing it to push against the weak point on the stomach side of her vagina that he had been reaching with his fingers before. That pushed her pleasure even higher.

“Your cock is…hitting me just right! Ahh, ahhhn! Ahhhhhhhh!”

It excited him to see her so lost in pleasure.

He pulled her body back against his and grabbed her jiggling tits to fondle them!

“Ahhhhh, that’s…so good…ahh, ahn! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Y-yes!”

She was at his mercy. Not only was he directly attacking her weak point, but his tight hold on her body kept her from even moving her hips how she wanted. She had no outlet for the urge to writhe in pleasure that was racing around her body.

The pinpoint strike of his penis head hit her most sensitive point over and over like a heavy bombing.

“That’s too good, Hero! Ahh! Ahhhn! I-I’m going crazy?”

“You’re so damn hot and cute, Filia. But look down below. That’ll turn you on even more.”


That made her realize that she had moved into a position where her naked body would be visible from the bottom of the cliff. Her raised upper body, the boobs being fondled in his grasp, her pleasure-addled expression, and maybe even her pussy taking his cock deep inside would be seen by any villager that happened to look up.

“It doesn’t look like any of them have noticed yet, but how long will that last?”

He sped up his thrusting as if pushing her further and further forward.

“Ah, ahhh! No…a-any closer and…th-they’ll see!”

“Let them see. You’re the one that wanted to do it out here, remember?”

He refused to listen as he thrust harder to rattle her as he hit her on the inside.

“Ahhhhhhhh! Wait, wait! They’ll see, they’ll see, they’ll seeeee!”

“Ugh…s-so tight!”

Her pussy trembled and squeezed shut.

Her sticky love juices flowed down his shaft, pushing him even closer to ejaculation. His climax had arrived.

He squeezed her breasts and used all his strength to hold her in place.

“I’ll cum inside you, Filia! Show them how you cum when semen fills your pussy!”


She tried to clench her teeth, but it was wasted effort. When she felt his male meat throbbing inside her squeezing vagina, her womb lowered in order to reach climax herself.

“Ahh, if you cum now…I really will…ahh, ahhh…scream. They’ll hear!”

Their flesh slapped rhythmically together as he shifted to thrust straight up inside her so he could hit her lowered womb.

“Let them hear what it sounds like when your pussy swallows up cum!”

“Ahhhh…no…but, ah, ahhhn! Ahn? Give it to me! Give me your hot and thick stuff? Squirt it all out inside me!”

Her rational inhibitions fell away and she began to shout.

Her upper body shook in his arms.

He held her tight while making his final attack with just as much strength.

“I’m cumming, Filia!”

“Ahhh…please do! Please cum! Cum enough to knock me up!”

The hot goo squirted out into her womb.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh! I’m cumming! Incredible…your semen is shooting up inside me, ahh, ahhh! Inside me, inside me! I’m cummiiiiiing!”

The penis head sealed the entrance to her womb to prevent any from getting out, turning her womb into a sticky white ocean.

Once she went limp, he lowered her gently onto the boulder’s flat surface and looked down to see the villagers continuing their work. None of them had noticed.

(It’s amazing what people will overlook.)

He was already thinking about how much further he could go next time.

Meanwhile, he pulled his dick out of her to find it was soaked with quite a lot of love juices. His semen flowed back out of her vagina like spring water.

“Thank you, Filia. That was great. Um…it helped cheer me up.”

“Pant, pant. I would say that was too much cum, but that was a lot of love juices from me too. But I’m glad this helped, Hero?”

They exchanged bright smiles.

Until they were interrupted by a rustling in the bushes behind them.

It was Llusse who stepped out from the thicket there.

“It really was just a landslide. I took a look around and didn’t notice anything suspicious, so…wait, what are you doing!?”

Her eyes widened at the unexpected scene and got after Naoki like he knew she would.

“We were looking for you! And now I find you were back here doing this!?”

“U-um, uh!”

“Oh, welcome back, Llusse?”

Naoki panicked and covered his crotch, but Filia covered up nothing as she lay on the boulder in a daze.

“You too, Filia! I can’t believe you would do this on your own. …Still, I am glad nothing happened to you.”

Llusse breathed an exasperated sigh but then looked up like she had just remembered something.

“Oh, right. I found something curious in the mountains. I will be borrowing him.”

Without asking, she took his hand and walked back into the bushes.

Filia finally got up to try and stop her.

“Hey, Llusse, hold on!”

“You go help Tianne clean up!”

Llusse brushed her off and continued deeper and deeper into the mountains.

After a few minutes of dragging him along an animal path through the underbrush, they arrived in an area with enough taller trees to block out the sunlight. Their surroundings grew darker and darker.

“H-hey, where are you taking me? What was it you found?”

“You don’t get to complain when you were off having sex while people were out searching for you.”

“…Fair enough.”

He could only obediently follow her when she put it like that.

“Not far now,” she eventually said.

Then the view opened up.


There was a small clearing in the middle of the thick forest.

A large fallen tree lay in the center.

The fallen tree was so covered in moss it blended into the green of the surrounding grass, making it look like a large natural hill.

“Lightning must have struck it long ago. You find places like this in the mountains sometimes.”

“It’s incredible.”

Porn was about the only media Naoki consumed, so he could not help but stare at the beautiful scene.

That was partially due to the white flowers growing across the entire clearing.

The sunlight shined down in just this one area, so it lit everything up like a spotlight. The beautiful light combined with the thin fog hanging over the mountain created a mystical scene.

It was also incredibly gorgeous.

If the fallen tree was viewed as a bed, it almost looked like a natural hotel suite.

“When mountain elves ask for someone’s hand in marriage, they find a place like this and invite their partner there.”

“Huh, that’s neat.”

He could see why. Brightly colored butterflies fluttered around the flowers and cute animals similar to squirrels sat on the tree branches, curiously observing the sudden visitors.

(It’s like something from a fairy tale!)

He viewed it in awe until Llusse sat on the fallen tree and called over to him.

“Come here.”


“I’m telling you to sit next to me.”

She blushed and patted next to herself.

He sat there as told.

He thought she was going to say something, but she instead pouted her lips in a grumpy look.

Then she asked him something.

“You don’t have any thoughts at all after what I just told you?”

Her tone was a lot meeker than usual and she had the look of a sullen child.

“What you just told me? All you said was that elves bring people here to- ah!”

Was that what she was trying to say!?

“Eh? No, um…”

Was that really it?

And did he really have such a sweet relationship with her!? He was certainly not opposed to the idea and having a wife sounded wonderful, but still!

“I-I appreciate the thought, but don’t you think it’s a little soon to p-propose to me!?”

Her fist landed a clean hit on his grinning face.

“You idiot! This is not a proposal! I’m a city elf!”

“A-a city elf?” he asked while rubbing his throbbing nose.

“City elves leave their elf village to live in a big city with humans and other species. I live in Lesdea’s royal capital. It’s just that I always wanted to try out those forest elf customs just once. You get what I mean, don’t you!? Besides, why would ''I'' be the one to propose here? I don’t even l-love you.”

(So I was wrong. …Hm? Was she saying I was supposed to propose to her!?)

That was an exciting idea too.

But she scared him, so he decided against asking about it.

“C’mon, scoot closer. You said you didn’t have elves in your world, right? Then I need to teach you all about us, don’t I? You’d better appreciate it!”

“I do, I do.”

He still did not understand, but he knew better than to disagree with her. Then she scooted her butt over even further and leaned her shoulder against his.

“Eh? W-whoa!”

He lost his balance and collapsed onto his back while the elf’s light body lay down on top of him.

She was close enough for her heavy nasal breathing to reach him and she stared at him with damp eyes.

“I need to punish you for making such a dumb misunderstanding.”

(Y-you too!?)

First Filia and now Llusse!

She mercilessly stripped him, first pushing up his shirt and pressing her thumbs against his nipples. Light pleasure raced through him and her tongue soon followed.


She pulled his shirt from his arms and let it drop to the ground before she started loosening his pants.

She pulled his thing out and soothed it with one hand while twisting her body around to skillfully strip her own clothes off with the other hand.

“What, will you do it with Filia, but not with me?”

“I-I never said…th-that.”

Now nude, she straddled him and slowly lowered her hips.

His erection was slowly swallowed by her hot honeypot.

“Let me teach you what elves consider romantic.”

“Th-the location is romantic, but I’m not so sure about the rest.”

“Oh, shut up!”

She began moving her hips more intensely as if to punish him for his retort.


“Besides, are you saying you could make sex more romantic than this? You have some nerve!”

She placed her hands on his chest while lifting her hips and dropping them back down. She was more trying to torment him with excessive pleasure than making herself feel good.

Her sexual flesh squeezed and sucked at his cock and she smirked at how much his face was twisted in pleasure.

She apparently loved doing it this way.


But Naoki still had some pride as a man, so he did not want to have her mock him for cumming while entirely at her mercy.

He tried to fight it, but the cowgirl position gave her the upper hand.

She lifted her butt up high and then used her own weight to slam her pussy down at him.

Her sweetly sticky flesh moved rapidly back and forth along the full length of his cock.

“Th-that’s too good!”

“Oh, dear. Am I too much for a guy who was a virgin just yesterday?”

(Y-you were a virgin yesterday too!)

Come to think of it, she had been on top her first time as well.

This position had to be a perfect match for her personality. Her hip movements showed she knew on an instinctual level how to dominate a man.

She also seemed to be teasing him by showing off how her labia pushed and pulled every time his dick moved in and out of her.

(Riding a cock like that is more than just romantic…kh…I have to fight back!)

He reached up for her jiggling tits and pinched the upwards-pointing nipples.


Right when she stopped moving, he took her arms and pulled to press her large chest against his face.

(Ohh…this rules!)

But this was not enough to satisfy him. He had further plans.

First, he adjusted the angle of his dick inside her. Yes, he had learned this trick having sex with Filia earlier. She was facing him, so this time he ended up hitting the spot just behind the cervix instead of just in front of it.


Her entire body shook in response. It was working!

“Wh-what was that weird feeling?”

She tried to get up in surprise, but he made another deep attack.

The pressure to the butt side of her vagina stimulated her on that end of things.

“Ahhhn! Wait…wh-what!? I can feel that deep in my butt?”

The unfamiliar pleasure caused her to tremble as if from an electric jolt.

He sucked and licked at the breasts jiggling before his eyes.

“Ah, ahh…wait, what are you doing!? Nh, ahhh!”

She tried to pull away to regain control, but he did not let her. He held her tightly against him.

“You wanted it to be romantic, didn’t you?”

He stared into her eyes and stole her lips without hesitation.

“You id- hh, nhhh…nh, nh?”

His tongue ran wild in her sealed mouth.

He kissed her over and over and exchanged saliva with her. Her body gradually relaxed and she obediently accepted his embrace.

Her melted eyebrows lowered and she became an active participant in the kissing.

“Nhh, nh…ahhh? You have some nerve for a recent virgin.”

“You only have yourself to blame for taking that virginity.”


His smug line put a blush on her face, but he sealed her lips once more and gently sucked on her tongue. He was thrusting up into her all the while, gradually increasing the strength.

“Ah, ahhh! Ahh? Th-that…ah? That just keeps getting better and better! I-it’s like you’re thrusting over into my butt…nh, nh, ahhh? I-I think I like it!”

“I’ll do it for you any time, so like it all you want. I like it too because it puts such a cute look on your face.”

“D-don’t make fun of- ah, ahhhn?”

He pushed his erection against her inside so she would remember this pleasure. It was a form of sexual training. He was making his mark on her elf pussy.

She squeezed tight so the full force of his thrusting would reach her. And the full pleasure too!

“Kyahhhh! Ah, ahh! Kh…I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

“Go ahead and cum, Llusse! Let me see your orgasm face!”

“N-no! I don’t want to cum alone…ah, ah, ah? Ahhhh?”

She could not stop her body from trembling in his arms, but she still desperately fought the approaching climax. She apparently thought it would be humiliating to cum first.

She was so close to giving in and he spoke the killing words.

“Show me the look elves show their lovers when they’re being ‘romantic’, Llusse.”

“Ah, ahh, ah? No fair…i-if you say that, I can’t help but- ah, ahhh.”

She wrinkled her brow, looked up, and bit her upper lip.


Her vagina trembled and contracted. She had orgasmed.

Even as she came, she clung to and kissed him while rubbing her chest against him as if to keep the maddening intoxicating feeling from escaping her.

“I’ll make you cum more than that!”

He thrust his hips up even more.

“Ahh…ahhhhn! Ahhh? Yes? You’re hitting me so deep…and rubbing against my womb! Ah, ghhh! I-I’m going to go crazy! I-it’s so good I’m going to go crazyyyyyy!”

She continued to orgasm while the tongue he had sucked from her mouth wandered in the air and dripped with saliva and while sexual fluids dripped from her wet pussy.

Her body shook and writhed in his grasp while she moaned in pleasure over and over.

“I’m cumming! Yes, ahhh? More, ahhhn? Make me cum more! Hhhn! I love this! I hate to admit it, but I do…I love it! Ah, ahh?”

“I’m going to cum soon too.”

He adjusted his aim as he prepared to finish.

He directed his penis head for her cervix so he could pump semen into her womb.

“G-give me your cum! Fill me with it! I want to cum from your cum!”

“Cumming right up! Don’t spill a drop!”

“Ahh? Ahn? Ahn? I’m cumming, I’m cumming again…ahh, again? Ah, ahhh?”

“Llusse, Llusse…Llusse, ohhhhh, Llusse!”

An unbelievable amount of love juices flowed from her climaxing pussy. The flesh inside twitched and shook while her entire vagina worked to make him ejaculate.

She began to move her hips again, but now she was seeking her own pleasure, not trying to torment him. She moved them up and down in time with his thrusting.

Hips slapped against hips and sexual fluids scattered from the point of union.

“I’m cumming, Llusse!”

“Yesssssssss! Nhh, ah, ahhh! So much cum inside my pussy! Ah, ahhh…I-I’m cumming again! Ah, ahh! Nhhh?”

She turned her melted face toward heaven and tears of joy fell down her cheeks as she began her final climax.

“I won’t tell the others how cute you are when you cum especially hard,” he whispered in her ear.

She responded with a kiss.

They had sex several more times, but once the sky began to turn red, they quickly made their way back.

“We need to be back before it gets dark out.”

Llusse hurried down the mountain.

The mountain forest was dark and dangerous enough during the day, so they wanted to reach the valley.

They took a route that followed a river back to the village.

But while the elf could descend the slope like it was nothing, Naoki was afraid he would trip and fall to his untimely demise.

“And you call yourself the Hero? You really are pathetic.”

“How am I supposed to get down from here!?” he shouted while clinging with both hands to a tree trunk growing from a nearly vertical cliff face.

But her answer was much less sweet than when they were having sex.

“How? You just have to climb down. Or jump straight down.”

“I-I can’t do that!”

He strained his eyes in the dim light

It looked about 2 or 3 meters to the bottom of the steep slope.

That might not be all that tall, but it was still terrifying when visibility was poor.

“You’ll be fine! Here, I’ll catch you!”

“That doesn’t make me feel much better…”

Just then, the bark of the tree audibly tore away.


His arms flailed wildly as he tumbled down!!

Llusse’s cloak fluttered behind her as she made a great leap, caught him in midair, and landed.

The next thing he knew, he was held to her chest in a princess carry.


She seemed a lot more heroic than him right now.

He felt really awkward as she lowered him to the ground and scratched her head.

“Well…that was partially my fault for rushing you. C’mon, shape up!”

She slapped him on the back and resumed walking like nothing had happened.

(Is she softening a little bit? Maybe?)

Was that thanks to them getting romantic in the elf way?

He followed her while wondering about that.

The mountain stream continued straight from there. The moonlight reflected off of its gentle current and bugs could be heard chirping from the grass, making for a pleasant scene.

They walked side by side along the riverside until Llusse suddenly held a hand out in front of him to stop him.


Only then did he notice someone in the river up ahead. Only their shoulders and head were sticking out and it looked like they were holding their breath.

Llusse swiftly crouched down and hid behind a nearby rock and she gestured for Naoki to do the same.

(Oh, I get it.)

She had said she was searching the mountain to discover what had caused the landslide.

That meant she thought a monster or servant of the Demon Lord might have done it.

She had found no signs of that, but it was possible they had remained hidden until now.

(What if this turns into a fight!?)

He trembled behind the rock, but then the tension drained from Llusse.

When he looked closer, realized he recognized the person in the river.

“Oh, it’s just Tianne.”

Was she bathing? She was scooping up water and pouring it over her shoulders with a relaxed expression.

(She did work all day long.)

Meanwhile, he had spent all day having sex.

He felt bad about that, but he also could not keep his eyes off her here.

The water glittering in the starlight poured down her smooth skin and down into the cleavage between her large breasts. Disappointingly, the rest of her was hidden in the river.

Llusse noticed him leering and tugged on his clothes.

“Let’s go. Peeping is a bad habit.”

“I-I wasn’t trying to peep.”

“Liar. You were staring as hard as you could.”

“Only because it’s dark and I couldn’t tell who it was!”

They argued back and forth in whispers.

But she was right and they had to leave. If he was alone, he might have stayed to watch, though.

“Is she really safe here all alone?”

“She is. The village isn’t far, so- you don’t give up, do you!?”

“I didn’t mean it like that! I really am worried about her.”

Another whispered argument broke out.

Then he heard some splashing water as Tianne stood up from the river.


He turned that way on reflex.

He had seen Tianne naked last night, but that was a sight he would welcome any number of times.

And there was something special about it when she was completely unguarded like this.

“See, you were trying to peep!”

Llusse grabbed his head and turned it away from Tianne.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! L-let go! I only turned because I heard a noise!”

They began to physically grapple this time.

Then they heard a sweet and longing voice mixed in with the flowing of the river.


Thinking he had been caught, his heart skipped a beat and he tensed, but that was not what had happened.

“Ahh…not even bathing was enough to extinguish this heat. I just can’t stop thinking about him.”

Still standing, Tianne came to a stop and reached a hand toward her crotch.

She produced a wet sound much stickier than the river.

Her lovely fingers rubbed at her vulva situated just above the flowing water.


His heart skipped another beat upon seeing her masturbate to the thought of him.

“Ah, ahh…first yesterday and now today…nh? I keep having to extinguish this flame on my own…nh, khh!”


Hadn’t they been together all night? But then it hit him.

He had cummed on her face when she summoned him.

Thinking back, the arousing effect of the Hero’s semen must have affected her then too.

She must have suppressed the growing desire within herself and then found some place to masturbate like crazy either immediately after they brought him to the inn or in the time before she and the other two came to his room!

And yet she had ended up the last to get his dick during their foursome that night.

Even if the masturbation had provided some relief, that could not have been easy. He recalled how she had cut in line to kiss him. This must have been why.

(I feel bad now.)

And it was happening again tonight.

He had made her wait all day long, so she had needed to take matters into her own hands here.

Then he felt a shove on his back.

“I will head back first!”

He looked back to see Llusse standing up.

She would not look him in the eye and turned away from him while scratching bashfully at her nose.

“Don’t stay out too late.”

With that, she vanished beyond the bushes.

“H-hey! What’s gotten into-”


Tianne spoke up in surprise when she saw him staggering out onto the riverside.

She covered her chest with one arm and her crotch with a hand held between her thighs.

“Y-you saw?”


He was unsure what to say when she asked that.

But she took his silence as a yes and frantically defended herself.

“I-I’m only, um…don’t get the wrong idea! I…don’t usually do this kind of thing!”

The way she blushed and tried to deny it was really cute, so he felt a stirring in his crotch.

“After all the sex we had yesterday, I don’t see why this should bother you.”

“B-but this is different…”

“And what is ‘this’ exactly?”

“Well, um…”

She tried to find the words, but eventually gave up on finding another way to phrase it.

“D-doing it myself!”

That was the least vulgar way she could find to say it, but saying it only made her more embarrassed. The flushing on her face spread down to her chest as well.

“Masturbating is nothing to be ashamed of. I did it every day in my world.”


(Wait, what am I saying!?)

She had looked ready to die of embarrassment, so he had wanted to cheer her up.

But now he was the one ready to die of embarrassment!

(Tianne was right. Masturbation and sex are completely different things!)


Hadn’t he lived for masturbation?

His incomprehensible pride in that fact reared its ugly head here.

“Everyday is putting it lightly. I did it 10 times a day and I was training to do even more than that!”

He stripped off his clothes while making this passionate argument out of the blue. Tianne watched in shock as he began stroking his erect cock.


“You weren’t done yet, were you? I’ll join you.”

He had never masturbated with a girl before, so he had to wonder what that felt like. He just knew it would be hot as fuck!


“If you’re too embarrassed, we can do it here.”

Tianne froze up as she stared at Naoki openly stroking his dick, so he took her hand, had her sit down in a shallow part of the river, and then sat across from her.

Then he grabbed the erection sticking up above the water.

“C’mon, you do it too.”

He rubbed his thing while guiding her hand to her feminine part below the water. After a moment of hesitation, she began elegantly moving her fingers.


She produced rings of ripples that shook the reflected starlight.

Below that, her plump white thighs were slowly spreading.

More and more heat filled her breaths.

She lost herself in self-pleasure while Naoki did the same.

Her finger pressed against her clitoris and rolled up and down along it.


Her moaning was fairly subdued compared to when she had sex because she could regulate how much pleasure she was feeling.

He could tell she was getting more and more aroused. Her body felt warm in his arm despite the chilly river water.

“I bet it would feel even better if you looked me in the eye as you did it.”

“That would be…even more embarrassing than sex.”

Nevertheless, she raised her head to look straight at him.


She gasped and a tremor ran through her body.

“Ahhn, I can feel it. Hh…i-it’s like you can see…e-everything in my mind right now…nh, khhh?”

She started lifting her hips, adding some splashing to the spreading ripples.

“Hh…ahn…m-my body feels…so hot…ah, ah…I can’t stay still.”

Her two extra-large boobs were jiggling up and down before his eyes.

Just watching this was nearly impossible and the look in her eyes was begging him to do more.

(But I have to resist. I have to watch until she makes herself cum!)

To calm his impatience, he brought his lips to her face. She reached her own head out to receive them.

Their soft lips touched and they pressed their tongues together. When he sent saliva into her mouth, she swallowed it all and sucked even more out of his mouth.



They both sighed and she resumed masturbating while their kissing continued.

She used three fingers now and moved them in sequence to stimulate the sensitive flesh bud. Her thumb and little finger were left extended on either side.

Her legs had gone entirely limp and were spread wide.

“The more you kiss me, Hero…nh, ahh…the more my pussy…ah, ahh…throbs! And the more heat fills it!”

She teased the area between her legs even more strongly while she said that.

He had to support her with both arms while she started splashing the water even more from her movement and he ran his tongue along her lips, neck, and chest.

He opened his mouth wide to suck at the areola like he was trying to devour the entire soft tit.

“Ahhhhhhhn! H-Hero…if you do that…!”

She actually asked him for it this time.

“M-my own fingers aren’t enough!”

“I know, but keep at it a little longer.”

He slid his body down and lowered his head toward the water so her pussy was right in front of his eyes.

“Now keep going to the end.”

“B-but you’re watching from so close…”

“Spread it with your fingers so I can see inside while you do it.”


Imagining that sent a tremor through the nun’s butt.

“U-um…like this?”

Her spread legs trembled while she spread her labia with her fingers. She was hesitant, but she did not stop.

He could see her salmon pink vagina right in front of him.

Sticky strings connected the spread flesh together and they would occasionally break and turn to drops of nectar.

The thin streams formed by the drops gathered together, formed a larger river of nectar, and flowed on out of her.

“Continue. This time stick your finger inside.”


Instead of refusing, she gave herself over to the waves of pleasure.

Her lewdly moving middle finger sank deep into the vagina right in front of him.

She pumped the finger in and out, causing her labia to pull back and nectar to spray out. She produced a sticky noise while stirring up her vagina and used her other hand to squish and massage her clitoris.

“Now this is a view!”

Naoki began stroking his dick with greater passion. Masturbating while watching a girl masturbate in person made for the most wonderful fap he had ever had!

“You can see it all too, can’t you? It’s reflected here.”

Tianne gasped when she saw the indecent scene reflected in the rippling water, but she did not stop pleasuring herself.

“Nh, khh? O-oh, no…I really can see everything…ah, ahhh! But I love it! It’s so embarrassing…ahhn…ah, ahhn? But it feels so much better than normal!”


She gasped again and looked tearfully down at him.


“Like I said before, don’t worry about it! Masturbation is the best, isn’t it!?”


“Do you do it often? You actually love doing it on your own, don’t you?”

She had stopped moving her hands, so he ran his tongue along her hot and wet slit.

“Ahhhhhhhh! H-Hero!”

He stuck his tongue in and licked around her vagina to see how much she had been enjoying her masturbation.

When he teased her clit, the sex juices flowed out, so he swallowed those. He held the flesh bean between his lips, tugged, pushed, and otherwise teased it however he desired.

“Ahhhhn? H-Hero, Hero!”

Her legs went completely limp and she grabbed his shoulders to somehow stay upright.

“Tell me the truth.”

“Ah, ahh…I-I love it! Ahhh, I’ve always loved…d-doing it myself! I’ve done it countless times in my room at the church while fantasizing about you!”

“Man, you really are horny for a nun.”

“Ahhn? I-it’s true! I’m the horniest nun I know…khhh?”

She loudly admitted to it.

But instead of being horrified by what she was saying, she appeared to be further turned on by it.

“Ahhhh, a-and right now…when I’m confessing all these shameful things to you…kn-knowing you’re hearing it…ah? Ah? O-only excites me more! Ahhh…ahhhhhhhhhhn?”

He stopped licking her and moved her hands from his shoulders to her pussy once more.

“I’m glad to hear it. Because I’m a horny Hero who loves jerking off way too much.”


“We’re the same.”

Their eyes met in a moment of understanding.

“Make yourself cum for me. I want to see you cum while thinking about me.”


She obediently nodded and dived back into the pleasure, causing her relaxed expression to grow tense once more.

“P-please watch.”

She spread her vagina for him to see and pumped her fingers in and out while female juices flowed out.

How many fingers was that this time? However many it was, they stirred up her nectar as she made her last spurt toward climax.

He stroked his dick just as vigorously.

Their bodies were separated, but their hearts were one.

“That’s super hot, Tianne! Do you always go at it like that!?”

“Ahh, ahh! I-it feels…so much better this time…b-because you’re watching…Hero.”

Her embarrassing nectar dripped down her inner thighs to join the water surface reflecting it all like a mirror.

His erection stuck up from the water like it was penetrating the reflected pussy, making it look like he was fucking her from the inside.

“How does the real Hero compare to the one you fantasized about!?”

“My imagined Hero never – nh? – m-made me do something like this! The real one is so much more…wonderfully…ah, ahhh…s-sexual.”

The spray of her joy and embarrassment reached his face.

“Ah, ahhh…I’m going to cum…ahh…I-I’m so close…I’m really going to cum!”

“S-So am I…ugh…I-I’m cumming.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhn! I’m cumming…Hero, Hero…ahh, ahhhhh.”

His trembling penis and her trembling hips hopped up at the exact same moment.

“I’m cumming…while the Hero watches me! It’s so embarrassing! Ahh, but it also feels so good! This is so much better than doing it in secret…ah, ahhhhh, ah? I’m cumming, I’m cumming cumming cumming…cumming…I’m…I’m cummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!”

Orgasm juices sprayed from her slit and a hot milkiness squirted up from below.

She squirted on his face and his semen erupted all over her pussy.

“Ahhhh? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

She climaxed again after the direct semen attack and then she collapsed limply into the river.


He caught her and also had his still-erect cock penetrate her.


She let out a voiceless scream.

Her vagina was still sensitive from her orgasms, so her entire body shook from this new pleasure.


She had climaxed once from the masturbation, again from the semen, and a third time from the penetration. She clung to him with her eyes wide.

“That was my best masturbation session too, so I want to thank you by filling you with cum.”

He rested his back against a rock in the river and began slowly moving his hips.

The stars reflected in the water were distorted by the ripples spreading from her bouncing butt.

In addition to the impact against her womb and the pleasure, the splashing sound also told Tianne she was being fucked by a man.

“Ah…ahhh? What an indecent sound.”

They could feel each other’s warmth as they held each other close, which made the chill of the river water and night air all the more noticeable. He felt the weight of her breasts against his chest and the drops on their heated skin gathered together before dripping back down into the river.

And their male and female organs joined under the water like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“Ahhh, incredible. I can feel your presence even more than when we did it in the room!”

Maybe because it was so dark and maybe because they were in the water, her womb felt like it was floating all alone in space, so he could sense its trembling movements so clearly.

“Fill me with your cum, Hero?”

She reached back and scooped up some of the previous semen that had made it onto her butt and licked that up while whispering in his ear.

“I love your cock even more than masturbating?”

“Same. I love how your pussy squeezes at me like this.”

He buried his face in her boobs and pinched her nipples between his teeth, causing the nun’s hips to tremble and her pussy to squeeze at his dick.

When he sucked at her nipples, that transformed into an intermittent squeezing.

“Ahh? Yes! I can feel you inside me! Your amazing cock feels so…so big inside me? I-I love it…I-I can never go back to doing it myself every day! Ahh…more, more?”

She moved her butt side to side to feel his penis inside her more clearly. At some point, he had bent his fingers like hooks to dig them into her soft flesh.

“Don’t worry! I’ll fill you with my cock and then with my cum every single day!”

“Ahhhh…Hero, please do things to me I couldn’t even imagine in my dirty and horny fantasies! Ahn, ahh! Do all sorts of things to me? I’ll do everything I can to make sure you enjoy it!”

The water was splashing up above their heads now, but her voice reached even higher than that. It was so loud, he thought it would reach the stars in the sky.

“I’m cumming, Tianne! I’ll fill you with my sperm!”

“Please do, Hero! I want as much of your semen as I can get?”


He released the hot sticky stuff deep inside her.

Her spine bent beautifully, like that powerful torrent had hit it.

“Ahhh? Ahh…it’s…ah, ahn? Ahhhn…it’s flowing back out! There’s…there’s so much of it! Ahhh…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhn???”

She orgasmed while her vagina squeezed to prevent any of his semen from flowing out into the water. Their union rapidly grew warmer and he was not sure if that was due to the semen, her love juices, or their bodies heating up. It was probably all of the above.

She fell limply against him and let him support her as the waves of pleasure washed over her.

“Hero…will you watch me masturbate from time to time?”

Why would he ever say no?

After returning to the inn so late with Tianne, he did not see Natalia again until the following morning.

He felt awkward about rushing out of the inn and spending all day out having tons of sex without getting back to her, but instead of getting after him, she welcomed him with a gentle smile.

“Are you not heading out with those girls today?”

“They’re out hunting monsters, so I’d only be in the way.”

The landslide had been mostly cleared yesterday, so the villagers could handle the rest today. But the wagon coming for them would not arrive for another day still, so they had nothing else to do.

Llusse had searched the nearby mountains, but just to be certain, Filia’s party had left at dawn to travel a little further and clear out any monster dens they found.

“And so,” asked Natalia with her cheeks flushed. “You had nothing better to do than kill some time with me?”

His penis was currently held between her breasts.

She was kneeling in her bedroom with her bustier pulled down, her hands supported her large breasts from below, and she gave Naoki a teasing look.

“Nothing better to do? I was overjoyed I had a chance to do it with you again.”

“My, my. What a naughty boy.”

She squeezed her breasts together as if to punish him. His shaft was fully buried in the warmth of her soft boobs.

“Ah…oh, no.”

He stopped moving his hips when the pleasure pushed him close to ejaculation already, but she skillfully used her breasts so he could not escape.

The soft flesh pushed in against every contour of his erection and massaged it all.

(U-ugh…now this is a real adult titjob. She really knows what she’s doing.)

The incredible pleasure had him at his limit in no time.


His first load of the morning shot up to splatter all over Natalia’s face.



“Wait just a second while I clean you up?”

She gave him a satisfied smile and began a cleanup blowjob…which she did with her tits still around his dick.


She extended her tongue toward the head poking out from her cleavage, sucked up the milky fluid, and then took the head into her mouth. The way she kept her back straight and lowered just her head to do it was really hot.

She pressed her breasts against him while she swallowed his cock deep into her throat.

“Nh? I’ve really taken a liking to doing this with you?”

(N-not half as much as I have, I’ll bet.)

He had thought they were done, but she had other plans. The passionate blowjob had him rock hard again before she was even done washing it off.

“Hee hee? I need much, much more of this naughty thing?”

She stripped off her clothes and pushed him back onto her bed.

Then she began riding his cock while holding his hands.

(Uhhhh…I-I’m completely at her mercy!)

She did not leave the kind opening he would need to turn the tables on her like he had with Llusse in the mountains the day before.

Holding his hands prevented him from doing much of anything to her.

She supported her weight with those hands to move her hips straight up and down.

Her vaginal flesh created an elevator of pleasure along the full length of his dick.

“Ahhhh…I-I’m going to cum again! Ahh, I’m cumming!”

He ejaculated in no time yet again.

“Getting to fuck such a beautiful innkeeper is like a dream come true!”

“Oh, you. Is that all you can say about it??”

She kept her hips moving to stir together the semen and love juices inside her vagina.

The movement of her inner flesh got him hard again, so she looked down at him without stopping her hips.

“Do you remember what I said yesterday?”


His heart skipped a beat when he saw her captivating eyes staring down at him.

What had she said yesterday?

––Hey, how about you live here from now on?

Then they could spend every day like this. It was an attractive offer and he had been sorely tempted yesterday.

But now that he knew the others were not done with him as the Hero, he was more conflicted.

He had slept with each of them individually and gotten to know them better. He felt he had created bonds with them that went beyond simply supplying them with semen.

On the other hand, he was happy to hear Natalia’s offer.

(If only I could live with Natalia while also traveling with those three!)

That was how he really felt.

But that was not possible since he could only be in one place at a time.

So which would he choose?

He had honestly already made up his mind.

He just did not know how to tell Natalia.

But he had to.


He trailed off, unable to find the words, and she smiled.

“You’re such a kind boy.”

Her smile said she had seen right through him.

Then she began moving her hips again.


The way her sticky lovemaking flesh squeezed at his dick felt like a manifestation of her great desire for him, but the words she spoke were much less obsessed.

“That is fine. You are the Hero, after all. That journey is your destiny.”

She kissed him.

She gently pushed in her tongue and he accepted it.


“Oh, good. I thought you weren’t going to use my name anymore?”

She smiled and squeezed her vagina as if in thanks.

“But even the Hero should have a place in this world he can call home. That’s all I really meant by it. Don’t worry about it.”

He was not sure he believed that, but he could not read anything in that gentle smile of hers.

He could only see the light of desire in her heated eyes. And if she wanted to keep how she felt hidden, it would be rude to pry.

“You can be on top this time,” she said.

“Eh? But…”

He was hesitant to do that with someone who had such amazing technique, but she sealed his lips again.

“It’s fine. Just do it however you like. I want you to make me yours.”

He could not refuse when those blue eyes stared at him like that.

“Oh…ohhhh! Natalia!”

He leaned over her, pinned her down, and penetrated her. She was more than ready to receive him, so his hot cock easily sank into her slit and reached her womb.


She cried out in pleasure.

She abandoned the mask of a mature woman and exposed her face as no more than a sexual being.

Her butt jiggled as he thrust all the way inside her and heat filled her pussy.

Her composure from before was gone.

“This is the real me…I wanted you to make me like this! Ah, ahh! Ahhhh? But…I wanted to make sure you wouldn’t forget me.”

“How could I ever forget you!? Fucking you feels so good! Ahh, wow, and it just keeps getting better. The more I do you, the better your body feels!”

He spoke his mind without stopping the thrusting. He could not stop.

He thrust further and deeper because he wanted to pleasure her too. He wanted to see how melted her pussy could get.

“I’m…I’m so happy? Ahhn? Ahh, wait, wait!”

He thrust so hard even tough Natalia asked him to show some restraint.

The longing look she gave him as he pressed his body weight down on her told him she was close to climaxing.


He rubbed his dick against her womb and released all of his feelings for her.

“Ohhh! This is the best! I’m cumming!”

“I’m cumming tooooooooooooooo?????”

They orgasmed together, but his arousal had not cooled yet. He flipped her over and began thrusting at her from behind.

“Ah? Nh? W-wait…you need to…leave some for the others?”

“Don’t act like you aren’t cumming every time I do.”

The stimulation to her pussy so soon after climax was almost too much for her to bear, and when he spanked her on the ass as if punishing her, she seemed to feel that as pleasure too.

“Eek? Eeeek??”

A tremor ran through her body each time and her pussy squeezed at his cock. Her dignity as an adult was nowhere to be found as she accepted everything he did as pleasure.

“I want to do you right now, so that’s what I’ll do.”

“Ah? Nh?”

He flipped her onto her side and dug his fingers into the one leg he lifted up high to spread her crotch as wide as possible while he penetrated her.

His erection pumped in and out of her soaked pussy and her breasts jiggled with the same rhythm while stacked on top of each other.

“Ah ahh? I-I’m such a naughty woman?”

“Okay, I’m gonna cum inside you again. So you cum too with that dirty look on your face.”

He placed his body along her smooth back and thrust up into her over and over and over and over again!

He poured all his love for her into his dick while thrusting it inside her.

“Ahh, I’m cumming…I’m cumming…ahhn? Ahh, I’m cumming in such a lewd position! Ahh? Ahh…nhh…ahh?”

When he licked her nape, she threw her head back, causing the line of her chin to stretch tight. She shook her blonde hair around while her lovely elf ears and slender shoulders trembled in another climax.

It almost felt like he had taught her body to orgasm on command.

“Ahh, yes! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum while you cum inside me! Because…because I want us to cum together! Ahhh…your cock is eating up my pussy…ah, ahh…ahhhhhh, I’m cumming…I’m cumming, ahh…ah!”

He filled her with another load of semen just as large as the previous ones.

The white fountain erupted inside her.

Pleasure and happiness exploded inside her as that hot stuff went wild in her womb.

“Ahhhhh? Ahhhhhhhhhhhn? I’m cumming, I’m cumming…I’m cumming??????”

She cried out in pleasure while her mind flew to the farthest reaches of ecstasy.

After more orgasms than they could count, the sun started to set and they finally settled down while lying next to each other in bed.

“You’ll be leaving on your journey tomorrow, won’t you?” asked Natalia while using Naoki’s arm as a pillow.

“Yes. I hope we can see each other again, but I have no idea if I’ll be able to return here.”

He was honestly doubtful he would.

But she tickled the top of his nose with a finger and laughed.

“Hee hee. Don’t worry. I will wait as long as it takes, Hero?”

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