Supreme Crazy Wife

Chapter 462 - The Tragic Lan Family Elders (1)
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Chapter 462: The Tragic Lan Family Elders (1)

“Oh, so it’s the young master of the Xu family. Sorry for being rude,” Leng Ruoxue said politely.

“It’s okay. It’s not strange that you didn’t know!” Xu Qian said generously.

“Young Master Xu, we are not the people you are looking for. If there’s nothing else, we will take our leave,” Leng Ruoxue said very politely.

“Okay.” Xu Qian nodded.

“Freak, let’s go back to our room!” Leng Ruoxue turned to the freak.

“Okay.” The freak nodded, and the two of them turned and returned to their room.

“What’s the name of the man beside her?” Xu Qian asked lightly after watching Leng Ruoxue leave.

“Freak, that man is called Freak!” Xu Heng hurriedly said. He was very curious why Young Master paid so much attention to Leng Ruoxue. He had been asking him about Leng Ruoxue ever since he heard her name. However, in his opinion, Leng Ruoxue was not worthy of the Young Master at all!

“Freak? Is that man’s name? Do you think anyone would have such a name?” Xu Qian said with a cold face, a little displeased. For some reason, after seeing Leng Ruoxue just now, he was a little disappointed that she was not the person he was looking for, but that woman gave him a familiar feeling, which couldn’t help making him a little puzzled!

“Erm…” Xu Heng was speechless. That man seemed to be called Freak during the competition, even though he didn’t live up to his name! However, he couldn’t remember much.

“Hurry up and find out that man’s real name!” Xu Qian ordered, then strode out of the inn.

Xu Heng, who was standing in the lobby of the inn, was in a dilemma. How could he find that out! Should he ask that man himself?

Leng Ruoxue and the freak immediately told her grandfather and the others after returning to their room. Everyone was silent for a moment…

“Lass, so you’re from the Ling Feng Continent!” the little old man said in surprise after a while.

“Yes,” Leng Ruoxue said. She naturally didn’t intend to hide it from them since she said it in front of them.

“Little Snowy, did you just arrive when you transmuted your spiritual power?” Lan Ming wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and couldn’t help asking curiously.


“Uh! You bunch of perverts!” Lan Ming was speechless. They had only been here for less than three months and were already elementary mystics. This cultivation speed was really terrifying!

“How can we be considered perverts? The young masters of the three great families are the true perverts! You’re already a Mystic Monarch at such a young age!” Leng Ruoxue said nonchalantly.

“Little Snowy, you can’t compare like this. The people on this continent are born with better aptitude than those on the Ling Feng Continent. Moreover, the resources and treatment that the three of them have received since they were young are the best. It would be too inexcusable if their cultivation speed was still so slow,” Lan Ming explained. Leng Ruoxue and the others definitely could not compare to the three of them in this aspect. However, he believed that Leng Ruoxue would definitely surpass them in time!

“That’s true. Little Lan Lan, don’t reveal our identities!” Leng Ruoxue reminded.

“Don’t worry, I won’t say it. But Little Snowy, you and the Leng family…” Lan Ming hesitated, his face also a little curious.

“The Leng family is the Leng family, and we are us. There’s no need to confuse us!” Leng Ruoxue said very decisively.

“Uh, yes!” Lan Ming nodded. Their Lan family also had branches in the lower realm. And after those people came to the Boundless Heaven Continent, almost all of them would choose to return to the family. However, the status of those people in the family was even inferior to the servants born and raised in the family. Therefore, he really didn’t want Leng Ruoxue to choose to return to the family like them. However, he was very clear that with Leng Ruoxue’s character, she would absolutely not bother with them.

“Grandpa, that Xu Qian might know us, so use an alias for the time being!” Leng Ruoxue turned to Leng Qingtian and the others. She didn’t know if her denial just now could fool Xu Qian, but they had to be careful just in case!

“Xue’er, we used our real names when we participated in the mystic cultivator competition. If we use an alias now, he will probably find out if he wants to investigate,” Leng Qingtian said worriedly.

“Sister Ruoxue, don’t be afraid. At most, I’ll burn down the Mystic Association and make it impossible for them to investigate!” Feng Lingqi said violently.

“Uh!” Two drops of cold sweat dripped down Leng Ruoxue’s forehead. She felt that that was not a bad idea.

“No, don’t set the fire!” Icy, who had been sleeping on the bed, suddenly said.

“Then what do you think we should do? The Xu family doesn’t have anything good. Do you want to see Sister Ruoxue in danger?” Feng Ling’er roared furiously.

“What are you afraid of with me around?” Icy rolled its eyes and said calmly. Hmph! It really didn’t care about a mere Xu family.

“You? You only know how to sleep, eat after waking up, and sleep after eating. Moreover, how many Xu family members can you beat alone?” Feng Ling’er said with slight disdain.

“Little Lan Lan, how many Mystic Supremacies does the Xu family have?” Icy glanced at Lan Ming and asked.

“There should be one,” Blue said after some thought.

“There’s only one. What’s there to be afraid of? Two more will be nothing more than child’s play to me!” Icy said nonchalantly.

“Hmph! Keep bragging!” Feng Ling’er didn’t believe the stinky Qilin at all!

“I never brag!” Icy retorted. It was such a pragmatic Qilin and it had never lied!

“Sister Ruoxue, don’t listen to it. Let me burn down the Mystic Association!” Feng Ling’er couldn’t be bothered to bicker with the Qilin and said directly to Leng Ruoxue.

“No, you’re not allowed to burn if I say so!” Icy stood up from the bed and jumped into Leng Ruoxue’s arms. He glared at the little red bird and roared.

“Sister Ruoxue!” Feng Ling’er ignored Bingqi and looked directly at Leng Ruoxue.

“Little Snowy!” Icy also looked at Leng Ruoxue, the meaning in his blue eyes was obvious. ‘Who will you listen to?’

“Stop arguing. Grandpa, use your real names! I don’t think Xu Qian can do anything to us as long as we don’t admit it!” Leng Ruoxue said after some thought. With her current strength, she was not afraid of the Xu family even though there was still a certain gap between her and the Xu family. At most, she would just deal with whatever came her way! There was nothing to be afraid of.

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