Super Electric Eel Avatar

Chapter 267 A Leisurely Life
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Chapter 267 A Leisurely Life

My name is Chen Fan. 𝘧reewℯ𝚋noѵ𝒆l. co𝙢

The name Chen Fan itself carries a connotation of one who is living a simple life. However, mine was not...

The Seychelles was a beautiful but poor country. Chen Fan knew for a fact that the total wealth of this tiny little country was even less than a third of his own personal net worth.

The purpose of his acquiring the island was to build an overseas production base. Once it was done, Chen Fan planned to expand his business, using this overseas production base as a branch. That wonderful world could be the amusement park for his eel avatar!

After all, there were countless magical creatures already living there. Chen Fan had decided to cultivate his eel for that avatar, so that it could become the ultimate existence in the world!

And, of course, there were still intelligent creatures in existence, which held the ability to cast magic spells. Hence, there was still a long way to go, if the eel avatar wanted to become No.1!

Chen Fan, however, felt excited about all of these challenges that lay ahead of him. After all, men were born with dreams and the abilities to conquer the world, but most of them were too busy doing nothing! They spent all of their capabilities and time chasing women, which only ended in vain frustration! Such frivolousness left no time to think of world domination!

Chen Fan, on the other hand, was different. He was so wealthy, he could just throw away his Maybach 62S in the blink of an eye, not to mention his being able to buy an island! Such s lifestyle was definitely enviable.

What made things even worse was Chen Fan’s eel avatar. The eel was so strong, even an aircraft carrier would tremble before it! In fact, the strength of the eel was too powerful to be described.

Moreover, this eel could not only be used as a weapon, but it could also help them to earn more money. Just now, Chen Fan was preparing to make the eel the defender of this island that he had just bought! He began thinking of his plans, mulling them over in his mind..

Of course, I will need to build a base for myself in the other world...

On the earth side, I’ll keep the money rolling in, so that I can acquire a bigger private jet! After all, men can’t do anything without money.

Therefore, with ample money, comes a better life. So, I will go ahead and buy whichever island I want!

And, if buying one island isn’t enough, I’ll make it ten or twenty, till my islands can surround the Earth’s equator!

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