Super Gene

Chapter 2897 - Undead
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2897 Undead

The princess and princesses instantly retreated. They all gathered up their powers. No one dared to play with their lives.

Han Sen gathered up power too. He looked toward the Red Temple, which was opening, but he did not see a temple. That made Han Sen feel relieved.

Han Sen saw a metal box that looked rather like a coffin. It was just there, silently inside the Red Temple.

The box looked like it had been made of red metal. One side was a little big, whereas the other side was a little small. It was 3 feet tall and 6 feet long. It looked like an extra-large coffin.

Aside from that, the Red Temple was empty. There was nothing else to be found.

Before going there, no one told the prince and princesses what was inside the Starter King’s Land. They were very confused. No one dared make a daft move.


The Red Temple made a crunching sound. The metal coffin box moved a bit. It was like it had some kind of switch inside a cog gear. The metal box’s lid opened up. It was like a lift opening from both sides.

Before Han Sen and the princes and princesses could see what was inside the metal box, a shadow came out of the metal box.

Han Sen saw that the thing coming out of the metal box was actually a person, but the body was not composed of flesh. It was a semi-transparent, soft crystal that formed the shape.

The crystal itself had no color. There were countless red blood vessels and organs inside the crystal. They were glowing with red light, which made the entire body glow red.

“What is this thing?” Bai Lingshang asked with a frown.

Before the princes and princesses answered, the weird creature opened its eyes. It jumped out from the metal box. Its fist had red light like a laser, and it was headed for Bai Kanglang, who was up front.

Bai Kanglang coldly grunted. He pulled out a knife and slashed towards the incoming creature.

His knife was like the waves in the sea. In a short period of time, it was unknown how many times he unleashed his strikes. All of the slashing powers combined to make a one-slash power reach transmutation class.


The knife lights hit the red light. The red light broke. Bai Kanglang was shocked. His body was following the tide. It was very dangerous, yet he managed to evade the punch.

The prince and princesses stopped to combine their powers. Bai Lingshang cast a cold light. He wanted to freeze that creature, but the red light was on his body spinning. It made Bai Lingshang’s cold light melt. It did not affect anything else.

The prince and princesses each had different moves. To fight the creature, everyone had to fight it together. Despite their combined efforts, the beast was not dying. Its body flashed with a red light. It looked as if it might be able to destroy all sorts of power. One punch restricted many of the princes and princesses. Not even Bai Wanjie was able to deflect it well.

“Why is the punching skill it uses so similar to the Extreme King’s Shocking Sky Punch?” Bai Wei asked.

Everyone was able to tell that the creature’s punching skill was reminiscent of their Extreme King Shocking Sky Punch. When it was used by their foe, it was strange. It was different from how overbearing the Extreme King Shocking Sky Punch was. It looked significantly more evil.

“It looks like this is the test Mister Alpha gave us. The place is so small. It won’t open up. Let’s back up now.” Bai Wanjie spoke and quickly departed the palace.

Everyone else left the palace too. The weird creature chased them outside. Its body looked like that of an average Extreme King. It was similar to a human, but its body was made of crystal. The creature was also bald. It looked like a bald, crystal statue.

Han Sen had yet to unleash a strike. He had been watching them. This creature’s power was just primitive, albeit at the top level. Bai Wanjie and the others should have been able to deal with it.

“Brother and Sisters, please fall back,” Prince Qing Xia said. “Allow me to challenge this monster.” He was punching toward the monster.

Prince Qing Xia had the title of “the most pretty prince.” He had battled Han Sen before using his Hatred Times Ten.

But back then, Prince Qing Xia’s Hatred Times Ten had yet to be finalized. Now that he was a primitive deified, he frequently practiced that overbearing geno art as much as possible.

Of course, when Prince Qing Xia’s head had green substance chains coming out of it, he carried an overbearing air toward the creature with a red light. That was Hatred Times Ten.


With that hit, green and red lights collided. One was not able to see which one won. They both broke.

Prince Qing Xia shouted and came forward. He fought the monster. He used his incredible, unbearable Hatred Times Ten to hardily fight the creature.

“Hatred Times Ten is so overbearing,” said Bai Wanjie, who was watching. “I bet that creature is only the top level of a primitive deified. Brother Qing Xia has only just become primitive, but he can already fight the creature at odds. That is so rare.”

“Brother Qian Xia had a soft body, but he learned such an overbearing geno art,” Bai Lingshang said. “It is so rare.”

In the beginning, they were shocked by the monster. The hall was so small that it made them panic.

Seeing that the creature was just a primitive at a top level, and it seemed to only use the geno art that was similar to Extreme King’s Shocking Sky Punch, they stopped panicking and started admiring.

Han Sen was nearby checking the creature out. The creature gave Han Sen a weird feeling. It did not look like a xenogeneic. In fact, it looked quite familiar.

Han Sen knew for sure he had never seen a creature like this before.

“Weird. Where is this familiar feeling coming from?” Han Sen touched his jaw. He was checking the weird creature out.

He looked left and right. He could not think of why it looked so familiar.


Although the creature was strong, it looked remarkably dumb. It could only cast the geno art Extreme King’s Shocking Sky Punch. Prince Qing Xia, meanwhile, kept changing his deployed geno arts. He hit the foe with Hatred Times Ten. The overbearing substance chains ripped the transparent body of the creature apart.

That broken body suddenly shattered and fizzled away. It was vaporized like water, suddenly becoming clean.

“Hang on... That feeling... Is that...” Han Sen oddly looked at the disappeared creature. His head felt as if it had been struck by lightning.

His heart jumped. Han Sen ran to the doors of the Red Temple. He wanted to take a look beyond the door to confirm his guess.

Before he could reach the door, a voice boomed from within the Red Temple. There was no emotion. It sounded like electricity. “Killed Beginner Undead.”

After hearing the voice, Han Sen sensed a strong vibration. A bridge arose from the sea behind the Red Temple. It was headed into the horizon.

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