System: Replicating The Heavens

Chapter 309 Ch 309: Another World Treasure: The Undying Fruit
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"How dare you? Do you know the status of Senior Elmer? He is the most powerful core disciple of our Fourth Mountain Peak. There is still time, if you go to Senior Elmer and ask for forgiveness, Senior Elmer will definitely forgive you."

Max, the fat man, looked at Alex and roared at him. Then he told Alex to ask for forgiveness, otherwise, he will not have a good ending as long as he is at Fourth Mountain Peak.

Alex looked at Max as if he was looking at a fool. He did not want to waste his time on this person, so he decisively used his Space Talent to teleport directly into his cave abode.

There was a restriction placed at the mouth of the cave abode, however, it was unable to stop him. He directly bypassed the restriction and entered the cave.

Alex sat down cross-legged but did not start cultivating. He was thinking about his next step. He was also feeling very anxious in his heart, for he has no idea if Heavenly Ice Palace will come to the Eden Garden or not.

Even if Asna does not come and only some people of Heavenly Ice Palace Come to the Eden Garden to enter the Seret Realm could Alex have a chance to meet Asna?

"I have to wait patiently for the time being. Whether I have a chance to meet Asna or not will be revealed when I go to the Eden Garden."

As Alex muttered in a low voice, he took a deep breath and finally started cultivating. He first swallowed a bunch of pills and then started circulating the Chaos Energy inside his body. He was nearing the perfection of the Second Layer of Primordial Chaos Nine Transformation. He believed as long as he could break through to the Extreme Level of the Holy Lord Stage, he could also perfect the Second Layer of Primordial Chaos Nine Transformation. At that time, he could go through the Second Transformation and strengthen his Primordial Chaos Body and Primordial Chaos Bloodline.

Time started passing and very soon, it was the next morning.

Alex was still immersed in his cultivation when he suddenly felt someone standing in front of his cave abode.

Alex frowned, but when he thought it might be someone sent by Henry to bring him, he stood up and opened the restriction.

There he saw an unfamiliar face. He has no idea who this person is, but he has a very strange feeling in his heart. This person's eyes, for some reason, Alex did not like them. It was as if he was looking at a wolf's eyes that wanted to devour him at a given opportunity.

"You are?"

Since this person was already in front of his cave, Alex decided to ignore his feelings and asked.

The person in front of him smiled and spoke: "You can call me Verom. You don't know me, but I know you very well."


Alex indeed didn't know him, but when he heard this name, he felt something very incredible. But he could not explain what he just felt.

It was at this moment, for the first time, the Stone of Tomorrow in his personal space trembled heavily, attracting Alex's attention. He did not what happened just now, but it seems something caused the Stone of Tomorrow to react.

It has to be known that the Stone of Tomorrow could control time. If it reacts, it means something important must have happened or something very important caused the Stone of Tomorrow to react like this.

"Did Senior Henry send you here?" Alex asked.

"No! I come from Second Mountain Peak. I have no relation with successor disciple Henry." Verom shook his head and proposed, "Why don't you invite me inside? I have something very important to discuss with you!"

Second Mountain Peak?

Why would someone from the Second Mountain Peak come to look for him?

Alex frowned but did not say anything. He was not familiar with anyone in the true Essence Sky World, so he was sure that he did have a friend or foe here. Then who is this person?

Anyway, Alex still invited Verom inside.

Inside the room, Alex kept staring at Verom, waiting for him to say something.

The nearer he was to Verom, the more violently the Stone of Tomorrow trembled. By now, Alex was already clear as to why the Stone of Tomorrow suddenly reacted.

This Verom must have been the reason.

Verom smiled and spoke: "I know you are leaving for the Secret Realm found in the Eden Garden today. But your main aim is not the secret realm but to find Asna, your fianc??!"

Alex immediately stood up. He has no idea how Verom finds out about this. He was sure that even Eric and Eloise did not know about this matter. Then how did this Verom find out?


Alex suddenly realized that the Stone of Tomorrow reacted to Verom. Maybe, Verom has something to do with time. This must be the reason why the Stone of Tomorrow reacted like this.

Taking a deep breath, he asked: "How did you know?"

"I was expecting this question!" Verom suddenly laughed and then spoke: "Not only I do know that your aim is to find Asna White, but you are also going to face an incredible enemy who calls himself the holder of Tenth Blade of Hell!"

Alex's eyes flashed and a boundless pressure suddenly burst out of his body, pressuring down Verom like a mountain.


Verom, who has just recovered his dantian and his cultivation base by going through a dangerous trip, was unable to withstand this pressure and immediately knelt down. At the same time, he was forced to vomit blood out of his mouth.


Is this the strength of the inheritor of Frost Moon Emperor?

Although Verom was injured severally from Alex's sudden action, he was not angry at all. On the other hand, his eyes again flashed with a greedy light that was soon suppressed by him.

"Who are you? How do you know so much about me?"

Alex was now convinced that this Verom must have something to do with 'Time'. He has no idea whether Verom is a foe or friend, but the expression in Verom's eyes made Alex very alert in his heart.

At the same time, Alex immediately looked at Verom's attribute panel.

[Name: Verom Conner.

Cultivation: Initial-leveled Celestial Phenomenon Stage.

Cultivation Talent: Growth Type (Five years left for the final growth under the effect of Undying Fruit).

Unique Talent: Growth Type (Five years left for the final growth under the effect of Undying Fruit).

Martial Arts Skills: Vermillion Flame Palm, Star Shattering Punch, Nine Star Cloud Steps, Nine Star Thunder Charge, Shrinking Cloud Steps, Blood Moon Shower, Falling Leaf Cut,...

Cultivation Technique: Profound Light Absorption Technique.

Special Physique: Growth Type (Five years left for the final growth under the effect of Undying Fruit).

Bloodline: Growth Type (Five years left for the final growth under the effect of Undying Fruit).

Concepts: 32% Sword Intent, 50% Law of Fire, 45% Law of Thunder, and 40% Law of Blood.

Treasures: 1 Undying Fruit, 500 Celestial Spirit Pills, 100 Celestial Origin Pills, Treasured Whip, Damaged Star Pagoda, ...]

Alex was shocked. There was nothing special about this person. The only thing special about him was his attribute of Growth Type under the effect of Undying Fruit.

Other than the Undying Fruit, there were no other treasures for him to replicate from this person.

Alex looked at the information about the Undying Fruit and understood what this fruit actually is.

[Undying Fruit: This is a very rare World Treasure. It is said that the tree of Undying Fruit could only grow from the leftover ashes of a Phoenix that went under nirvana in a region of extreme coldness. This tree bears only two fruit at once. This fruit could grow a person's all-over talents, his special physique, and bloodline, and even heal any kind of old injuries, even the shattered dantian of a person.

Note: After swallowing the Undying Fruit, a person will go through nirvana which will allow that person to be reborn again and evolve in every direction. But while under nirvana, that person has to go through the unbearable pain of their body being burned alive a total of nine times. With each nirvana, a person could break through a minor stage in cultivation, no matter what the realm of cultivation is.

A person could only swallow one Undying Fruit in their life. Swallowing a second or more Undying Fruit will have no result and only waste the precious Undying Fruit.]

When Alex saw the definition of Undying Fruit, he was really shocked. He could not believe there is such a treasure in this world.

But then again, it is no wonder why the Undying Fruit is said to be a World Treasure!

Just like the <Outline of the World> and <Abyssal Pearl>, the <Undying Fruit> was also a World Treasure. And this is the third World Treasure Alex has ever seen.

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