Sword Among Us

Chapter 1093 - Evil King Reached a Breakthrough, One With The World!
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Chapter 1093: Evil King Reached a Breakthrough, One With The World!

Within the huge, natural mountainside were lights that lit up the sides of a winding path. But the area they lit up was incredibly limited, and most of the road was still swathed in darkness.

Wan Wan’s devilish tempting body moved out of the shadows, and her eyes were rather miffed as she stared at Happy.

Happy was dressed in long robes, and he had Recondite Steel Heavy Sword on his back. His straight back and handsome face, along with the ridiculously large sword, were mixed with a gentle but firm and wild presence.

“Did your mistress send you here to receive me?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell my mistress that you killed a disciple from Yin Weed Faction.” Wan Wan’s clear eyes shone as she sashayed forward lightly. Her figure under the thin cloth forming her dress was even more alluring, and it could make anyone who saw her have their hearts race.

Happy smiled in a relaxed fashion and took one step forward. “Then, I will have to thank you, Miss Wan Wan.”

Wan Wan said nothing at first. She just instantly moved dozens of feet backward like a startled animal. “I cannot receive your gratitude. You are currently an infamous demon among us from the evil cult. You were even able to move about with ease after you committed great slaughter in such an important place as Beijing. How could a normal disciple from Yin Weed Faction hope to stop you? Tell me. What is your goal for coming here to Yin Weed Faction?”

“Demon?” When he heard the title Wan Wan used to refer to him, Happy was stunned.

“Hmph!” Wan Wan seemed to have noticed that the imposing presence around was suppressed by a member of the younger generation, and she released a cute snort, unable to accept this fact. “Evil King has already told my mistress that even though you’re a Shaolin Temple disciple, you’ve already entered the evil path after the slaughter you delivered in Beijing! Thousands of people died in your hands, and you caused their blood to flow in rivers. Even so, you still managed to escape while you are surrounded by the four powerful martial artists from Beijing, and you’ve even managed to break free multiple times. When you enter the cities, no one can stop you, and it’s as if you’ve entered a land devoid of people. Your strength has reached transcendent levels, and you are suited for the title of demon. What I mean is, even the people from the evil cult will have to regard you highly now.”

When he heard Wan Wan’s explanation, Happy said indifferently, “All of you from the evil cult just long for us in the righteous path to fight to the death with each other, don’t you? Go back and tell Evil King that I cannot live up to the title of demon. Besides, I do not have any intention of associating myself with your evil deeds.”

“Since we’re not from the same path, then why are you here in Yin Weed Faction? Right now, wherever you go in this vast world, you will be chased down by the martial artists from the imperial court, and this is the only place where you will not be found. If you aren’t here to seek protection, are you here to cause trouble to Yin Weed Faction?” Wan Wan’s tone changed, and there was wariness in her eyes.

“I’m here to look for Evil King. Tell him to come out!”

Since he was apparently already behaving like a person in the evil path, Happy was no longer afraid of acting arrogantly in front of Evil King. Evil Emperor was about to be released from prison, and he did not have too much time to continue wasting in this place.

When she heard Happy voice his intentions, Wan Wan’s expression changed, and she looked much more solemn.

“You came to Yin Weed Faction to search for Evil King?”

“Didn’t you say that Evil King just called me a demon? I’ve only left Beijing for a few days, so there’s no way you will tell me that Evil King isn’t here.”

“I’ll be going back to check just who dared to publicly perform a reading about Evil King’s whereabouts. Truly, he must have the courage of a fool!” Wan Wan snorted coldly with a chilly look on her face.

Happy was slightly shocked. He knew that once Wan Wan said those words, she will definitely send people to investigate just who performed a reading on Evil King’s location. At that time, Wandering Know-it-all would be in danger. But soon, Happy had his worries set aside. Even if the evil cult took action against a diviner, they would at most send a martial artist at Wan Wan’s level, and with Wind Chimes’ strength, she should be able to handle it. Besides, Wandering Know-it-all had quite a lot of powerful guests in his mansion in Beijing as well.

“Enough with the nonsense. Tell Evil King to come out, or else, I will make Yin Weed Faction be drenched in blood today!” Happy’s cold and murderous shout finally made Wan Wan’s expression become stern.

Before she could answer, Happy suddenly frowned, turned around, and cast his gaze at the depths of a small path illuminated by torches. “So, you’ve come. Why don’t you show yourself? If you continue hiding, you won’t be acting like the faction master of Flowers Faction, and it also won’t be fitting of the strongest person in the evil cult.”

“I’m truly curious. What is your purpose for looking for me?” Evil King’s voice rose everywhere in the empty mountainside. His voice had an airy quality to it.

Happy mocked him, “Evil King, you truly are forgetful, is it because of your noble status, I wonder? Have you forgotten about the fact that you took away two stone plates from the Arhat Formation during the battle at Dafo Temple?”

“What does that have to do with you? Have you already become a lapdog for Kind Boathouse? No... Kind Boathouse has always maintained a close relationship with the royal family. It’s impossible for them to send a little demon like you who treats killing like his second nature to come and search for me? Could it be that you want to snatch away the stone plates from my hands?”

‘Snatch?’ Happy had a thought appear in his mind, and the words that were at the tip of his tongue changed. “If you’re willing to hand it to me to understand it, it will naturally be for the best.”

Even though he had a certain chance of winning against Evil King if he fought against him, this place was Yin Weed Faction and Emperess Yin’s nest. If he fought against these two at the same time, even if Happy had an abundance of Fire Qilin Blood, he was not confident that he could snatch Evil King’s stone plate from his hands.

“I don’t mind giving you one of the stone plates from Dafo Temple’s divine monk.” Happy’s answer caused Happy to be delighted, but the words he said next caused his smile to fade away. “But you have to promise to do something for me.”

“That will depend on what it is.”

Happy no longer had too much hope that he would get it without a fight, because he knew that the evil cult’s quests were always harsh, and they were always targeted at those from the righteous path.

Even though he was currently hunted by the imperial court and the fact that his Chivalry Points were zero caused him to not even be able to get close to the righteous sects, Happy was still unwilling to completely join the evil path.

“It’s very simple.” As he spoke, Evil King finally showed himself.

It had been a few days since he met, and Evil King’s qi had become even more substantial than before. He chose a stone at a high place and jumped on it lightly before he sat down with a light flick of his sleeves. Then, he looked at Happy.

“The stone plates might belong to the divine monk, but since they are in my hands now, they belong to the holy order, and they are the treasures of the holy order. Why should I hand it over to a righteous Shaolin Temple disciple?”

When Happy heard this, he frowned and said nothing.

At this moment, Evil King’s tone changed. “Of course, you received your legacy from Shaolin Temple, and you have a great connection to Shaolin Temple, because your path as a martial artist originated from that place. You are also the successor of the holy order’s young master. I will naturally not have you betray Shaolin Temple and deceive as well as kill your masters.”

“What exactly are you trying to say?”

“I just want to be certain that once you receive the stone plate, you will not become an enemy of the evil cult and not fight against the holy order. But verbal agreements are reliable, so I want you to do something for me. I won’t trouble you. Just take one of the heads of those grandmasters from the righteous sect over here, and I will give you the stone plate.”

Once he said those words, even Wan Wan, who had been quietly standing by the side, could not help but have her expression change. She showed surprise on her face.

Happy was to kill a grandmaster of a righteous sect!

Happy’s face turned even darker.

This was even more impossible than betraying Shaolin Temple.

The grandmasters from the righteous sect Evil King mentioned were all the sect leaders of those sects, which meant the spiritual leaders such as the abbot of Shaolin Temple and Wudang Sect’s Zhang Sanfeng.

Assassinating any one of them would mean that he would turn complete enemies with the righteous sects, and he would be hunted down by all those in the righteous path! In fact, he would turn into mortal enemies with one sect for his entire life.


The system’s notification suddenly rose.

“Will you accept Evil King’s quest? You will kill any grandmaster of a sect that is not part of the evil cult and be regarded in disdain by those of the righteous path.

“If you accept the quest and successfully carry it out, you will obtain Evil King’s trust and receive a stone plate from Dafo Temple’s divine monk. If you fail in the quest, you will still be regarded in scorn by those in the righteous path and be chased down by righteous sects for a week.

“Please make your decision!”

“If you ask me to kill an evil cult grandmaster, I can attack right now.”

Happy had already made a decision in his heart. His gaze turned dark, and when he spoke, he slowly extended his arm behind his back and grabbed Recondite Steel Heavy Sword while he kept his eyes fixed on Evil King.

“Looks like you’re not willing to accept it.”

Evil King sighed in a slightly regretful manner. “What’s so bad about joining the evil cult? Why do you insist on obeying all the rules and regulations from the righteous sect? What a pity... If you had completely joined the evil cult, you will definitely become an elite who will surpass me one of these days. Not only will you be able to fight for the title of the strongest in the evil cult, you can even fight for the title of the strongest in the world!”

The plan Evil King formed was indeed good, but Happy knew that the righteous path could no longer limit his movements in the game. If he truly agreed to Evil King’s quest, he would then have his movements truly limited. He would have to be careful wherever he went in the game, which was why he immediately said coldly, “I’ll kill you and grab the stone plate from your hands. It’s the same to me.”

When Evil King heard this, he flew into rage. “How preposterous!”

A violent mental pressure descended from the sky as it also surged up to the heavens. The entire mountainside looked as if it had suddenly had all its air sucked out by an invisible power. The air became frozen.

Happy’s mind remained calm. As he faced Evil King’s soundless palm strike, he focused his gaze a little.

Petite Dragon!

His body moved horizontally forward by three feet.

The wall behind where he originally stood let out a resounding crash, and a deep as well as clear palm print was left behind on it. The palm print had even sunk several inches into the stone, and it was a terrifying sight to behold.

Happy easily avoided that palm strike and landed with a tap on the ground with a composed expression. Then, he moved to another stone sixty-five feet away like a phantom to stand directly across Evil King. They were now only sixty-five feet away from each other.

“We both encountered opportunities during our battle at Dafo Temple. I wonder if you have already understood the secret in the stone plates...”

While Happy spoke, he quickly jumped into the air, and while he was above Evil King, he executed a slash.


When he sensed the profound presence contained in Happy’s slash, Evil King’s face darkened, and his expression turned incredibly somber and solemn. Immediately, a thick golden flame suddenly surged out of his body. He attacked the air repeatedly with his palms, and in an instant, several roaring black palm prints appeared.

Wan Wan might have currently reached the middle stage of Myth Realm, but she stood far away and did not join the battle.

However, when she saw that Evil King had activated his body fortification immediately after he started fighting against Happy, she could not help but look incredibly shocked, as if she could not believe her eyes.

Yet soon, Wan Wan was attracted by an even more shocking and unbelievable scene.

In the dark sky above the mountainside, as Happy swung his sword swiftly down with the force of a thousand tonnes, the air behind his sword started forming ripples that were barely noticeable by the naked eye.

One, two, three!

At the moment the attacks from the three ripples descended, they overlapped with each other miraculously, and all of them entered Recondite Steel Heavy Sword.


Right when the palm seals Evil King formed touched the sword force from Recondite Steel Heavy Sword, they were completely cut effortlessly apart like tofu!

The sword force arrived in front of Evil King with the force of a bulldozer.

Even though the power had been weakened by a large degree, the dull whine that tore through the air was still terrifying to the soul, and it was not to be underestimated.

During the critical moment, Evil King bristled in anger. An astonishing presence surged out of his body, and under Wan Wan as well as Happy’s astonished gazes, he used one hand to grab Recondite Steel Heavy Sword!

‘Suppress him!’

But the suppression effect that Happy expected did not appear.

Instead, while Evil King faced the incredibly threatening slash, his qi started surging madly. He actually broke the shackles of the peak of Myth Realm at that moment. The clouds and wind above his head surged, and his qi rose to another realm.

When he saw how Evil King looked like a demon descending into the mortal world when he grabbed Recondite Steel Heavy Sword with one hand, Happy felt incredibly stunned.

He broke through...

Evil King had actually become One with the World at this accursed time!

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