Super Gene

Chapter 2857 - One Slash Cuts the Cause
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Chapter 2857: One Slash Cuts the Cause

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Dragon One looked at Demon Alpha like a king looking down on peasants. Behind his back were a pair of gold wings, but it did not look as if he was going to do anything.

“Demon Alpha, I have heard that the Demons are masters of causal powers,” Dragon One coldly said while standing still. “Show me what you can do.”

Demon Alpha was completely cloaked in shadows. One could not see his face. He also did not respond to Dragon One. He raised his right hand and presented a knife. He slashed toward Dragon One, who was in space.

Han Sen had been looking at Demon Alpha. He saw him swing his knife, but no power was going with it. It was like he had randomly swung his hand.

“It really is the Asura power.” Although Han Sen had not practiced the Asura Sutra, he had studied it for a long time. He was no stranger to its abilities.

Demon Alpha’s palm did not have any power shockwaves. Clearly, that was the max level of the Asura Sutra. One slash cut the cause.


Dragon One’s neck made a weird sound. Everyone looked at his neck. There was a small mark on his gold scales. It was as thin as a hair, but it was unable to break through the dragon scales.

“Causal powers really are powerful. It made me unable to react. That is not bad.” Dragon One stared at Demon Alpha and nodded.

While he was talking, his scales healed themselves. The knife mark slowly faded. Before long, no mark remained.

In Sky Palace, the woman was shocked. She asked, “Can Demon Alpha’s power leave a mark on Dragon One’s scales? Did he really become true god class?”

“I bet you there’s a 90% chance he did.” Sky Palace Leader looked at Demon Alpha with interest.

“I did not expect Demon Alpha had a trick like that up his sleeve, but it is futile even if he is a true god,” the woman said. “They are both true gods, and Dragon One’s Dragon God Body is impervious to most powers. Demon Alpha cannot damage Dragon One. He is going to lose this time.”

“His Dragon God Body is powerful, but causal powers are very mysterious too. It is really hard to determine who is going to win and who is going to lose.” Sky Palace Leader clearly did not approve of the woman’s thoughts.

At the same time, the whole universe was watching the fight. They were shocked by Demon Alpha’s performance. The elites knew Dragon One was already true god class. Since Demon Alpha had been able to leave a mark on the dragon scales, there was a 90% chance that he was true god class.

“I cannot believe that inside a small race like the demons there is a true god class elite.” Bai King looked at Demon Alpha with interest.

“My King, after this fight, should we go to the Demons, take him, and have him work for us?” an Extreme King elder suggested.

“Let’s wait and see what happens in this fight first,” Bai King coldly said. “This Demon Alpha is not a simple character.”


On the space battleground, Dragon One saw Demon Alpha had not struck again. He asked, “Why don’t you continue?”

“If I attack again, you will be dead. The Demons do not want to be an enemy of the Dragons. I advise you to quit now.” Demon Alpha’s voice was empty. There was no emotion to discern. He sounded like electricity.

Yet, what he said made every creature in the universe think he was crazy.

“This Demon Alpha is crazy. He did not even break Dragon One’s scales. Does he have what it takes to say that?”

“I bet he has never beaten an opponent outside of his family. That is why he is so insane and ignorant.”

“How dare he talk like that in front of the world’s bravest Dragon. That Demon Alpha has a death wish.”

Every race was talking about it. Compared to the Demon, they all thought Dragon One was stronger.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! The Dragons do not have cowards that are afraid to die. I will be standing here. If you can kill me, I can assure you that the Demons will not become an enemy of my people. From now on, the Dragons will obey the Demons.” Dragon One was standing in space laughing.

Demon Alpha did not say anything. He raised his hand and presented it like a knife. Then, he slashed toward Dragon One again.

Dragon One looked dim. He stared at Demon Alpha’s arm. His body uncontrollably activated substance chains. The scary, golden, air became many golden God Dragons around him. He was like an old Dragon God that was landing.

Everyone’s heart almost jumped out of their chests. Although no one thought Demon Alpha could actually cut through Dragon One’s body, if Dragon One was treating this seriously, it made the audience feel heavy with pressure.

Demon Alpha’s hand was still waving slowly. It did not look as if there was any power in it. It was like he was just playing. It made it hard for people to believe that his powerless palm could kill a true god class Dragon.


Suddenly, gold Dragon blood was spilled. The sky full of gold Dragon power broke. Dragon One’s head was flying. It left his body to soar through the sky, leaving gold blood in its wake.

Every race and creature that watched this fight was petrified. The whole universe went silent.

One slash cut a Dragon’s head off. And, it was the true god class Dragon One. That power was hard to believe.

“I... I... Am I seeing this correctly... Is Dragon One of the Dragons... Did his head just get cut off?”

“Very scary Sky Demon Power... Very scary Demon Alpha...”

“From now on, I am afraid the Demons will become the highest race of all.”

“Really? Just his palm cut off the Dragon’s head.”

After a long time of silence, everyone in every race was shocked.

“In these geno god list fights, there have been so many unexpected events,” Sky Palace Leader said with a sigh. “Gold, Demon Alpha, Dollar, Lou Lie... The big universe has too many scary elites.”

“This world is a big world.” The woman looked at Demon Alpha.

“A big world means a chaotic world. The good days have passed. After these geno god list fights, I am afraid this universe will be flipping the sky and ground.” Sky Palace Leader did not get excited. He presented a wry smile and shook his head.

“I do not understand how Demon Alpha did that,” the woman said while looking at Sky Palace Leader.

Sky Palace Leader was silent a moment before saying, “Considering causal powers in the past and the results today, no matter how strong Dragon One is, he could not block the cause he had before.”

The woman’s face changed as she asked, “Are you saying that Demon Alpha’s power can slash into the past? Does that mean he has the same power as that person from Sacred?”

“No, that is not the same. That person in Sacred could twist time and space. Demon Alpha’s power focuses on cause. His hand must have the cause of yesterday, so he can slash yesterday. If there is no cause from yesterday, he cannot use his power.” Sky Palace Leader paused and said, “Even though the cause power is so strong, killing Dragon One is not so easy.”

While he was speaking, on the space battleground, the gold Dragon blood that was everywhere went backward. The headless Dragon One lifted his hand in space. The head that had been chopped off flew back into his hands. Dragon One placed the head atop the exposed neck and pressed it down. The head was back in place, and the wound on the neck was instantly healed.

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