System vs Rebirth

Chapter 473 Sync
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Both of them shouted at the same time as they released a cross sword strike. Noel's fire slash from the Sword Fire was in the front while the Pure Spiritual Energy from Ben backed him up, ready to use itself to fuel Noel's fire.


The moment the Sword Fire hit the demon, it caused a huge explosion fueled by the Spiritual Energy from Ben's slash.

The explosion blasted all the demons nearby and burned everything inside it. There didn't seem to be high level demons, so every demon engulfed by the flame was burned to death.

Rose was amused by this sight. He had seen them fighting together but was never this sync.

At the same time, she could somehow understand why they fought like this. Even though they had never used this kind of fighting style, they had observed each other's movements. This attack was simply how they greeted each other after Noel revealed his identity.

She couldn't help but smile, knowing that everyone would eventually realize Noel's identity. And at that time, the Demon Relief Squad would finally return to its former state.

Noel and Ben turned their heads around, informing Rose.

"We'll open the path for you," stated Ben with a collected expression as if everything was within his prediction.

"That's right. Just leave everything to us." Noel nodded in agreement as he smirked when looking at Ben one last time. "Are you ready?"

Ben smiled back as he excitedly raised his weapon.

Some of the demons had turned around, planning to stop them.

Rose didn't even bother to look at these monsters as these two reliable backs made her feel safe.

Noel and Ben waved their swords, killing the demons in an instant. Noel used his Sword Fire and Ignition Sword to slash and explode the demons. Every swing was precise, so the demons couldn't last more than one round.

The same applied to Ben as he coated his sword with that Pure Spiritual Energy, cutting the demon cleanly.

No demon could stop them and the group kept getting closer to the wall.

Flame Conjuring.

Noel formed a pair of giant hands behind his back with this Flame Conjuring. These arms started grasping demons one by one. The flame didn't release heat, but it continuously burned the part caught by the hands until it melted them down completely.

"Haaaa!" Noel got even more fired up as he shouted while crushing all the demons. He even stepped forward to take charge while Ben focused on supporting Noel by killing the demons that Noel missed.

It didn't take too long for them to reach the wall. Noel put his sword in his mouth so that he could use it anytime he wanted to while using the two fire hands to protect himself.

Meanwhile, Ben stood in front of Noel with his sword so that no one could disturb him when tossing Rose.

"We got you." Noel winked his right eye, signaling to Rose.

Seeing Noel had lowered his body and joined both hands, Rose made a few small steps before stepping on Noel's hands as the latter tossed her into the air.

Rose could easily climb the tower with this, but the demons outside the borders seemed to be smarter than the ones they had seen so far.

As soon as they saw Rose jumping to the top of the wall, two of them leaped into the air, pouncing on her.

Rose just glanced at them to acknowledge their existence. However, she didn't take any action as a fire slash and a translucent sword strike cut both demons down. It was Noel and Ben.

Rose didn't even bother to look back as if she had complete trust in them.

"Heh…" Noel and Ben smirked. Since Noel usually took charge, Ben asked, "So, what are we going to do next? Kill them all?"

Noel confirmed without hesitation. "Yes. Let's kill these demons. We have to be careful against those guys who have yet to make their move."

"Got it."

Noel and Ben began slaughtering the demons without mercy. Meanwhile, Rose hurriedly showed her identity and requested a meeting with their commander.

And the one sent to meet her was none other than Richard.

"I'm here." Richard narrowed his eyes, never expecting Rose to come back like this. "What are you doing here?"


"I'm here to get information from you."

"…" Richard was speechless for a moment. Rose added to let him know which one he should tell her. "I need the chronology of what happened after we left. Then, the identity of those people along with the whereabouts of your captain!"

Richard gritted his teeth while checking the entire situation. He didn't like explaining this problem to her, an outsider. At the same time, she had the right to know some information.

He checked the situation around the wall first. After confirming they were safe, Richard answered, "I'm going to tell you this first. We don't know anything about those people… We're assuming that they are from the Supreme Devil Organization. Their strength is quite good… From what I have seen, all of them are Spirit Masters.

"Our captain is chasing after their leader… or probably leaders. We're not sure yet, but we're dealing with this kind of situation here. Do you understand?"

"Of course. I have to know about the chronology to confirm whether this is a trap or not. If it's truly a trap, I'm afraid we have a mole, so I'm going to tell my squad about it to see what we can do."

Richard hated how others looked down on his squad or even insulted them. But he couldn't find any words to rebuke him since it was the truth.

As the Vice Captain of this squad, Richard obviously knew about the secret plan. But it was a different matter whether he could tell Rose or not.

After careful consideration, Richard finally opened his mouth. "Alright. I'm going to tell you a bit about the hidden plan we've devised, especially for these Supreme Devil Organization bastards."

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