Sword Among Us

Chapter 1259 - Joining the Camp
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Chapter 1259: Joining the Camp

The piercing golden light that suddenly appeared from Lovely Land’s camp was incredibly clear in the battlefield. All the people within a circular area of several miles noticed it.

Even though they did not know what happened, they knew that Demonic Zither Wind Chimes was over there, and now, they lost all signs of her at this moment. As long as they were not stupid, they could tell that this was not something good for Lovely Land. Something might have happened to Wind Chimes.

The two people in the air had naturally noticed this.

Evil Emperor smiled faintly and said in a manner that suggested he delighted in Happy’s misery.

“What did I just say? Sect Master Happy, no matter the situation, you should not be too confident, lest tragedy strikes...”

Happy cast a calm glance in the direction where the explosion happened. He frowned a little and said nothing.

When he saw Happy’s silence, Evil Emperor became even more smug.

“Well, aren’t you going to look? You might have the chance to see the girl with the Nine Yin Blocked Pulses one last time.”

“You’re the leader of the Wild Wolves, yet I didn’t expect that you would be so despicable as to use such methods.” The more Happy accused him through gritted teeth, the brighter Evil Emperor smiled.

“Despicable? It’s just a tactic. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for not being strict when you recruit people. You let anyone join your ranks. You gave them money and weapons to attract them. But even if you put on airs and spent two million on your subordinates, it doesn’t matter. They can’t compare to the loyalty of my three thousand Wild Wolves.”


When he saw that Happy had become silent again, Evil Emperor thought that he had successfully provoked Happy. He had a thought appear in his mind, and he decided to strike while the iron was hot and continue provoking them.

“I believe that you have already guessed who betrayed you. Tsk tsk, you gave him a set of demon vessels, a high grade divine weapon, and one hundred million taels of gold, but you still can’t buy his loyalty. How sad for you. Lovely Land has more than two million normal members, and it’s far too easy to make them betray you. Today, the one who betrayed you is Green Lit Wooden Fish, and tomorrow, you might end up recruiting three more people who will end up betraying you.”

“You don’t need to worry about me in that regard. If you have the time to worry, you should worry about yourself a little more.”

As if to respond to Happy’s words, agitated zither notes suddenly rose from Lovely Land’s camp.

The clear zither notes quickly turned into sharp sound blades that gathered into a river and appeared in the battlefield!

The mocking words that were on Evil Emperor’s tongue died away. The smug and delighted expression he had froze on his face, and he looked incredibly hilarious.

Happy smiled.

He looked behind him for a moment before he turned around once more. When he saw Evil Emperor’s rapidly darkening expression and saw a frosty look settle on his features, he smiled and said, “You’re right, you shouldn’t be too confident in everything.”

Evil Emperor’s response to those words was a cold and sharp look.

“You knew?”

With the power Green Lit Wooden Fish released, he knew that it was an attack that only those in the dao of heaven could block. The normal Lovely Land supreme-class elite would not be able to stop Green Lit Wooden Fish from assassinating Wind Chimes. The only explanation for this was that Happy had known about it beforehand and was prepared for it.

Happy smiled.

“It’s just as you said. How can I not carefully investigate every single Lovely Land member who holds the rank of an elder or above? After all, I am a sect master. Did you think that I would hand Lovely Land over to a stranger without scruple? Did you really think that I spent nearly one hundred million taels of gold, hundreds of divine weapons and demon vessels, and offered Heavenly Saber Song Que’s legacy just so that I can flaunt Lovely Land’s wealth?”

He stopped talking for a moment, and Happy’s smile faded away. “If that’s indeed what I did, how could I have possibly been able to fend against Dream Clouds? She is a woman with a lot of tricks up her sleeves, you know?”

When he heard Happy’s words, Evil Emperor’s expression turned even more solemn. He knew that he had still ended up underestimating him.

Green Lit Wooden Fish had failed in assassinating Wind Chimes, and that meant that this chess piece was completely useless now.

But if Wind Chimes was not dead, all the Wild Wolves would be in danger!

When he thought of this, Evil Emperor’s eyes focused.

“Wind Chimes must die!”


He moved swiftly.

Evil Emperor might move like lightning, but Happy was not slow either.

The attack frequency for the Supreme Technique of the World was incredibly fast. Dozens of palm strikes instantly locked down on the paths Evil Emperor could take to escape, and he was forced out of the air.

“What is it? The battle has just started, and he can’t hold yourself back anymore?” While Happy chuckled softly, he mocked him. Then, he quickly moved in the air to block Evil Emperor.

Evil Emperor did not say anything.

With the domineering defense and dodging ability provided from Demon Body, he continuously avoided the endless gusts and charged to Lovely Land.

If Wind Chimes did not die, the two thousand Wild Wolves could not hope to fight against Lovely Land!

“Get lost!”

When Happy sensed that his palm strikes were gradually unable to hold Evil Emperor back, he suddenly let out a roar that was accompanied by the domineering Dragon’s Roar. More than ten palm strikes then struck Evil Emperor when he froze for a moment.


He shuddered a little, and he was forced back dozens of feet in the air before he stopped.

All his progress just now was gone. He was sent back to the spot where he originally was, and he had to temporarily stop trying to kill Wind Chimes so that he could recover the qi that he spent and calm the surging qi and blood in his body.

Evil Emperor felt so gloomy that he wanted to cough up blood.

Just now, another Forbidden Daiya Technique formation was forcefully dissolved as Wind Chimes switched places and attacked them. The gap that they tore in Lovely Land was gradually filled up.

At the same time, a group of supreme-class elites charged out of the center of Lovely Land and sent the Wild Wolves and Persian army scattering. They were now starting to counterattack!

Evil Emperor’s expression turned incredibly dark.

Once Green Lit Wooden Fish died, the matter of him betraying Lovely Land was quickly sent to all Lovely Land members under Howling Moon’s orders. Many of the Chinese players then started talking about it and cussing up a storm.

“Green Lit Wooden Fish actually tried to assassinate Elder Wind Chimes?!”

“He’s a Wild Wolf?!”

“That traitor!”

“It’s no wonder why he suddenly rose to power so quickly! Damn it! So Dream Clouds was causing trouble behind our backs!”

“That bastard! How dare he betray the Chinese plains?! If I see him, I’m going to kill him!”

“I dare him to enter the Chinese plains again!”

Such discussions rose and fell quickly around Orochimaru and Whirlwind Young Li. Quite a number of people discussed this while they stared at Orochimaru’s back with guarded looks.

After all, Green Lit Wooden Fish had been sent to protect Wind Chimes by Orochimaru, and this guy had been in the evil path for years. Naturally, he could not be free of suspicion. If Green Lit Wooden Fish had been bought over, the chances of Orochimaru being bought over were high as well.

But when Orochimaru was under the people’s wary gazes, he just cussed Green Lit Wooden Fish a few times as a show. Then, he became calm again, as if even if the world collapsed, it had nothing to do with him.

In truth, Orochimaru felt rather gloomy as well.

While Happy’s words during the sect tournament had put him in a difficult position, it did not change his decision.

Yet later, a person called Young Lonely Black came to him and said he was there to visit him based on the orders of the sect master of Lovely Land. It was only then that Orochimaru noticed to his shock that he had long since been under Happy’s surveillance. Hence, he was forced to change his thought processes and decisions.

Of course, what caused Orochimaru to completely side with Lovely Land was the words that Young Lonely Black delivered to him on behalf of Happy.

“Once you obtain Heavenly Saber Song Que’s legacy, you just have to serve Lovely Land for one year, and you can be free.”

The other reason behind it was the strength Happy displayed during this battle.

He managed to fight head on against Evil Emperor.

It shocked Orochimaru, and he was forced to reevaluate Happy’s strength.

Also, there was the number of supreme-class elites Lovely Land possessed, along with the fact that Wind Chimes and the others had managed to instantly neutralize Green Lit Wooden Fish’s attack and kill him.

The strength Lovely Land displayed was enough for Orochimaru to deny the future Dream Clouds dreamt of.

She promised that Evil Emperor would suppress Happy and kill him, that the Great Forbidden Daiya Technique would be unstoppable, and that if he worked together with Green Lit Wooden Fish to betray Lovely Land to destroy the Chinese plains’ Imperial Army and worked together with the chaos in the Chinese plains, they could change the power layout in the Chinese plains.

By the looks of it, the three things Dream Clouds thought would happen would not happen smoothly at all!

If Dream Clouds had already launched her plan in the Chinese plains, once Happy and the rest went back, what Dream Clouds would be seeing was inevitable destruction.

Besides, the Chinese plains was still ruled by Lovely Land. At that time, all the people who turned traitor would not be able to stay in the Chinese plains.

Regardless of whether it was because of Happy’s intimidating might or his future in the Chinese plains, Orochimaru had undoubtedly sided completely with Lovely Land.

Orochimaru soon received a private message from Howling Moon.

“Elder Orochimaru, we can take action now. Lead fifty supreme-class elites each with Whirlwind Young Li. The Chinese army will push forward. I’ll leave the person with the huge weapon to you.”

After he finished receiving the message, Orochimaru looked up and quickly locked down on his target. Then, without hesitation, he delivered Howling Moon’s orders.

“Kill them!”

With Orochimaru and Whirlwind Young Li joining the ranks, the stalemate in the battlefield was instantly broken.

One of them was like a poisonous snake. He moved like a phantom and was ruthless. Once he locked on his target, his shortswords would move like the fangs of a venomous snake. Very quickly, he would leave behind two wounds that would rot away swiftly. Those who were attacked would cry out in pain, and their strength would plummet.

Orochimaru moved through the crowd like a tornado and quickly created chaos. That chaos invaded the depths of the enemy lines.

Wherever he went, his enemies’ strengths would deplete, and the people from Lovely Land and Chivalry Alliance had their pressure largely decrease. Gradually, they gained the upper hand and slowly pushed forward.

The other one was Whirlwind Young Li. Even though he did not have Orochimaru’s movement speed and that rare venom, when he used Star Sucking Great Skill, he would gain qi worthy of someone in Myth Realm. But if he were careless when he attacked, his qi would flow out from him too quickly. If the situation was light, he would just suffer from chills and be unable to move, but if the situation was bad for him, his qi realm would plummet, and he would be beheaded by the people around him.

Executing Star Sucking Great Skill in a crowd had always been something dangerous, but with Shifting Stars, before the attacks could land on him, he could send them back. Hence, Whirlwind Young Li was relaxed. As his confidence increased, he started using larger movements, and his AOE gradually increased as well!

Both of them were like two tornadoes that led the Lovely Land members as they launched their counterattack.

Meanwhile, while the Wild Wolves and the Imperial Army were fighting fiercely against each other, Lovely Land’s headquarters faced tens of thousands of foreign elites and tens of thousands of Class One Hall elites.

Dream Clouds led the army herself, and she was dressed in bright red. She stood at the stone Qilin placed at the entrance of Lovely Land’s headquarters.

Outside the door were hundreds of corpses. They were strewn all over the place in a mess. Their faces were stuck full of needles, and they looked terrifying.

At the foot of the flight of steps were Blood Robes and Barren Murderer, both former giants in Class One Hall. With complicated gazes, they stared at the golden plate hanging above their heads.

Lovely Land.

Their gazes were filled with murder.

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