Surviving in my Own Unpublished Failed Novel

Chapter 159 Personality Downfall
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About twenty hours ago, in a large, dim underground of the headquarters of the Phantasmal Guild.

Leon, Mira, some of their classmates, and several S Rank Guild Members that were affiliated with the Guild Master of the Phantasmal Guild, Draxian or Leon's and Mira's father were standing in an empty spacious underground.

For some reason, their father, Draxian, suggested that they should find a proper place before accessing the Tower of Growth.

Apart from the S Rank precautionary guides and guards, similar to Raya and Yara on Rumia's side, Leon, Mira, and the others had no idea about the intent of the Guild Master.

'It's a precaution in case something goes wrong.'

Draxian thought, seeing the gradual disappearance of his son and daughter, along with the others.


Presently, Leon, staring at the wall of miniature stars, making him feel like he was on a spacecraft and looking by the large window, complained upon hearing the Administrator's words, as well as the System's messages regarding the will of the Tower.

Moments before the Tower expelled him from the Area of Fealty, the Administrator gladly answer the confusion that was painted on his face.

["The Area of Fealty is for someone who has an undying loyalty to oneself to be stronger... To seek what is in store for their future."]

Before Leon could say anything, the Administrator quickly continued:

["But, you, as a player, only have a short-term goal. Have you ever questioned yourself what do you plan on doing next if you already toppled the people you desperately wanted to surpass?"]

Leon didn't answer, more like he couldn't as his mouth trembled, hearing the Administrator's harsh, but real words. He remembered his past efforts these past few months to surpass Jiho, then Rumia, until Samantha, but he never thought of what he should do next after he accomplished such a goal — which was also unlikely to happen.

["If you think you will survive what is in store for humanity in the future with that attitude and mindset of yours, you are a fool."]

Gritting his teeth, Leon shouted based on emotions, neglecting the importance of the intellect.

"What do you know, huh?!

"I want to be strong for my family! Nothing else!"

The Administrator fell silent, but inwardly, he seemed to think that Leon was too unreasonable and contradictory. All he replied, disregarding the grumbling of Leon, was...

["Your father loves both of you."]

Without waiting for Leon to process the last words of the Administrator, Leon was expelled from the Tower.

[You are now exiting the Tower of Growth!]


Almost at the same time, the Administrator's words resounded in Mira's ears, moments before she was expelled from the Tower of Growth.

["You will accomplish nothing by following your brother's footsteps."]

Listening intently while her heart was beating fast, the Administrator continued:

["What's next if you become as strong as your brother or if you become stronger than him? It's a fool's mindset."]

["There's nothing wrong in carving your own path, but don't worry, your father loves you both."]

Seemingly carving the words of the Administrator in her heart and mind, Mira, with tears and empty eyes dissipated from the Tower.

[You are now exiting the Tower of Growth!]


Leon and Mira were the last ones to exit the Area of Fealty, glancing around, a minute or two before the psychological cue took effect, he saw his younger sister's dejected face, as well as some others.

"I-I failed..."

Whispering like an emotionally dead person, Draxian and the others who were waiting for them heard Mira's dejected tone.

"S-sorry father... I don't know... I-I just answered truthfully, b-but the Tower seemed to think that some of them are lies."

Mira glanced beside her, towards her older brother. Her eyes widened at the realization that both of them failed.

At this moment, only Draxian, their father, knew of the effects of the Failure Penalty. His deep blue eyes seemed to become an empty bottomless sea, looking at his son and daughter.

"Tyrion, and you... Go out first, while the others remain here."

Leon and Mira's two classmates somehow passed the Area of Fealty. They obeyed Draxian's order, leaving the seemingly secret underground empty facility without questions.

As of now, there were only Draxian, Leon, Mira, and several S Ranks who also passed personal, torturous trials of the Tower.


At Mira's words, her blue eyes seemed to lose their luster — one of the physical signs of being under the Tower's psychological cue. She didn't manage to say anything as she quickly lunged towards one of the S Rank players who passed the Tower.

The S Rank player was confused, and the confusion grew stronger as Leon, who also lost the luster of his eyes, started to attack another S Rank player.

Before they could reflexively, easily dodge the attacks, their movements turned sluggish, no, they couldn't move.

They glanced at the Guild Master, seeing his deep blue eyes turn to gold — it was the Dragon Lord's Eye (SSS+), which he gained from making a Star Contract with the Lord of the Black Dragon.

"If you two want to leave, don't speak anything about what's happening here."

Draxian authoritatively spoke, looking at the remaining S Ranks who didn't get attacked by Leon and Mira. They nodded their heads in submission and were clearly experienced and knowledgeable about the dirty side of the guild.

Since Leon and Mira wouldn't be able to quickly kill the two S Ranks, Draxian, with no hesitation, weakened them.

Summoning, not taken out from his Dimensional Inventory, two dark spears in his hand, Draxian threw them on each chest of the two S Ranks, causing them to be fatally wounded.

After some time, holding the sword in his hand, Leon finished the job by stabbing his target. It was the same in Mira's case.

With that, they were freed from the psychological cue of the Tower and had stolen the Growth Rate of the successful conquerors of the Tower they had killed with their own hands.


Waking up from her stupor, Mira looked at the bloody mess that was in front of her.


She couldn't help but reflexively scream, glancing around to find comfort, she saw her father, who then nodded at her.

"F-father, w-what happened?"

Scrutinizing the surroundings, Mira also saw Leon, sitting on the ground, covered in blood.

Draxian then spoke with his deep voice. He explained to them the Failure Penalty and its consequences.

"F-father! T-this is wrong! I-I"

"Mira! I would not let the two of you die in any way!"

Draxian's shout cut off Mira's words. Leon, who heard their father's words, recalled the last words of the Administrator before he was expelled from the Tower.

Subconsciously biting his lower lip as blood leaked from it, Leon couldn't express his thoughts.

He was pissed, helpless, and seemed to feel anger toward the existence of Jiho and the others.

'If they aren't here... I wouldn't have failed by worrying about them!'

"You two, clean up the bodies and fabricate a report. Tell their families they failed the Tower and started to rampage, so we have no choice but to eliminate them."

The two S Ranks nodded their heads before leaving without questioning the Guild Master's decision.

"Mira, Leon, always remember that I will help the two of you to be stronger, so you two can inherit the guild in the future."



Almost at the same time, though with the stark contrast in personality, thought of the same thing as they remembered the Administrator's words, which sounded like a warning.


'I can't believe she's too straightforward in her request.'

Russell inwardly thought, remembering Azalea's request for help by telling her everything in the Tower of Growth.

'Well, at least it's not free.'

Even though Azalea had the capability to freely gather information, regarding the Tower of Growth, with her status as the mysterious leader of Thorn of Rose, she seemed to trust Russell more than information brokers.

Russell was paid a hundred million Obel for the information. Though it was unnecessary since he could give it for free, he tested Azalea if she was willing to pay. It could only mean that Azalea was trusting Russell to a great extent since she didn't feel doubtful when she heard his demand.

'I'm quite surprised. It's probably because of the previous information regarding the Four Seeds of Direction...'

He thought, glancing around. At this moment, Russell, with his Chaos Companions, were on the Obelisk Cafeteria One.

There was also Obelisk Military personnel, eating different delicacies, due to the information that some students had yet to exit the Tower.

"Oppa, I'll check up on Estelle later. Want to come with me?"

Freya cut off her older brother's little reverie.

"Oi oi, before that, Russell, send me and Amery to... you know where."

Amelie interjected while Amery remained silent.

"Speaking of Estelle, where is she?"

Amelie added, genuinely curious.

<Uh, well, I commanded her to either placate or send souls to eternal rest.>

Freya replied telepathically but her message was sent to each of them.

Before they could say anything, Freya continued:

<You see... According to one of the ancient books I received from the Ruler of Death, my familiar can solo placate or send souls to eternal rest. That's why I didn't personally take the time to do so to raid the Tower of Growth.

<I also asked her to avoid far places and possible evil spirit encounters since she's alone.>

"Woah. You could do that? Does it mean you're going to make her do the job every time?"

Amelie smiled, teasing Freya.

"Tsk. Do you think I'm such a lazy master?! I'll accompany her next time with Oppa."

Russell nodded at his younger sister's words before he interjected.

<Anyway, I received a book about Chaos Dungeons. We should start raiding it soon enough.>

"Oh! About d*mn time!"

Amelie happily replied as their Growth Rate had increased by ten times.

With the crowd's noises in the Obelisk Cafeteria One, Amelie's voice didn't garner attention, but if one would try to listen to the hot discussions, it's mostly about the Tower of Growth and those who had passed it.


[You have arrived at the Tower of Growth, Floor 1.]

[Objective: Kill 500 False Green Family from Floor 1 to Floor 4 — 125 each floor.]

[Duration: 50 minutes.]

[Good luck Player!]

[May your choice bring forth the future you wanted to create.]

Azalea, Arthur, and the others arrived at the first floor of the Tower of Growth as individual System messages entered their ears.

Glancing around as they arrived in the middle of nowhere, Azalea casually spoke as he thought of Russell's words regarding the geography and topography of the floors.

'Greeny and grassy field, huh.'

"Let's do this."


"Since when did they have that kind of relationship?"

Lying on her bed, Samantha muttered. She remembered how casually the Disciplinary Committee President had approached Russell, and how her tone was serious enough to ask him for help.

"Does she know something?"

She mumbled. Seconds later, the entity in her head interjected.

<She does not. Don't mind her and stop being jealous.>

<I'm not jealous!!>

Samantha grumbled, almost instantly replying to the dignified voice.

<Whatever you say. I thought you were going to confront him about that matter?>

<I change my mind. Even if that's true, perhaps now isn't the right time.>

The entity in her mind fell silent, causing Samantha to be perplexed.

<Huh? Why did you suddenly become silent?>

One, two, at least three minutes later, the voice in Samantha's head resounded again.

<Do whatever you want.>


Inside his dormitory room, Jiho, sitting on the bed, was brandishing the sword he received due to some investors according to Alexander, at least. Please visit 𝗳re𝚎𝚠𝐞𝗯𝙣𝗼ν𝗲l. c૦𝓶

He was scrutinizing its appearance and was trying to figure out the location of the Glory Fragment based on the information he received as a wish.

"Where the heck is it?"

He thought as he tried to find any strange entry or holes in the sword, but after some time, he sigh in resignation.

Resting his mind for a minute or two, looking at the blade of the sword, Jiho muttered.

"Is it perhaps the sword itself?

"Nah, that's impossible and at the same time, ridicu-

His words were stopped by the System's message that rang in his head.

[You have come to a realization!]

[You have received a Glory Fragment in the form of a sword!]


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