Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 1245 - New Situation at the 15th Precinct
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Chapter 1245: New Situation at the 15th Precinct

Looking at the profiles of the two people that Little Snail projected onto his sunglasses, Luke invited them in. “Okay, Misty, George. Come in and talk.”

They didn’t find it strange.

Some people didn’t like police officers entering their homes. It could be because there was something shady inside, or it could be purely because they didn’t like police officers “invading” their personal space.

But some people also didn’t like the police blocking the door. If the neighbors saw it, they might think that they had committed a crime.

The two visitors didn’t feel any surprise, until they reached the second floor.

Luke wasn’t old, and they thought that he lived on one floor of this building. However, there was no living room on the first floor, while the second floor had a spacious living room.

This wasn’t something that an ordinary person could afford.

Luke invited them to sit down and gestured at the coffee pot. “Want some?”

The two of them didn’t demur.

Luke poured coffee and the three of them sipped on their drinks.

Misty, who didn’t have high demands for quality in her daily life, couldn’t help but praise the coffee.

Luke smiled but didn’t say anything.

CEO Jenny had said many times that his skill at making coffee was in the negatives.

It was clear then what kind of coffee Misty usually drank.

Of course, he wasn’t surprised.

Some police officers did pay attention to coffee, but it was definitely a personal preference and had nothing to do with their jobs.

Luke put down his coffee and started the conversation. “Detective Stacy, and Assistant Knight, you’re welcome. Let me introduce myself. I’m Luke Coulson, a second grade detective from HQ.”

The man and woman on the couch were stunned.

George Stacy was the more experienced one. He was only stunned for a moment before he smiled. “So, we’re on the same side. No wonder we could enter so easily and enjoy such good coffee. To be honest, we walked around for half a day today, but nobody even let us in.”

Luke’s smile didn’t change, but he was secretly amused.?You’re from the 15th Precinct, and this is Hell’s Kitchen. Who would trust that rotten police department?

If dirty cops from the 15th Precinct really entered the house, they could directly plant something and frame the occupants, or do a search. The occupants could only blame themselves for being stupid then.

But he knew that these two wouldn’t do such a thing, because they had just arrived at the 15th Precinct a few months ago.

According to Elsa and Elizabeth, the two of them had already cleaned up the 15th Precinct and kicked a bunch of dirty cops out of NYPD.

Clearly, these two were backed by HQ, and they were capable and prudent.

They used the dirt which they had on these dirty cops to force them to resign.

It wasn’t that these two didn’t want to send them to prison, but that they really couldn’t air the 15th Precinct’s dirty laundry at a time like this, or the troubled commissioner would be dismissed in minutes.

Also, NYPD had been in a tight spot recently. Only by cleaning up and stabilizing the 15th Precinct bit by bit were they able to barely hold on.

Otherwise, a massive purge would leave the 15th Precinct paralyzed, and the commissioner would be dismissed. Who would be in the mood to help tidy up the 15th Precinct then?

The atmosphere was a lot better after that. They chatted and laughed about the police department and New York.

In fact, Luke knew that Misty Knight was sending a message on her Titanium phone to HQ to confirm his identity.

After receiving Luke’s basic profile, she openly examined Luke’s face to confirm that he was the same person as in the photo.

Then, she exchanged glances with George Stacy, the new director of the 15th Precinct.

Only then did George truly relax.

It had to be said that a lot of poisonous things had been left behind in the 15th Precinct.

It was only because Luke had the multifaceted intelligence system that he was so open.

Even if George and Misty heard Luke introduce himself, it could be a trap set by former “colleagues.”

Naturally, they weren’t as wary now. After all, Luke said that he had only transferred to New York last October, and had directly joined the Detective Bureau.

It was very unlikely that he was related to the 15th Precinct.

After verifying this from his basic profile, Misty nodded at George.

They chatted for more than an hour before Luke saw them off.

Before they left, George and Misty gave him their cards and said that Luke could contact them for anything.

Naturally, Luke gave them his personal card and saw them off.

Watching them drive away, Luke closed the door and went upstairs with the two cards in his hand.

Selina came down at that moment.

Luke had let her know when George and Misty first arrived, but she hadn’t been interested in talking to them.

Normally, he relied on Selina to get along with their colleagues at the police department.

That couldn’t be helped. Luke wasn’t interested in doing that, so she could only take over.

It could be said that Luke was responsible for “IQ,” and Selina was responsible for “EQ.”

Luke relied on his face and temperament to make sure that nobody hated him. As for how to make people feel that he wasn’t too cold and arrogant, that was up to Selina.

Superpowers aside, Selina was more suitable to be a leader than Luke was.

At the very least, she wouldn’t offend people over something as simple as different preferences, while Luke was ignorant about small matters like these.

Given how Luke behaved, Selina knew that anyone he was willing to talk to for a while had “value.”

For example, he treated Matt and Foggy differently, while his chat with Karen, the number one beauty in the law firm, never lasted more than five minutes.

And he had spent an hour talking to the two who had just left.

So, she asked curiously, “Are these two colleagues very good at fighting?”

Luke thought for a moment and said, “They’re not superhuman, but George Stacy is pretty capable.”

Selina asked, “Is he rich or is he good at cracking cases?”

Luke said, “Dustin is in his forties and has only just been promoted to captain. This George Stacy is only 31 years old, and was sent to overhaul the 15th Precinct.”

Selina said, “It’s definitely Brad who screwed Dustin over! Given Dustin’s experience in L.A., he should’ve been made Deputy Inspector at the very least.”

Luke shrugged. “What about Elsa? She’s two years older than Director Stacy.”

Selina said, “I think Dustin led her astray. Otherwise, she would’ve become a lieutenant by now.”

Luke smacked his lips and felt that it made sense.

This was the reality, and also the reason why he didn’t like Deputy Commissioner Brad.

He was ambitious and regarded Dustin as an old friend, but only the kind that had use, and he was used to mistreating him.

A lot of the resources that were supposed to belong to Dustin had been traded away by Brad.

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