Tales of Harem: A Foursome! Fivesome! Sixsome! With Fantasy Girls!

Volume 1, Chapter 2 - Losing My Virginity in a Foursome!?
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Volume 1, Chapter 2 - Losing My Virginity in a Foursome!?

“Umm, so you’re saying…”

Naoki was hesitant to sum up what he had been told.

That was because it sounded crazy.

“This world is at risk of being destroyed because the Demon Lord was revived, so you summoned me to defeat them?”

“Exactly.” Filia Shiora, the redheaded swordswoman sitting across the table from him, was completely serious about this. “We came to this land spoken of in legend, but I never imagined it would work quite like that.”

Her two party members were seated alongside her at the round table. The nun was named Tianne Rutheim and the elf archer named Llusse.

“This land” was a village called Fus.

They had emerged from the cave to find themselves halfway up a mountain.

White flowers had been blooming all across that scenic place surrounded by blue mountains. The girls had then brough him to a small village at the foot of the mountain.

They had finally explained things to him in the restaurant on the first floor of the inn there.

After they each introduced themselves, they had lowered their voices to a whisper and explained the reason for the summoning.

Although that reason ended up sounding exactly like the story for a game.

“Hmm.” Naoki had to tilt his head. “I get what you’re trying to say, but I’m not so sure I’m hero material.”

It was true that a game’s main character often was not very heroic when the story began and he actually preferred that type. He thought it was more realistic that way.

But it did not seem even remotely realistic once he placed himself in that position. He could not imagine himself as a hero.

“I have to agree with you there. What kind of legendary hero appears nude and with an erection?”

Llusse teased him and her elf ears flapped up and down as if to mock him further.


She was right about that.

He had been nude until he had been given clothing at the inn.

Descending a mountain surrounded by girls and covering his crotch had made him feel like a criminal being taken to jail more than a hero.

“Don’t be so rude!”

Filia chided Llusse and apologized.

“Sorry, Hero. She has a sharp tongue, but she’s a good girl deep down.”

“Ah ha ha. I-if you say so.”

He decided this was better than further questions about why he had been naked and with a full erection.

(Actually, is she not going to mention the whole facial thing?)

That seemed odd, but he was not about to bring it up himself.

He stole a glance over at Tianne, the nun he had bukkaked.

She had of course wiped off her face and no semen remained, but when she noticed his gaze, she blushed.

“Thank you very much for earlier, Hero.”

She thanked him, perhaps to hide her embarrassment. He had no idea what the thanks was for, but she was certainly cute.

He ended up staring and the elf archer got after him for it.

“Hey, quit leering at her. It’s gross.”


Filia once more chided her for her insults.

She was apparently the leader of the party.

They all belonged to a kingdom called Lesdea.

300 years ago, the Hero had suddenly appeared in this village in Lesdean territory. He was said to have come from another world.

Another world in this case did not mean a neighboring kingdom or another continent across the ocean from the Oinia Continent the kingdom was a part of.

It was truly another world where the living beings and laws of nature were all different.

The Hero from another world had defeated the Demon Lord and then gone elsewhere.

But the people had adored the Hero and believed he would return to save them when the world was in turmoil once more.

“I know you must be confused after being summoned without warning, but this world’s fate is in your hands. Please assist us.”

Filia bowed her head.

(Am I really that necessary?)

He found it hard to believe he was the Hero, but the look in her eyes told him how earnest she was.

But unlike in a game, he could not just choose “yes” without a second thought.

Those monsters in the cave had been terrifying.

The Demon Lord was sure to be even stronger and more brutal, so he was honestly scared.

Maybe he would have felt differently if he had some kind of useful skill to speak of, but his only talents were his passion for masturbation and the prodigious amount of semen he could produce.


He thought and thought.

It was not like he had anywhere else to go if he refused.

And if he got to go on a journey with girls this hot…

He finished crunching the numbers in his head.

In the end, it came down to wanting to be with them.

“You got it. If I’ll really be of some use, then I’ll help you out.”

“Th-thank you so much!”

Filia was so overwhelmed with emotion she just about rose to her feet as she grabbed his hand.

Then their food arrived.

“Oh, good! I was worried those wouldn’t fit, but they’re perfect.”

The woman who ran the inn all on her own smiled as she placed the plates on the table. The clothes Naoki was wearing were ones she had pulled out from the back of her room.

“They suit you well.”

The tips of her pointed ears lowered as she spoke. She too was an elf.

She seemed a lot kinder and gentler than sharp-tongued Llusse.

(I thought maybe elves just had harsh personalities in this world, but I guess they’re all different.)

Or maybe it had to do with their age.

Llusse looked about the same age as him, but the innkeeper appeared to be in her late 20s or her 30s, giving her a calmer and more mature look.

Her soft blonde hair was grown out to her hips and it looked somehow sexy.

Her simple waitress dress had a fairly large hole open at the top of the chest and his eyes were drawn to the plump cleavage shown off there.

Those sexy tits had both a youthful firmness and a mature softness.

“You’re leering again!”

Llusse noticed where he was looking and got after him again.

“Oh, dear?”

The innkeeper placed her hands over her chest, but her adult confidence led her to give him a teasing grin instead of scolding him.

Naoki was flustered, however, so he quickly changed the subject to avoid the issue.

“Th-this food looks good! H-huh? Are you supposed to eat the flowers too?”

Some white flower petals were arranged around the edge of the plate for the main dish – a rural-style meat dish.

He was pretty sure they were only a garnish, but he was desperate for anything else to talk about.

“Of course not. Well, you could if you want. They won’t harm you.”

Llusse looked exasperated, but Filia kindly explained for him.

“Those are known as Fus flowers and they are this village’s specialty.”

He recalled seeing a lot of the same flowers growing outside the cave.

He had seen them all around the village and they were also used as decorations in the inn.

“They are very valuable flowers said to repel monsters,” added Tianne.

Once she mentioned it, he could see a speckled pattern of glowing golden powder coming from the white flower petals. It looked somehow mystical.

“The flowers aren’t that rare for elves, but this is the only human land where you can find them.”

The innkeeper nodded in agreement with Llusse’s statement.

“I see.”

He was honestly not that interested in this, but he had at least distracted them from the fact that he had been staring at the innkeeper’s boobs.

“Now, take your time.”

Once the innkeeper left, Filia scooted her chair up next to Naoki’s and began providing unasked-for help.

“Go ahead and eat! I do hope you like it. Oh, do you know how to eat it?”

She even carried the meat directly to his mouth for him.

Tianne poured a cup of what appeared to be a sweet fruit wine and passed it to him.

“Have a drink too…Hero.”

(Wow, now this is a welcome!)

He felt as surrounded by beautiful flowers as the main dish.

Girls had always found him so creepy he had never received treatment like this before.

His heart rejoiced at this first.

(Having girls pamper you feels so damn good!)

The grin on his face earned him a look of scorn from Llusse, but he did not care.

He decided he was going to enjoy this for all it was worth.

“When did I fall asleep?”

Naoki was initially confused when he woke up on a bed in an unfamiliar room, but then it came back to him.

After eating, they had suggested he get some rest before they continued their conversation and they had gone to their rooms at the inn.

This had to be the nicest room in the inn. It was spacious and the bed was large and soft despite being made of simple wood.

Things had grown dark outside the window, so it was probably a little after twilight.

It had been late at night in his world when he was summoned, so there was about a half day’s worth of time difference. It was not surprising he had fallen asleep.

“Going to sleep right after jerking off feels so great.”

He was sprawled out on the bed with all his clothes off and his dick on display.

He had gotten to work as soon as he was in the room. He did not remember how many times he had gotten off before falling asleep.

He had of course been jerking it to those three.

“Girls as hot as them really make masturbating easy.”

They were beautiful, they had big boobs, and their clothes were sexy.

Swordswoman Filia kept calling him “Hero”.

Then there was Tianne, the bashful nun. Her mature and pure aura was so good.

Llusse was always getting after him, but he did not hate that. In fact, he liked it a lot.

With their three very different personalities, he could cover a wide variety of fantasies!

He had his worries, but if he could journey with them, maybe it would not be so bad.

(And it’s not like I had anything going for me in my own world! If I’m lucky, I might even get to have sex! …Well, maybe that’s asking too much.)

While he imagined his new life here, his dick grew big and hard once more.

“Okay, time for another round!”

He grabbed his erection to start jerking, but first he had to figure out who to fantasize about first.

Except he was interrupted by a knocking at the door.

“Hero, are you awake?”


It was Filia’s voice. He sprang up from the bed because he would be in big trouble if she came in right now!

“Wh-wh-wh-what do you need!?”

He tried to buy time with that question, but that proved to be the wrong move.

The redheaded swordswoman took it as permission to come in, so she opened the door and walked in with her party members.

“I do apologize for interrupting your rest, but I thought we could discuss your role as the Hero before-”

“Why are you naked?”

Llusse was disturbed by his state of undress and Tianne’s eyes widened.

“W-well, um, the thing is, ha ha, uh, wh-what was that about my role as the Hero?”

He just barely managed to pull the sheet up over himself in time, but he was still worried they had noticed his erection. However, Filia did not seem bothered at all as she approached.

“May I sit next to you?”

“G-go ahead?”

(D-does she have to sit quite that close!?)

She settled her butt down on the bed so close their shoulders nearly touched, so he grew even more flustered.

Her clothing was so revealing he never knew where to look and now she was close enough that he could feel the warmth of her bare skin.

“Um, wait…”

He tried to scoot away, but then he felt something soft on his back.

He looked over to see Tianne on his other side.

And she was leaning so her large breasts pressed against him.


“Do you remember what happened in the battle earlier? Tianne is a nun, so she is not an attacker. She could only use that powerful magic thanks to your power as the Hero.”

Filia was saying something, but it all went in one ear and out the other because he was drawn into Tianne’s eyes as she stared silently at him. Then he felt a breath on the back of his ear.

He looked around to find Filia’s face close enough to kiss him!

(Wait, what is going on?)

What were these girls planning while pressed in so close on either side of him?

“The Hero has a special power.” The swordswoman gave him a seductive look. “His semen can draw out a woman’s latent abilities.”


Naoki had not been paying attention, but this forced him to focus again.

“Wh-what the hell!? How am I supposed to believe something so absurd?”

But the look in their eyes said they were not joking.

“This is an old legend in our world.”

“And I was surprised to see how powerful my magic was.”

“Maybe, but…”

Filia and Tianne’s arms tangled around him from either side.

And then Llusse stood in front of him as if to keep him from escaping.

“Believe it or not, you said you would help us, so pipe down and do what we say!”

“Do what you say? W-wait, you don’t mean…ohhhh!”

The elf crouched down and poked at his crotch through the sheet, making him cry out.

“Oh, god. I knew saving the world wouldn’t be easy, but this isn’t what I had in mind. …Get that sheet out of the way.”

(Wh-why? What are you going to do!?)

He actually already knew. What else could it be after their explanation?

(She wants to get at my semen, but that would mean…!?)

“You can’t even do something as simple as this!? And you call yourself the Hero?”

“Wait, stop…”

Fed up with his hesitation, she tore away the sheet and his little guy popped out to say hello.

“I can’t believe this. I haven’t even done anything yet. Don’t tell me…”

“N-no, um, uh, I’ve…never done this kind of thing before.”

“Yeah, I can tell.”

After kicking him while he was down, Llusse put leather gloves on her hands.

“I would prefer not to do this, you know?”

That caused his dick to noticeably twitch.

“Wait, why did you react to that!?”

(B-because you said you don’t want to do this. Knowing you’re doing it even though you don’t want to is so…so…)

She spread his legs wide, kneeled between them, and grabbed his erection.

She brushed back her hair and frowned while he silently tried to burn the image into his mind.

(A hot elf getting me off even though she doesn’t want to? That’s an image I can get off to time and time again!)

Filia and Tianne mistook his silence for reluctance and worked to convince him.

“Hero, you may not want to do this, but this is your duty if you are to save the world.”

“We will pleasure you orally, so just bear with it for a little bit, okay?”

(Wait, she isn’t just giving me a handjob?)

What a stroke of good luck!

The gloves and her way of talking had made him assume it would just be a handjob, so this was a pleasant surprise.

And it would be done by a strong-willed elf girl whose duty demanded she do this whether she wanted to or not!

(I-I can’t believe my first blowjob is happening like this!)

But that also meant they would not be going all the way. That made sense, but it was still a little disappointing.

Llusse’s sharp eyes did not miss his disappointment.

“Hmph. What was that disappointed look for?”

“Well, um…”

He panicked when she saw right through him like that.

“You really think I would fuck some guy I just met? You’re lucky I’m even sucking you off.”

But as sharp-eyed as she was, she was not aware the guy would enjoy this behavior all the more. His cock grew even harder.

“God, why do I have to suck this guy’s dick?”

She grabbed the erection, pulled it toward herself, and parted her lips.

Instead of taking it inside her mouth, she only opened her mouth enough to stick out her tongue. Her warm breath tickled the tip of his dick.

(H-here it comes!)

Her pink tongue stuck out and touched his dark red tip.

This was his first time feeling a woman’s tongue. The first thing he felt was the chill of her wet saliva.

But that only lasted a moment. The warmth of her tongue reached him soon thereafter.

(Wow, th-that’s so good! So this is a real blowjob.)

This was nothing like stroking it himself or using a sex toy. It was a denser feeling with a mixture of warmth and coolness.

But beyond his response, Llusse immediately pulled back from the penis head.

“What a weird flavor.”

(O-oh, no!)

He had been jerking off before he had fallen asleep, so it probably was coated with the smell of semen!


He started to apologize, but then he realized the look on her face was not one of disgust.

“Have you never sucked a dick before?”

The sharp-tongued elf blushed bright red.

“O-of course not! I’ve never even seen one of these close up before!”

(Ohhhh! This is a virgin’s first blowjob!? Really!?)

He shed a waterfall of joyous tears on the inside.

She glared at him but said nothing more as she leaned toward his cock once more.

And this time, she opened her mouth wide and leaned even further forward!

Her soft lips moved past the head.

(She’s swallowing it!)

He was of course glad the blowjob was continuing, but he could not believe such a beautiful girl – and a virgin at that – had his dick in her mouth.

Her virgin lips rose and fell along the length of his shaft, coating it with saliva.

She kept a steady rhythm with no change, just as you would expect for someone who only saw this as their duty.

Even so, the pleasure and emotions created by that warm and wet ring of flesh sliding along his dick were much greater than from masturbation.

(Ahh, wow…I’m feeling dizzy. Shit, I really might pass out.)

“Now, please excuse us as we join in.”

“Tell us if it hurts, okay?”

Filia and Tianne supported him from the sides while leaning him gently back onto the bed.

“Eh!? W-wait! A-all three of you are going to do it!!?”

Only his lower body was sticking off of the bed while he lay on his back and the girls’ lips gathered around his crotch.

Three tongues competed to crawl along it and he could feel their sweet breaths on his drool-coated dick. He felt like a king.

“Ohhhh…this is like a dream come true!!”

“Do you ever quiet down?”

“Does this heel hood, Hewo?”

“We’ve never done this before, so I’m worried we won’t be able to make you cum.”

(Th-they’re all virgins!? My first blowjob is from three virgins at once!?)

It was truly unbelievable.

They seemed to be telling the truth about this being their first time because he could not sense any real skill in their tongue technique.

But as awkward as their blowjobs were, they each provided a unique form of stimulation.

Filia seemed to be enjoying herself, which was a stark contrast to Llusse who was blatantly driven only by her duty. She let her curiosity guide her as she attacked the ridge of the head, the urethral opening, the frenulum, and other parts of his dick. When he reacted, she would happily and thoroughly lick at that part some more. She gave oral like he imagined a loving girlfriend might.

Meanwhile, Tianne’s blowjob spent a lot longer pressing her lips or tongue against him. There was a reverence to it, like she was pouring a nun’s spirit of service into pleasuring him. She took his shaft or balls into her mouth, closed her eyes, and sucked at it or rolled them around with her tongue in a way that said this was what she wanted to do.

(She might not look like the type, but I bet she’s actually fantasizing about sex all the time.)

Llusse did not play around as much as the other two, but hers was a very earnest blowjob.

She swallowed it deeper than the others and tangled her tongue around it more. She also made the lewdest sounds while rhythmically sucking it.

(I’m getting three styles of blowjob at once…ahhh.)

The triple skin flute performance felt amazing.

The best part was how they would glance up at him to see how he was responding to their own method.

“Does this hurt, Hero? Are you okay?”

“Is this how guys like it?”

“How should I know? I’ve never done this before.”

They fought over the head.

When Llusse swallowed it, she swallowed the full length deep into her throat. When Filia took it into her mouth, she tested out sending vibrations through it. When Tianne placed her lips around it, she let all the saliva in her mouth drip down the shaft.

They each provided pleasure in their own way.

“Hewo, are hoo ahout to hum?”

“Of course he is. This virgin is obviously about to blow his load already.”

“Nh…it’s getting warmer.”

(That’s it. I want to enjoy this longer, b-but it’s too much!)

He was at his limit. The semen was racing up his shaft already, so he groaned.

“I-I’m cumming, you three! I’m cumming!”

He pulled his trembling cock back and released his desire.



The milky fountain flew high and poured back down on their faces.

“Warn us a little sooner than that!”

Llusse complained, but then she recalled her duty and swallowed his dick.

“I need to swallow your semen.”


She deepthroated his dick to make sure she did not spill a drop!

(That’s so deep! Ahh, ahh…and she’s squeezing at it!)

He had heard the term “mouth pussy” before and that seemed apt.

He was penetrating her sticky-feeling throat while her tongue and mouth squeezed at him.

“Y-you’re milking it all out!”


She gagged, but she also swallowed to make sure none of it leaked out.

(Ahhhh…th-that’s so good! A-and…she looks so cute!)

He so adored the way the sharp-tongued elf was deepthroating him, he sat up and grabbed her head.

Then he pumped the rest into her mouth while she continued sucking.

“Gulp, gulp…nhhh…pwahh!”

She finally managed to spit back out the cock she had swallowed so deep.

Her face was flushed pink and she had a sticky white thread dangling from her lovely lips.

She had also pushed herself too far, so she began to choke.


“Are you okay, Llusse!?” asked Filia in concern.

Llusse gestured that she was fine.

“Ugh…that stuff stinks. You came way too much, you idiot!”

It was not long before she had recovered enough to shout invectives at him.

But she also slurped up the semen dripping from her mouth so as not to let it go to waste.

“I have to swallow this stuff over and over again? You are a dead man if the legend turns out to be bogus.”

But then the look on her face changed.



“What’s wrong!?”

“What is this? My body feels so hot…and it’s brimming with power.”

She looked down at her hands in disbelief as her party members watched on.

“This is the Hero’s power?”

An extraordinary aura rose from her entire body.

Naoki recognized it.

(This is the same thing I sensed just before Tianne used her magic in the cave!)

Back then, Tianne had only licked up a bit of the semen from her face, but Llusse had just swallowed far more.

He thought he could almost see the overwhelming aura rising from her.

(My cum really has that kind of power!?)

But before he could reflect on that fact, Filia was down at his crotch.

“So the legends were true!”

She began sucking at his dick while it was still warm from the previous blowjob, but this was no longer the loving girlfriend blowjob she had given before. It was just intense as Llusse’s…if not more so.


She sucked at it in the most erotic way, so it quickly grew hard again and eventually released a second load into the beautiful swordswoman’s mouth.

“Please give me some too, Hero!”

As soon as Filia moved away, Tianne took her place.

(Ahhh…th-this is the happiest day of my life!)

Having one girl after another beg for his semen was even more wonderful than he could have imagined.

He felt a sense of fulfilment that seemed to validate his entire being in a way masturbation never had.

He had always advocated masturbation above all else, but he was forced to rethink that view.

He also felt a growing desire to satisfy them as well.

“Ahh, Tianne! I’ll…I’ll give you some too!”

If not for the cock in her mouth and the movement of her head, the nun might have looked like she was kneeling in prayer as she sucked him off a third time.

His third ejaculation was weaker than the first two, but it was just as plentiful.

“Nh…Hero, this is a truly heroic amount of semen…gulp, gulp.”

The nun swallowed reverently while the stifling smell of semen surrounded her.

“I’m surprised by the amount myself. It’s thanks to how good you three made me feel.”

He spoke his honest thoughts while watching her flushed face as she swallowed the semen.

Counting what he had done before being summoned, he had set a new personal best for most ejaculations in a single day.

“I-incredible. I’m brimming with power too…ah, ahh!”

“Hh, ahh…this is far greater than what I felt in the cave.”

Llusse reluctantly had to agree with the other two who were trembling in ecstasy at the Hero’s power.

“I hate to admit it, but it’s true.”

Naoki was glad to hear that since she had done nothing but complain about him.

“But…this just isn’t enough.”


“The effects aren’t strong enough from just swallowing it.”

He watched as the elf archer began to undo the straps for her chest guard.

“I decided to just do oral since I didn’t want to have sex.”

Her archer’s chest guard dropped to the floor.

Freed from its support, her breasts jiggled within her sleeveless tunic.


She leaned over him with her white cleavage visible through the loosened collar.

“The legends say you’re actually supposed to accept it into your lower body. Just like with making a baby.”

“Making a baby? Wait, are you saying what I think you’re saying!?”

“That is the best way to draw out a woman’s power.”

(F-for real!?)

That did seem to make sense to him if his semen gave them power, but still!

What kind of legend was that!? This world was incredible!

But even so, why was Llusse of all people doing this all of a sudden?

“I would really, really prefer not to do this, but…we must both fulfill our duties if we are to save the world.”

The bed creaked as she climbed on top of him, looked him in the eye, and whispered the explanation to him.

As she pinned down his squirming body and lowered her head, he noticed her eyes were damp and unfocused.

Her breathing was also heavy and sweet.

“H-hey, there’s something wrong with you!”

That was not the look of someone who would “prefer not to do this”!

“Just lie down!”


He had been propping himself up on his hands, but she shoved him down and he ended up sprawled out on the bed.

“Don’t worry. Elves don’t get pregnant easy…especially with a human. Besides, your child is the last thing I want.”

She stood up, placed her feet on either side of him, and looked down at him while stripping off her shorts and underwear.

Her lower stomach was a pale white.

Whether it was natural or shaved, there was no hair to hide the light pink flesh there. He could clearly see the innocent-looking labia.

(Pussy! Elf pussy!)

“I will be taking your virginity, so you had better thank me.”

His dick was standing tall and hard as if to say “I’m ready when you are!”

She slowly lowered her hips toward his erection in the cowgirl position.

As her legs spread below her, the closed labia parted and the trembling sexual flesh within came into view.

The countdown to his lost virginity had begun! But then…

“My body feels all hot too. Can you help put out the fire inside me, Hero?”


Filia approached too.

Her eyes looked just as aroused as Llusse’s did.

And behind her, he could see Tianne blushing and fidgeting.

(It isn’t just Llusse. I-it’s all three of them. Did my cum do this to them?)

Did the Hero’s semen do more than power up women? Did it also sexually arouse them? Was that why they were behaving like this?

“Excuse me.”

Before he even answered her question, the swordswoman stood over his face.


She slid her panties aside and then pressed her woman’s secret against his face.

(Sh-she’s already soaking wet!)

Her crotch was also smooth and hairless and her inner thighs were soaked with love juices.

“Ahh…w-would you please lick my pussy?”

A lusty steaminess came from within the sexual slit pressed against his lips and his first sniff of a pussy led him to stick his tongue out.

Unlike with Llusse, Filia’s inner labia were sticking out a bit. He took those into his mouth and sucked at them, causing her to shake her ponytail and moan sexily.


(Wow, that’s hot.)

He was so aroused he did not even care how hard it was to breathe while he licked and sucked at Filia’s vulva.

His dick grew even harder…and it did so inside Llusse’s hand.

“Hold still.”

He felt something warm wrapping around the head. He could not see thanks to the swordswoman’s facesitting, but he knew what was happening. That soft, wet, and indecently warm sensation was the same thing pressed against his face right now.

It was a pussy.

(She really put it in her pussy!)

Not seeing it allowed him to feel the insertion all the more vividly.

The wet and endlessly soft sensation made him think of gelatin more than flesh.

His first taste of that nectary flesh was so melted he could not tell it apart from the love juices dripping down his shaft.

“This is a tight fit.”

With only the head inside her, Llusse stopped her hips to see how it felt…and then resumed slowly lowering her butt.

“Nh, nhhh!”

She groaned in pain and he felt some resistance at the tip of his dick.

(That’s her hymen. She really was a virgin!)


The symbol of her purity slowly broke and tore.

And while the elf deflowered herself, Filia did not stop demanding more.

“Hero, l-lick me more…ah, yes, there!”

His dick was penetrating the elf while he searched out the swordswoman’s most sensitive point – her clitoris – and obscenely licked at it and rolled it around with his tongue.

(Ohhhh, th-this is incredible. I’m entering a virgin pussy while licking another pussy.)

He had never imagined he would lose his virginity with two women straddling him and facing each other.

“Th-this is heaven!”

His brain was close to shorting out.

Llusse dropped her large butt all the way down and her body trembled as she accepted him deep inside her.


Red blood dripped onto his stomach to show she had become a woman.

“Pant, pant…it doesn’t hurt as bad as I had heard. C’mon, you move too!”

Before even catching her breath, she lifted her hips and urged him to thrust as well while she pulled up her tunic and stripped it off in one clean motion. Then she began moving her own hips!

The bowl-shaped tits that had spilled out began to jiggle up and down.

Every time her pussy rubbed against his cock, their body heats mixed together and they became one.

“That feels good, doesn’t it? I’ll pleasure you as much as it takes to get lots of cum out of you!”


Her hip movements were so powerful he thought they would make him cum or even make him faint if he let his guard down for a moment.

And he was not just having sex with Llusse.

“I can’t believe the Hero is really licking my pussy. My body feels so…h-hot…ahhn!”

Filia slid up her top while writhing in pleasure above him.

Her bared breasts sagged down a bit from their incredible size.

Those bell-shaped boobs jiggled boldly, creating a breathtaking view.

“Ah…ahhh…lick me more, Hero!”

“I’m taking your virginity, so I hope you’re thankful! Nh…you’re hitting me inside?”

“C-could you two take it a little slower maybe!?”

One pussy was grinding intensely against his face and the other was squeezing his dick like a vise and hopping wildly up and down along its length.

The double cowgirl style pushed him to his limit in no time.

“Ahh…I’m cumming…I’m cumming!”

“Ahh, you’re pathetic? Does my pussy really feel that good? Well, the whole point is for you to cum inside me…so how about you cum already?”

“That’s right, Hero? Please don’t try to hold it in?”


He could fell his dick growing in response to the permission to cum inside the elf.

(N-no! I don’t want it to end yet! Resist, me!)

This was not because she had called him pathetic.

He simply wanted to keep his life’s greatest arousal and pleasure going for as long as possible.

Filia had said not to try to hold it in, but he personally wished this moment could last forever!

All the knowledge he had built up through masturbation was subconsciously released inside him.


He made out with Filia’s pussy.

He took her labia and clit into his mouth and sucked and licked at them while focusing on the indecent sensation of what lay between.

At the same time, his hips bounced between the bed and Llusse.

“Ahhhh! Hero…ahhh, incredible…ahh…your tongue is…so dirty?”

“D-don’t just start moving so roughly. It’s, ahhhn, t-too much!”

Llusse’s pussy squeezed tighter and wrapped even more sweetly around him. To avoid losing to the sexual embrace of the inner flesh, he focused on the flavor of the nectar flowing from Filia’s pussy. A mere moment of carelessness and he would cum right then.

“Yes, yes, Hero! My pussy feels so good! You’re licking it so dirty…ahh, I’m flying…it’s like I’m flying! My pussy is flying!”

“It’s hitting me…ahhhhn, your dick is rubbing against me…ah, ahh, ahhhh! It’s…it’s actually happening! Ahh, I can’t believe it…but this man’s dick is really making me- ah, ahh!”

Filia and Llusse arched their backs and embraced each other on top of him. Their bell and bowl shaped breasts squished together.

All three of them achieved ecstasy at the same time!

“Ahhh, ah, ahh, wow, I’m cumming…ahh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh???”

Their butts trembled as they stuck them out indecently far and then Naoki came.

He thrust up while ejaculating to pump his virgin milk into Llusse’s womb.

And some climax juice sprayed from Filia’s vagina.

“Ah? Ah…ahh…it’s coming out! It is! And it feels so good?”

“It’s so hot…and flowing inside me.”

Llusse did not actually squirt, but she could feel the semen flowing into her womb.

“Incredible. I feel so warm inside.”

Lots of semen flowed from her crotch as she sat with her legs spread wide and the cock still inside her.

Once she did pull it out, a milky mixture of cum and love juices dripped out all the faster.


Pulling it out must have brought pleasure too because she let out a lovely moan and…

“Eh!? R-really?”

A yellow stream erupted from her milky slit and drew an arc through the air in front of his eyes.

“An elf pissing herself!? That’s something I never thought I’d see!”

“D-don’t look, you idiot!”

Her face flushed bright red.

But he could not help but look when they were facing each other like this. Not to mention that the liquid was splashing down onto his stomach.

“Did the pleasure cause me to relax? Oh…I can’t believe I did that.”

She tried to preserve some dignity and the feigned calm did suit her better.

When the swordswoman got down from his face, she gave him a full-faced smile and a request.

“Okay, Hero? Can it be my turn next!?”

(Eh? I-is she asking me to have sex with her?)

He sat up and tried to ask what she meant, but his mouth was sealed by something soft.

Except this was not Filia’s doing.


“H-hero, do me next.”

After being forced to watch during the previous round, the nun pushed Filia out of the way, embraced him, and sucked at his lips.

(Ahh…that’s my first kiss! Wow…they feel so good in real life.)

Kissing was a lot hotter than he had imagined.

Wet lips pressed against his and they moved stickily around while sucking.

He opened his mouth at the tingling pleasure and a sexy tongue pushed its way inside. It searched along his teeth, tickled the inside of his lips, and erased any coherent thoughts from his mind.

Also, her lovely face was as close as it could be and the eyelashes of her closed eyes felt like they would touch him.


She leaned against him while kissing him with all her heart. Her plump chest rubbed against him and he could not help but feel the softness through her habit.

(Oh…her nipples are stiff!)

He could also feel hard points at the tip of the soft mounds. Her nipples were showing obvious signs of arousal.

“Nh, nhhh.”

She sucked at his lips even harder. She tangled her tongue with his and licked all over it with sticky saliva sounds. Her large eyes gradually opened and they ended up making out while looking in each other’s eyes. Her eyes seemed to draw him in, which added an even greater intoxicating effect to her kissing.

When she finally pulled away, she bashfully looked down at the lewd string of saliva attached to the end of her tongue.

“I just took your first kiss, Hero?”

(Sh-she’s so cute! And so hot too!)

His heart skipped a beat, but Filia was not going to just let the other girl cut in line.

“Tianne! No fair butting in like that!”

“We never agreed on an order, so there’s nothing wrong with me going next?”

“There’s plenty wrong with it! Because I was waiting all this time to do it!”

The blonde nun was still embracing him and using her upturned eyes to ask him to choose her, but the ponytail swordswoman pushed her lips against his this time.


She placed her hands on his cheeks and stole his lips.

Since she was trying to compete with Tianne, her kiss was just as passionate. She opened her mouth wide to work at his lips and sent her tongue inside his mouth.

“Hero, kiss me just like you did my pussy earlier.”

“No, the Hero will be doing it with me.”

Tianne shoved her lips against his again to keep Filia from kissing him.

“H-hey…nh…wait, you two! Y-you’re not elves, so won’t you get pregnant like normal?”

Then wouldn’t they have a hard time going on a journey to defeat the Demon Lord?

But the girls’ minds were so overheated his words did not reach them.

“Who will it be, Hero?”

“Hero, please choose me.”

To make matters worse, Llusse got back up and took his dick into her mouth.

“Ahh, delicious.”

The way she happily licked off the semen left around the head was wildly different from when she had reluctantly blown him before.

(There’s something wrong with them! I was right about my cum making them horny.)

Was that also part of the Hero’s power?

If so…why not make the most of it!?

“Don’t blame me! You’re the ones who asked for this!”

He first grabbed Filia’s arms and prepared to fuck her from behind.


When he pulled her arms back so her upper body bent back, she happily stuck her butt out toward him.

He brought the tip of his dick to her horny pussy dripping with love juices and paused for a moment to build up her anticipation. As expected, her slender butt and legs began to tremble like she could not wait a moment longer.


Tianne gave him a resentful look at being made to wait again, but he had an idea.

Filia had only just orgasmed, so she was sure to be sensitive.

He thrust his dick deep inside that sensitive pussy.


He barely felt any resistance from a hymen like he had with Llusse, but the red blood dripping down her white thigh was proof enough that she had been a virgin.

And the tightness he felt while pushing open her wet vaginal flesh was definitely that of a virgin.

He had once more spread open virgin flesh!

“Ahhhn, what is this?? It’s so hot inside me?’”

Filia writhed in pleasure at this new experience.

(I was completely overwhelmed with Llusse, but not this time!)

He would enjoy this virgin body for himself!

He pressed himself against her back.

He ran his tongue along her nape and groped her tits.

“Ahh…this feels so good, you smell nice, and your boobs are so soft and warm.”

The pleasure of teasing every part of her body raced up to his brain.

“Ahhhn…more, lick me more on my neck, Hero! And my boobs…ahh, grope my boobs more! Do it dirty! Grope them as dirty as you can! Have your way with them…ah, ahhhh!”

She was in so much pleasure she lost control of herself and simply shouted her desires.

“And your cock! More, ahhhn, move it more?”

She abandoned all moderation she might normally show as their leader.

“More, you say!? You got it!”

He answered her request by mixing up how he was thrusting. He sometimes made smaller movements and other times thrust as deep as he could. Her legs began shaking so much they looked like they were going to give out below her.

“Is this how you like it, Filia!? Or do you like it more like this!?”

“Nh? Nh? Nh? Nh? Nh…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?”

The slapping of his stomach against her butt echoed through the room.

“Nhh? Ahh, wait…that’s too good! Hero? Your cock feels so good moving in and out of me! Ah, ahh, ah, I-I’m cumming? I’m cumming! This is so good I’m really going to cuuuuuum!”

She soon reached her limit and her pussy orgasmed again.

The squeezing of her vagina grew even tighter.

“Ahh, ah, nhhhhhhhhhh? My pussy is throbbing? Ah, ahhhhn, I’m cumming…it’s so good…I’m cumming, the Hero’s cock is making me cum, cum, cum, cum, cum, cum, cum…ahh…this is so wonderful! You’re the best, Hero! Ahhhhn, I’m cumming!”

Her ponytail shook wildly as the waves of pleasure washed over her.

Her vagina squeezed so tight he thought it was trying to tear his dick right off and he nearly came again.

(But I won’t cum yet!)

He had another virgin left, so he could not let it end here.

He pulled his dripping cock out of Filia and turned to face Tianne.

“The wait is over. It’s finally your turn.”

This time, he kissed her.


When he sucked at her lips, she stuck out her tongue for him while he groped at her habit and pulled up its skirt.

That symbol of asceticism was stripped away to reveal plump thighs wearing pure garter belts.

“Ohhh, that’s hot!”

Pulling up a nun’s skirt felt so wrong that it delighted his pervert’s heart.

He pulled down her panties while leaving the garter belts in place.


“Haven’t you waited enough for your turn? And look, you’re soaked down here.”

Her pussy was as hairless as the other two’s, so he had a good view of its shape.

Her inner labia stuck out just like Filia’s did, but everything down there was plumper and thicker for her. More of her inner labia stuck out, so they almost looked like lips puckered for a kiss.

And that salmon pink flesh was already glistening wetly.

“You’re a lot hornier than that pure face would suggest.”

There was more to it, of course.

The Hero’s semen was affecting her and she had watched the other two have sex while waiting her turn, so of course she was wet.

She seemed more bashful than the other two, so he moved behind her to intentionally stimulate that side of her.

“D-don’t look…”

She reached down to cover her crotch, but he grabbed her hand and used her fingers to dig at her pussy.

“Just listen to that wetness. It’s begging for a cock.”

“Ahh…please don’t say that. I-it’s so embarrassing?”

Delight filled her voice even as she called it embarrassing.

And while he had started moving her fingers, she soon took over, rubbing at her most sensitive parts herself.

“Ah, ahhh? Ahh, I’m teasing my pussy for the Hero…I’m such a naughty girl?”

She spread the labia, exposed the vaginal entrance within, and began pumping her slender finger in and out. She got even more frothy nectar to flow from within and even spray out.

(God, that’s hot!)

Teasing her had been even more effective than he had expected, but he could not wait a moment longer.

“I’m going to put it in, okay?”

He grabbed her legs and lifted her up in his arms so they were facing each other.

He pushed his penis head into her forbidden slit, but felt an unexpected amount of resistance. He could feel the thin barrier in the way.

(Oh, hers feels the most hymen-y of them all!)

He could tell he would have to break through it to keep going.

She gulped in his arms, so she too knew what was coming.

“Tianne, I’m going to take your virginity!”

“Y-yes! I offer it to you? Take my first time, Hero?”

Her damp eyes stared into his and her strong words filled him with burning desire.


He kissed her again and devoured her tongue while his dick sank deeper inside her.

As he pushed inside her, the tip stretched and then tore the thin barrier.

“Ah, ahh…it’s tearing? I can tell? The Hero is making a woman out of me? Nh, ohh?”

Having her maiden initiation offered to his dick made him so happy to have been born a man.

Instinctual joy filled his heart as he felt himself breaking through.

She sucked at his mouth even harder to soothe the pain.

He lowered his hips and thrust upwards over and over.

“Ahh…ahhhhn? Ahhhh?”

Now that he was past that barrier, she clung to him while powerful tremors ran through her.

She had climaxed just from being deflowered.

“Thank you so much…Hero?”

The nun thanked him with melted eyes, but he had yet to fulfill his role as the Hero.

He shook her up and down and side to side in his arms.

“Ah, ah, ah! I can feel it hitting me even deeper…ahhn?”

Her vagina reacted to the gradually increasing movement by wriggling around his dick.

“Show me your tits. I want to see them while I cum inside you.”

She answered his request by opening the front of her habit while writhing in pleasure.

The extra-large meat melons jiggled out.

They were like a combination of Llusse’s bowl-shaped ones and Filia’s bell-shaped ones. Those plump mounds of flesh jiggled back and forth between heaven and earth before his eyes.

The sight was so seductive he had to start sucking at her pink areolae, causing her pussy to squeeze even tighter.

“My boobs feel so good! Ahhhhn? They feel so good when you suck at them like that!”

“Just your boobs? Not down here!?”

He thrust with all his might to shake her pussy up and down along with her tits.

“Ahhhn…Hero? Be gentler?”

“You say that, but you like it rough, don’t you?”


He felt at home thrusting now.

He had gained more confidence after taking three virginities in just a few minutes.

He pulled his hips back and pushed them forward again to thrust from the shallow part of her vagina to the deepest part. Holding her allowed him to adjust her position as he thrusted, so he stirred up every part of her vagina.

Everything he had imagined while using a sex toy came to fruition here.

Surprisingly, Tianne also moved her hips in just the right way to match his movements.

She pressed her body weight down when he moved up to increase the impact of the thrust.

“You sure know how to use your hips for a nun.”

“I-I can’t help it…ahhhh? Your cock feels so good? My hips are moving on their own?”

(I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover.)

He understood now that you could never know what kind of sex a girl would have until you actually did it with her. And he found the answer could come as a surprise.

He was feeling like a pro at this as he guided Tianne to climax while her nectar sprayed out.

“Ahh? Ahh, Hero! I-I’m cumming again…ahhhh, ahhh?”

“So am I, Tianne! Let’s cum together!”

Just as he was starting the last spurt, he felt a tongue crawling toward his asshole.

“Don’t forget about me, Hero?”

It was Filia. She had her face pressed against his butt while she licked at his anus.

“Ohhh! This is something else. Pleasure from both sides!”

He felt the sweetly ticklish pleasure of the wet and soft tongue on his backside, the smooth rubbing of his dick across the hot and nectary flesh, and the kiss with Tianne that forced him to swallow her saliva.

No man could last long like that, so he felt a powerful throbbing in his crotch.

“I’m cumming! I’ll fill your womb with my sperm!”

“Please do! Ahh, the Hero’s sperm…inside me! Ah? Ah? Ah? Ah? Ah?”

With the very last thrust, the hot goo was released and Tianne orgasmed.

“Ahhhhhhhh? There it is! Your cock is squirting it all out inside me? Ah? Ahh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh? It won’t stop? Ahhh?”

Naoki kept his wobbling legs firm so he could lower Tianne onto the bed.

There he found Filia had circled around in front of him on all fours to stick her butt out toward him.

“Please, Hero, hurry up and give me your s-sperm directly.”

“Okay, you got it!”

He could see her beautiful pink anus and her wet vagina throbbing between her lewdly spread labia. The sight made him hard again in no time, so he buried that erection in the swordswoman’s pussy.

“Ah? Ahh? I’m so happy, Hero?”

“Your pussy is so wonderfully wet, Filia.”

Her fleshpot was even hotter than before.

“Wait, were you saying hers feels better than mine?” asked Llusse as she leaned against him from behind.

“I never said that.”

“Then you’d better do me too?”

The elf stuck her butt out alongside Filia.

“H-Hero, I want it too.”

Tianne got up on all fours as well.

(They sure recovered quick!)

He panicked at how quickly they were demanding a second round.

(I got carried away! How am I supposed to deal with this?)

On the other hand…

The three asses were lined up in front of him with Filia in the center. It was a splendid view.

(To hell with it! Whatever happens happens!)

He stuck a finger in the pussies of the other two asking for more.

“Okay, I’ll do all three of you at once!”



Llusse and Tianne writhed in pleasure. As did Filia.

“Ahhhh, Hero! Your cock is so hard and thick…I can’t get enough of it!”

He fingered two pussies while thrusting his dick inside the third.

The harder sensation he could feel with his fingertips had to be their lowered cervixes. He could also feel that with the penis head deep inside Filia.

All three screamed with pleasure as he made a triple womb attack.

“Ah? Ah? Wow? You’re rubbing so deep?”

“Hero, I need it now? Cum? Cum inside me? Fill my pussy!”

“Do that more? More, more…ah? Ahhn…ahh!”

Their cervixes seemed to be a powerful erogenous zone for them because they all wiggled their butts like crazy.

(Wow. I was a virgin just a bit ago and now I’m fucking three girls at once!)

He could not imagine a better way to pop his cherry. He stared at Filia’s shapely and beautiful butt, Llusse’s small but plump butt, and Tianne’s massive and alluring butt.

Sexual juices were dripping from their pussies while those butts danced every which way thanks to his fingering and thrusting.

It was like a dream come true.

Their pussies squeezed tight as if to prevent his fingers or dick from escaping. Their entire bodies seemed to be begging to have every last drop of his cum inside them.

“Kh…here you go, Filia!” he shouted as his cock pushed against her cervix.

“Ah? Ahhhn! Ahhhh?”

“One last thrust!”

Her labia pulled back along with his shaft and then he thrust back in once more!

He pumped the hot goo into her womb.

He also supplied his best finger vibration to Llusse and Tianne’s pussies!

Their nude bodies shook as all three reached climax at the same time.

“Kh, ahhhhhhhhhh! Ahh, ahhhhh! I’m cumming…I’m cumming???”

“Hyahhhhh, nh? My pussy is tingling…hhhhhhhhh???”

“Hero? Hero? Ahhhn, Heroooo? Ahhh! The Hero’s thick cum is going to get me p-pregnant?”

“Ugh, you’re really squeezing it out of me.”

He enjoyed the sensation of his semen filling her pussy as a sense of fulfillment came over him. The pleasure had been far greater than masturbation, but he was also hit with the same pleasant lethargy as when he had finished his final ejaculation for the day while training.

(Phew, that felt so good and I fulfilled my duty as the Hero. I have no regrets.)

Or so he thought until Llusse got back up again.

“Okay, now you need to give me your dick instead of just your fingers.”

“Eh? I-I could really use some time to rest.”

He tried to reject her, but a mystical light surrounded him.

“This is stamina recovery magic, Hero?”

He looked over to see Tianne smiling his way.

“R-really? We’re not done yet!?”

“Of course not! Why would you think we were!?” said Llusse.

“That’s right. We’re just getting started,” said Filia.

“You have plenty of work left to do, Hero?” said Tianne.

Filia apparently had no intention of stopping either.

(D-did cumming inside them only make them even hornier!?)

He had been excited about losing his virginity in a foursome, but what if it never ended?


After they pushed him onto his back, he felt boobs pressed against him, tongues crawling along him, and fingers rubbing at his cock.

“We haven’t done nearly enough, have we?”

“This is for world peace, so we wouldn’t want to underdo it?”

“And we can keep going for a while yet.”

He was surrounded by soft female bodies, smooth and warm skin, and the scent of pheromones.

(What is happening!? I-it’s great, but at the same time…)

If this was only the first day of his sex life, what would the rest of it be like?

That thought came to mind while buried in female bodies.

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