Survive in the Wilderness! The Actor King Sits in My Arms and Weeps

Chapter 316 - 316 Electrocuting Beasts
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316 Electrocuting Beasts

Daniel and Murray were the first to cry out and shake. This was followed by people who wanted to pull their members to save them.

Each person who touched them started to shake as well.




The continuous relay race shocked the whole team.

The shaking lasted for a few seconds before it stopped. All 13 of them collapsed to the ground! When she turned her head, she could still see the black marks on their faces. There was the smell of something burning in the air.

[Did they get electrocuted??]


[Whose idea was this? A genius move!]

[Where did this come from?!]

[Did Qin Ya do that??]

[This is getting more interesting!]

Daniel was on his last breath. Before he could figure out what had happened, all that was left in front of him was a pitch-black sky.

In his ears, there were waves of wailing.

Qin Ya’s face suddenly appeared in his line of sight and was magnified.

“Didn’t I tell you not to move just now? Why are you so rebellious?”

She clicked her tongue and shook her head.

“There are many animals in this forest, so I’ve set up some defensive equipment on the ground. I was worried that animals would barge into my camp.

“I didn’t expect it to really work! As expected, it’s very defensive against beasts!”

Daniel’s body slumped.

[Qin Ya, say more if you can!!]

[I love you!]

[I’m definitely going to be a fan of this woman!]

Daniel got up, anger already creeping up his face. His eyes were filled with boundless anger.

Qin Ya raised her eyebrows and asked, “What’s wrong? Do you still have anything to say to me?”

Daniel looked at her coldly and turned around. “Let’s go!”

A few of them got up in a panic and retreated out of the camp.

Qin Ya laughed out loud. “Get out of this place! How dare you make a scene in our territory!”

As she was laughing, an electric current instantly ran through her feet!

In an instant, she started to shake crazily!

“Qin Ya!”

Pei Zhu was so frightened that she rushed into the tent, quickly switched off the switch, and came out to catch the woman.

Qin Ya’s body went soft.

When she looked down, she realized that something was tied to her leg, and it was connected to the earth spike that she had placed.

She immediately understood that it was Daniel who pulled a trick!

He used underhanded methods again!

She looked up and saw Daniel sneering at her from not far away.

“You want us to leave unscathed? As if.” He spoke slowly.

Then, he stretched out his hand and gave Qin Ya the middle finger before turning around and walking away.

[F*ck that man!]

[He’s making me so so so so so mad!!!!!]

[I’m pounding the table! This show makes me happy for a moment and angry the next!]

[I hope you fall into a pit Daniel!]

Qin Ya shrieked in anger, took out a pellet gun from her pocket, and shot Daniel.

Daniel’s entire team dodged the pellets.

Qin Ya’s voice resounded through the forest.

“You b*tch, just you wait for tomorrow! Retribution will come, be prepared!”

When she was far away, she threw the gun away and turned to call Pei Zhu.

“Go and tell Su Feifei that we’ll form another alliance tomorrow!

“We’ll destroy Daniel’s team

“If she needs anything, just tell me!”

Pei Zhu was also angered by the sudden turn of events and immediately nodded. “I’ll go now!”

On the other side, Daniel arrived outside Gu Sheng’s camp.

This time, the entire team had learned their lesson and their attitude was a little more restrained.

He only asked the campsite’s guard to inform Gu Sheng of their presence.

Gu Sheng frowned when he entered the room.

“Didn’t I tell you to stay away? I’m not interested.”

If he agreed to it, Feifei would rip his skull off overnight. Everything else didn’t matter, but this was a death rule that must not be violated.

He wasn’t that st*pid.

“Daniel said that if you don’t go out to meet him, he won’t leave,” Ji Ran said. “He also said that on account of your previous friendship of saving you once, you shouldn’t be such an ungrateful person.”

Gu Sheng gritted his teeth and remained silent for a moment.

[A personal attack?]

[That’s low of him.]

[He did save Gu Sheng though…]

[Who cares! This is a different show!]

[It’s very simple. Saving Gu Sheng previously was the charity of the strong to the weak. The moment he realized that the opponent was not a weakling, but a competitor, the nature of the situation would change.

[To put it bluntly, he suddenly realized that we were very strong, and he felt a sense of danger. Of course, he revealed his true colors because of this.]

[Well said!]

“That’s still impossible.” Gu Sheng said, “Reject any advances from them.”

“T-there’s one more thing…” Ji Ran stammered as he glanced at the back of the camp.


“That old man said that Su Feifei wants you to agree to it.”

Gu Sheng was speechless.

Grandpa Bo was asking him to agree to an alliance with Daniel.

He turned his head and saw Grandpa Bo smiling at him. He was holding a cup of coconut juice in his hand and was leaning back comfortably on the recliner. He saluted him from a distance.

Gu Sheng’s mouth twitched. “Did she say why?”

“No, I haven’t found out why. If you don’t agree, then…”

“He’ll make a fuss.” The two of them looked at each other and spoke in unison.

Ji Ran said, “Why don’t you agree? I feel that the old man might be scarier than Su Feifei when she makes a fuss.”

Gu Sheng was completely silent. A minute later, Gu Sheng appeared in front of Daniel.

After Daniel’s constant persuasion, his face was full of defeat.

“I’ll agree to the alliance.”

Daniel’s eyes immediately lit up.

“Believe me, you’ve made a very good choice! After you defeat Su Feifei’s team, all the spoils will be yours.”

Gu Sheng glanced at him. “Sure. Tell me where your camp is. I’ll bring some supplies over later.”

Daniel did not doubt him and laughed out loud.


[My condolences for your loss, Daniel…]

[Game over!]

Daniel returned to camp and was completely at ease.

“We’ve finally gained something tonight. We’ll definitely win tomorrow!”

“Right!” Murray touched his burnt hair and said, “Those two b*tches can just wait for their deaths!”

They had yet to reach the camp when they heard a faint rumbling sound above their head.

“What’s that sound?” Daniel turned his head sharply.

“What sound?” Murray squinted and looked around. “It sounds like an engine. I don’t think it’s an animal.”

Everyone searched around.

“Up there!” Someone on the team suddenly shouted!

The few of them looked up.

When he looked up, he was shocked. There were five helicopters hovering above them. On the helicopter, there was a faint flower shape.

[It’s the Bo family’s helicopter! ]

[What is the Bo family’s helicopter doing at their camp?]


[Did they come to the wrong place?

On the other side, Bo Silin took a glance from the camp.

“Release it,” he said into the walkie-talkie.

Under his command, the helicopter immediately moved forward. The cabin door opened in mid-air.

“Could it be? Our people are secretly throwing supplies at us!” Murray was a little excited.

“No, our helicopter doesn’t look like this.”

It was only when the cabin door opened that Daniel’s pupils shrank.


He screamed madly, “Hurry up, retreat!! Retreat!”

In an instant, countless little things in the night sky poured down toward the camp and crashed into their tents!

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