Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant's Pampered Demon Empress

Chapter 27: Beautiful and Noble
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Chapter 27: Beautiful and Noble

Translator: Paperplane

The light in Han Moze’s eyes dimmed when he heard the conversations from people all around him.

He didn’t like hearing other people talk about things that Liu Rushuang lacked.

He believed in his own taste in women. Princess Changping definitely wasn’t a fool!

He turned around and stared at Liu Rushuang with gentle eyes.

“Princess Changping, you don’t need to feel embarrassed. Do your best to show your skills. No matter if it’s good or bad, I will support you,” he said with an adequately tender tone of voice.

When the women in the center of the hall heard this, they immediately looked glum.

The Emperor of Beiming sure is devoted to Princess Changping!

Liu Rushuang slightly squinted her eyes. It looks like the Emperor of Beiming wasn’t going to give up on her no matter what.

She thought about it for a moment, curtsied and then flatly said, “Yes, your majesty. I’ll perform.”

Han Moze looked at Liu Rushuang with a smile as warm as the Spring breeze. “As expected, Rushuang is noble and cold!” He complimented with raised brows.

Liu Rushuang’s whole body suddenly tensed up. This was the first time she heard someone compliment her like this.

She raised her eyes and glanced at Han Moze. “Your majesty, you think too highly of me,” she said, forcing her voice to sound calm.

Rushuang, this name was given to her by Wu Xiyu.

When she was still an infant, she heard Wu Xiyu’s gentle voice tell her, “Mother gave you a melodic name, Rushuang. That way, mother can see the frost on those beautiful flowers every morning and think about you. That’ll give me the strength to continue working. Mother loves you.”

“Shuang’Er, there’s quite a lot of frost on the flowers outside today. But you’re still little, so mother can’t take you outside to see them. Once you’re a little grown, mother will take you. Mother hopes that Shuang’Er will grow up beautiful just like the frosty flowers. However, I don’t know how long mother can survive.”


Liu Rushuang thought about the memory she had of Wu Xiyu and the frosty flowers at the rundown Autumn Jade Courtyard, and a light layer of fog seemingly covered her eyes.

Han Mozi turned around and smiled at Ouyang Xiu. “Emperor of Nanli, please allow for Changping to perform,” he said flatly.

Ouyang Xiu couldn’t quite read Han Moze, and had no idea what he saw in that fool.

His two daughters were better than this fool at everything!

With that thought, his heart couldn’t help but relax. “Emperor of Beiming, there’s no rush. Let’s talk about that after we’ve seen the beautiful ladies of Nanli perform first. Perhaps, your majesty will suddenly have a change of heart,” he softly chuckled.

“Yes, your majesty. It’s still early. There’s no harm in watching their performances,” said the Empress.

Han Moze looked at the people in the seats of honour who stared back as if he couldn’t decline. He slightly furrowed his brows, then spoke with a clear and flat voice. “As the Emperor of Nanli wishes.”

He wasn’t going to offend the people of Nanli over such a small thing!

Anyways, his mind was made up! No matter how outstanding the other ladies’ performances were, he wouldn’t change his mind!

In the center of the hall, the ladies’ faces lit up and looked bright and brilliant.

Each and every one of them were raised to be a remarkable lady since they were young. Their performances would naturally be fascinating.

Ouyang Xiu couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

With that, he swept a dull glance down at the people below and spoke with a deep voice.

“Which lady would like to perform first?”

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