Super Gene

Chapter 2906 - Going to the God Area Again
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Chapter 2906 Going to the God Area Again

Han Sen looked at all that was going on in front of him. It was all a bit beyond his expectations.After Wan’er woke up, her gold light continued to expand. It created a strong reaction with the Super God Spirit mode. It forced Han Sen to let her out. Otherwise, both of their bodies would have been ripped apart by that power that went against each other.

After Wan’er appeared, the crystal light around him stopped. Under her gold light, the big crystal egg was like ice meeting the sun. It melted quickly.

It was not just the big crystal egg melting. Even the blonde-haired lady, who looked very similar to Wan’er, was melting. Her body, which had once been like a statue, became soft and started to melt. In the end, she melted into a liquid. She went into the bottom of the mountain and the crystal wheel.

Strangely, after the blonde-haired lady’s body melted, it left behind the shadow of some kind of spirit. Han Sen clearly saw that the shadow possessed Wan’er’s face. It was like a spirit floating in front of Wan’er. It looked a bit stiff.

Wan’er reached her hand out to try and touch the shadow. The shadow was like a tide, and it went into Wan’er’s hands. A moment later, it was gone.

Wan’er absorbed the shadow. Her body seemed to dim. She turned and looked at Han Sen. She called him “Big Brother” with a weak voice and passed out.

Han Sen’s Super God Spirit mode faded. He moved to pick up Wan’er. He felt her life force return to how it was in the beginning. She was very weak and messed up.

“What’s going on?” Han Sen put Wan’er back inside Destiny’s Tower. He was very confused.

From everything Han Sen had seen, he thought Wan’er should have been related to Sacred. He did not think Sacred Leader was the big brother Wan’er was referring to.

If Sacred Leader was her big brother, and Wan’er really relied on her big brother, why would Sacred Leader use her for experimentation?

Although Han Sen did not know what the blonde-haired lady in the big egg did, one thing he knew for sure was that the blonde-haired lady had Wan’er’s spirit. Otherwise, Wan’er would not have been able to control it.

“Now, it looks like the people from Sacred took Wan’er’s spirit to do some testing, which made Wan’er become really unstable. What was the purpose of that test? A man-made God Spirit? Why use Wan’er’s spirit?” Han Sen kept guessing. He could not think of a result that made sense. Too many things were guesses. All the results he thought of were just suggestions.


While Han Sen was thinking, he saw the crystal wheel start spinning. He was shocked. He thought the melted gold haired lady had been revived.

Fortunately, what Han Sen was thinking did not happen. When the crystal wheel spun, there was a pool in its center. The pool was half-filled with a semi-transparent liquid.

When half of the crystal pool was completely revealed, the crystal wheel stopped moving.

“Found deified xenogeneic gene... Found deified xenogeneic gene...” In Han Sen’s brain, announcements kept popping up like crazy.

“The liquid in this pool... It cannot all be xenogeneic genes...” Han Sen was frozen, but he was suddenly very happy. He flew toward the pool.

Han Sen tried taking some liquid out. He immediately received an announcement for getting a deified xenogeneic gene. Han Sen was so excited that he almost jumped out of his seat.

“So many deified xenogeneic genes. Is it useful for me?” Han Sen was afraid these deified xenogeneics genes were too low of a level and would not help him increase his deified gene tally.

Han Sen drank some of the liquid. He quickly realized that his worries were for naught. He drank an entire barrel of liquid. His brain soon had deified gene +1 announcements.

“I am rich... I am so rich... I can be a true god...” Han Sen was so happy that he kept absorbing the transparent liquid in the pool.

Han Sen suddenly thought of something. “All that is set up here was not exclusively prepared for Wan’er, right? Aside from her, not even a true god elite could destroy the blonde-haired lady.”

Han Sen thought that was right. “Hehe. You cannot use it anyway. Let me use it for now. Plus, you have been living inside me for so long, you should pay rent.”

Han Sen was going to take all the transparent liquid away. He realized that if the liquid left the crystal pool, they would be corrupted very soon. He could not take it away. He had to stay next to the pool and keep drinking the transparent liquid to refine it.

Han Sen refined all the transparent liquid inside the pool. His deified genes reached 94. He only needed a few more to become true god.

“What a shame! I only need a few more.” Han Sen licked his lips and flew out of the mountain.

From what he saw, he could not see the princes and princesses again. He counted the time he had been down there and realized it had been an entire month.

“I don’t know if the teleporter at the True Space Demon Dragon can still be used,” Han Sen said while flying toward the first island. “If I cannot use it, I will have to use the Four Sheep Cube to leave.”

“Of course, you cannot use it anymore.” Han Sen flew in front of the True Space Demon Dragon bones and discovered that the teleporter was no longer available. He could not activate it from the inside.

“Never mind. Right now, I still don’t know if Bai King was trying to trick me. I do not want to go back to the Extreme King yet. I can use this chance to escape the Extreme King.” Previously, Han Sen did not want to leave the Extreme King completely due to the resources they provided. Now, he was almost true god, so it did not matter much if he did.

“That is a shame. I was planning to rescue Blood Kirin from the Extreme King. Now, I can’t do it. I will have to think of another way.” Han Sen used the Four Sheep Cube to leave that Starter King’s Land.

Han Sen used Galaxy Teleportation to Space Garden. He lived there quietly for a while. He needed six more deified genes to become true god. Unfortunately, those six deified genes had to come from a butterfly xenogeneic to suit his needs. Space Garden did not have a high-level plant xenogeneic like that, so Han Sen had to figure out another way.

“I only need six more points. Killing three butterfly xenogeneics should be enough. Let me go to God Area and try my luck. I might be able to encounter them.” Han Sen had an idea, so he used the God Area Door. He used Han Sen’s identity to enter the God Area.

“Han Godfather!” The moment Han Sen reached the God Area, he noticed there a crowd of people assembled. Someone who saw him recognized him. They were so surprised that they screamed. It made everyone turn to look at Han Sen.

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