Suzuki is Cute Even In A Savage World

Chapter 9.8: Suzuki is Cute Even in a Savage World (8)
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Vol. 1 - Chapter 9.8: Suzuki is Cute Even in a Savage World (8)

The promise she made to Suzuki flashed through Nephira's mind. If she were to fight such a powerful enemy with her lightning spear, it would surely become a battle to the death.

Kiru spoke to Nephira with concern.

"Lady Nephira. Your lighting spear?"

"I don't need it against an enemy of this level. Instead, you should go and check out the situation in Suzukiland. Meru, evacuate the demons near the castle. And the human slaves, while you're at it."

"Eh— But—"


Nephira then approached the female knight bare-handed.

"Human tramp! Your name?"

"From the Salvation Crusaders —— Marguerite Torino."

Right after speaking, Marguerite kicked the ground with a resounding bang, instantly closing the gap between her and Nephira—

"Divine Blade 'Mizzle'."

—And swung her sword with all her might in every direction.

Nephira watched her actions. A brittle blade from a feeble human being. It should have been, and yet…

(Fast!) fr(e)ewebnovel

She turned her head, but unable to dodge completely, the sword grazed Nephira's black hair, sending strands flying off into the air. In rapid succession, she also got slashed shallowly around her stomach area. Her blood, colored black due to being a demon, trickled down to the ground.

"EHH—!! Lady Nephira—!? Unbelievable—!!"

Meru exclaimed in surprise. Nephira was equally surprised. The wound was shallow. But to be cut by a human woman?

(It actually hurt... She's strong, this gal. As expected, I think it will be difficult without Blitzberg…)

Kiru rushed over to her, carrying her Grim Reaper's scythe.

"I knew it! I'll help you out!"

"Like I said, I told you to go to Suzukiland!"

"No, they will be fine. Because, you know."

Looking in the direction Kiru's finger was pointing to, Nephira saw Suzuki come running through the gate, gasping for breath.

(Ah— Suzuki!! Thank goodness!! You were safe!!)

Suzuki looked shocked to see Nephira holding her abdomen. Then he stood in front of Nephira, facing Marguerite.

"Stop it already! Marguerite!"

(EEEHHHH!? Protecting me? Suzuki is way too adoraaaable! Supreme!! I feel as if I've descended to the depths of the demon world!)

Nephira forgot about the pain in her stomach and felt the greatest happiness as a demoness.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Takashi was breathing hard as he glared at Marguerite. Marguerite is human. Takashi's Pritis will not work. Even so, he mustered up the courage to get between Nephira and Marguerite because he strongly wished to prevent anyone else from dying.

Takashi showed Marguerite the rabbit mascot.

"Marguerite… Noelle is dead. After she fought me, her body decayed and disintegrated because of the demonization."

Marguerite snorted with a "fuun".

"She turned into a hideous demonic human and was still defeated. She was useless to the end."


Marguerite's reaction was unexpected. There was not a single hint of sadness in her eyes at the loss of her daughter.

"No-Noelle was your real daughter by blood, wasn't she!?"

"There are other heirs. It doesn't matter if Noelle dies."

In Takashi's mind, he recalled Noelle talking happily in the tent.

"Mother is really kind."

"Wha— Hey. That's a lie, right? You're only saying that because you're in front of demons, right? The truth is, you thought Noelle was precious to you, didn't you? H-HEY! YOU gave her THIS! Noelle was holding on to it until the end!"

"A half-wit who can't handle the Heavenly Sword without turning into a demonic human is not a child of mine."

The moment he was about to hand over the rabbit mascot to her, Marguerite brushed Takashi's hand away. The mascot fell to the ground, and Marguerite crushed it with her foot.

"Noelle was defective."

A hot feeling surged up from inside Takashi's chest. In front of him was a formidable foe, strong enough to injure Nephira. Even so, Takashi confronted Marguerite with his feelings.

"Noelle believed in YOU until the end! In order to save the human race, you are killing your hearts and becoming merciless! That's what she believed!" (f)

"Saving the human race? You're wrong. With the Master Swordsman Lord Tartanin as our lord, we, who can wield Tengen freely, will stand at the top of this world. That is the new world that I seek."

Saying this, Marguerite caressed her belly lovingly.

"And the child I will have with Master Swordsman Lord Tartanin will be my true heir."

When he saw Marguerite's mouth contort into a wide smile, all the events that had occurred since his arrival in this world flashed back into Takashi's mind.

The massacre in the King's Chamber. The torture room. The execution site. Gharaga's attack. The summoning of the Spirit… There were so many horrible things that he wanted to cover his eyes and ears. Yet, the human being before him seemed more vicious and uglier than any demon.

Takashi looked at Marguerite and reflected.

(This isekai world, is too savage...!)

Marguerite's sword flicked.


Takashi's body floated in the air at the same time he heard Marguerite's voice filled with killing intent. The earth-shattering rumbling impact was only averted by Nephira's tumbling with Takashi in her arms.

After adjusting her stance, Nephira glanced at Marguerite, who was a few meters away, then peeked at Takashi's face.

"Suzuki. I made you a promise but… Is it okay if I break it?"

Takashi also looked straight into Nephira's face. Then, after some hesitation, he silently nodded his head.

"…My lightning spear, Blitzberg."

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