Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan

Story 4-16: 『The Lonely War』
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Story 4-16: 『The Lonely War』

In short, the twenty-four hours felt very long.

In the meantime we made arrangements for the future. Since Katsuragi-kun is not here right now, I managed the meeting for the first time.

I collected everyone’s opinions.

Of course, the purpose was our counterattack.

We can not lose at all costs.

The main point was definitely whether or not we could bring Katsuragi-kun back.

“… So, for going to rescue Katsuragi-kun. I want to do it.”

Therefore, I bowed my head in request towards everyone who had already guessed as much.

“Sh-Shuri-san? Even if it was not obvious, the role is yours.”

“–No, I oppose it.”

Lily-san gave a counter opinion towards Arianne-san’s statement.

Since I expected her to say that, I bowed my head.

To show sincerity.

“… Certainly, you are the most suitable choice … However, is there a guarantee that Hero-sama will return if you go? I do not want to send someone with a half-baked resolution.”

Lily-san gave a dubious stare. I failed her trial. It was natural for her to feel uneasy.

… That’s right, I did not realize back then.

But I’m different now.

Thinking about it, I lost my way and suffered, arriving where I am now.

I’ll believe in this feeling in my chest.

“Yeah. I’m confident. Because, because I will bring him back.”

“… Is that the truth?”

“Do you know how much I love Katsuragi-kun? To the level of madness you know? Since I’m no good without Katsuragi-kun … I’ll do it, even if it costs my life.”

Lily-san’s eyes were clearly fixed on me as I announced that.

We stared at each other for several seconds before she averted her eyes. Grinning with her canines sowing, she stood up.

“… Got it. I’ll entrust it to you.”

“Yeah, leave it to me.”

“… Yuuma! We’re leaving too!”

Saying that much, she lead Yuuma-san into their room. Following that, Arriane-san and them also went back to their rooms. freewebnovel. com

With a few words from each, they supported me. I was glad.

“… Thank you.”

When everyone finished giving their consent, I immediately started preparing.

And so, it was now the final stage.

As the appointed time steadily approached, I prepared to head towards Nanamin as the representative of the demon king’s troops. In order to borrow a certain thing from Katsuragi-kun’s room.

Privacy? There is not something like that between a husband and wife and I’d be defeated if I minded it.

“… There.”

Though I wondered if he put it away because it was cherished by him, I found it easily. Putting it in my pocket, I looked around.

… Yeah. I’m privately thankful that he hid it inside the cabinet …

… J-just a bit …

“… Oi, Shuri. Did you forget what you’re doing?”

“-! Ii-it’s nothing like that !? Hey, I have not found it yet so …”

“Like I’d take that lie? You just put it in your pocket.”

“Uuu … Leadred-san’s a meanie.”

“I do not want to be called that by a pervert.”

Haah … she sighed.

… For a bit, I feel she’s treated me unfair …

Be that as it may, the jokes were moderate. I left the room and headed down the stairs, leaving. Everyone was already there clothed in their usual battle clothes, brimming with motivation.

“Did you find what you were looking for? Hamakaze-san?”

“Yeah. I’m ready now … Finally.”

“… We leave Hero-sama to you … Do not mess up.”

“It’s alright. I will not kick the bucket just by going you know?”

Incidentally, it was not just me leaving our home. Lily-san and Yuuma-san are also departing with me.

Their target was the [Labyrinth of the Sleepless Dream].

It was talked about after the matter of Katsuragi-kun yesterday. Then taking into account hearing it from Lily-san, it absolutely would not let those have it.

Lily-san mouth loosened from my cheeky reply, showing off her canine teeth. Yuuma-san gave me a thumbs up.

“… Hamakaze-san. Someone should follow you after all …”

Hayase-san anxiously looked this way from the entrance.

Though she even pointed out the possibility of it being a trap, I did not think that Nanamin would do something like that. She, who was a close friend to me, would not do something like that.

I returned a wave.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Even if I’m alone. It’s what I asked for.”

“… I understand. Off to do work.”

Hayase-san nodded forcefully.

Leadred-san came over in front of me. She did not say anything, but stuck her fist straight out. I matched it, hitting it with a bump.

“… I’ll give it my all.”

“… Yeah. Bring him back even if you have to drag him.”

Saying that much, her white teeth showed. I also smiled.

“Then, I guess … we should go soon.”

Then one by one, clapped my shoulders and back and began to walk to their destination. In the end, I was the last person left.

I looked up towards our home. It felt like Yui-chan was watching.

“I’ll be back!”

Leaving behind those words loudly so they would reach my close friend, I made full use of “Wind”, heading towards the place specified by Nanamin.

The distance from our home to the western entrance was small.

Advancing step by step, that figure that slowly grew dimmer little by little clearly came into view.

There were two people.

One was the person who was responsible for this, Sajima Nanami. She had a comfortable and warm smile as usual. Next to her was a familiar boy dressed in black.

Katsuragi Daichi.

The distance shortened – before long, we stood face to face.

The sky was clear. The scattered stars shined as if to exaggerate themselves.

Such beautiful and captivating scenery that you and I would want to look up towards it together.

However, right now I’m facing you.

With a tool for killing in my hand. Not as a comrade, but an enemy.

“Heya ~, Katsuragi-kun, Nanamin.”

When I greeted them lightly, Nanamin gave an unexpected reaction.

“… You’re more energetic than I though you’d be, Shuri-chan.”

“Why’s that, Nanamin?”

“No, I should say determined … But, I plan on saving Yui-chan. Though I was definitely sad … there are no mistakes in what Terias-sama does.”

“… I understand that feeling. For a period of time, I also thought that everything Katsuragi-kun did was right … But you know, Nanamin. No one is perfect.”

She seemed to have understood what kind of meaning I meant with my words. Her smile was a little awkward.

“… What do you want to say?”

“I just want to return Nanamin to her true self. Being together with that man is not a good thing.”

“… You do not know Terias-sama, do not insult him.” f reewe bnovel

… She really is the same way I used to be.

Blindly believing. Not wanting to doubt. Terias was the most righteous in her word.

But that’s wrong.

I need to free her from that curse.

What can I do to demolish her world?

The answer is simple. I just need to defeat the god (Terias) of her world. But, unfortunately, I can not.

In order to do that, I first need Katsuragi-kun one way or another.

“… Well, it’s fine. I do not think Shuri-chan understands … However, your loved person seems to understand you know?”

Regaining her composure, Nanamin sneered at me. In response to her words, Katsuragi, that had stayed silent the entire time, stepped forward.

Embracing me with his big body.

But I could not feel anything from now’s Katsuragi-kun. Therefore, my heart did not throb either.

I could keep my cool.

“… Shuri. I want you to listen calmly.”

“… Is that the reason you called me here?”

“Yeah, it is … Sajima will tell you it, a way to revive Yuina. So, it looks like everyone can live if we cooperate a bit.”

“Heeh … such a wonderful method … will you let me know it too?”

“Yeah … it’s easy.”

Giving an empty smile, Katsuragi-kun said something unexpected from his mouth.

“Kill Messiah. If we do that, everyone will be saved.”

I exhaled deeply.

I did not need to think about it.

With a resigned smile, I answered back clearly.

“Katsuragi-kun. Rejected.”

Undoing the embrace, I pushed him away with my arm.

Probably because it was unexpected, Katsuragi-kun stumbled.

“… Sh-Shuri?”

“Shuri-chan? W-what are you doing? You can live if you become our comrade you know? You can keep Katsuragi-kun to yourself you know?”

“I do not care. Because if I take back Katsuragi-kun, I can hog him from now on. So do not interfere.”

“Shuri … please reconsider. Think about it.”

“I will not change my mind. So I will change your’s. Katsuragi-kun.” (Shuri)

I held my pair of daggers. To show my will.

“By all means, if you defeat me. Let’s try this the hard way.”

“… I got it … Sajima, do not interfere …”

As he said so, his eyes became like a fierce beast’s.

He extended the point of his sword as though to pierce my throat.

Bloodlust thrusted towards me from my favorite person was a terrible thing.

Feeling obedient, I wanted to surrender.

But, since I love you.

Since I want us all to smile together in the end.

I’ll stand in front of you. I accept this fight.

“… I will receive Katsuragi-kun’s attack. So, let’s go all out? We’ll understand each other by our attacks and feelings colliding from head on. We’re still young. Forgiving, not forgiving, it’s natural. One or two failures are obvious. Failing many times, we find the right answer. Since I’m prepared to to stay with you. ”

I was like that so far.

Outwardly, every day was happy and empty. Just looking at the contents, every day was a failure. I made huge mistakes.

I, who knew that, almost broke. I fell into an illusion that broke my mind.

But, towards such a me everybody, he supported me. Towards me, he gave me another change.

So now, it’s my turn.

“So, let’s take a step forward .– Towards the correct answer.”

Using my trump card in order to compete with him, I gripped my two knives.

It was the thing my close friend’s valuable thing, the ring she left in this world.

“For those who die for their lord. Soul transfer. Ring of Death.”

When I completed the invokation, Katsuragi-kun’s face became surprised. That’s right. This tool takes away magic power from the person who holds the other ring.

With this, Katsuragi-kun could only use minimal magic.

Already, he lost his means to fight me with anything but a sword.


I opened my status, staring at the item written at the bottom.

“Demon Killing, activate.”

Ten minutes.

If I can lead Katsuragi-kun to the correct answer in time, that’s good.

It doesn't matter who's right or wrong.

It isn't a matter of winning or losing.

Because... this lonely battle is your's and mine.

Our eyes met, and it became the signal for the fight to start.

""Tenpu! (Wind)""

We jumped at the same time.

As our blades clashed, violent ringing sounds were produced.

Initially, Katsuragi-kun's first blow is heavy as expected. Even my body with the "Onikoroshi" [Demon Slaughter] activated would likely be killed. I'm not sure if I can win or not. Especially because I know that Katsuragi-kun has powered up through his repeated suicides.

The strikes are heavy. Therefore, I devote myself to parrying instead. The only way to win is by being quick. I will lose my chance to win if I drop my speed even a little.

"Shuri. Move away from there please. I beg you. I don't want to kill you." [<-- Daichi]

"Iyadayo. Give me back the Katsuragi-san that I like." [.>]

"That is... quite troubling!"

I crossed my dual knives in order to receive Katsuragi-kun's strike. From this distance, I can clearly see Katsuragi-kun's face. A face that looked like it will cry at any time. That was the face that he showed.

Again and again, forcefully filling an already filled vessel, overdoing it, till it looks like it's about to burst. There was a fragility like that. The situation now is easy to break like that.

"I beg you Shuri. If you'd just agree, all we need to do is kill Messiah and Yui will come back."

Katsuragi-kun is still trying to persuade me.

He's really gentle, and soft. Even in this situation, his true self still remains unchanged.

"Let's stop Shuri. You can't attack me. No matter what you do you cannot beat me."

It is as he says. I've been revived with his "Shi no Ou (Wight King)" [Oh, how did you know this was supposed to be wight and not White? #experts orz] after all. That means that all my attacks against him are sealed. However, just because of that, doesn't mean I should use it as a reason to give up!

"Hey Shuri, lets live peacefully with everyone. Let's live a happy life. Thus, move from there----"[<--Daichi]

"Iyada" [<--Shuri. I can imagine her saying that flatly with her yandere eyes too... *shivers*]

"---urgh....! WHY!?" [<-Daichi]

He roared at me for the second time. [Wait, when was the first time? Why do I have a feeling I skipped a section by mistake?] At the same time the front Katsuragi-kun has been keeping up started to crumble.

"If you just moved from there, if you just agree, Yui will be saved you know!" [<--Daichii]

"Iyada. Because I don't want that kind of Yui-chan" [<-- Shuri. Also it means she doesn't want to save Yui using this method]

"Don't you want to save Yuina!? She's an important companion isn't she!?" [<-Daichi]

"Even so, iyada. I mean, if Yui-chi sees the current Katsuragi-kun she'll be disgusted and disappointed after all." [<--Shuri]

"Don't mess aro---"[<--Daichi]

"I!" [_<. I was just kidding. And yes I'm getting tired lol... How does Zuri translate so fast and not get tired lol.]

Before Katsuragi-kun can finish his sentence, I interupted him with words that conveyed my feelings.

"I don't need the current Katsuragi-kun. You're not the Katsuragi-kun I knew!" [<--Shuri]

"I am me! What do you think you know about me!?" [<--Daichi]

Those words pierced my chest. It was a truth. That is however... only a fact right now. I can say that with confidence because it is a thing of the past. [As in it's true Shuri knows nothing about Daichi, but that will change]

"That's right... I didn't understand! ... Therefore! I've always been watching you! I've been watching closely from your side! Everything, everything! And because of that, the me right now understands that it clearly. That you are not Katsuragi-kun! You're not the Katsuragi-kun I like!" [<--Shuri]

"Then... if you really understand me then move away from there! How much I've suffered, worried, all in order to reach this conclusion! I did it so we can all live!" [<-Daichi]

"..." [<--Shuri]

"I have no other choice! Shuri also knows right? Even Fuuko's powers couldn't get a solution. The only way to save Yuina is to listen to Sajima's... Teriasu's orders!... That's why... Please!" [<--Daichi]

Katsuragi-kun was crying really really hard.

Standing there all alone, was a boy appealing without strength.

"So please... Move away from there... Shuri..." [<--Daichi]

The boy desperately wailed. In a whimpering voice.

I can't stand looking at him anymore. Even just for a second earlier, I want to release him from his suffering.

And so, I...

"Absolutely iyada!" [<--Shuri]

I denied his pleas. At the same time I continued.

"Because... because, even that is..."

Something flowed down my cheek. My body trembled. My conviction became stronger. My thoughts turned pure white [oh god don't faint Shuri! Hang in there!]. The corner of my eyes started to feel hot. My vision became blurry as I looked as his form.

I was about to voice my selfish thoughts.

"That... is not like Katsuragi-kun" [<-Shuri]

"..." [<--Daichi]

"Katsuragi-kun won't give up even if he has to use any dirty tricks after all. No matter how much you were bullied, no matter how close to death you were, Katsuragi-kun is a person who's will won't break. No matter the situation, even though inflicted by so much pain, looking for even the smallest of possibilities... For the sake of that small chance you will easily throw away your life. Without being discouraged, opening the path to the future. That type of person. he is-" [<-- You tell him Shuri!]

Finally tears came out. Passionately flowing down my cheek [as in those tears flowing out and down her cheek shows her strong feelings. Yeah my Engrish sucks]. But, with my utmost best, I smiled.

"That is --- the Katsuragi Daichi that we all love" [<--Shuri]

"------Ah" [<-- Da1 get it, Da Ichi (1), The one... Okay I'll stop here *digs a hole*]

A small sob leaked out. Followed by the sounds of drops of tears and the clanging of a sword as both fell onto the ground.

Katsuragi-kun fell where he was, tears coming out.

I rushed to his side to hug him. Katsuragi-kun just left himself in my care, and continued crying in my arms.

For now, just for now let it be like this.

This way, after a few minutes the strong Katsuragi-kun will return for sure.

And so, I will gladly support this weak Katsuragi-kun.

After all, including this part, I love everything about katsuragi-kun.

Thinking so, I pet his head.

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