Super Gene

Chapter 2859 - Demon Coming Down to Earth
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Chapter 2859: Demon Coming Down to Earth

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Asura and Han Sen’s mother had some kind of entwined fate that they could not be freed from. The Luo family had the Shura’s Falsified-Sky Sutra, which made the Luo family and Shura’s Jade Shura fall into a generation of loving and killing.

During Luo Lan’s generation, Han Sen’s mother wanted to prevent their heirs from falling into the same cycle. Thus, they hid their names in the hopes that Han Sen could lead a normal life. Unfortunately, it did not work. Han Sen received the Asura Sutra by accident. He had also found Zero, who had a strong connection with the Shura.

The little sister, Han Yan, practiced the Luo family’s Falsified-Sky Sutra. Ever since then, Han Sen’s family and the Shura, or the Asura King who created the Shura, had a fate that always caused them to be coiled around each other in some capacity.

After Han Sen entered the geno universe, he believed the Demons might have been connected to the Shura, but he lacked proof for the allegation.

Now, Demon Alpha looked exactly like Zero. Han Sen’s head was filled with a bevy of thoughts. He was not so sure what he was thinking.

That was only for a moment. After Demon Alpha’s shadow was expunged, scary thunder and Dragon Breath came together to annihilate her body.

Demon Alpha had been tied-up in the same spot all that time, but she was finally able to move a little. One of her hands was forcing through to break the power that bound her. She summoned a little knife.

It was less than a foot long. As she held it in her jade hand, the grey knife looked like a dried bone.

The moment Demon Alpha clutched the little dry bone knife, it was like her arm had some sort of weird power. It was able to make her power move inside that trapped space.

The little dry bone knife flashed in front of Demon Alpha. In the next moment, the nine-headed, gold, giant Dragon head was spilling Dragon Blood. It flew into space.

The big Dragon head had been cut off, forcing the bindings on her to be dropped. Demon Alpha’s body flashed like a ghost. The thunder and Dragon Breath landed next to her. It kept exploding in space, blowing up all the planets around.

Demon Alpha’s shadow recovered. She was once again cloaked in darkness, but one could still see the little dry bone knife. It was not affected by the darkness.

Before the creatures that were watching the fight reacted, Demon Alpha’s body was already on the move. She swung the little dry bone knife in her hands.

The small knife, which was less than a foot long, drew a curve in space that did not look particularly eye-catching. It seemed like a random swing. It was not much stronger than as if she had been drawing.

In space, underneath this drawing, the gold nine-headed Dragon’s fire element dragon head was cut off. Dragon Blood came spewing out of the severed neck like lava. The rest of the seven heads painfully roared.

Boom! The big Dragon’s thunder head and soul head spit out scary power at the same time toward Demon Alpha.

The thunder head had just opened its eyes. Before it spat out thunder, an invisible slash cut off its head.

Under the flickering starlight, Demon Alpha’s shadow-like body flashed. The dry bone knife was thrust out again. Many dragon heads were flying through space. Dragon Blood was coming down like heavy rain everywhere.

Thunder head, cold head, crazy dragon head... All these scary dragon heads were like chickens or dogs being cut up. The Dragon Blood dyed the whole of space with a gold color.

All the creatures looked at the demon-looking, ghost-looking shadow. They were frozen. The lightly swaying little dry bone knife, painful dragon bones, flying dragon heads, spilling blood... All the creatures gazed upon the crazy scene. They were scared. Their fear could not be described.

The crazy knife and cold starlight mingled with the gold Dragon Blood being sprayed out. It looked quite strange.

The big, invincible nine-headed gold Dragon suddenly had eight of its head cut off. It had not even been given a moment to fight back. The invincible Dragon God Body was like paper. It did not even see the knife lights or weapons that were landing on it. It led to all the dragon heads flying through space with blood.

Even Han Sen, who knew a lot about Asura Sutra and was not from a normal race, had a scalp that felt numb. His entire body flared with goosebumps.

Asura Power was practiced to this level by Demon Alpha. It was almost invincible. As long as the opponent had some cause, it could not avoid her attacks.


The reaper’s scythe-looking dry bone knife went across space. The nine-headed, gold, Dragon’s final head was split in half, along with its giant gold Dragon body.

The whole universe was silent. The gold blood spread through space. It was like a golden ocean.

The Dragon’s head, body, and blood were shaking in space. The Dragon tried to regenerate and become the nine-headed, gold, big Dragon again.

Demon Alpha did not move. She stood in space. She raised the little dry bone knife and started to swing it. She looked like a reaper as she slashed everything.

All the dragon heads were cut in half before they could combine with the body, and the Dragon’s body was cut into pieces.

The heads were angry. They roared. In the next second, they were being cut open.

“How dare you kill the dragon heads. My race will persist to avenge this...” In the Dragon realm, many Dragons were roaring, which shook the sky.

Dragon One was the leader of that generation of Dragons. He was a scary being that was able to become a true god. He was the only true god of the Dragons. He would soon become the leader of the Dragons.

If he was killed on the space battlegrounds, the Dragons would suffer a major loss. It would take them hundreds of thousands of years to recover.

As much as they let out their roars, Demon Alpha did not hear a single one. Even if she did hear them, it was unlikely that she cared. The little dry bone knife kept swinging.

Moaning, roaring, fear, scared, hopeless... Whatever emotion was displayed did not stop the hand wielding the little dry bone knife.

Before, when the gold, nine-headed Dragon’s power had almost destroyed her body, Demon Alpha already wanted to kill him. Why would she put her knife away now?

A knife slashed Dragon One’s head. Its blood-curdling cries were heard throughout space.

This was a day that would be remembered. The gold, nine-headed Dragon had been chopped to pieces. Space was dyed gold. A hopeless Dragon moan echoed through the universe. Dragon One’s shadow was in space, but the shadow instantly turned to dust. It scattered away with the sky full of gold Dragon Blood.

Every Dragon’s body shook. They all cried bloody tears. They could not believe Dragon One had been killed in space like that. He was the first true god class creature that had been killed in the geno god list fight.

“I am Demon Alpha. Whoever offends the Demon will be slashed.” Demon Alpha’s cold voice echoed through space.

From this day on, every creature in the universe was going to remember that name and sentence.

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