Supreme Master In The Apocalypse

Chapter 155 Like A Bomb
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Hugo went downstairs. It was already 9 in the evening and yet, Alliyah still hasn't shown herself in front of everyone. Jimon and Hendrix had to sleep in Hugo's room while Natalie occupied the other one because of it.

No one dared to speak after they ate. They just went to their respective rooms and since the middle room was still locked, they had to adjust.

Hugo opened the fridge and reheated the food that he had refrigerated earlier. He placed it inside the microwaved and waited patiently until it heats up.

When he was done, he opened the drawer and took out a small tray. He placed the plate inside together with a glass of cold water and some candy on the side.

"Alliyah will be ally so I should at least take care of her," tilting his head to the side, his eyes glanced at the stairs.

"Will this be enough for her?" He asked himself. "Well, I should at least add some fruits here if she wanted some."

Hugo took a deep sigh. He opened the refrigerator and looked as if there were fruits inside. He successfully saw a whole circle of watermelon in the far corner.

'This is probably bought by Ella,' he couldn't help but chuckle as he does not remember buying anything like this.

Deciding to cut it up, Hugo took out 3 bowls. The others were still wide awake, so might as well give them some food that they could snack on. For sure, they haven't tasted fresh fruits in a while.

When Hugo was busy cutting the watermelon near the sink, a sound of footsteps sounded on the stairs. Getting too curious about who was it, Hugo turned around and saw Alliyah.

He gasped when he saw her disheveled hair and reddened cheeks. Her eyes were still swollen from too much crying.

"Alliyah…" He breathlessly called out her name when Alliyah looked like as if she was absent-minded.

Alliyah almost jumped out of fear. "Hugo," she uttered his name as his feet stopped moving. She froze in her spot when he saw what Hugo had been doing.

"Is that for me?" She unconsciously asked as she saw the tray of food on the table. Just by the look of it, it seems like it was just recently heated up.

"Yes," Hugo nodded his head as he placed the knife down. He washed his hands to remove any watermelon stains and wiped them off with a tissue.

He walked closer to the dining table and stopped in front of Alliyah. "Are you alright?" He asked warily, knowing that she must still be in pain.

Alliyah nodded as he stared into Hugo's eyes. She could feel her heart starting to beat faster once again. "Thank you for saving us," she bowed her head as she said those words.

She just realized it earlier while crying that without Hugo's help, she must still be stuck in that room and getting experimented on as if she wasn't a human. Without Hugo's help, she wouldn't know what truly happened to her brother as well.

"You don't need to be thankful. I did that because I have a purpose," Hugo shrugged his shoulder as he felt that Alliyah's gratitude for him would just be wasted.

Alliyah shook her head. "Even if you have a purpose, I am still thankful that you helped me in escaping that hell. Even Jimon and Natalie were saved by you." She tried to make a point.

Hugo chuckled. "Well, just eat your foot while I will continue to cut this watermelon." He uttered as he went back to what he was doing.

Alliyah couldn't refrain herself from smiling. When she realized it, she stopped eating and her eyes widened.

'Did I just smile unconsciously?' She secretly gasped.

She looked at Hugo's back. It looks very masculine with just the view.

"How about you Hugo? Where are you from and why are you doing all these things?" Alliyah curiously asked. All of them had shared their stories already, except for Hugo who had been listening to them.

They already knew about Hendrix was different from them, so they just let it go. However, Hugo… he doesn't look like he belongs to that god that she met in her dream and Hendrix who was with them.

Talking about it, Thalia had given Alliyah the blessing of a knight just like Jimon. It was the same for Natalie, who woke up slightly earlier than her.

Thalia had told her that they all should only swear their loyalty towards Hugo. If they betray him, then their souls will immediately perish, and their bodies will turn to ash.

Even if she had gotten scared by that threat, she couldn't help but overthink. "Did Thalia already meet Hugo before?" she whispered in the air which Hugo could hear of.

"Yeah," Hugo answered.

Alliyah's eyes widened once again. 'Did I say that out loud? Oh no!'

If she only had the power to disappear right now, then she would be willing to use it. It was embarrassing for Hugo to hear what she was talking about.

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"Don't worry, it was just I have a very good hearing." Hugo smiled as he finished cutting the watermelon.

He placed one bowl in front of Alliyah. "I'll just give them this."

"Ok… do you need help?" she asked when she saw that Hugo's hands were full because of the big bowls.

"No need, Just finish your food and the fruit." Hugo went upstairs without looking back. He went to Natalie's room first and saw her just watching some movies on the television.

"It seems like you missed watching," he uttered as he placed the watermelon on the table.

"Yes," Natalie smiled as she accepted the food. "Thank you for this!" she waved her hands at Hugo as he left.

Hugo came towards his room afterward. He scratched the back of his head when he saw that everywhere became messy because of Hendrix and Jimon.

"You both! Clean my room or I will both kick you out!" He annoyingly exclaimed as he pointed at the both of them.

Both Hendrix and Jimon, who was surprised, immediately started moving. Because of his irritation, Hugo went downstairs with his eyebrows in a straight line.

"Did something happen?" Alliyah asked as she saw Hugo.

"Nah. Both Hendrix and Jimon are just childish and kept playing even if they were old already," he answered as he took a seat in front of Alliyah.

Alliyah laughed out loud as she bit on the watermelon in her hands. "This watermelon is sweet," she tried, lighting up the mood.

Hugo laughed. "I'm glad that you are okay now."

Smiling shyly, Alliyah tried to start a conversation with Hugo. It wasn't hard for her since she was friendly and Hugo was a great talker. The two of them moved on from one topic to a different topic until Alliyah finished all of her food.

The two of them were talking to each other. Alliyah felt that talking to Hugo was one of the calmest things that she could do for herself.

It must be a coincidence for them to meet up this way, but that doesn't matter. What was important was that she was happy right now.

Alliyah was determined to know what happened to her brother during all those months.

"I am willing to help you," Hugo offered his hand to Alliyah, asking him to stand up.

Alliyah accepted Hugo's hand. She stared at his eyes as if it was enchanting her to say yes.

"I will be honored then," the both of them chuckled.

"You should go and rest now. I will be doing the dishes, don't worry," Hugo assured Alliyah as he let go of her hands. He turned around and took the plates on the table, placing them in the sink.

"Nope. Let me do this at least. Doing something could help me clear my thoughts as well." Alliyah's forehead creased as she lightly tap Hugo's shoulders.

Hugo moved to the side and let Alliyah take charge of them.


Hugo became silent as he watched her wash the dishes. It was no big deal for Alliyah. It was just awkward since she could feel his stare on her back.

When she was done, the both of them were about to head upstairs when Jimon hurriedly came down running as if there was something going on.

Hugo's brows furrowed. "What are you doing?" he asked as he steps back.

Jimon breathed out deeply. He placed his hands on his chest, catching up for his breath.

"HAVE YOU CHECKED THE INTERNET?" He asked in a loud voice, which surprised Hugo. When Jimon realized that he couldn't contain the tone of his voice, he awkwardly laughed. He covered his mouth, "Oops… Sorry. That came out too loud."

Hugo shook his head as he looked at the top of the stairs. Because of Jimon's loud shout, Natalie was caught off guard. Her eyes were wide as she tried to peep at what was happening downstairs.

"Julius Acrhe is awake now!"

Jimon dropped like a bomb.

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