Tales of Harem: A Foursome! Fivesome! Sixsome! With Fantasy Girls!

Volume 1, Chapter 1 - A Facial Means I’m the Hero? Summoned to Another World!
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Volume 1, Chapter 1 - A Facial Means I’m the Hero? Summoned to Another World!

“I’m guessing these will start moving soon.”

Llusse checked the tension of her bowstring without batting an eye.

(She actually plans to fight. Then again, that is our only option.)

Filia trusted her powerful party member, but she could not shake off her unease as she looked up at the three massive statues.

Those stone ogres were three times her height.

Their overwhelming size and the massive space in the cave made the party members look like dwarves.

With those fearsome forms and muscular arms lifting enormous clubs, these would have been masterpieces if they were statues, but they were much too lifelike and ogrish to be mere statues.

“I will scan them.”

The third party member, Tianne, held her staff out toward the statues and began an incantation.

As a nun, she could borrow divine power to use magic. She was using a detection spell to determine what these statues were.

A mystical phosphorescence enveloped the three enormous statues.

“Yes, these are no mere statues. They are petrified ogres. This is a trap…something must be set to de-petrify them.”

But what would cause it?

That was obvious. Filia could make a good guess and she knew the other two could as well.

This was the lowest level of the Hero’s Cave – the summoning point told of in the legends.

Those ogres were probably gatekeepers.

That meant their petrification would be removed by the summoning ceremony meant to bring back the Hero.

“And just when I thought we weren’t going to find any monsters lying in wait.”

They had gotten their hopes up when they did not encounter anything on their way down, but it was not going to be that easy.

“But who set this up?”

The ogres had several vines wrapped around them, making it look like time had frozen while they were doing battle with great serpents. Had someone bound the monsters with the vines and petrified them for this?

If so, they must have predicted that someone would eventually come to summon the Hero once more.

“What do we do?”

Tianne turned toward Filia and Llusse was had already nocked an arrow to her bow.

Could they win? Normally, a group of several dozen was gathered when attempting to slay ogres.

Filia was a self-made swordswoman, so she did not attempt reckless battles if she could avoid it.

But she knew that you could not back out of some battles.

They could always withdraw and request for a unit to be sent out, but that would draw attention to them. It might even let the Demon Lord notice what they were doing.

“We just have to do it. Tianne, begin the ceremony!”

Filia nodded to the other two and drew the sword from her hip.


The nun kneeled with her staff raised and began her incantation. A glowing magic circle raced out like cracks.

At the same time, the petrified ogres’ skin began to audibly crack. Just as they had predicted.

Life was returning to their flesh and the vines tangled around them shredded and fell away.

“Llusse, get the Hero out of here the instant the summoning is complete!”

“Leave it to me!”

They could not back out now.

If they failed to escape, they would die. And what if the summoning did not work?

Worry filled Filia’s heart, but only for a moment. They had made their decision, so she would have to trust it was correct.

“The Hero will come…I just know it!”

Filia raised her sword toward the ogres and raised her voice to encourage her party members.

“Ohhhhhh, ohohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Shouting at the top your lungs was the best thing to do when approaching ejaculation. It doubled or even tripled the pleasure.

Oikawa Naoki was busy cranking one out in his room.

In the nude.

He was even rubbing his dick against the magazine he had open on the floor.

That might look like he was getting a little too into it, but this was his usual method.

“Okay, I think I can reach 8 times with this one pinup magazine…ugh!”

He would do it more than ten times on his more prolific days.

To him, masturbation was a key part of life. No, masturbation was the only part of life.

Ever since his first ejaculation, he had spent elementary, middle, and now high school jerking off like crazy to deal with his excessive libido that seemed to grow by the day.

He had been doing this from the moment he got home from school today until late at night now.

Other people naturally found him gross and avoided him, but he did not mind at all.

Or maybe he was just too busy jerking off to mind.

His dream was to be the greatest masturbator in the world.

The world record for (male) climaxes through masturbation was 31 times in 9 hours.

He had a long way to go before he reached that level.

He was a mere amateur in comparison.

Which was why he did not have time to worry about what other people thought of him.

He spent all his time working to achieve a new personal best.

Right now, he was training himself to get off to less and less stimulating fap material. He expected this training to increase his number of ejaculations in the long run.

“Khh…I’m cumming!”

After finishing to a model in a modest one-piece swimsuit (and with no sand on her skin, making the photo rank low on his personal fetish scale), he decided he was satisfied with the day’s training results and took a break.

“I should probably get out today’s real fap material soon.”

In order to cool down and relax after his training, he would jerk it just for fun the last few times.

He could not turn it into a chore. That was another of his beliefs as he mastered the art of masturbation.

“I’ve been doing it to 3D a lot lately, so maybe something fantasy would be good.”

He searched through the manga volumes on his bookshelf and selected what he wanted to use tonight.

After some though, he chose a page with a close up shot of the heroine’s face.

“Okay, I’ll finish it with a facial. This won’t take long!”

He spoke to the lewd face on the page and started masturbating.

His dick was good and hard surprisingly quickly for having cummed so recently.

Then the porn manga in front of him began to glow as if in response to his erection.

In fact, it floated up into the air and a powerful wind blew in toward the panel.

“Wh-what the hell!?”

Wind this powerful had no place in a room so small.

“Th-the air in my room is being sucked into the manga!”

Into, not through. The page acted as an entrance to some other space and the pressure difference was strengthening the wind more by the moment.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh! I’m begin sucked in! Is this a black hole!!?”

What happened to someone who was sucked into a black hole?

(Do they die? Am I going to die!?)

But he had something more important to focus on right now.

“I-I’m not gonna let some black hole stop me from jerking off!”

He began stroking his dick even harder. He shifted into overdrive and went full throttle.

“I won’t let anything stop me from getting off! Especially if I’m about to die!”

Was this persistence powered by his pride as a masturbator, or by simple lust? Either way, he would face this threat head on.

Why else would the dick be on the front of the body!?

“I’ll cum hard enough to make up for the rest of my life!”

The swirling wind grew to a storm and the expanding light turned his entire room a blinding white.

He could no longer see anything.

He could only feel a great heat in the rod held firmly in his hand. Then he felt the pleasure rising up within him.

“I’m…I’m cumming!!”


An impressive amount of milkiness shot out and there happened to be a girl’s face in the way.


That silly sound was all he could get out.

The adorably large eyes with long eyelashes blinked in surprise, so this was not just manga art.

She was kneeling on the ground, so her face happened to be right in front of his (still very erect) dick.

She looked about his age or maybe a little older.

She was dressed all in black like a nun.

Blonde bangs spilled down from her coif and she had soft-looking lips. But every one of those incredibly cute facial features had his hot and steaming semen splattered across it.

(Are you for real?)

He had only ever cummed on his porn before, making him a bukkake virgin(?), so this was a day to remember for him. All the more when it was with such a good looking girl.

But he did not have time to rejoice over his very first real facial.

That was thanks to the giant monsters behind her…which put them directly in front of him.

He saw three man-eating ogres of the sort you would see in a fantasy RPG!

“Are you for reeeeeeeeal!?”

He looked around and saw no sign of his room where he had been working on his masturbation training.

He was in a large space that looked like a natural cave.

(Is this the world through the black hole? B-but if so…)

The monsters’ violent eyes glowed a fiery red in the dimly lit cave.

The thick fangs stabbing skyward from their massive lower jaws would be able to chew through a human body, bones and all.

(This is where I was giving a girl a facial!?)

His thoughts were soon cut off by the nun girl’s excited voice.

“It worked! The summoning worked!!”

She looked back toward two girls who were probably her party members. They were both young too.

One had a red ponytail and she wore a very revealing outfit.

Only her hips and chest were barely covered, making her look something like a dancer.

She had a slender build with long legs. Her waist was nicely skinny, but the nearly visible lines of her butt stuck out alluringly to create a wonderful curve.

The other one had her blonde hair braided down the back. She was fairly short, but the butt pushing out the shorts visible below her short cloak had plenty of volume to it.

He was only so focused on their butts because they had their backs turned to him.

They were facing the monsters – the redhead with a sword and the cloaked one with a bow.


Where was he?

What was going on?

Questions spiraled through his mind, but no one gave him any answers. They had bigger issues at the moment.

A giant club was swung down.

The cloaked girl leaped nimbly out of the way and launched an arrow back in midair.

The monster’s attack missed and smashed into the ground. The redheaded swordswoman used that opening to attack with her sword, but just like the arrow, it was deflected by the monster’s thick and hard skin.

“What is going on!?”

“We will explain later!” said the nun girl with a smile in his direction. “Thank you for coming, Hero!”


Had she just said Hero?

She didn’t mean him, did she!?

His confusion only grew.

“If the legends are true, this should do the trick.”

She scooped some of the sticky goo off of her face and licked it up.

“Wait!? What are you doing!?”

He was personally happy to see her do that, but this did not seem like the time.

But his words were blown away by the overwhelming impact that soon followed.

“W-was that more wind? No!”

This was something else. An aura-like pressure.

“Stand back, everyone!” shouted the nun girl.

With a great roar, a massive flame burst from the tip of her raised staff.

The monsters were swallowed up by an explosion large enough to scorch the cave ceiling.


Naoki’s hips gave out and he fell to the ground, but the tremendous conflagration vanished as suddenly as it had appeared.

“Are you okay!?”

The redheaded swordswoman’s ponytail shook as she rushed over to them.

Now that he could see her face, he found her to be very beautiful.

Also, her bikini-style top showed off an incredible cleavage. His eyes were glued to it.

“Yes, somehow,” answered the nun girl who seemed to find this result as unbelievable as everyone else.

“I’ve never seen such powerful magic,” said the swordswoman as she turned back around and looked to the ground.

The scorched remains of the monsters were sizzling and smoking there.

“So…is that the so-called Hero?”

The cloaked archer walked over and looked down at Naoki.

She too was beautiful.

She had a somewhat strong-willed look, but she had delicate features, extremely fine skin, and hair so silky it looked like golden rain. All of it gave her an otherworldly appearance.

(Wait…those ears! Her ears!)

Her ears were pointed!

They stuck cutely out to the sides and they were very clearly not human ears.

He had never seen ears like that except in games and anime.

“A-an elf!?”

“Yes, you got a problem with that?”

She clearly did not like how he pointed at her, but she also casually confirmed it!

What did this mean?

Where was he?

He thought he was going crazy as he shouted another question.

“Who are you people!?”

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