Supreme Crazy Wife

Chapter 2063 Side Branch Of The Ning Family (3)
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"Senior, this is definitely a misunderstanding. We just want to find someone who can make the decision, and we don't mean to force our way in. Moreover, we just want to stay for a night. We are not bad people, we are all people of the ning family, so please rest assured!" The man continued. The smile on his face was very gentle, and he definitely looked like a gentle and refined person.

When the great elder heard the man's words, he pondered for a moment and asked,""You're from the ning family? What's your name?" There were many people in the ning family, but since they were from the ning family, for the sake of old man ning, they really couldn't just keep them outside the door like before.

"I'm ning Xiao, and these are my clan brothers and sisters!" Ning Xiao introduced. After he finished speaking, he took out a token that represented the ning family's identity. In fact, they were only from the ning family's side branches. However, the token of the ning family's direct branch and the side branch only had a slight difference. Unless it was someone who was particularly familiar with the ning family, it would be very difficult to distinguish them. Thus, the ning family's identity token had always been useful in the divine realm, and it was also a symbol of their identity.

"Oh!" Glancing at the token ning Xiao took out, and then at the other four, the great elder said,"Since you're the ning family's little guys, I'll let you stay for one night!"

As soon as the great elder's words came out, ning Xiao and the others immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Then, ning Xiao gave the other four a look, and the five of them said gratefully,""Many thanks, senior!"

Following that, Leng ruoxue instructed Cheng Wu to prepare guest rooms for the five members of the ning family. After that, the four of them and the Beast went to the living room to continue their conversation.

Sitting in the living room, Leng ruoxue looked at first elder with a faint smile and teased,""I thought the great elder would fight with the five of them! I didn't expect you to change your mind. "

"Hehe! If they weren't people of the ning family, I would have really beaten them out. But since they're people of the ning family, I still have to give old man ning some face, even though these little guys are just side branches of the ning family. " The great elder said matter-of-factly. Old man ning had left in a fit of anger, so he must be angry with him. Therefore, he had to find a way to appease him. Otherwise, when the old man got angry, the consequences would be very serious! He just didn't know who would be the unlucky one!

"I don't like them!" At this moment, Cang, who was lying comfortably in Leng ruoxue's arms, spoke indifferently. It especially hated that woman's gaze because that woman treated it as a pet! This was preposterous! Not to mention that it was not a pet, even if it was a pet, it was not something that anyone could dream of!

"Don't worry! Senior Cang, they're only staying for one night, so they won't be of any trouble to you!" The first elder said with a fawning expression.

"I hope so!" Cang said indifferently, but from its voice, it seemed to be very important.

In fact, Cang was very clear that apart from the one called ning Xiao, who seemed to be quite well-behaved, the other four were not easy to deal with, especially the woman. Her strength was not high, but her ability to cause trouble was unparalleled. Otherwise, why would they insist on staying?

However, it didn't intend to say these words out loud. In its heart, as long as those people didn't provoke it, it would be fine. Once they dared to provoke it, then they couldn't blame it for being ruthless! It didn't even give face to the Divine Master, so what could the little guys of the ning family do?

While Leng ruoxue and the rest were discussing the six people, the five men and one woman were also chatting in the room.

The six of them were currently gathered in the same room. The five men were all sitting on the chairs, drinking hot tea, while the only woman was constantly touching the room.

"Ningxiao-Gege! This house is so beautiful! These decorations don't look cheap!" At this time, the woman's hand was touching a crystal clear vase that looked like crystal. In her joy, she couldn't help but play with the vase in her hand. The more she looked at it, the more she liked it.

"Ning Huan, put down the vase in your hand and don't touch the things here! If master finds out, he'll kick us out!" Ning Xiao saw ning Huan's eyes light up when she saw the vase, and she suddenly felt a headache.

This damned ning Huan, why couldn't she change this bad habit no matter where she went? She wanted everything she saw and had caused them a lot of trouble along the way. However, the other four people still thought that she was in high demand and pampered her without any principles, spoiling her to the point where she was lawless.

Sure enough, after hearing ning Xiao's words, a man with a face full of displeasure said,""She's just a vase! If Huanhuan likes it, we can just buy it, what's the big deal!"

"That's right, we're from the ning family. After that old man found out, he still obediently let us stay for the night, Hmph! They said they wouldn't agree no matter what, but they immediately agreed when they heard our identity. So, with our identity, let alone buying it from them, even if we want a vase, what can we do?" Someone immediately chimed in, his face still full of disapproval.

"You ..." Ning Xiao was so angry that he felt depressed, but he was too lazy to argue with them. He just sneered in his heart. A group of blind fools, do you think the owner of this house is easy to mess with? Why didn't he think about how a house would appear in the wilderness? If he didn't guess wrong, this house should be the legendary spatial divine artifact that could allow people to live in. And the owner of such a divine artifact, would he be easy to get along with?

He even guessed that the owner of this house was not inferior to the ning family's ancestor in terms of status. With this thought, he was even more certain in his heart and made up his mind that no matter what the other five people wanted to do, he would never get involved with them.

And in the end, the facts proved that his choice was wise.

Then, ning Xiao stood up and warned the other five,""I advise you all to be more honest! We're about to reach the ning family's divine realm, don't cause any more trouble! Otherwise, don't blame me for not doing anything!"

With that, ning Xiao turned and left.

Looking at his back view, ning Huan pouted her pink lips in grievance and said with tears in her beautiful eyes,""Brother ning Xiao, are you angry with me? I didn't mean to cause trouble. " That's right, the main reason she caused trouble was because she liked something too much.

As she thought about this, the expression on her face became more and more dazzling. Her pitiful look made the other four people feel tender and protective towards her. All of them felt sorry for her and started to coax ning Huan.

"Huanhuan! Why should you care about that hypocrite's words? with us here, you can naturally do whatever you want! I'm sure that no one would dare to cause trouble for our ning family. " A certain man patted his chest and promised. His eyes were lecherously peeking at ning Huan's perky chest. He couldn't help but swallow his saliva, as if a fire was burning in his heart.

When the other three saw this, they naturally did not want to be outdone and coaxed,""That's right! Huanhuan, you're the daughter of the ning family. As long as you like something, people should take the initiative to give it to you, so you don't have to feel any pressure. Just tell us what you like and we'll get it for you!"

"Really?" Ning Huan was secretly happy, but the expression on her face was still uncertain. She had a weak and fragile appearance, and with the deliberate act of pity, it was naturally easier for some men who were lustful to take pity on her.

"Of course!" The four of them nodded at the same time. After they finished speaking, they stared at each other silently. After all, the four of them were love rivals. Even if they could get along peacefully on the surface, they were secretly scheming against each other.

However, ning Huan didn't care about the undercurrent between them. To her, the most important thing was to get her answer right. Then, her cheeks flushed red, and she lowered her head shyly."I really like everything here, and that snow-white Totoro. If any of you can get me all of this, I, I can consider ..." Although she had only said half of her sentence, her meaning was clear. The four people understood what she meant.

Immediately, the four of them promised in unison,""Huanhuan, don't worry! I'll definitely make your wish come true. "

After that, the four of them left together.

Once they left, ning Huan's beautiful face immediately revealed a mocking smile. She was even more lamenting in her heart. A bunch of idiots, how could she possibly take a fancy to them!

In fact, she had a crush on someone for a long time, but she had never had the chance to get close to him. This time, she came to the ning family's divine territory, and her chance might come. Therefore, she spared no effort to arrange tasks for those four people. The main purpose was to send them away or cause them some trouble so that they couldn't continue to follow her. After all, they were about to reach the ning family's divine territory. She didn't want these four people to still surround her. That was why she showed her desire for everything here, because she could also see that the people here were not to be trifled with.

Moreover, she really liked this place and that cute Totoro. It would be good if those four people could really get all of this for her. If they couldn 't, then they could only blame their bad luck. In short, no matter what the result was, she wouldn't suffer a loss.

As she thought of this, the smile on her face became brighter and brighter.

After the four of them left the room, they went to find Cheng Wu.

When they saw Cheng Wu, the four of them went straight to the point and said their thoughts,""We want to buy this house and that Totoro. Name a price!"

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