Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 1360 Three Questions.
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Chapter 1360 Three Questions.

1360 Three Questions.

"I replayed my entire life in my mind a few times, not just recalling the important events, even the times when I was doing nothing significant. I watched my entire life play out silently and, suddenly, three questions appeared in my mind.

The moment I got the answer to these questions was the time I knew what my Path was."

"Three questions...?" Nux tilted his head.

When his women formed their Paths or Laws, he talked with them all, trying to learn how they did it and implement the same method to form his Law. (f)reeweb(n)

Of course, learning from different perspectives did broaden his horizons. Not to mention his women, who now knew about the problem he was facing couldn't be more cooperative, trying to pour out every little detail in order to help him.

However, even then, this was something completely new.

Forming a Path was all about knowing oneself.

This was the extent of what Nux knew and honestly, he believed that he knew himself pretty well.

He was just a man who loved his wives and wanted to live together with them for a long time. No matter how much he thought about it, this was an answer he couldn't refute, it was something that described him perfectly.

However, no matter how clear he was about himself, this, seemingly, wasn't enough for him to form his Path.

So maybe... maybe the questions Thyra was talking about could be of help. Maybe this was what he needed to break through the wall that had been restricting his growth all this time.

"What were those questions?" Nux questioned.

"Don't get your hopes up, Nux. They were nothing profound and might not help you the way you are thinking. It was merely the retrospection of my life. The questions were, What I have been doing my entire Life?

The answers to these questions were fairly simple in my case.

I have been killing all my life.

I am currently living with my husband, husband whom I love.

As for the final question, I believe the answer to this question was always similar to yours, spending the rest of my life together with you, In my case, however, I soon realized that the answer in my mind was wrong. This answer didn't include my Past. It only included my present and future. It wasn't my reflection, but merely my wish.

I realized that these are two different things and that's when I came up with the real answer.

I do not just wish to spend the rest of my life with you, although that is indeed my wish, but I, as an Assassin, cannot abandon my Past when I form my path.

I see my future self as not a woman living together with you, but a woman who is ready to kill for you. A woman you can rely on, a woman you can turn to, and share your problems with, and a woman who can deal with your problems with a single slash of her Dagger, and that too, without leaving your side.

That is how my Path of Linked Lethality was formed."

Thyra answered as her blue eyes shined brightly, looking right into Nux's eyes.

Nux stared into those eyes, finding himself lost in his thoughts.

What do I see myself doing in the future?

What I have been doing my entire Life?

What I am doing right now?

What do I see myself doing in the future?

Did he have answers to all these questions...?

He started thinking. Knowing that he was deep in his thoughts, Thyra didn't disturb him either. Yes, her time was slipping away, according to what Amaya said, she could only keep this Dimension up for 2 months before her Mist would lose its strength, however, that didn't matter right now.

If Nux could use this chance to comprehend his Path, then let alone this turn, Thyra was even willing to sacrifice all her turns for the next 1000 years.

After all, she had seen the tension on Nux's face when he revealed how he wasn't able to Master any of his skills or spells to the assimilation level. That was the first time she saw Nux make an expression like that and it broke his heart.

Heck, the very fact that he decided to hide this fact till Astaria formed her Law was enough to tell just how deeply it affected him. If her little sacrifice can help him out, then Thyra would never hesitate.

Yes, the shameless pervert had won in life.

Why would one even want something stupid like a Law when he had wives like these right next to him?

Some people just couldn't understand what they were blessed with.

Anyways, while Nux was thinking about these three questions, it didn't take him long to come up with the answers, He had been living all his life trying to get stronger in order to protect his wives.

He was doing the same thing right now.

And he imagined his future self being capable enough of protecting his wives from any possible danger. freew

But of course, once again, even after coming up with the answers, Nux didn't feel a single change around him. Unlike the case with Thyra, who knew what her Path was going to be the instant she found the answers to these questions, Nux didn't feel anything.

'Is it the answers? Are my answers wrong? Is this not what I want...?'

Nux considered the possibility, however, no matter how hard he tried to think about it from different perspectives, he couldn't challenge the answers he came up with.

In his life, nothing was more important than his wives.


And therefore, right now, Nux decided to keep everything on the side of his mind and decided to focus on the woman who had been waiting for him this whole time.

"My little cat, help me get distracted."

"What? No, Nux you nee-"

Thyra tried to resist, her resistance, however, faded away in an instant as Nux sealed her lips.

In an instant, her body submitted to Nux's demonic clutches and Nux's smile widened.

"You will never win, my Slave."

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