Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess

Chapter 951 - Getting Married Again
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Chapter 951 Getting Married Again

It did not take long for Cuizhu to wash up and sneak into the reception hall.

As soon as she appeared, she was pulled to the crowd by Baisu, who had sharp eyes.

When she entered the reception hall, she received the same complaints from everyone else.

“I didn’t do it. Master, I’m innocent.”

Cuizhu, aggrieved, pouted and complained to Lin Mengya, while the latter just smiled faintly and took a sip of tea in her hand.

“Well, it’s not actually her fault. It’s just because they had a guilty conscience. Alas, I’m afraid that the rumor that I, the princess of the Nation of Lintian, eat human flesh will be spread in the capital city tomorrow.”

Lin Mengya lowered her head and couldn’t help but smile.

The girls in the reception hall did not understand what she meant at first. They looked at each other blankly.

“Ah! I see! It’s the roasted sweet potato!” Princess Linlang suddenly cried out.

Su Linlang immediately laughed hysterically and fell back into her chair. She no longer looked dignified at the moment.

Covering her stomach, Su Linlang felt as if she had not lived for the past 20 years.

“What’s wrong with the roasted sweet potato? Is it so scary?”

Baizhi scratched her head. She loved this kind of delicacy that smelled marvelous and was easy to cook the most.

Looking at her confused look, Lin Mengya and Su Linlang could not stop laughing and had little time for explanations.

Baisu, who was the most reserved one among the four girls, was enlightened.

After suppressing a laugh and giving Baizhi a quick explanation, she turned around and could not help but keep hunching her shoulders.

“Huh? Did they think we were discussing eating human flesh? No way!”

To be exact, those young ladies from aristocratic families, who had never seen the world, thought that they were talking about punishing the enemies.

What a coincidence!

Lin Mengya shook her head. In fact, she did not mean it.

The group of people in the reception hall talked and laughed for a while. The atmosphere, which had become gloomy because of recent incidents, got completely lively.

From now on, no one would have the courage to climb into Long Tianyu’s bed.

“By the way, Mr. Xu from the Ministry of Internal Order brought over the wedding dresses. Master, would you like to give them a try?”

Baizhi’s eyes were full of expectation. The empress’s wedding dresses were really extraordinary.

Even she was dazzled by them.

The blazing red dresses perfectly matched her master.

In the whole world, perhaps only her master was worthy of the dazzling and noble color.

Lin Mengya lowered her eyes, and no one could see the struggle and helplessness in her eyes.

It was only after a very long time that a feeble response was heard from her mouth.


When the moon was high in the sky, Long Tianyu rushed back from the palace after an excruciating day.

With a handsome but slightly tired face, he was still noble and elegant in his black clothes. But now, he had an aura of increasing dignity and authority, and he had already had the appearance of an emperor.

As he gave orders on national affairs, the entire Jin State was gradually under his control.

But he was always concerned about his love.

His father’s condition was relatively stable, but he looked much more haggard.

Even so, he still wanted to seize the throne from him.

Long Tianyu’s eyes were dim. It seemed that his father, the emperor, cared about power more than anything else.

“Your Highness, the princess has fallen asleep.”

Long Tianyu, who was deep in his thoughts about national matters, realized that he had arrived at the gates of the Liuxin Courtyard when he came to his senses.

It was the same old maid who was guarding the gates. But today, she wore a dark red lined jacket.

For no reason, he remembered the wedding dresses made by the Clothing Department of the Ministry of Internal Order yesterday.

Although there were other auspicious costumes to be made, Long Tianyu ordered in person that the empress’s wedding dress must be made first.

He had chosen the fabric himself, but he did not know if she liked it.

However, she never had a problem with such stuff.

A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. Back then, she preferred medicinal herbs to jewelry.

In this world, she was the only one who did not hanker for a high position and great wealth, wasn’t she?

However, she was worthy of all the wonderful things in this world.

Then, Long Tianyu was stunned the moment he stepped into the courtyard.

It was actually wrapped in red.

The servants, who had fallen asleep early every day when he came back, were now dressed in red, standing in the corridor and looking at him with warm smiles.

As for the four maidservants who were always around Lin Mengya, they were dressed in gorgeous costumes with red flowers on their heads.

“The groom has finally arrived. Please go and change your clothes. Don’t keep the bride waiting.”

Baiji, who was the most reliable one among the four girls, smiled as she pushed Long Tianyu into a room.

After taking off his gown and black boots and helping him put on a bright red auspicious suit, they chuckled and led him into the main room.

The table was covered with a piece of bright red silk cloth, and two bright red wedding candles as thick as an arm made the room particularly bright.

Above the candles with dragon and phoenix patterns was a character of Double Happiness. There was a short and slight pause in his steps.

“Could it be…”

“The bride is coming!” Baizhi quipped.

Then, in the inner room, Baishao and Baisu helped Lin Mengya up.

It was not until Baishao stuffed a ball of red silk into Long Tianyu’s hands that he finally came to his senses.

His most beloved woman was dressed in the glamorous and brilliant auspicious suit.

At that moment, no one else in the world came into his view.

Why hadn’t he discovered before that she and the auspicious wedding dress were perfectly matched?

Even though he had seen her wearing a phoenix coronet and robes of rank, even though he had long known that his wife was the most beautiful woman in the world, when she appeared in front of him, Long Tianyu realized that she was better than he had thought.

His wife was as beautiful as a fairy from heaven, which was rarely seen in the secular world.

Lin Mengya felt a little shy and glared coquettishly at Long Tianyu, dumbfounded, through the bead curtain.

All people, men and women, old and young, in the room burst into laughter. The prince had never been in such a dilemma.

“Honey, you’re so beautiful.”

In the Liuxin Courtyard, he was not the new emperor who was about to ascend to the throne.

He was just an ordinary man, and in front of him was the woman he missed day and night and was devoted to.

Lin Mengya blushed. When she put on the wedding dress today, for no reason, she wanted to get married to him immediately.

They had long belonged to and been tightly connected to each other, and no one else could replace each other.

This wedding was their promise and oath to each other.

In the lives to come, they would love and support each other.

She would become his true bride, his true love.

“Come on, don’t look now. After bowing to the heavens and the earth and entering the bridal chamber, you two can take your time to look at each other!”

Baishao, who was outgoing and daring, acted as a chaperon.

Normally, they would not be so daring. However, it was different today, because their best friend was about to be married.

Everyone was excited. After all, many of them had witnessed the couple’s love story and difficult times.

For the first time, Lin Mengya lowered her head after being teased.

She felt a little embarrassed, but she was still happy.

Because he was her groom!

“Yes, yes, bow to the heavens and the earth!”

Baizhi, whose eyes were red and swollen from crying, also shouted. She and Lin Mengya had been living with and relying on each other since they were young.

How could she not be happy to see that Master found a man to spend the rest of her life with?

Actually, the last time Lin Mengya was dressed in a wedding dress, she cried uncontrollably.

But this time, she cried with joy.

“First bow to the heavens and the earth!”

Following Baishao’s voice, Lin Mengya and Long Tianyu slowly knelt down and kowtowed to the heavens and the earth outside.

For a moment, it was greeted by a roar of applause. Everyone was blessing the couple.

“Second bow to parents!”

Originally, Long Tianyu’s and Lin Mengya’s parents were not here.

But Lin Mengya said that her teacher liked her father.

Baili Rui’s life was made wretched by anxiety over the couple. Please visit f𝗿𝗲𝒆we𝚋n૦𝘃𝚎𝒍. 𝒄o𝚖

Therefore, the teacher deserved their bowing.

As a result, Baili Rui became the only parent of this couple. In any case, although this sudden wedding ceremony was simple, everything was in place.

“Okay, okay, okay!”

Baili Rui had already beamed with joy. He never dreamed that he would witness this event someday.

Lin Mengya was like his biological daughter.

Moreover, Mengya was a righteous girl. He was lucky enough.

“Last bow to each other!”

Finally, at the most critical moment, Lin Mengya could not help but feel somewhat nervous despite her courage.

They were clearly the most intimate couple, so she really did not know what she was nervous about.

The two bowed gracefully, and the ceremony was finished. She finally became his wife.

Then, Lin Mengya felt relieved.

Suddenly, she saw that Long Tianyu seemed to be also relieved and could not help but laugh.

It seemed that neither of them was calm enough.

“Send the bride and groom to the bridal chamber-”

Baishao cried out as tears welled up in her eyes. Everyone here knew it was a hard-earned wedding.

They had narrowly escaped death multiple times, and they had experienced untold hardships just to meet each other again.

Fortunately, they only had each other in their hearts all the time and never lost each other.

Perhaps because they were worried about each other, they would meet again no matter where they were.

As Lin Mengya was escorted into the bridal chamber by the maidservants, Long Tianyu was surrounded by the bride’s families and friends, headed by Qinghu and Tian Ning.

“Hey, you. She is my only younger sister. Now that you’ve married her, come on, let’s drink to get drunk!”

Qinghu also wore clothes for the festive occasion, and he no longer looked gloomy now.

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