Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess

Chapter 952 - Rare Tenderness
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Chapter 952 Rare Tenderness

Tian Ning was also dressed in new clothes. Usually, when he saw Long Tianyu, he looked serious and reserved. Now, both Qinghu and he could be regarded as Lin Mengya’s elder brothers.

When the bride’s elder brother saw his brother-in-law, there was no reason for him to restrain himself. He and Qinghu, one on the left and the other on the right, pushed Long Tianyu to the table.

Faced with the sea of smiling faces around, Long Tianyu was getting into the wedding spirit. He picked up the cup in front of him and drank one cup after another.

Although this wedding banquet was very simple, not even as exquisite as the ordinary dishes he ate in the palace, Long Tianyu was happy from the bottom of his heart. After all, this was the banquet of his wedding with Lin Mengya.

“Tianyu, as your cousin, a toast to you.”

After Qinghu and Tian Ning’s part, the others in the courtyard started their respective parts.

Long Tianyu, who had already drunk a lot, smiled when he saw Sheng Nankun and Su Linlang who were smiling.

“Thank you so much.”

After he gulped down the cup of alcohol, Sheng Nankun raised a toast to him.

However, neither of them had much to talk about. They knew what each other wanted to say the moment they looked at each other.

They had narrowly escaped death together. There was no need for false courtesy.

“Your Highness, we are here to offer a toast to you. You must treat our princess well and not bully her.”

As soon as Su Linlang and Sheng Nankun left, Baishao led the other three girls and came to toast Long Tianyu with a smile.

Long Tianyu was aware of their relationship with his wife.

So, he seriously gulped down the cup of alcohol in response.

“To bully Lin Mengya?” That was simply a joke.

Not to mention that he had long regarded Lin Mengya as his own life. He would never let anyone hurt her.

Even Lin Mengya’s families and friends, who were hovering fiercely, were like a nightmare for ordinary men.

However, he felt an indescribable sweetness.

She was the only one who could bring all of this to him. And she was the one.

Today, although the gates of Prince Yu’s Mansion were closed, it was very lively inside.

Long Tianyu learned what it was like to have a family. He had already been satisfied with having his wife by his side.

The throne had never been his dream. It was not until now that he realized that the reason why he used to be indifferent to everyone was that his heart was empty.

Later, upon Lin Mengya’s appearance, his heart was filled little by little.

Now, he had a perfect life. All of this was brought by her.

There were not many people in the Liuxin Courtyard, and they all became cunning at this moment.

Seeing that Long Tianyu was drunk and unconscious, lying on the table, Qinghu waved his hand and looked at the scene with satisfaction.

“Alright, let’s send him to the bridal chamber. We’ll leave the two of them alone later.”

There was a sinister look hidden in his handsome face.

He, and Baili Rui who was calm and collected, looked at each other secretly. He would not tell anyone that he had tampered with Long Tianyu’s alcohol.

Of course, it was not poison, but it could make people drunk.

Although the night hours of the wedding night were precious, he still felt reluctant to let this guy easily pick the flower he cherished and carefully took care of.

Long Tianyu was almost dragged to the bed in the bridal chamber. Under the resentful gaze of the bride, the group of onlookers, who did not care about the big deal, immediately left.

They dared to tease the prince, but no one dared to tease the princess.

Lin Mengya looked helplessly at Long Tianyu, who was drunk and unconscious. When she was about to get up and take a towel to clean his face, her wrist was caught in the man’s warm palm.

She turned around and looked at Long Tianyu in surprise.

There was no trace of drunkenness in his eyes. He seemed to be soberer than her.

“They drugged me. Unfortunately, I have the protective treasure you gave me.”

He smiled and took out a pouch from his waist.

In the past, when he went out, Lin Mengya would always give him different antidotes.

Now, they had not completely eliminated the Crown Prince’s force, and his father was always restless. Also, Lin Mengya’s identity was so sensitive that she could not accompany him all the time.

Therefore, Lin Mengya added something to all his pouches, clothes, and accessories.

No one else knew but him.

This time, Qinghu and the others had miscalculated.

“You’re quite amazing. If they knew about this, they would regret it enormously.”

He pulled her back to his side. The two of them had been long intimate with each other, but this time, under the light of the bright red candles, his dark and deep eyes seemed to have the power of magic, making her indulge in them.

She felt her cheeks burning. She could not help but lower her head. What she did not know was that in Long Tianyu’s eyes, her appearance stimulated the urge in his heart.

“Honey, you’re so beautiful.”

Long Tianyu grinned somewhat foolishly.

Lin Mengya glared at him coquettishly, and her face turned redder still.

Her heart began to beat violently, and the clamor outside seemed to be gradually fading away.

She lowered her head and obediently allowed Long Tianyu to take off her phoenix coronet. She looked flushed in the flickering candlelight.

The curtains were closed, and the wedding night was short.

No one knew how much affection was contained in their whispers that night.

Lin Mengya huddled herself in Long Tianyu’s arms. It had been a long time since they stayed alone with each other intimately and leisurely last time after the emperor of Dajin announced the abdication edict.

Those young and old maidservants in the courtyard were all very considerate. They were rather quiet.

She looked up and realized that Long Tianyu was still asleep beside her.

Lin Mengya felt so happy. She did not expect that the idea she had come up with on the spur of the moment would offer her such experience.

When she tried on the wedding dress, she suddenly wanted Long Tianyu to see it.

A girl proposed to hold a wedding banquet in the yard.

Unexpectedly, other girls agreed to the proposal. Coupled with Baishao’s overall arrangement, the simple yet grand wedding ceremony proceeded smoothly.

This was a wedding that only belonged to the two of them. It was unrelated to anyone else or any force.

It belonged to only the two of them.

“You woke up so early.”

The man’s deep voice was heard, and she looked into his dark eyes.

They contained deep affection that she would never be tired of seeing, and they were also incantations that gave her the courage to rush forward.

Lin Mengya’s lips curled up, and she was unaware of how sweet her smile was.

Long Tianyu’s heart skipped a beat. He reached into her black hair and kissed her on the cherry lips.

The sweet kiss made her almost breathless. Lin Mengya leaned against Long Tianyu’s chest, gasping for breath and enjoying the rare tenderness.

“You’ll probably live in the palace in a few days, right? Mom sent someone to ask me if I would go with you.”

There was something hidden in Lin Mengya’s eyes. What she did not tell him was that Imperial Noble Consort Dehui, no, the Empress Dowager, had sent Jinyue to persuade her.

After all, Long Tianyu’s status was different now. If he did not live in the palace, he would inevitably be slandered by those unreconciled villains.

The Empress Dowager also knew that her son only loved Lin Mengya very much.

Moreover, she was rather satisfied with her daughter-in-law.

Although she could not live in the empress’s palace for the time being, Lin Mengya could choose other palaces at will. Of course, she was also reluctant to let her daughter-in-law suffer.

After their wedding ceremony, Lin Mengya would officially move to the empress’s palace. freeweb m

Long Tianyu had not officially ascended to the throne yet, but he was already a justified new emperor. According to the rules, he should live in the palace.

However, given Lin Mengya’s status, coupled with the fact that she did not like the palace, the matter had been delayed again and again.

But the enthronement ceremony would be held on the first day of the first lunar month.

He had already known that Lin Mengya would leave sooner or later. Therefore, he could not bear to leave her for a moment.

As for the rules, the two of them had never cared about them.

“What do you think?” Long Tianyu asked in a whisper.

In fact, he did not like the palace either.

The mansion was filled with their memories.

He still planned to take Lin Mengya to a suitable and quiet place after abdication, and then take all the things in the mansion there to spend the rest of their lives.

At the thought that she had to live in the cold cage and suffer for five years, Long Tianyu felt extremely distressed.

“I think mom is right. Or do you think it’s inconvenient for you if I move to the palace?”

She smiled playfully.

Although Lin Mengya always said such unreasonable words, Long Tianyu felt that this kind of willfulness made her more lovely.

“Yes. Alas, I’m afraid it’s no longer convenient for me to spend the night in your room.”

Long Tianyu pretended to be disappointed and sighed. Lin Mengya blushed upon hearing his playful reply.

“Who wants you to come? You’re annoying!”

Lin Mengya clenched her fist and gave him a gentle punch. When she heard Long Tianyu’s laughter in a deep voice, she realized that she had been fooled.

This man was really bad now.

In the past, whenever she said something like this, Long Tianyu would hurry to express his loyalty for fear that she would not believe him.

He was in such a hurry that she always tried hard to hold back her laughter because of his foolishness.

This pleasure was getting rarer and rarer.

“I may go out during the day recently. Just ask your men to follow me from a distance, lest others are scared, okay?”

Lin Mengya looked down and spoke softly.

It was almost New Year’s Eve in half a month. Qinghu told her that everything was ready. They were waiting for the day when Long Tianyu ascended to the throne. Then they would leave quietly.

But the closer the day was, the more Lin Mengya felt that she was reluctant to leave him.

However, she had no other choice. She hoped that he would not blame her.

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