Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant's Pampered Demon Empress

Chapter 226: No Use In Holding Grudges
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Chapter 226: No Use In Holding Grudges

Liu Rushuang’s heart suddenly started to ache a little when she caught the bitter smile on Nangong Ba’s face from the side.

The last time she saw Nangong Ba, he was wearing a striking blue outfit which revealed his bare chest; he had an unkempt side fringe with a tall topknot, and he looked completely seductive, lofty, and conceited.

But now... although he looked like his facial features had a faint layer of blush, and a kind of beauty that deeply stirred hearts. His hair was all sprawled out to the side of his body and gave off a sense of hopelessness.

Taking a second look at Nangong Ba’s clothes, which still seemed expensive, but the ashy white embroidery made it look obviously old. In the past, Nangong Ba had never worn such conservative, worn-out clothes.

Nangong Ba knew that Liu Rushuang was checking him out, so he smiled faintly. “I’ve shocked you!”

Liu Rushuang seriously gazed into Nangong Ba’s eyes, hoping to see the hatred, sadness, and loathing but there was none. His eyes seemed like a pool of stagnant water without a single ripple.

Unable to fight her curiosity, Liu Rushuang asked, “Could you tell me how your nerves got damaged?”

Nangong Ba evidently tensed up and thought about it for a moment.

“Do you believe ghosts exist in this world?” He said with an emotionless voice.

Liu Rushuang nodded in response. “Yes, I do.”

Nangong Ba grinned slightly and continued. “When I returned to the White Cloud City months ago, I never imagined that a giant gust of wind would damage all the nerves in my body... heh-heh... heh-heh... I’m truly tragic! To actually have my whole life ruined just like that! I don’t even know who was my enemy!”

Liu Rushuang watched as Nangong Ba couldn’t hold back his bitter smile and couldn’t bear not to comfort him. “I’ll try to help you find that ghost.”

“Heh-heh... How are you going to find it? Even if that gust of wind was beside me know, I wouldn’t be able to notice him,” said Nangong Ba to make fun of himself. But then, in the blink of an eye, he looked calm and content, as though he was very happy with life as it is.

Liu Rushuang couldn’t resist but scold him. “So you don’t feel the least bit sad or loathing? And it’s all because the enemy is too strong, so you gave up fighting back? You plan to live like a dead person and you don’t care? I look down on you like this.” She was really annoyed by Nangong Ba’s complete lack of spirit to fight.

Nangong Ba couldn’t help but look up at Liu Rushuang’s ever beautiful and captivating complexion which seemed even more serious than usual. Nangong Ba let out a short chuckle. “I’ve got a lot of hate but I can’t get revenge because I know that I’ll still end up like this in the end. Perhaps, I might even end up even more tragic.”

For some reason, Liu Rushuang felt a little uncomfortable with the way Nangong Ba was deeply staring into her eyes. She gave a slight smile and forced herself to calmly ask, “Nangong Ba, then are you the one who’s holding that beauty contest?”

Nangong Ba thought about the beauty contest and smiled bitterly. “That’s an event held by the deputy mayor. Now, management has fallen to the deputy’s hands.”

Liu Rushuang slightly furrowed her brows and directly asked, “The deputy should be aware of your current circumstance, so why are they still holding the beauty contest?”

Nangong Ba looked as though he was recollecting something. “My father, by name, is the deputy’s older brother who was assassinated by the deputy’s men. You should understand that I haven’t the slightest blood relation to the deputy. He’s holding the beauty contest to announce my situation and sit on the mayor’s seat whilst he’s at it. Of course, that’s not all, he also plans to completely crush me.”

Liu Rushuang’s eyes instantly shot wide open. “Then, why haven’t you killed him after all these years?” she asked flatly.

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